Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855 - Demonic Cattail

The past Demonic Cattail King, this really was a fierce character, the faces of all cultivators in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths would change when talking about it. The amount of people this expert killed was so high, it could form mountains with their corpses, it was extremely cold-blooded.

Once this clan took action, normally speaking, there would be no living mouths, and those who died would all die extremely miserable deaths. Once the dandelion seeds flew about, took root in the flesh of enemies, it would definitely suck them dry, not even bone marrow remaining.

This small world was lush with plant life, only, there were no vicious birds or fierce beasts visible. Even the mystical monkey the Zhuyan was searching for didn’t appear all this time.

After traveling for quite some time, underneath a great mountain, a thick steel rod blocked their path. From this, they were convinced that that monkey clan leader had also died.

On the ground were its bones, its death extremely miserable, skull even cracked open, signs of plants taking root inside, its brain matter completely absorbed.

“That Demonic Cattail Tree really is a gourmet, I had already set my eyes on that monkey a long time ago, but in the end, it got there before me.” The big red bird muttered, only, this joke wasn’t funny at all, no one laughed.

This small world swirled with spiritual essence, but there was also that type of silence and austereness, as well as a type of cold and gloomy aura, as if there were endless grievous souls lingering about.


In the skies, a giant tree flew over, crushing down, carrying an extremely terrifying aura.

Apart from the snow fluff covering the skies, there were roots that tore through the void one after another, taking root, surrounding many people, about to absorb their life essence.

“Even a premature deity like you dares to provoke us?”

A leader among the youngsters named Shi Zhong sneered, not feeling any fear. He formed a magical imprint with a single hand, symbols swirling about, forming a simple and ancient square imprint called Heaven Overturn.

This was an inheritance from Desolate Border’s original Emperor City. There were some things that Shi Hao taught them, but there were many things that they inherited from their own ancestors!

When the Heaven Overturn Imprint shot out, this giant tree shook, sensing that things were bad, wishing to run.

However, it was too late. With a honglong noise, this world seemed to have truly overturned, the noise great. There was a great explosion, the tree exploding inch by inch.

This was the divine might of the Heaven Overturn Imprint!

The young leader Shi Zhong, with just an imprint, blasted this Demonic Cattail Tree to pieces, extinguishing it in both body and spirit.

“Why is it so weak? I actually planned to leave a living mouth, it really is just a premature deity!” That youngster mumbled.

The big red bird was stupefied, and then it withdrew its neck. When it thought about how it usually ordered these youngsters around, urged them to cultivate, its face couldn’t help but become a bit red. It was because it was clear that it was already inferior to them.

This was a genuine true deity, yet it really was like a premature deity, beaten up by this ‘little fella’.

“The new wave truly will surpass us one day, us old fellas, have we truly grown old?” The big red bird muttered weakly. It thought that others couldn’t hear it, but there were some whose spiritual senses were just too sharp.

“Uncle Bird, don’t be upset, your respected self is only a few cultivation realms below us, there’s no rush. From a cultivation standpoint, your respected self is still a younger generation youngster.” The youngster named Shi Zhong giggled.

“Go and stay off to the side. I’m in my prime, an exceptional pride of heaven, a little brat like you is still far from being comparable to me. I just don’t like to take action, leaving the vanguard to you all!” The big red bird refused to admit anything.

Haha, ah haha…” A group of youngsters roared with laughter.

“Don’t slack off, there are abnormalities with this place! If there are premature deities, then there might be big guys too!” A young lady said, her name Zhu Lin, between her brows a flame imprint. She was extremely tough, also one of the leaders.

This was a land of death, everything quiet, corpses everywhere. They already walked through a larger half of this small world, but all they saw was this result, withered up and frightening.

Apart from plants, all other creatures had died, not a single one remaining, slaughtered until there was nothing left.

“Was it the past Demonic Cattail Tree?” The big red bird asked Shi Hao quietly, becoming a bit worried.

Shi Hao shook his head. The Demonic Cattail Tree that died wasn’t the one from the past. Back then, that stalk was extremely vicious, he had even fought with it.

They hurried towards the central region of this small world, getting closer and closer.

“Will there be any problems?” The big red bird asked Shi Hao.

“If it is an undying being, it would have been too late from the moment we opened up this small world. If it is a Mortal Dao creature, then there is nothing to worry about!” Shi Hao said.

He had a set amount of certainty, confident that it wasn’t the Demonic Cattail King from Immortal Ancient Great Era. If it really was that creature, it would have taken action a long time ago, why would there be a need to play around with them?


When they approached the central region, the world became dark. There was a giant tree that covered the skies. The dandelion seeds it released were actually black.

This was a massive tree, who knew how many times larger than the one from before. It surrounded the entire small world. When they arrived here, all creatures were surrounded under it.

It had giant roots, lush and verdant branches and leaves, as well as ruthless black wadding that surged about. It was as if a hidden vicious dragon took action, wishing to destroy the world.


Shi Zhong and Zhu Lin took action, striving to outdo each other, capture this vicious being.

“Be careful, this is a Self Release Realm expert!” In the back, someone reminded them.

At the same time, the other leaders also became serious, slowly moving, ready to take action at any time.

“You aren’t to fight over this with me!” The warlike Shi Zhong spoke up, slaughtering his way into the skies.

“No, you already got rid of one, it is now my turn.” Zhu Lin didn’t back up, her fiery red long hair fluttering about. Her graceful figure was elegant and straight like a fiery phoenix, rushing into the heavens. Raging flames burned the heavens, attacking the Demonic Cattail Tree.

“This group of brats are now this powerful?” The black tortoise was also stupefied, feeling waves of shock.

These youngsters, they called them young, but the older ones were already thirty to forty years old. However, entering the Self Release Realm at this age was still shocking enough.

Reaching Self Release Realm at twenty something years of age, in the entire world, there was only one who did so, Shi Hao. However, Self Release Realm experts in their thirties were also already rarely seen.

The small Stone Village already had a few!

“Motherf*cking… this fella, together with this group of crazy youngsters, what are they going to do in the future? Are they really going to march into Immortal Domain?” The big black tortoise withdrew its neck, becoming more and more scared the more it thought about it.


In the skies, a black sea surged. The black wadding was surging, filling everything, but it was all burned up by Zhu Lin’s flames. Phoenix cries sounded around her, raging flames overflowing into the heavens.

This was the True Phoenix Precious Technique Shi Hao passed down. She was a descendant of the seven kings to begin with, had the Vermilion Bird’s bloodline within her, so when cultivating this method, it would produce twice the results with half the effort, the power tremendous.

“Shi Zhong, if you stir up even more trouble, don’t blame me for being rude!” Zhu Lin shouted.

“I was clearly the one who attacked first… Fine, I’ll just step aside for you!” Shi Zhong was unwilling, but he didn’t want to start an internal conflict, leaving this opponent for Zhu Lin.

Haha…” On the side, the other leaders were all outstanding individuals among these youngsters, not inferior to these two. They all laughed loudly.

“This group of fellas don’t even place any opponents in their eyes…” The big red bird released a long sigh.

“It is because they have that type of confidence, they are true heaven warping geniuses!” Swan Saint said. It had its life saved by Shi Hao, bestowed divine medicines, and was then left behind in Stone Village.

However, now that this Cultivationless Age descended, it almost tormented it to death. At long last, it actually broke through its original cultivation realm, its lifespan lengthened.

In the end, it still had to thank Stone Village. There was the nine dragons pulling coffin there, protecting the village. Apart from this, there was the Heavenly Deity Tree and other rare precious medicines, filling that place with essence energy, so they didn’t have to worry about the drying of essence energy from the Cultivationless Age.


In the skies, there was an intense clash. Zhu Lin turned into a True Phoenix, tearing at that giant tree, hacking down many branches.

That tree turned into the appearance of a middle-aged man, his face grave and stern. He gave Shi Hao a deep look, saying, “I didn’t expect you to return. However, it is already too late. One day, all of you will die!”

“It’s him!” Shi Hao was shocked. Even after all these years, he could still remember. This was precisely that Demonic Cattail Tree who had previously fought with him.

“You dare threaten my big bro? Die!” Zhu Lin shouted.

Phoenix wings moved. Behind her, there was a pair of scarlet red and dazzling immortal wings that moved across the skies. They were like two immortal swords, too sharp, nothing they couldn’t cut through.

With a kacha noise, the massive branches were hacked off, fiery light raging. Zhulin was like a phoenix bathed in flames as she fought against this black-clothed man. His blood were branches and leaves, the great battle extremely intense.

After over a hundred exchanges, with a hong noise, the phoenix wings intersected, sword energy raging. That middle-aged man was hacked into several pieces. He released a miserable scream.

With a chi noise, dark light rushed into the heavens, his primordial spirit escaping.

“Where do you think you are going?!” Zhu Lin chased after it.

With a sou sound, accompanied by a streak of crimson light, another figure rushed over, directly sweeping out, restricting the Demonic Cattail Tree’s primordial spirit, striking it down.

“Who dares fight me for achievements?” Zhu Lin asked fiercely.

However, when she saw a dragon, she then laughed, “Turns out it was Great Master Nephew… your methods aren’t bad. Since it was you who took action, it isn’t a problem.”

Some people snickered, only the crimson dragon scowling, a wave of anger almost shooting out of its nose, dragon cries sounding. One had to understand that thirty something years ago, this was still a silly little girl, eagerly following behind it. Now, she actually dared to tease it.

“If you dare speak randomly anymore, I’m going to beat you all down one by one!” The crimson dragon said in annoyance.

As a result, a group of people jumped out, including Zhu Lin, Shi Zhong, and others, all of them eager to give it a try. Several leaders cried out, challenging it.

“Great Master Nephew, I’m not convinced, I want to challenge you!”

“Big nephew, come, let’s decide victory and defeat right here!”

The crimson dragon was speechless, the others were also speechless.

“Just you brats? All of you can just come at me together!” The crimson dragon erupted with rage.

“Me alone is enough, who is scared of who?!”

“All of you, be quiet!” Shi Hao berated.

During this process, in the beginning, he only watched, not having any intentions of stepping out. It was because these geniuses had grown up, now enough to assume personal responsibility, but who would have thought that there would be internal conflict in the end?

“We were just joking around.”

In the end, they carefully searched this small world. Apart from some Demonic Cattail Trees, there was nothing else, everything pulled up by the roots.

Shi Hao wanted to search the primordial spirit imprint of his past opponent, but it was too late. When it was struck down, the primordial spirit began to burn on its own, this Demonic Cattail Tree completely destroyed.

When they searched the entire small world, they discovered an ancient coffin in the very center, unknown what era it was from. Inside of it was only a piece of cracked skin that carried scales, unknown what species it was.

En, isn’t it the Demonic Cattail King? Why does it have scales?” Shi Hao was shocked.

Apart from this, he saw a strange white bone altar. It was extremely small, not large, having five corners in total.

This shape was a bit strange. At the same time, it seemed a bit familiar!

“Six Dao Reincarnation Disk?!” His eyes widened. The five corners were extremely similar to the corners of the Six Dao Reincarnations Disk!

In the past, he had seen it. A youngster whose entire body had divine flames raging around him held it, its power great.

That young man who was bathed in divine flames had a damaged Reincarnation Disk, but he had already disappeared for many years. In this place, he actually saw depressions on the white bone altar. If it was filled, then it would be similar to the reincarnation disk shape, but of course, it was missing one corner.

“Could it be that someone obtained the other corners of the Six Dao Reincarnations Disk?”

After completely overturning this place, they also obtained new discoveries.

This was something seized by the crimson dragon, a small dragon that was bright and multicolored, incomparably brilliant, full of exceptional fragrance.

“Unaging Spring!”

Shi Hao was shocked. In the past, he only obtained a few drops before that spring escaped.

“So that’s what it was, it was actually an Immortal Spring Eye!” Shi Hao suddenly understood.

In the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, there were only those few Immortal Spring Eyes. When the battle of Immortal Ancient ended, they all disappeared.

There was actually one here, but it had long been destroyed, cut into a coffin. After endless years, the golden sand and others that were nurtured by spring water were dug up by Shi Hao.

As for the essence that was previously produced by the spring, that was precisely this small dragon.

Shi Hao had previously obtained a bit of the spring eye from Immortal Palace, part of the essence scattered, another small portion eaten by the little dog. The rest of it was still in the immortal spring pool Shi Hao carried on him.

“Good, I’ll leave this small dragon inside the Immortal Spring to be nurtured, it will become a true Immortal Spring Eye.” Shi Hao revealed a smile. This was the greatest harvest this time.

If it wasn’t for the crimson dragon being here, normal people really might have a hard time finding it. This essence turned into a dragon form, flying through the skies and escaping through the earth, extremely slippery, concealing all of its aura.

In the end, Shi Hao and the others dug up a Psychic Flower and several other stalks of rare great medicines!

Inside this small world, there weren’t many other secrets. They left.

“Big bro, are we going back to Stone Village?”

“Why don’t we just directly hurry to Western Tomb Realm!”

When Shi Hao heard this, he began to think a bit to himself, and then he nodded. “Destination, Western Tomb Realm!”

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