Chapter 1846

Chapter 1846 - Unhurried

One sword cut across the heavens!

Cold light flickered like chains of stellar streams, sweeping through the universe.

Hong Zhen directly died, a bloody hole that wasn’t all that large appearing between his brows, continuously dripping blood, already a corpse.

Ah…” The people nearby screamed out. There were supreme beings who released roars, shocking heaven and earth, the heavens immediately exploding.

They never expected for Huang to take action decisively at this moment, resolute and vicious. A sword ended Hong Family’s up and coming youngster, this heroic talent withering away, blood splashing across this sacred earth.

This type of sound was enough to make the suns, moons, and stars fall, crush numerous experts to death, but Hong Family’s supreme beings didn’t attack Heaven Mending Dao. The sound waves were immediately withdrawn, the destructive force disappearing.

With a sou noise, a supreme being appeared in front of Hong Zhen, endless auspicious multicolored light rushing out from his palm, wishing to save his life.

However, how could this be possible?!

The attack of a supreme being was something a Self Release Realm genius could not withstand no matter how brilliant he was. Hong Zhen’s body looked fine, but with just a slight touch, he turned into a rain of light.

One streak of sword energy severed three worlds!

Even if there was reincarnation, even if there was an afterlife, this person would still be completely dead, rebirth turning to nothing. That sword energy was like a tide, long destroying all life force.

After the rain of light passed, everything turned to ashes.


There were people who faced each other in the skies. The other two supreme beings attacked, wishing to capture Shi Hao. With three great experts here, Huang actually dared to act so unrestrained.

The one who he killed was Hong Zhen, but what was cut was their dignity.


The third supreme being also attacked, giving up on Hong Zhen, rushing murderously into the heavens.

Heaven Mending Dao was located in a spiritual refined place. There were divine mountains everywhere, full of white mist, rising auspicious brilliance, truly a beautiful place. Draconic energy surged into the air.

In this place, there were floating islands, ancient cities that didn’t fall, as well as fragrant divine medicines, even more so immortal dao remains.

Today, a great battle happened outside the mountain gate. Their formations completely revived, not daring to hesitate for even a moment. The sect protecting great formation activated, releasing streak after streak of immortal energy.

“Huang truly possesses a world shocking divine might!” An elder said with a sigh.

“This type of individual, in an entire great era, there can only be one!” Another nodded.

“No matter how strong he is, so what? Will he be able to enter Immortal Domain? All of his achievements have already reached their limit.” Another elder said, shaking his head.

This represented different attitudes in Heaven Mending Dao.

Qing Yi’s eyes were like water, calmly looking forward. Brilliant divine multicolored light was released from the depths of her eyes. Her white clothes fluttered about, immortal dao energy becoming more and more rich.

However, her heart wasn’t calm at all, deep within her, there was great conflict. Sometimes, she was Yue Chan, but sometimes, she became Qing Yi. The past bits and traces appeared one after another.

In this life, her fate trajectory was constantly tangled with that person’s. What course should she take, what should she give up on, what kind of choice should she make?

Qing Yi’s eyes became misty, carrying bits of water. In a daze, the scenes of the past appeared one after another, rushing towards her.

Immediately afterwards, she became quiet, cold like the moon, carrying an aloof aura. This was Yue Chan. She was already striving to transcend, to not have any other thoughts in this life, only wishing to achieve immortality.

The ways of the secular world, all of it had to be severed!

She could brandish her sword, hack off these final last thoughts.

“Qing Yi, are you still there?” In the heavens above, Shi Hao rushed about, fighting against the three great supreme beings. He looked down, asking like this.

“You should leave, do not think about the past anymore. Qing Yi has already cut off her thoughts of the past, wishing to ascend the path of heaven, enter Immortal Domain.” An elder from Heaven Mending Dao said.

“Little friend, you should just leave quickly. Otherwise, you might alert some who bear malice against you.” Among them, there was one who was quite amiable, advising like this.

Shi Hao looked towards Qing Yi, asking, “Are you going to leave this realm?”

Qing Yi’s body moved. She slowly raised her arm, as if she wanted to wave, but soon afterwards, that jade arm froze, not moving anymore.

She was experiencing more and more internal conflict. The two souls that merged into one seemed like they wanted to split apart again, clashing. This represented a completely human natural state of mind.

What should she do?

“Please leave!” Another person from Heaven Mending Dao said, staring at Shi Hao.

In order to bring the entire sect into Immortal Domain, they developed close relations with an ancient and powerful inheritance. They might have to rely on that individual who was born with the great aptitude of an immortal king.

Even though the current Huang was truly powerful, he was at odds with some of Immortal Domain’s inheritances. They already received quite a bit of information, and as such didn’t wish for side issues to keep growing.

For example, the ancestor of the ruined immortal and the inheritance of a certain young great one, both of them previously had conflict with Huang!

Entering Immortal Domain was something even Heaven Mending Dao had to be careful with. If their relationship with Huang was too close, then that might produce many unpredictable situations.

“Qing Yi!” Shi Hao shouted, his voice becoming louder.

Heaven Mending Dao, in this place, spiritual mountains appeared one after another, incredibly hazy, white mists swirling about. A beautiful figure stood there, hesitating, pacing back and forth. In the end, she seemed to be shaking her head.

“Little friend, you should leave! Please take care of yourself!” Heaven Mending Dao’s dao lord spoke.

Finally, Qing Yi stood there, slowly shaking her head.

“Understood. Goodbye!” Shi Hao said, and then he fiercely rushed into the heavens.

“Where do you think you are going?!” The three great experts chased after him together, wishing to kill Huang, capture him.

Right at this time, Shi Hao’s body split into three. When the three great dao flowers bloomed, it was as if he had a few more bodies. They separately rushed towards different directions.

He left just like that. Qing Yi’s heart fiercely pulled back, feeling great pain, even greater disappointment and frustration. She raised her jade-like arm, reaching it towards the heavens.

In Heaven Mending Dao, everyone revealed expressions of shock. They never expected this young genius who shocked the Nine Heavens Ten Earths to be this decisive, leaving into the distance just like that.

There were also those who felt disappointment and frustration. Anyone could see Huang’s exceptional talent. This type of person, if he entered Immortal Domain, if he could achieve immortality, just what kind of domineering presence would he have?

Unfortunately, he wasn’t going, and in this world, there was no way of achieving immortality!

It was impossible now, it would also be impossible in the future!

This realm was destined to enter an age without cultivation!

Who can create a miracle, who can break through the shackles? There wasn’t even any way of cultivating anymore, what immortal ascension was there to speak of?!


In the distance, there was a streak of heaven reaching sword radiance, expanses of stars hacked down. Apart from this, there was an arm that fell from above together with a shoulder.

The supreme beings from Immortal Domain, while separately chasing after Huang, one of them was cleaved in half. His entire body was falling, carrying a rain of blood.

The blood of supreme beings could destroy mountains and rivers. Everything rumbled with loud noise, the scene horrifying.

Everyone from Heaven Mending Dao was horrified when they saw this. This was precisely Huang. Before he left, he still delivered this stunning blade strike, slicing off the arm of one of the supreme beings.

However, the scene still wasn’t done. Suddenly, a divine rainbow light descended from above, too fast, as if it was an emperor star from the distant past, smashing down on all things.


This was Huang. He actually didn’t withdraw, but rather pressed forward, slaughtering his way back, chasing after the wounded individual, wishing to kill him.

“You…” Hong Family’s supreme being was greatly alarmed. Huang was just too daring, actually daring to act like this!

“Younger generation, where do you think you are going?!” The other two chased after fake targets, but now, they crazily slaughtered their way back.


The supreme being who lost an arm was rammed into by that immortal king like figure descending from the sky. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, flying outwards, moreover suffering another cut.

With a pu sound, after being cut by this sword, his entire body cracked apart, ravaged by sword energy.


This person screamed out, breaking apart inch by inch. Under the sword radiance, large amounts of bloody mist surged, the scene horrifying.

However, the other two finally slaughtered their way over, quickly protecting him, taking action, helping him neutralize the sword energy. However, he was still seriously injured, his fighting strength diminished.

Three great experts stood together, no longer daring to split up now, not chasing again, instead on guard. Moreover, they began to burn a yellow talisman, transmitting a message.

“If you dare follow me further, I will kill you all without exception!” Huang said.

He thus left, extremely easygoing and unrestrained, departing into the starry skies in front of their faces.

This was just too shameful. Three great experts ambushed him together, yet one of them was seriously injured. Their faces were ashen. This truly was too embarrassing. How could Huang be this strong?

In Heaven Mending Dao, everyone was speechless, all of them shaken.

“Qing Yi, before you leave, I will send the true you off.” This calm voice sounded from the depths of the heavens, only Qing Yi able to hear it.

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