Chapter 1845

Chapter 1845 - Chaos Before Departure

Immortal Domain’s gate was flowing with light and color. There was a metal gate there that plugged up the void, separating the two realms.

It could only be said that the realm was too powerful, having a gate forged together by those with unmatched magical force. It could sever the bridge between heaven and earth. If it didn’t open again, no one could break in.

Groups after groups of people departed, heading on the path of return. Generally speaking, these people all felt a great burden released from them when they entered through the gate. They weren’t abandoned, they could go back.

Recently, there were many people who died. The ones who fought with the creatures of darkness, contaminated by the darkness substance, could never return in this life. They started to rebel, but were ruthlessly put down.

Among them, some of them turned around, seeking refuge in the various life restricted regions of the Nine Heavens.

After this, everything would end. They were all returning without achieving anything, the Cultivationless Age still completely descending, they had to leave.

The little dog came, turning into a small golden cat, hiding inside of a young lady’s embrace. It narrowed its eyes, in the end looking towards the distant heaven and earth.

Its eyes carried disappointment and frustration, carried regret. It had previously said that even if it was going to die, it still wanted to be buried in this land, but now, it had to leave.

The True Dragon blood divine cat had naturally been suppressed by it as well, taking its place. It was going to secretly follow a great figure’s daughter into Immortal Domain, and then seek out Without End’s whereabouts.

Shi Hao also came, but the little dog had already left, successfully entering Immortal Domain!

Shi Hao stood in the distance, watching quietly. That metal gate was extremely sturdy. He could sense that it condensed the imprints of more than a single immortal king, no creatures of this realm could break through it!

He had previously entered Immortal Domain with Sanzang and Shenming. At that time, the gate they entered through was a stone gate, not this one.

While watching groups leave one after another, he released a light sigh. What path should he take? Should he also go into Immortal Domain? Were there people waiting there with a trap for him to jump into?

Shi Hao turned around, firmly and resolutely leaving into the distance.

Perhaps he had to immediately say his goodbyes to some old friends. There were some people who were still here, it wasn’t too late yet to see them, not heading in that place that all cultivators looked forward to, the enchanting great sacred world -- Immortal Domain.

In the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, during these past thirty years, over half of it had been corrupted by darkness matter, becoming a place ordinary creatures couldn’t step foot into.

However now, the black mist spread, the true mysterious creatures behind it withdrawing.

Before Immortal Domain’s cultivators and creatures of darkness left, it was undoubtedly chaotic, there was no way for this place to be at peace.

This was especially the case later on, with strange creatures appearing from time to time, unleashing slaughter. They came from the darkness, going far from home to search for what they needed.

Apart from this, there were also those abandoned by Immortal Domain, as well as some individuals from Immortal Domains who had different motives, secretly plotting things, blood purging a few inheritances to obtain heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

They were about to leave. The various powers all felt uneasy, all of them wishing to seize what they could before leaving.


A head flew. That person carried unwillingness, as well as shock.

It was because he was a half supreme being, about to achieve the dao, but he was still killed by a youngster.

Shi Hao’s face was expressionless. When doing this matter, his heart was as cold as steel. Along the way, he slaughtered more than one group of people, among them were darkness experts, as well as Immortal Domain cultivators.

“You locusts, you still want to plunder a bit before leaving? This world has already been beaten into ruins by you all, causing the Cultivationless Age to arrive ahead of time!” Shi Hao said coldly.

It was precisely under this type of circumstances that the Nine Heavens Ten Earths became unprecedentedly chaotic. Everyone was panicking, many inheritances unable to sit still.

Even long life families were going to leave, not hesitating to exchange their clans’ true scriptures and other things, let alone these ordinary clans.

In reality, at this point, even the higher level of Immortal Domain stationed here, those powerful leaders, turned a blind eye to these things, not paying attention to these troublemakers, only hoping that they could return smoothly.

There were restrictions set by the higher ups, that each day, only a set amount of people can return. It was because they still had to be on guard against a final assault from the creatures of darkness.

“My Wang Family is finally about to leave. However, eldest brother, brother five and brother eight all landed in Huang’s hands. We cannot even find him!”

“We need to find him and kill him!”

Wang Family’s dragons were discussing this.

After Immortal Wang’s association with others, his dealings with Immortal Domain’s experts, they obtained an opportunity, their entire sect able to enter Immortal Domain.

The Chaos Calming Art, for Immortal Domain’s highest level inheritance, was extremely enticing!

“He won’t be able to continue living!”

“I hope father can find him, and then personally end his life, and not let someone else deal with him.”

Wang Family’s dragons’ faces were cold, carrying killing intent. What left them regretful was that Immortal Wang was currently extremely busy, needing to do some negotiating with Immortal Domain.

“Us brothers should head out together. If we are together, with the formations’ support, we should be able to kill him. Together with Old Nine’s cultivation reaching such a great level now, already a world shocking expert, we have enough certainty of success!”

While Wang Family was discussing among themselves, other clans were also discussing this.

There were some who were excited, some who were moved, but also some who were disappointed.

Long life families, these clans pretty much all had a solution, obtaining the qualifications to enter Immortal Domain.

“Huang, it truly is a pity that I actually cannot kill you, unable to get rid of this hatred. It truly is one of my greatest regrets in this life!” Inside Jin Family, Jin Taijun roared, her face warping, full of resentment.

Last time, Shi Hao chased after her, slaughtering his way into Jin Family, almost making her suffer irreversible harm. This was a great humiliation. The glorious long life Jin Family, known as one of the most powerful families of this great era, was actually tossed and turned by a younger generation like this.

Shi Hao began to walk quietly alone. Unknowingly when, he arrived outside Heaven Mending Dao. This was a sacred pure land on equal footing with a long life family, it could be considered an everlasting and imperishable inheritance.

“My humble self is Hong Zhen, I admire Heaven Mending Dao’s Fairy Yue Chan greatly. I have come to seek an audience with her.”

Shi Hao actually saw this scene. It was a white-clothed young man who brought some people with him, standing outside Heaven Mending Dao’s gate, wishing to see this sect’s holy lady.

“He came to see Qing Yi?”

Shi Hao said quietly, not getting close. In reality, when he got closer, with his incomparably powerful, transcendent-like supreme being divine senses, he already sensed that there were other people waiting around.

There were people who were guarding that place like a tree stump for rabbits. Were they waiting for him to go up, wishing to ambush him here?

Even if it was a supreme being, it would be hard to develop this type of vague feeling. It was because they were hidden just too well.

Who was this Hong Zhen? What did he have to do with the hidden experts?

Shi Hao released a light sigh. As a cultivator, regardless of where one was, they could blend into their surroundings. Even though they still experienced times of hubbub and joy, they always moved between life and death dangers.

With an age without cultivation approaching, the various great powers were all about to leave, did these people still wish to scheme against him?

“Hong Zhen admires Heaven Mending Dao’s Fairy Yue Chan, I came specially to meet you.” That white-clothed youngster spoke up again.

The people at his side were all extremely strong. At this time, they released wisps of great dao aura.

There were people who walked over from where the mountain gate was, also dressed in white clothes, beautiful like immortals.

“My clan is willing to guide the entire Heaven Mending Dao’s entire sect into Immortal Domain.” The white clothed-youngster Hong Zhen said.

“Why have you arranged troops outside my Heaven Mending Dao?” Qing Yi spoke. She walked out together with some important figures from the sect.

“I heard that recently, there was a human cultivator named Huang who has acted in an extremely fierce and savage manner. I worry that he might cause trouble, so I wish to capture and kill him here.” Hong Zhen replied with a smile.

In the distance, Shi Hao’s expression became grave. This was arranged by Hong Zhen’s family. Were there some parties who didn’t wish for peace even before leaving?

He sensed that this was most likely the Immortal Domain Hong Family the little dog had previously subdued, their old ancestor called a human pet.

More than two months ago, when he captured Wang Da, there were people from Hong Family who stepped out, scared by the little dog until they trembled in fear, knelt on the ground.

Now, did this clan wake up? Did they not feel any more fear? They actually came here to ambush him.

Shi Hao was quiet like a green lotus, not moving at all. His feet stood in the air, watching all of this.

“You can leave.” Qing Yi said.

“Distinguished heir, my sect already has another way. Soon, we will all migrate over.” An elder also spoke.

Heh, is that so? So there were other Immortal Domain inheritances that reached agreements with you all? However, I didn’t come here purely for Fairy Yue Chan, I also wish to capture and kill Huang.” The white-clothed Hong Zhen said indifferently. His hands were moved behind his back, his expression turning a bit cold.

“Three supreme beings? They really know how to make moves. However, they want to ambush me without an immortal?”

Shi Hao said quietly. He silently drew the sword core, and then rushed into action. In that instant, it was as if a comet smashed into the great earth, tearing apart the heavens, fast to the point where no one could react.

A sword cut across the skies!

Cold radiance illuminated the nine heavens!


Sword energy crushed the universe, sweeping over. Before Hong Zhen could react at all, the space between his brows was already struck, blood gushing everywhere. His eyes were completely widened as he fell on his back, corpse collapsing here.

There were supreme beings here wishing to ambush Huang, yet they couldn’t even react in time.

No one expected Huang to be here at this moment!

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