Chapter 1844

Chapter 1844 - There Is a Place

Was this world going to be abandoned? 

Shi Hao sighed. Many people were going to leave. He didn’t know what would remain after an age without cultivation. Once the cruelest age descended, would there truly be no dao left to speak of?

A clear breeze blew past. Shi Hao began to move about, stepping on the yellow leaves, moving forward.

“I am going to go.” The little dog actually suddenly said this.

En?” What left Shi Hao slightly shocked was that when he woke up, this little dog was actually going to leave so suddenly. Despite being rather fierce and cunning, its background also mysterious, after following him for a few months, they developed some friendly relations

“Where are you going?” Shi Hao asked.

“Immortal Domain.” The little dog said with an extremely sunken expression, no longer carrying its past carefreeness, nor did it act fiercely. Instead, its mood was heavy, as if it had many things to consider.

This type of temperament was completely different from its past nature.

“Acting this serious isn’t your style.” Shi Hao said.

“Who can see through who, who can hide everything? This world is becoming more and more complicated. Our laughter and good times in the mortal realm, will still become things of the past in the end.” The little dog said to itself.

Shi Hao was shocked. Did this little dog get provoked or something?

“Why do you suddenly want to enter Immortal Domain?” Shi Hao asked.

“Perhaps that is my true place of return. There are some old matters that I never obtained answers from, so I need to seek them out.” The little dog replied.

According to what it said, an age without cultivation was going to arrive. Immortal Domain’s gates were definitely going to completely close, the duration might be as long as a great era. If it didn’t enter now, then there wouldn’t be a chance anymore.

“Don’t you have enemies there?” Shi Hao reminded. Its so-called human pet had long achieved immortality. If he discovered that the little dog entered, he might just skin it alive.

“Even though I might die, I have no choice. I previously followed Without End Immortal King, I have no choice but to repay this gratitude.” The little dog replied.

Now, it no longer called itself an immortal king, but rather remained extremely serious like an old pedant, no longer acting frivolously, not acting brazenly.

“Without End Immortal King, even though he was from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, he had also visited Immortal Domain, sought the limits of the great dao, verifying some things.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he was quite shocked. What did Without End Immortal King need to verify?

“He was proficient in the great dao of time. Later on, he previously researched the changes of time with Reincarnation Immortal King, as well as reincarnation, wishing to see if there were certain rules and laws of behavior.”

“Laws of behavior?” Shi Hao’s interest was seized.

“Following Emperor Collapse to Immortal Ancient, and then to the future’s great showdown, is there an ultimate reincarnation, or are there some people who will reincarnate.” The little dog said with a sunken voice.

“What are you trying to say?” Shi Hao’s expression became extremely serious. This topic was a bit heavy, and also a bit lofty.

“Starting from Emperor Collapse, great eras have passed one after another. This is like a terrifying reincarnation. The world’s changes, is this a process?” The little dog said.

“Also, the so-called great showdown, is this the ending? Those who have the qualifications to participate, are they the ones pushing this reincarnation cycle, or are they going to be the ones reincarnated?” The little dog said to itself.

Shi Hao knew that even though it only spoke about bits and pieces, it revealed many things. These were clues that Without End Immortal King and Reincarnation Immortal King discovered, the things they were trying to clear up.

“Is it really the events of the past that are reincarnating, or the people who are?” The little dog continued.

“You wish to find out these things in Immortal Domain?” Shi Hao asked.

“With my dao skills, I most likely won’t be able to. I won’t be able to get further than Without End Immortal King and Reincarnation Immortal King.” The little dog shook its head.

“Then what do you wish to achieve?” Shi Hao was confused.

“I only wish to find Without End Immortal King, I do not want him to die.” The little dog carried grief.

Shi Hao was stunned. Didn’t Without End Immortal King die? His blood soaked the war banner, buried in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, even his bell ruined, lacking the artifact spirit, becoming a bell.

“He did die, but I can’t accept it!” The little dog released a low roar, his emotions downcast, carrying the sorrow that spanned across endless time.

What could this change? Even if he went, it would still be meaningless. Even though Shi Hao didn’t say anything more, he lightly patted its shoulder.

“No, that’s not it. Perhaps there might be a place where it really might be able to change something.” The little dog said.

It couldn’t fully comprehend the great dao achievements of Without End Immortal King, nor could it see through Reincarnation Immortal King’s research results, but it still listened to some of their discussions.

The little dog didn’t believe that it could completely understand this type of reasoning, but it heard that there might be a place that was full of variables.

“There is a place where Without End can be found again!” The little dog’s eyes gradually developed spirit, becoming more and more resolute.

There was a place?

“That place is linked to the heavens, to the spirit, to the past and present, perhaps able to display a miracle!” The little dog said firmly.

This was a place Without End and Reincarnation Immortal Kings had brought up. They previously wanted to go there and examine this place, one of the secret lands they wanted to use to verify what they knew.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to do these things. The most intense great battle suddenly erupted, giving up their lives on the battlefield.

“Goodbye. I feel that you are quite special, I can vaguely recall memories of you. I don’t know if it was because of the corner of the future that was seen, or if there is a mysterious type of feeling, a type of enlightenment.”

Before leaving, the little dog was extremely serious, staring at Shi Hao, actually saying this.

In reality Shi Hao could already tell that this little dog felt disdain beneath contempt for others, extremely insolent, immediately calling others human pet, but towards him, even though there was a bit of bickering, it still acted with a bit of propriety, extremely careful.

It was as if it innately felt some type of fear towards Shi Hao’s potential. Even if it dared to bare its fangs, it didn’t dare go too far.

“You’ve seen a corner of my future?” Shi Hao said.

“You know that my body was previously hacked until it was ruined. When I was buried there, my primordial spirit was almost completely scattered, almost nothing left. Even though that place innately nurtures corpses, nurtures the soul, after being buried for a great era, whether I am still myself is up for debate. I only have some remnant wills, many things impossible for me to recall.” The little dog said, its head lowered.

Its words were heavy, carrying a type of indescribable sorrow.

It was because it pretty much died in battle back then! Now, it was nothing more than a bit of ruined soul fragments that regained sentience in a corpse, producing a new primordial spirit.

From a certain perspective, it was already no longer the past expert.

Being able to recall some things of the past was already heaven-defying!

“When one is alive, there will always be some type of goal. Youngster, goodbye. There shouldn’t be any more chances for us to see each other in this life. If there is reincarnation, then let us meet again in the distant future!” The little dog left.

It went to look for a path, wishing to see if there was anything miraculous there, wishing to see someone from the past.

It left just like that?

Shi Hao was a bit disappointed and frustrated. He still had many things he wanted to ask it, but he momentarily didn’t know where to start from.

He chased after it, silently seeing it off, wishing to speak out several times.

“This realm, this great era, is already beyond saving. You need to make your own decision soon.” The little dog turned around.

“Are things really that bad?”

“Do you feel that you have the power to cut through ten thousand ages with a single blade? Or, in other words, do you have the most important strength? A sword to sever ten thousand ages, one generation one reincarnation! In the long river of time, the rise and fall of great eras, just how many powerful individuals were there? Can you stop them, can you slaughter your way through? Even if only one creature emerges from a great era, they will still be hard to face!”

The little dog left, completely disappearing.

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