Chapter 1843

Chapter 1843 - Cultivationless Era Arrives

No one thought that there would actually be this result.

Immortal Domain’s attitude towards the ruined immortal was extremely cold. This was to punish him, blame him for previously offending heaven and reason, not distinguishing between right and wrong, harming Huang’s dao foundation.

Not killing him was just for him to atone for his crime!

This conclusion was extremely terrifying. It meant that if he didn’t do well, some people from Immortal Domain would immediately take his life.

“I never expected this! Huang was actually sheltered by some people in Immortal Domain, regarded this highly! The ruined immortal is in huge trouble!”

Haha, this really is a punishment that fits the crime! Back then, this ruined immortal put on such airs, acting incredibly domineeringly, rushing to Immortal Mountain, insisting on crippling Huang who established great merit in Desolate Border. Now, it’s his turn to feel fear!”

When this news got out, everyone’s reactions were different. There were some people who were overjoyed, and then there were some people who sucked in cold breaths of air.

Currently, Immortal Domain was withdrawing, the darkness creatures also backing up, so it was already noisy, an extremely chaotic scene. Now that this type of thing happened, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths became increasingly uncalm.

Previously, the long life families were still trying to boost support, attacking Huang, claiming that he was an indiscriminate murderer, but now, they all kept quiet out of fear.

Their families already chose the paths they were to take, they had to head into Immortal Domain, so they didn’t hope to see anything unexpected happen now.

However, not long after this decree was released, another emissary appeared in Immortal Palace.

This time, the wording was more tactful. Even though there was blame, there was no punishment, a bottle of medicine even bestowed to Immortal Palace, allowing the ruined immortal to preserve his life so that he could slaughter enemies in the future.

What did this mean? The three thousand provinces immediately became quiet, the people of the Nine Heavens also becoming stupefied!

Immortal Domain passed down a different decree, the intentions different.

Everyone sensed that there were some who were opposed to the ruined immortal, but there were others who wished to protect him, having different attitudes, coming from different sects.

“It seems like the ruined immortal’s origins are not simple!”

“It is rumored that the later decree came from a young great one from a certain Immortal Domain ancient inheritance.”

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths could not calm down, everyone developing more and more suspicions.

That day, Shi Hao came out of his seclusion, returning from the depths of the cosmos. When he heard these things, his brows furrowed deeply.

Immortal Domain’s so-called young great one, was it the same youngster from back then, the one who plotted against Void God Realm’s darkness heavenly prison? He had previously sent two groups of people into Void God Realm, but all of them were subdued in the end.

Not long afterwards, there was news that came out, that this ruined immortal was related to a certain king in Immortal Domain!

“Heavens, is this true? He is the descendant of a certain ancient immortal king?”

“No wonder! This type of person will definitely be protected, he won’t die!”

It was because Immortal Domain’s troops still hadn’t completely withdrawn yet, there were some who couldn’t leave for the rest of their lives. They passed out some secrets outsiders didn’t know about.

These secret rumors were unimaginable, there was no way for everyone else to know about them.

It was rumored that Immortal Palace’s ruined immortal came from Immortal Domain, previously here to command troops. However, he cherished his life greatly, not stepping out and fighting, cared a lot about living.

That was why he lived.

However, this type of attitude annoyed some experts in Immortal Domain. Even if he was the descendant of an ancient immortal king, he was still punished, not allowed to return to the immortal earth.

Just like that, he remained in this realm.

There were three ruined immortals who had committed great mistakes like him, their circumstances similar.

At the start of the great era, they discovered the seriously wounded Kun Peng. Together with some experts at the peak of Mortal Dao, they led a great army to surround it, successfully harming it.

It was rumored that the reason why they surrounded it was related to them being banished to this world. The Kun Peng, in Immortal Domain, had always acted against the ruined immortals, determined to banish them.

This touched upon a deeply rooted opposition in Immortal Domain.

When these secrets were revealed, even if it was just odd bits and pieces, it still triggered a great uproar in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, causing quite a great commotion.

“The ruined immortal truly is scum!”

Those with more upright temperaments couldn’t help but curse out.

Heh, Huang’s troubles are now bigger. The ruined immortal actually has this type of background! Even if he cannot return to Immortal Domain in this life, he will still receive some protection.”

There were some who spoke like this, as if releasing a breath of relief, feeling like not everyone in Immortal Domain admired Huang.

Just this secret rumor created a great uproar. The various clans all began to discuss this.


A streak of blood-colored lightning cut across the sky, interweaving between the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Many people felt a chill run through their hearts.

In recent years, all types of terrifying irregular scenes appeared in this world, the great dao aura becoming increasingly abnormal. It was at times vague, impossible to sense, but at times violent, about to cut down all life.

An age without cultivation really was going to completely arrive!

Its terrifying effects were just too great, leaving everyone horrified.

During this critical time, the darkness creatures were backing up, Immortal Domain also withdrawing. Meanwhile, there were even some things that happened between the ruined immortal and Huang. His world was definitely going to become increasingly chaotic.

Yi, the creatures of darkness have withdrawn. Look, the darkness matter is no longer as thick, becoming more and more sparse!”

Someone cried out, becoming extremely happy.

However, with a hong noise, heaven and earth collided, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths merging. There was another portion of the ancient great continent that linked up, finally becoming one entity.

In just a few days, a few people’s souls trembled, feeling like they were experiencing judgment day.

This wasn’t good news at all. The creatures of darkness hurriedly withdrew, because they felt the terror of an age without cultivation, running for their lives.

When Shi Hao returned, he quietly experienced the changes of this world. He didn’t feel any fear, not trying to enter Immortal Domain.

Meanwhile, during these days, the various great long life families used all of their methods to enter Immortal Domain. They all wanted to leave this world that was gradually becoming devoid of cultivation.

The effects were too great, some negative effects appearing.

For example, some creatures who lived over a million years, but weren’t supreme beings yet began to wither away one after another, their lifespans reaching their end.

In reality, there was a portion of people who already died in meditation ahead of time!

An age without cultivation really was arriving, it was gradually approaching!

It was hard to imagine just what kind of result there would be in the end. Was that day really going to come, when one couldn’t cultivate in this world anymore? Would there be no more cultivators left?

Now, there were even supreme beings who would die from old age!

The most powerful individuals’ lifespans were reduced by a hundredfold!

Shi Hao waited a few days, but no one looked for him. The ruined immortal didn’t show himself, so he gradually calmed down, going to seek out his old friends.

It was because he already knew that most of these people were most likely going to enter Immortal Domain!

He released a light sigh. After this separation, he didn’t know when they would be able to meet again.

According to what he heard, once they entered Immortal Domain, for the sake of escaping the influence of an age without cultivation, those Immortal Domain gates would shut, impossible to open again in a short period of time.

For Immortal Domain, the so-called short period of time might easily be hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps half a great era, perhaps even until an entire great era passed!

This long period of separation was already equivalent to eternal parting.

If Shi Hao didn’t enter Immortal Domain, then he might die of old age in this world.

An age without cultivation, supreme beings could only live ten thousand or so years!

If an even crueler and more severe age arrived, an age when one truly couldn’t cultivate anymore appeared, the younger supreme beings might only have a few thousand years to live.

As for which course to follow, Shi Hao was also faced with a choice. He had to give up something.

According to what he knew, Qing Yi and Heaven Mending Dao were headed into Immortal Domain, there shouldn’t be any mistake here.

Sky Severing Sect, Wang Family and others should have a chance of entering too.

Ten Crown King, Shi Yi, Tuogu Yulong, Lan Xian, Great Xu Tuo, and the others, if nothing unexpected happened, these geniuses should also be chosen to enter Immortal Domain.

The ones Shi Hao recognized, as long as they were outstanding, they would all leave this realm!

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