Chapter 1842

Chapter 1842 - Further Breakthrough

In the depths of the ice-cold and dark cosmos, on a withered celestial body.

Shi Hao quietly breathed in and out, white mist entering and leaving his mouth and nose, turning into white snakes. They swirled around his body, in the end returning to his mouth and nose.

As time went on, the scene became more and more mysterious. Large amounts of white radiance emerged from his mouth and nose, noises that were like dragon roars and tiger cries sounding, thunder rumbling as they swirled about his body.

He obtained tremendous benefits from that battle. He was currently consolidating his cultivation, condensing his dao skills. He hid on a small star in the depths of the cosmos.

He killed a supreme being in single combat, this type of result was world shocking. He had just achieved the dao, yet he could already kill a well-known veteran expert after a bloody battle. This was extremely astonishing.

This was the most important battle after Shi Hao became a supreme being. Fighting against another who achieved the dao brought him extremely deep insights, his benefits great!

In his opinion, killing a darkness creature who achieved the dao couldn’t compare at all. In Shi Hao’s eyes, the creatures of darkness who became supreme beings after they were corroded by darkness matter and evolved weren’t true supreme beings.

If not for them having the darkness matter, able to easily corrode the creatures on the Nine Heavens’ side, Shi Hao believed that in a battle at the same level, the so-called darkness supreme beings would all be killed.

The universe was endless, the starry skies boundless. If one truly wished to hide, it would take quite a long time for them to be found.

Moreover, he was already a supreme being, now intentionally hiding his essence energy. If he retracted all of his aura, it wouldn’t matter much even if an expert from Immortal Domain came looking for him.

The little dog dozed off at the side. It really wanted to seize the immortal spring eye, but it had been collected by Shi Hao, not given to it to squander away.

It was given a share of the silver dragon, the essence nurtured within the immortal spring eye. It ate a portion of it, and then carefully stowed the remainder. Its eyes were currently closed, refining what it ingested.

This was a great mending substance that could even allow a ruined immortal to continue living.

The little dog naturally obtained tremendous benefits from it as well. It felt like its crippled cultivation seemed to slowly be increasing, a new wave of vitality emerging within its body.

Shi Hao cultivated peacefully, his mind clear, comprehending his own great dao path. Just a single instance of seclusion cultivation lasted more than two months. Meanwhile, in his own consciousness, he instead felt as if only four hours had passed.

The moment he opened his eyes, two streaks of divine radiance rushed out from this celestial body, illuminating the dark universe. This was Shi Hao’s gaze, sharp and penetrating.

“Youngster, not bad, your dao skills have made progress. You really are a freak. Don’t tell me you were raised on immortal dragon eggs or something? How is your cultivation speed so fast?”

“I love eating dog meat, especially dog meat hot pot, this is what helped me grow up.” Shi Hao said with a smile, stretching out his body.

Bark! The little dog was extremely fierce, directly throwing itself over, tearing at Shi Hao fiercely. In its opinion, Shi Hao was definitely provoking it.

Shi Hao wanted to test out his dao fruit, so he wanted to try things out against this extremely mysterious little dog. In an instant, great winds stirred about, the stars shaking.

Great dao radiance was like ripples, spreading in all directions, affecting some stars and meteorites. Under these mysterious ripples, they all silently turned into cosmos dust.

The little dog’s cultivation wasn’t enough. It fell off the divine altar, but its flesh was beyond compare. Apart from this, its dao skills weren’t completely useless either, it was still a powerful individual.

At the very least, normal supreme beings couldn’t do anything to it.

After a long time passed, this place became quiet. Shi Hao sat down, starting to breathe in and out again, starting to cultivate.

The little dog almost erupted in anger, because one of its eyes was beaten black and blue, apart from this, the fur on its tail was almost plucked clean. There was blood at the corners of its lips as well. This was completely intolerable.

However, when Shi Hao tossed over the Everlasting Sword Core into its little claws, its temper immediately disappeared, jolting its buttocks, revealing a smile, hugging it and no longer causing trouble.

“I’m going to state this clearly now. I’m lending it to you for a month so you can find out its origins, I’m not giving it to you!” Shi Hao said.

“Don’t worry, this isn’t like an undying herb, I can’t bite through it or break it.” The little dog said.

If it really was a stalk of long life medicine, immortal spring eye or something else that landed in its hands, then there really would be no hope of getting it back!

Shi Hao didn’t pay it any more attention, starting to cultivate, examining his own body’s methods. Immortal mist swirled above his head, wisps gathering into three waves, moving about like three True Dragons.

Then, another appeared, even more thick, after moving about, it rushed into his body.

Above his head, the three waves of energy turned into flowers, gradually starting to produce fruit!

There were some fruits that ripened, and then the instant they split apart, there was a figure seated on top!

These were mysterious transformations outsiders couldn’t see through, couldn’t comprehend. Only Shi Hao slowly experienced everything alone.

Half a month later, he woke up again. This time, he completely concluded his cultivation.

The blood energy on his body was immediately released, instantly becoming much richer. His body was like a furnace, illuminating the entire dark cosmos, grand and incomparable powerful!

The little dog sucked in a cold breath of air, couldn’t help but say, “You really are a monster. You are already on the verge of reaching supreme being mid stage?”

Shi Hao was breaking through!

The little dog felt like this was truly absurd, this fella too heaven-defying. Wasn’t his cultivation speed a bit too fast? Could it be that he really was born to cultivate, someone who was destined to become the leading figure of a generation?

This type of cultivation speed simply left one speechless!

The little dog was extremely shocked, completely lost for words. It muttered to itself, was this an individual truly born to undergo tribulations?

The world raged, that day would eventually come. Would there really be a creature like this who would rise up powerfully during that time?

The little dog looked like it had seen a ghost!

“It’s time for us to head back. I believe the ruined immortal should have swallowed that resentment by now. He didn’t go crazy, not searching the world for me.” Shi Hao said.

Two streaks of light tore through the starry sky, heading towards a region of life, leaving this ice-cold and deathly still starry domain.

It was precisely as Shi Hao had predicted. The ruined immortal erupted in anger, but in the end, he still endured it. He still feared death too much in the end, not daring to squander away its limited bit of lifespan.

During these past two years, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths were in chaos, difficult to calm down.

Huang reappeared in this world, overturning reasoning. This exceeded everyone’s expectations. He was able to survive even after being afflicted with the Immortal Breaking Curse, his dao skills not lost at all, still became a supreme being. This was simply a miracle!

He fought a great battle against Jin Taijun, fought a darkness supreme being, slaughtered Wang Family's people, killed Immortal Palace’s supreme being…

These matters, which one of them wasn’t enough to shock the world?

Moreover, they were all linked up together, all happening in the same day, all clans were shocked, many people immediately couldn’t sit still. They were incredibly fretful and uneasy.

Huang’s name was spreading through the entire world. After not seeing him for thirty years, his return caused such a great disturbance, engulfing the entire world in disorder!

He was just a single person, yet he affected the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, the four seas all shocked!

Huang was extremely powerful, his style just like the past. This type of methods, this type of ability, who could compare?

Everyone sensed that unless Immortal Domain’s people took action, there were likely not many people left who could keep him in check.

Even if Immortal Wang was the number one in the mortal world, if he wanted to kill Huang, it might still be difficult. Everyone had reason to believe that the young Huang, even if he hadn’t reached full maturity yet, he could still escape and protect himself.

“Immortal Domain’s people are looking for Huang. Is this a blessing or misfortune?”

“I believe that it is an instance of luck! Huang’s aptitude is enough to suppress Immortal Domain’s creatures.”

“That might not necessarily be the case either. Perhaps someone wishes to capture him, see if he has any secrets on him. Otherwise, why is there a need to be this open about it?”

During these past two months, everyone discussed among themselves. They were all guessing at Huang’s whereabouts, as well as where he was going to go.

However, Immortal Domain’s people were withdrawing. In the two months, the great army withdrew, some people were still stationed here, but even these people were leaving bit by bit.

During this period, there were rebellions. Some people couldn’t return to Immortal Domain, completely abandoned, but they were ultimately all forcefully subdued!

“Immortal Domain’s people are going to leave, and they might leave completely this time. When that time comes, who can keep Huang in check?” A few people sighed, inwardly worried.

It was clear that these people were those who had previously stood against Shi Hao, standing on Wang Family, Jin Family and Immortal Palace’s side.

“The ruined immortal actually endured, not taking action. Could it be that even he is scared?”

Haha, this really feels good! Killing a supreme being, worthy of being Huang! This type of battle accomplishment is worth drinking a few glasses over!”

The reactions of different sides were different. Some were worried, while others were happy, laughing joyously.

“The most recent news states that Immortal Domain’s emissary hurried to Immortal Palace, issuing a decree berating the ruined immortal!”

Huang suffered from the Immortal Breaking Curse, but didn’t die. His power drew the attention of a few creatures from Immortal Domain. Some experts believed that the ruined immortal ought to be punished, actually daring to harm this type of genius.

Moreover, after clamoring for two months, someone passed the decree berating Immortal Domain’s lineage, completely ending all hope of the ruined immortal entering Immortal Domain. They clearly told him that he could forget about it!

On top of all of this, when that decree was passed down, they even told him to shut himself in and ponder over his mistakes, that he couldn’t appear, that he shouldn’t cause any more trouble.

They further mentioned that not killing him was to let him atone for his crimes. He had to face the creatures of darkness that didn’t retreat when the time came, or else an immortal killing blade would come for him, personally take his life!

When this news was announced, the entire world was in an uproar!

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