Chapter 1841

Chapter 1841 - It Is Huang

The bronze palace had blood on its surface that had been previously splashed onto it. Now, it rushed out as fast as lightning, carrying chaotic energy, unstoppable.

This was an immortal artifact. There was a mysterious wave of power that was calling it, guiding it. It quickly headed towards the ancient land where Immortal Palace’s inheritance was located.

Shi Hao didn’t stop it. He knew that this palace definitely had something strange about it. With his current cultivation, it still wasn’t enough to control it. If he carried it on him and the artifact spirit suddenly attacked him, he would die without a proper burial.

Heaven’s tears appeared, a rain of blood poured down from the starry sky, indicating the fall of a generation’s supreme being, killed here.

This was the first time he killed a supreme being after entering this domain!

The Immortal Palace supreme being who previously viewed him as an ant and wanted to kill him several times didn’t succeed in the end. Now, he was killed by Shi Hao instead.

Immortal Palace’s supreme being, before dying, harbored resentment, dying with remaining grievances. It was because the enemy he faced was someone who he previously viewed as an insect, yet this insect became a dragon, soaring into the heavens, actually taking his life in the end.

The starry skies became quiet, completely peaceful.

Shi Hao made a brief stop here, and then he immediately left into the distance, heading towards a prearranged area in the starry skies to rendezvous with the little dog.

“What is the situation?” Shi Hao asked.

“There’s no way for us to enter. After the immortal formation there revived, that ancient land has been completely covered, anyone who enters will die. The small half of the silver dragon essence that escaped cannot be seized.” The little dog said regretfully.

Then, its expression became strange, saying, “You actually really killed a supreme being, you really are a freak. You only cultivated for a few decades!”

It revealed a serious expression saying, “The ruined immortal isn’t dead, so there will definitely be a great disaster. He will definitely stake it all against you!”

What it spoke was the truth. In the past, Shi Hao was crippled precisely by the ruined immortal, suffering from the Immortal Breaking Curse. Now, he still hadn’t completely gotten rid of the curse, it would flare out every period of time, making him endure a tremendous amount of suffering.

This type of ancient curse, once he couldn’t hold on anymore, it would immediately completely cripple his cultivation.

Shi Hao wanted to see for himself, once he completely withstood it, just what kind of realm he would reach.

“Ruined immortal, the day will come when I will fight you!” Shi Hao said.

Thirty years ago, he was stopped in front of Immortal Mountain, looked down on by that ruined immortal, able to take his life with a raise of his hand. If not for Five Phase Mountain’s protection, he would have already died.

Despite this being the case, he still returned to the lower realms after enduring great humiliation.

“The results of today’s battle can’t be hidden. Many people in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths will know about it. Even though the scene of heaven’s tears appeared in the starry heavens, some people can still sense it.” The little dog said.

It warned Shi Hao to be careful. If the ruined immortal went crazy and chased after him, things didn’t bode well for Shi Hao at all.

“It’s fine. With the immortal spring eye in hand, he won’t be able to jump around for long, he might not even be able to come after me!” Shi Hao said.

He had reason to think like this, moreover had quite a bit of confidence. It was because the ruined immortal was just too weak, body seriously injured. Without the immortal spring eye’s nurturing, he would be in an extremely bad state.

The ruined immortal used to be extremely powerful, he faced the Kun Peng with others, but that process wasn’t all that easy. It was precisely during that battle that he was completely crippled.

He had great dao injuries on him, all types of natural laws and order tangling around him, inseparable from his primordial spirit. The reason why he could still remain alive after all this time was completely by relying on that immortal spring eye.

He was incredibly weak, almost an entire great era was spent hiding in the eye of the spring, difficult for him to come out.

Last time, he headed to Immortal Mountain’s Qin Clan to stop Shi Hao, this alone already considered quite the risk, using up a great amount of effort. Normally speaking, he couldn’t leave that underground spring eye.

Meanwhile, this time, because it involved whether or not he could enter Immortal Domain, he made another exception, going to visit the currently withdrawing Immortal Domain experts, hoping that he could follow them into Immortal Domain.

“When I was fleeing, I could vaguely sense that there was a terrifying individual hurrying towards Immortal Palace’s ancient land.” The little dog said.

The ruined immortal had indeed returned. He stood on the Bronze Immortal Palace, overlooking everything in this inheritance, really wanting to go crazy.

That immortal spring was actually lost, seized by someone, this reality was hard for him to swallow. He was still hoping to rely on that eye of the spring to continue living.


The ruined immortal roared out, rage rushing into the heavens. He was going crazy, unable to endure this type of loss. Without this immortal spring, how was he supposed to spend his days?

It was precisely as the little dog said, this immortal spring’s nurturing was inappropriate, the handling not suitable. As long as it was moved now, a large amount of the immortal dao essence would leak out, which was why the ruined immortal didn’t dare rashly move it.

Who would have thought that after just leaving for such a short amount of time, the eye of the spring would be seized by someone?

“Who? Who is it?!” He was going crazy, his hand grabbing at the heavens, trying to seize that aura. Then, a figure condensed, forming Shi Hao’s traces.

“What? Impossible! How can it be that brat? Wasn’t he crippled by me?!” The ruined immortal became stupefied, and then he erupted into anger.

Nearby, a few creatures exploded under the ruined immortal’s words, directly passing away under his wrath, many of them Immortal Palace’s servants.

This matter couldn’t be concealed. Some people sensed heaven’s tears in the void.

“What is going on, which supreme being died? This isn’t a darkness aura, it is a supreme being from my side.”

“The ruined immortal is roaring, it’s their old supreme being who died!”

News transmitted out, shocking all sides.

“Who is this brazen, actually daring to kill Immortal Palace’s supreme being? One has to know that there was a ruined immortal there! This is equivalent to stroking the bottom of a True Dragon, purely seeking death!”

“Who exactly did this?”

Everyone was discussing this.

It was clear that this news couldn’t be hidden. There were some who noticed some clues.

Apart from this, the youngsters who participated in broken Xumi Mountain’s distinguished gathering were the most sensitive, immediately realizing that this was most likely Huang.

In the starry skies, Shi Hao and the little dog quickly left, long leaving the battlefield. They landed on a withered celestial body, going into hiding to avoid the head of the storm.

“Will the ruined immortal go crazy and come look for us? I think we should take different paths!” The little dog said, really lacking loyalty.

Shi Hao remained extremely calm, not scared at all. “With his cautious nature, he definitely won’t act rashly immediately. He will die if he leaves the immortal dao essence for too long, and now that there is only a portion of the spring eye left, he will definitely try to think of a way to gather it, then nurture his self, wait for an opportunity.”

Shi Hao’s guess was spot on. For the sake of living, the ruined immortal only appeared two or three times in an entire great era, always hiding in the underground spring eye, precisely because he was scared of death.

Now, even though he was panicking and in rage, resentful, in the end, he still captured the aura in the underground cave, sensing that there was a good amount of the silver dragon still there, leaving him overjoyed. He immediately rushed inside.

His expression was incredibly gloomy, starting to think how he was going to get revenge and kill Huang.

He was inwardly uneasy. This was just a past little cultivator, someone who was afflicted with the Immortal Breaking Curse under his very hands, how could he make it through? He should be crippled, and then he should’ve died!

“The Kun Peng died under my hands, an inheritor like you can also forget about living!” The ruined immortal’s words were ice-cold.

Today, he went to see the currently withdrawing Immortal Domain experts, but in the end, he didn’t obtain a satisfactory answer. He most likely couldn’t enter Immortal Domain, the situation extremely bad.

The outside world was in disorder.

“It’s Huang, he returned!”

This name was a bit distant. Thirty years already passed, the people of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths all thought that he had become an ordinary person, completely unrelated to the world of cultivation. However, today, they suddenly heard that it was him, so how could they not be shocked?

It could be said that after the news went out, it became extremely noisy. The cultivators of the various sects were all incredibly shaken.

“How could it be him? Wasn’t he crippled by the ruined immortal?”

“You didn’t hear? He displayed great might in broken Xumi Mountain, continuously taking action, capturing two of Wang Family’s dragons, even previously fought with Immortal Wang.”

“Jin Family experienced some unexpected changes, being invaded, this was also done by him!”

“What? The one who slaughtered his way into Jin Family and injured Jin Taijun was also Huang?!”

None of the cultivators from various sides could remain calm, all of them stupefied. When news got out, they couldn’t help but become horrified.

Huang, was this person going to defy the heavens?

Someone who only cultivated for a few decades already became a supreme being, in the future, just how far would he reach, how strong would he become?

That day, he continuously took action against three supreme beings, even killed one of them, just how terrifying of an achievement was this?

This great matter immediately spread through the world under the heavens, triggering a huge uproar. It was as if a meteor smashed into the ocean, creating heaven reaching waves.

“Interesting, there was actually such an outstanding youngster. Invite him over, we wish to meet with him.” Even the Immortal Domain’s expert who was currently leading the troops in retreat was startled, ordering some people to look for Huang.

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