Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840 - Supreme Being Head Flies

In the starry skies, a rarely seen great battle erupted. They fought their way into the depths of the cosmos, sweeping through the star domain, divine force surging, natural laws continuously released.

A string of blood splashed out, scattering across the stellar domain. A large expanse of stars grew dim.

This was an extremely great formation. At the very least, in this world, in this ancient cosmos, their power reached the peak of human dao. The numerous dao laws couldn’t restrain their might anymore, causing damage to the starry skies.

If it was in the past, this type of person should have entered Immortal Domain a long time ago. Only the undying great earth there could endure power at an even higher level.

“Just hand over your head!” Shi Hao roared out. Right now, his entire body was covered in blood, hair dishevelled, but he was becoming more and more heroic.

Right at this moment, the Everlasting Sword Core in his hands seemed like it revived, developing its own life. Accompanied by an ascension rain of light, a humanoid figure appeared on the sword body, multicolored light shining!


Heaven and earth rumbled with noise, the stars swaying. That bronze palace was activated, releasing dazzling brilliance. This was an immortal dao artifact, now that it was being controlled by a supreme being, the defensive power was astonishing, clashing with the sword core.

If not for having this sword core in hand, Shi Hao definitely wouldn’t be able to stop that artifact.

“In the past, Supreme Hall’s old thing was killed by a group led by me, the Kun Peng also afflicted with the Immortal Breaking Curse by my sect’s true immortal and others, forced to ultimately nurse a grievance. Even they died, what can you do?!” Immortal Palace supreme being’s white hair flew about chaotically, his eyes gloomy, roaring in the starry skies.

What he spoke was the truth, speaking of the tragedy of the past, all of this just to infuriate Shi Hao.


Shi Hao roared out, his body expanding, feet stepping on the endless star domain, stellar rivers swirling around him. In addition three heads and six arms appeared, his magical projection ferocious to the extreme.

Immortal Palace’s elder miscalculated. He originally thought that he could anger Shi Hao, disturb his dao heart, but never expected that this instead only agitated the other party, making him display the Chaos Demonic Ape’s inheritance -- Eight Nine Heavens Mysterious Technique.

This chaotic murderous technique became stronger the more furious one became, this was precisely the reason behind why whenever the world was in chaos, when wars raged endlessly, the Chaos Demonic Apes became more and more powerful.

At the same time, Shi Hao also displayed other secret methods. Three heads six arms, different hands displayed different law imprints, one holding the sword core, displaying the Grass Symbol Sword Art, another forming the Lightning Emperor’s Imprint, another displaying the True Phoenix Precious Technique…

Shi Hao erupted with power, fighting a great battle with him.

Immortal Palace supreme being’s white hair was dyed in blood, crimson liquid continuously flowing out from the corners of his mouth, blasted by the boundless magical force until his body cracked apart, staggering side by side.

He found it a bit hard to take in. This was a young and vigorous supreme being, currently at his peak, the type he was least willing to face. He was an old supreme being whose blood energy was already drying up, now lacking his past flourishing vigor.

However, Shi Hao seized the immortal spring eye, so he had to get it back. Otherwise, the ruined immortal would definitely be furious!

The only thing he could rely on was his own experiences and higher dao skills. After all, he used to be powerful, almost grasping the title of number one under the heavens, his divine bravery unmatched.

In this great era, just how many supreme beings were there left in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, how many were still alive? Of those who could enter this realm, not a single one of them were ordinary!

It could be said that they were all the most dazzling stars of their respective eras, illuminating a world, shocking past and present, all of them playing leading roles for a period of time.

Now, when a powerful veteran faced an up-and-coming youngster who had just entered this domain, it was naturally extremely intense.

Immortal Palace’s old supreme being inwardly rejoiced that Huang had just entered this domain. Once Huang was given time to consolidate everything further, rising into the mid stage of the supreme being realm, then he would be dead for sure.

He was inwardly horrified. They were both the leading figures of their respective generations, yet even though the other party had just entered supreme being initial stage, he could already fight with an old hand like him.

Between heaven and earth, a tall figure appeared, appearing behind Shi Hao’s already towering magical body, concentrating. This was the vital energy of the Chaos Demonic Ape bloodline, now showing its true nature.

All precious techniques condensed the heart blood of those who established them, this was a type of terrifying irregular scene.

It was as if the Chaos Demonic Ape’s ancestor appeared, this place becoming more and more chaotic.

“They all said that the human race evolved from one of the few great divine apes, it seems like this has some reasoning!” Immortal Domain’s supreme being was alarmed.


A giant hand smashed down. The terrifying sword core turned into immortal ascension light, hacking down on the bronze palace.


The immortal artifact resisted, supreme being fists smashing over, releasing blinding symbol light. Immortal Palace’s supreme being was blasted until he coughed out a large mouthful of blood, backing up.

The corners of Shi Hao’s lips were also dripping blood. However, because he was young, and because he grasped the True Phoenix Undying Technique, raging flames immediately covered his entire body, bathing in flames as he moved, his injuries quickly recovering.

“I must take action, seize the last bit of Immortal Spring essence, end that ruined immortal’s prospects!” Shi Hao said quietly.

“What?” When Immortal Palace’s supreme being heard this, his face immediately became pale. This youngster’s words left him feeling uneasy and alarmed.

Was it that little dog? Immortal Palace’s supreme being immediately panicked. Could it be that the little dog slaughtered his way back to seize the remaining portion of the Immortal Spring essence?

“You all dare?!” Immortal Palace’s supreme being roared in anger, now going all out.

At the same time, he wanted to slaughter his way back, because his mind was truly in disorder.

A cold smile appeared at the corners of Shi Hao’s lips. He released a short shout, and then the world’s aura suddenly changed. He did everything he could, using the sword core in his hands to smash aside the bronze palace, now fighting under close quarters.

With that bronze palace here, even though Immortal Palace’s elder was struck until he coughed out blood from time to time, it would still be difficult to end his life. That immortal dao magical artifact covered him from above, all methods unable to hack into his life foundation.

He could be injured, but tremendous force was needed, to use brute force to make its way through, but he still couldn’t be killed!

Right now, Shi Hao was seizing this chance where he was panicking to strike aside the bronze palace, getting close to fight Immortal Palace’s supreme being.

Suddenly, all of the fine hair on Immortal Palace supreme being’s entire body stood on end. In that instant, his body went taut, feeling as if doomsday descended. He did his best to summon the bronze palace.

However, he was a step late. He felt as if all of the magical force and other things he activated weakened without limit. When the symbols and other things landed on Huang’s body, they didn’t display any use.

Magical Force Immunity!

After many years, Shi Hao finally used this taboo killing method once more. After he became a supreme being, he found the best time, wishing to use this chance to kill a supreme being!

Not long ago, Jin Taijun didn’t give Shi Hao the best chance. That old woman always ran, not willing to fight.

How, he faced Immortal Palace’s supreme being, dealing the decisive blow.


Immortal Palace’s supreme being cried out, his voice moving the sky, groups of stars shaking intensely. While experiencing utter despair, he ignited his life essence, not hesitating to take down both of them. Even if he died, he wanted to drag Shi Hao down with him.

When one reached this type of state, not even fearing death, the body’s treasury would naturally open. He actually broke free from that type of restriction, that type of state of death.

Shi Hao’s so-called Magical Force Immunity’s effects were quickly fading.

However, he already seized the chance, immediately activating sword energy, accompanied by a streak of scarlet multicolored light, the radiance of the Immortal Killing Guillotine. With a pu noise, Immortal Palace supreme being’s skull was removed, blood rushing high up into the air.

That head wanted to escape, carrying a rain of light, entering the void.


Then, a streak of scarlet multicolored light rushed out, hacking open this skull.

AHHH…” Immortal Palace’s supreme being screamed. His primordial spirit flew out, wrapped around by a lump of essence blood, rushing into the bronze palace.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Shi Hao roared out. He abandoned the corpse, rushing out with the sword core in hand, giving the bronze palace a strike, fiercely hacking down.


Sparks flew in all directions!

Inside the bronze palace, that primordial spirit screamed out. It began to crack apart under the tremendous force’s vibrations, that lump of essence blood starting to burn.

Immortal energy pervaded the air. The bronze palace shook intensely, tearing apart the starry sky. It quickly left, fleeing towards its home.

Shi Hao chased after it, not hesitating to activate his sword core, making it turn into a streak of flowing light as well. He hacked outwards, striking the bronze palace again.


Inside the bronze palace, that lump of essence blood was used up, burned to ashes. That primordial spirit screamed out in alarm. In the end, with a peng noise, it exploded.

It wasn’t that the bronze palace’s power wasn’t strong enough, but rather that this wave of force was too great. Moreover, that primordial spirit had already previously been damaged by sword energy, already in imminent danger, unable to hold on anymore.

Now, it finally fully exploded.

“You are finally headed for the afterlife!” Shi Hao’s eyes were deep like a starry sky, a bit cold and ruthless. Right now, there was blood even on his hair.

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