Chapter 1839

Chapter 1839 - Heaven Shocking Danger

Immortal Palace’s supreme being, this was an extremely ancient existence. It was unknown what race he was, but he was powerful beyond compare. When he was at his peak, he had the might to fight for the spot of number one under heaven.

Of course, now, there was no way for him to reach the peak at all. His blood energy was dried up, dao skills declined. Even though he didn’t drop from the Supreme Being Realm, there was no way he could compare with his prime self.

His silver hair scattered about, expression extremely cold, angered to a point where he couldn’t get any more angry. This was Immortal Palace, yet there was actually someone who acted so brazenly, charging in like this, stealing their immortal spring eye.

“Evil beings, ought to be punished!” He only had these words. He formed an imprint, and then struck downwards.


Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, directly facing his opponent head-on, the noise deafening, leaving the Immortal Palace supreme being above shocked.

The ‘vermin’ wasn’t just a great formation master, he had also achieved the supreme being level? This made Immortal Palace’s expert shiver inwardly, his eyes becoming increasingly cold.

At this point, he could roughly make out who the intruders were. Deep underground were a young man and a small beast, but he couldn’t see through their true appearances.

It was because immortal energy pervaded the air below, the eye of the spring releasing a mysterious substance, stopping the effects of Heavenly Eyes.


The Immortal Palace supreme being went all out. Behind him appeared a true immortal void image. He used his sect’s extreme precious technique -- Human Immortal Imprint.


Shi Hao felt his entire body shake intensely. This was not only because the other party's Human Immortal Imprint descended, but also because the Bronze Immortal Palace above also displayed its power, smashing down towards the underground cave.

At the same time, the little dog shouted, “This is bad!”

Its small dog claws grabbed the silver dragon, actually struggling with everything it had. A piece of the dragon body broke off, entering the depths of the underground, and then disappeared without a trace.

“This…” The little dog was annoyed.

At the same time, that small pool in Shi Hao’s hands began to shake intensely, but he still gripped it firmly in the end, not letting it escape.

“That silver dragon is the essence produced by that eye of the spring, yet a segment of it escaped just like that!” The little dog beat its chest and stamped its feet in anger. However, there was nothing it could do about it.

Up above, a great disaster descended. They could only run first.

“Be careful!” Shi Hao warned. He saw that the silver dragon in the little dog’s hand was evaporating, burning, a bit more of it scattering, immediately making his expression change.

“How could it be like this?!” The little dog became worried.

Every bit of essence was invaluable. This type of loss wasn’t something it could endure.

“Collect!” Shi Hao shouted, using the Immortal Spring in his palm to collect that silver dragon to prevent any more essence leaking out.

However, despite this being the case, when the silver dragon entered the pool, there was still some essence that evaporated, entering the underground cave.

“I previously heard that this immortal eye of the spring couldn’t be moved, I was still a bit skeptical. Now, I finally understand, when moving it, much of the essence will be lost!” Shi Hao sighed.

“It is definitely because the way of nurturing the immortal spring eye isn’t suitable, or else moving it wouldn’t cause so much essence to leak out.” The little dog said.


Up above, not only were there attacks from Immortal Palace’s supreme being, there was also that bronze palace crushing down, sealing up the entrance.


Shi Hao rose, doing everything he could to activate the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, making those secret precious techniques activate together. A storm was produced, sweeping upwards.

Apart from this, the Everlasting Sword Core in his hands also became brilliant, carrying immortal ascension radiance. One could vaguely make out a figure rush into the heavens.


The sword core clashed with the bronze palace for the second time, the noise deafening. Bronze rust flew everywhere, continuously falling off.

Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art carried endless multicolored light, at the same time accompanied by six mysterious black holes. It tore through some of the formation patterns under the earth layer, starting to quickly rotate.


In the end, under Shi Hao and the little dog’s full force, they rushed out from the earth's surface.

At this time, Immortal Palace’s supreme being finally saw Shi Hao clearly, now completely stunned. He cried out, “How could it be you?”

How could he not remember this youngster? In the past, there were just too many things that happened. Huang killed Immortal Palace’s inheritor, going against this inheritance, even more so got crippled by the ruined immortal thirty years ago, yet now… he actually appeared again!

How was this possible? A creature who suffered from the Immortal Breaking Curse could actually still reappear, perfectly fine. Moreover, this youngster became a supreme being! This was inconceivable!

He found this hard to believe. He understood just what kind of bleak ending there would be after being afflicted with that type of mysterious technique extremely well. Not even the past Kun Peng was able to survive.


While seizing this moment of absent-mindedness, Shi Hao faced him head-on, directly charging out.

“Younger generation, where do you think you are going?!” Immortal Palace’s supreme being completely snapped out of his daze, stopping Shi Hao’s escape.

Regardless of who it was that came, they would face his berserk obstruction. The immortal spring eye couldn’t be lost, no matter what, they had to kill this enemy.

Shi Hao clashed with Immortal Palace’s supreme being dozens to over a hundred times. He rushed to the edge of the currently reviving immortal formation. After arriving here, his mood became slightly more relaxed.

This time, even though there were some twists and turns, generally speaking, they still made it out more scared than hurt, everything still going rather smoothly.

At the edge of the formation, Shi Hao stopped. He looked at Immortal Palace’s supreme being, saying, “Old man, do you still remember me?”

“Younger generation, I’ll recognize you even if you were burned to ashes!” Immortal Palace’s supreme being was furious. This brat was just too hateful, actually still daring to stop after getting what he wanted, turning his head around to mock him.

Honglong! With a strike of his hand, the mountains collapsed and seas roared. Around him, there were large amounts of mountains and rivers that appeared, as if it was an entire world, wishing to trap Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn’t feel any fear. With a slash of the sword core, he hacked open the void, piercing through the small world created by this type of secret method. Then, he disappeared in an instant, standing outside the ancient land.

At the Supreme Being Realm, his speed was fast to the extreme, exceeding other supreme beings. It was because he had the Kun Peng Technique and Immortal Phoenix Technique, both of these the inheritances of immortal birds, able to increase his speed.

“It really is hard for me to understand. In the past, your lineage has always acted against me, taking vicious actions several times, the main victim is me. So why is it that you are fuming with rage when facing me?” Shi Hao stopped again, standing on a short mountain, waiting for him to arrive.

“You trespassed into my sect’s restricted land, you ought to be punished!” Immortal Palace’s supreme being shouted, attacking again.

Shi Hao faced him, fighting a great battle. However, not long after they exchanged attacks, he withdrew again.

Immortal Palace’s supreme being chased after him the entire time, entering outer space, causing endless murderous radiance to erupt.

“Alright, this place it is.” Shi Hao stopped. He turned around to look at Immortal Palace’s supreme being. “Now that we’re far from that formation, we can fight!”


Right at this time, the void shattered. With a fierce shake, a bronze ancient palace flew over. It quickly shrank, becoming the size of a fist, landing in Immortal Palace supreme being’s hands.

“Then it’s time for you to die!” Immortal Palace’s supreme being controlled an immortal artifact, his attitude firm. He saw Shi Hao as a piece of meat on a chopping block.

“Alright, then let’s just settle this old debt!” Shi Hao’s voice was cold, also carrying heaven overflowing killing intent.

Ever since he obtained that inheritance, Immortal Palace already became a mortal enemy!

Previously, he obtained Supreme Hall’s inheritance. How did the supreme being of this sect die? It was precisely after he was unexpectedly wounded, he was surrounded and killed by this Immortal Palace supreme being and his allies.

Secondly, he also obtained the Kun Peng’s inheritance. This was a glorious immortal bird, able to split the universe with a spread of its wings, divine might unmatched. However, during Immortal Ancient’s battle, its body was crippled, and then it suffered from Immortal Palace true immortal’s ambush, afflicted with the Immortal Breaking Curse, its end pitiful.

Of course, Immortal Palace’s true immortal was also seriously wounded from that battle.

“You cruel and unscrupulous things, like naked tailed dogs, meek and civil in public, but tyrants at home, never doing a single good thing. You all should have been killed a long time ago!” Shi Hao was full of killing intent.

According to what the little dog said, the so-called ruined immortal in the Bronze Immortal Palace didn’t show itself at all, not fighting with the other side. The ones who truly participated had all died!

Bark! The little dog barked, annoyed at Shi Hao using the term naked tail dogs.

“Brat, you should speak less nonsense, winner takes all, the end justifies the means! The most important thing is that my Immortal Palace’s person is still alive, while you all are doomed to become the smoke and clouds of history!” Immortal Palace’s supreme being said, his voice extremely cold. He held a bronze palace in hand, sending it smashing downwards.

If it was anyone else, they would immediately turn around to run, after all, they were facing an immortal artifact.

However, Shi Hao had the Everlasting Sword Core. This magical artifact became stronger the more powerful the enemy he faced. In the past, it had even faced off against the other side’s world-shocking Immortal Smelting Pot, so it could naturally take on this immortal palace.

In that instant, the two of them began to fight intensely, turning into two streaks of lightning in outer space, slaughtering their way into the depths of the starry rivers.

“Old thing, today, I am definitely going to take your head!”

“Utter shameless boasting. I don’t care how you achieved the dao, today, even if you are a dragon, you are going to be subdued by me, even if you are a tiger, you are going to bow down. I am going to suppress you!” Immortal Palace’s supreme being roared.

He slaughtered his way over. They entered the very depths of the cosmos, crossing quite a few stellar rivers, the battle exceptionally intense.


The palace struck against the sword core. Shi Hao was blasted until blood flowed out from the corners of his lips.


Sword radiance flickered about. Immortal Palace’s supreme being’s shoulder was pierced through by a sword, bloody light rushing into the skies, an intimidating aura surging.

“Old thing, your life is quite tenacious. It's time for you to hand over your head!” Shi Hao roared, fighting with everything he had there. He wanted to hack off the head of this bitter enemy.

“With just your measly cultivation period of a few decades of time, getting into this level through luck, you want to face me?!” Immortal Palace’s supreme being roared, his hair dishevelled, also going crazy.

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