Chapter 1838

Chapter 1838 - Plundering the Mouth of the Immortal Spring

Immortal Palace, this place was extraordinary, concentrated with the spiritual blessings of the world, nurturing immortal dao essence. Spiritual mist rose within the entire ancient land.

This was a vast land with palaces everywhere, all of them forged from metal.

In the surroundings, spiritual mountains appeared one after another, on them towering ancient pines and green bamboos, every stalk thick, verdant and upright. Chaotic energy swirled around them, silver divine waterfalls pouring down. There were even islands floating in the skies.

They were arranged all around the surroundings, protecting the palace at the very center.

The bronze palace at the very center was covered in green rust, the most ancient and unadorned, but also the most powerful ancient vessel. This was where this lineage came from, the true Immortal Palace.

It was rumored that underneath that bronze palace was a spring that nurtured all things, nourished all spirits, able to alleviate all flesh injuries, and then restoring them to their original states. At the same time, it could also strengthen the primordial spirit. After one cleansed themselves through the immortal dao essence, their souls would become pure, become increasingly sturdy and unbreaking.

“This is a good place, really a place prepared for this king to retire in!” The little dog was already starting to drool, staring at the central ancient land.

During this process, it didn’t remain idle, moving together with Shi Hao, secretly breaking down some killing formations. This place looked peaceful, but there were dangers hidden everywhere. A single mistake and they would be in a bad situation!

They remained cautious and careful, scared of accidentally alerting the enemy, resulting in the most powerful formations activating.

The more powerful the formation, the more costly the consumption when they were activated. No inheritances could keep them running year-round, because keeping them activated required a tremendous amount of heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

The defenses were too strict, difficult to break open a gap. If not for the little dog’s background being extraordinary, previously a creature of Immortal Domain, there wouldn’t be any way of getting close.

“This time, I really want to vomit blood, squandering away even Clear Sky Stone, this type of unmatched precious material to break through this formation!” The little dog said through clenched teeth.

It carried some goods on it, all of them world-shocking precious materials that could be used to carve great formation symbols and other things. Now, it had to grit its teeth and use them.

“How do we overturn that bronze palace? It just happens to be sitting on top of the spring, not easy to seize…” The two of them began to discuss among themselves.

This was an immortal dao palace, extremely difficult to move. If they could, Shi Hao really wanted to just bring it away.

However, he knew that with his current cultivation realm, it was extremely difficult to subdue. This palace was an immortal magical artifact, possessing immeasurable might. It wasn’t something an ordinary person could seize.

“Be careful, the Immortal Palace supreme being was still here after all!” Shi Hao said. He could vaguely sense a wave of blood energy pervading out, feeling a type of pressure.

Inside of a palace, there was currently an elder taking in and sending out heaven and earth spiritual essence, guiding in immortal mist, currently cultivating. It was precisely Immortal Palace’s first generation old supreme being.

His cultivation period was long, even a bit greater than Immortal Wang and others’.

He was definitely one of the existences with the greatest age in this great era!

“This old fella never did anything good, similar to those long life families. When Immortal Pass faced such difficulties, they didn’t help at all, instead constantly harming those in the Nine Heavens.” Shi Hao said to himself.

A creature this powerful actually didn’t contribute at all when the enemy attacked, but back then, he acted against Supreme Hall and sinner’s blood descendants, acting viciously.

He seriously suspected that Immortal Palace had something strange at the roots.

Heh, being able to survive Immortal Ancient, yet I’ve never heard his name, he’s definitely not of the good sort.” The little dog sneered.

Back then, it knew all those who participated in the war, fought with their lives on the line, how could it not have any impression, how could it have not heard of these individuals?

Only a few who avoided fighting, in the end helplessly engulfed into the flames of war, those hidden true immortals would be like this.

Shi Hao sighed. He thought of some past events, cold light flashing past his eyes, feeling more and more that Immortal Palace had to be punished! The Kun Peng nursed a grievance! It used to be part of the main force in holding back the other side, but it didn’t die under the hands of the other side’s undying experts, but rather ended up being harmed to death by this lower than a pig true immortal when it returned with its wounded body.

“Prepare yourself, we are going to take action!” The little dog said.

If they wanted to seize that immortal spring, they had to catch the other party off guard, succeed in a single strike. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have another chance, because once the formations here were activated, it would be difficult to fight their way in.


Shi Hao slowly breathed in and out. He drew the Everlasting Sword Core, preparing to use this magical artifact to send that Bronze Immortal Palace flying when they least expected it, and then quickly seize the spring.

As for the formations, they were already dealt with by the little dog, opening up a temporary path.

“Remember, time is extremely pressing. The instant the bronze palace is sent flying, the immortal dao formation here will inevitably want to activate as soon as possible. Our time is extremely limited.” The little dog reminded one last time.


All of the essence energy in this heaven and earth was sucked dry, even the stars of outer space growing dim, all because Shi Hao took a deep breath, absorbing all of the essence within the universe.

This time, he really was going all out!

At this step, he already took action, so he naturally wasn’t scared of alarming the other party anymore, startling that supreme being.

The plants all around him withered, essence energy rushing towards his mouth and nose crazily, including the immortal mist. In addition, the world beyond immediately darkened, sun and moon essence plundered. There were some great stars that even more so rumbled about, wishing to fall.

This was precisely the might of a supreme being. After taking in a deep breath of heaven and earth spiritual essence, it was as if all fundamental spiritual energy was going to be sucked dry.


During this process, he had long turned into a streak of blazing multicolored light, quickly arriving, rushing past. With a raise of his hand, the Everlasting Sword Core hacked down onto Immortal Palace.


Divine light surged, bronze rust like flying blades, shooting in all directions. Then, like shooting stars, they exploded in the void, shattering the great world.

This bronze palace was hacked flying by a sword, the green rust on the surface naturally splashing in all directions, creating a terrifying scene, accompanied by curse power.

In the past, Shi Hao had suffered from this green bronze rust curse, almost dying in the lower realm, making it through with great difficulty.

Now, he had become a supreme being, so he naturally wouldn’t allow the green bronze rust to enter his body, defending against all of it. What forced him to have to be careful was the backlash of the natural laws stored within the bronze palace.

That bronze palace continuously released ripples. This was an expanse of bronze radiance, it looked soft and gentle, but the destructive force was terrifyingly great!

The void began to break apart inch by inch, black holes continuously appearing, affecting the stability of this place.

At the same time, the ground surface shone, immortal dao formatons being stimulated, reviving, about to erupt with endless radiance.

Chi chi chi!

The little dog followed Shi Hao. It opened its mouth, spitting out, three small black banners flying out, all of them triangular flags. They landed, spreading under the wind, all of them immediately becoming as tall as the world, towering into the heavens.

They were stopping the revival of formations, slowing it down.


Earth and stone flew in all directions. Shi Hao’s sword core was already inserted into the ground, extremely explosive, tearing apart the surface the Immortal Palace was guarding.

A spring appeared, precisely in the depths of this place. A silver dragon was moving about, not all that thick, to the extent where it could even be considered extremely small. The immortal dao energy it exuded was too strong.

It was precisely that immortal spring eye, containing immortal dao essence, now already turned into a dragon form.


The little dog immediately threw itself in, wishing to seize it.

Only, multicolored light immediately shone in a dazzling manner, shooting out like needles one after another. In the eye of the spring’s surroundings, sword energy was released in endless streaks, symbols in hundreds of thousands to millions of streaks, covering everything.

This was a great killing disaster!

There was a powerful defensive formation here, moreover taking the initiative to counterattack.

Ao… The small dog released a great roar. Ding dang noises continuously sounded on its body, sparks flying, its fur flowing with dark light. All types of sword energy interweaved, countless streaks of divine radiance hacked down on its body.

If it was any other creature, they would have long been blasted to a bloody paste, body and spirit extinguished.

However, this dog was extremely outstanding, previously an immortal dao existence. Now, even though its dao skills had degenerated, its flesh was still inconceivably powerful, enduring the endless murderous radiance.

 Shi Hao launched a surprise attack, raising the sword core, sweeping in all directions, wishing to destroy that defensive formation, completely destroy this place, dig up the eye of the spring.


Rubble rushed into the sky, smoke and dust pervading the air. The formation symbols were like meteors in the heavens, incredibly concentrated. All of them were flickering about, releasing killing dao radiance.


The little dog was hacked at until it screamed miserably, leaning from side to side unsteadily. A lot of the killing dao radiance landed on its body.

Shi Hao was naturally affected as well. Even someone as powerful as him was harmed, his body was also bloody. This formation could kill supreme beings, but they still stuck it through.


Rubble continued to rush in all directions. They joined hands in attacking, digging up this spring eye. That silver dragon was scared, wishing to escape.


The little black dog was incomparably savage, immediately throwing itself over, enduring the intense pain. It landed on the silver dragon’s back, doing its best to bite and tear at it, restricting it in place.


Shi Hao exerted force, digging up a pool surrounded in immortal mist. It was less than a square foot in size, but it was incomparably divine, containing the world’s most fundamental essence.

“Hurry and leave!”

The little dog screamed, because it sensed a great calamity coming their way.

The two achieved their goal, so they quickly rushed into the heavens. In the end, there was a bronze palace on the surface, currently rumbling downwards, wishing to seal the opening of the underground cave.

At the same time, the immortal dao formation shone, incomparably resplendent, sealing heaven and earth.

Apart from this, an elder with a head of white hair flying about and treacherous eyes appeared, cold lightning in his pupils, currently staring at them. His hands formed an imprint, directly suppressing downwards!

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