Chapter 1837

Chapter 1837 - Unrelenting

“Younger generation!” Immortal Wang only said these two words, his eyes cold. He was protecting Wang Shi like this, yet he was still injured, losing half his body.

Under the oppression of supreme being level power, there was nothing left of that half, even the bloody mist burned to ashes.

Of course, this wouldn’t deliver any true harm to Wang Shi, he could still regenerate that broken body. However, the glorious Immortal Wang, the one known to be the number one supreme being under the heavens wasn’t able to protect his son, this made him erupt with murderous intent.

Immortal Wang’s situation really was unstable. He fought intensely while shouting, but didn’t dare go all out, even more so couldn’t cross realms to get here, the distance too great.

“It really is regretful, I still wasn’t able to meet your true self.” Shi Hao said. Then, he looked towards Wang Family’s Old Eight, firmly locking onto him.

Immortal Wang naturally didn’t wish to give up on his children. However, the spirit summoning divine platform was only inside of Wang Shi’s primordial spirit. This thing was too precious, there was only one.

He didn’t have any way of immediately appearing before Wang Family’s eighth dragon, protecting his primordial spirit.

If he tried to advance now, Wang Family’s Old Eight might die tragically.


Despite this being the case, he still wanted to save him.

Unfortunately, under Shi Hao’s obstruction, he couldn’t take too many risks.

Moreover, there was an intense battle happening where Immortal Wang was that affected him.

In the end, he released a light sigh, completely disappearing.

“It truly is a pity.” Shi Hao shook his head. Wang Shi escaped just like that.

Shi Hao felt like Wang Family’s Old Ten definitely had good stuff on him. Unfortunately, Immortal Wang favored him too much, basically constantly personally watching over him.

He already hacked open Wang Shi’s head, originally thinking that another blade would be able to end his life, but who would have thought that there would be a spirit summoning divine platform there, triggering Immortal Wang’s appearance.

Shi Hao rushed forward, grabbing Wang Family’s Old Eight’s head, moreover sealing the cracking primordial spirit into the head.

Wang Family’s eighth dragon felt a sense of humiliation. The past brat’s cultivation was even inferior to his children in the past, yet now, after all this time, he defied the heavens, able to directly suppress him. This type of feeling of shame was truly terrible.

Broken Xumi Mountain was extremely quiet at first. Then, it became noisy.

Everyone felt shocked. Huang’s power exceeded their imagination, daring to face even Immortal Wang head-on. One had to understand that he had just stepped into this domain!

Back then, he would always face the strong as the weak, defeating those stronger than himself. Now, his style was still the same.

A group of people immediately flocked over. Lunar Jade Rabbit, Heavenly Horned Ant, Tuogu Yulong, and the others were all extremely moved. This type of battle accomplishment exceeded their imagination.

Huang was originally someone of the same generation, but now, he could already face Immortal Wang who achieved the dao before the archaic times.

However, when they thought about how he had even slaughtered his way into Jin Family not too long ago, all of them calmed down quite a bit. This old friend of theirs advanced just too quickly!

“We were just that close to killing Wang Shi, sigh, it is a bit of a pity.” The Lunar Jade Rabbit muttered. This rabbit bore grudges, not forgetting how Wang Family wanted to make things difficult for her first, making her into a hostage.

“After not seeing each other for thirty years, not only were you not crippled, you even shot straight into the heavens, breaking the records of history!” Ten Crown King walked over, deeply moved, saying this with a sigh.

He had previously fought with Shi Hao, acknowledging him as a great opponent. However, after thirty years, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, everything changed. Huang had already become a supreme being.

Even the aloof Exiled Immortal seemed like he couldn’t calm down right now, a complicated expression on his face.

“Shi Hao, you have to leave this place. Now that your identity is exposed, if Immortal Wang, Jin Taijun and the others work together, things will be bad.” Qing Yi was worried.

Today, her emotions were fluctuating intensely. She had originally already cut herself off from the secular world, two souls returning to one, forging her true self, already putting aside the past. However, after she saw Shi Hao, she found it hard to calm down, still extremely concerned with this person.

“That old fella is quite special, not an ordinary figure!” The little dog suddenly spoke up. Just now, it had focused on Immortal Wang the entire time, feeling a type of indescribable feeling.

A group of people surrounded Shi Hao. There was just too much to say. After not meeting for thirty years, their true emotions were revealed.

There were some cultivators who were quite close to Wang and Jin Family here. They were all extremely uneasy, fearing that Huang would act out.

“Let’s go, hurry and leave this place!” Fatty Cao shouted, wishing to change locations.

“You all leave first. This is a rare opportunity, I still have things I want to do!” Shi Hao suddenly said.

“What do you want to do?” One of Wei Family’s four phoenixes was shocked, asking like this. She just felt like this fella was going to start something else.

In reality, the others all had this type of feeling too. Whenever Huang was this serious, he was definitely going to stir up something great, most likely the sky shattering type.

“I am going to slaughter my way into Wang Family, see just see what exactly is going on. Wang Family’s Old Eight actually guided over a darkness supreme being, this makes me feel uneasy!” Shi Hao said.

He was going to shatter the heavens after all! Everyone shivered inwardly.

He had just slaughtered his way into Jin Family,moreover faced Immortal Wang, now about to charge straight into Wang Family’s tiger den, he really was daring.

“Now that Immortal Wang isn’t here, it is a good chance!” Shi Hao said.

Even though there were too many things he wanted to say to his old friends after they just met again, Shi Hao still didn’t stop here, deciding to reunite with them later.

Shi Hao didn’t stop here. This time, he only brought the small dog with him, heading straight to Wang Family, wishing to seize this opportunity to directly invade.

“Be careful!” A group of people shouted, worried for him.

Wang Family had over ten thousand divine mountains here, every single one extremely beautiful. Silver waterfalls poured down, essence energy rich, mists rising into the air.

Shi Hao slaughtered his way here. He confirmed that Immortal Wang wasn’t here, currently preoccupied by something, that this was the best opportunity to raid this old nest.

“If there are creatures of darkness hiding inside, then things will definitely become crazy!” Shi Hao said to himself.

“Not good, it’s already too late. There is immortal dao aura, terrifying formations activated again. Wang Family definitely received news.” The little dog said.

It was a master of formations. They had just arrived, but with a sniff, its ears started shaking a bit, it already sensed all types of things.

“Wang Family’s immortal dao formations have all revived. Even though they aren’t complete, they are similar to Jin Family’s, within one of them is a spirit.” The little dog said in an extremely decisive manner.

Immortal Wang most likely had some secret methods, able to contact his clansmen, telling them to immediately activate the defenses.

“It seems like there are many issues with Immortal Domain’s withdrawal of troops, Immortal Wang unable to leave for quite some time!” Shi Hao said.

He looked at Wang Family’s place of residence, feeling a bit regretful.

He felt that if he was standing at the peak of Mortal Dao, then he could charge straight in. However right now, he had just entered the Supreme Being Realm, it was too dangerous.

“Go, we’re heading to Immortal Palace.” Shi Hao quickly made this decision.

This really was unrelenting, going from Jin Family to the broken Xumi Mountain, and then to Wang Family, now descending from the Nine Heavens to the three thousand provinces’ Immortal Palace.

Since things had happened to Immortal Domain’s withdrawal of troops, then Immortal Palace’s ruined immortal might appear over there.

Along the way, Shi Hao moved as fast as lightning, gathering information along the way, proving some of his suspicions.

Immortal Domain was withdrawing after all. However, something really bad happened. There was internal conflict.

It was because there were some who, after fighting long term with the creatures of darkness, were deemed contaminated by inauspicious darkness matter. They were forced to stay behind in this realm forever, unable to return to Immortal Domain.

While withdrawing, several leaders stirred up trouble, in the end, a bloody conflict arose, the battle quite intense.

Immortal Wang and the others just happened to be there, all of them restricted, unable to easily leave.

“Immortal Palace’sold cripple also went?” Shi Hao unexpectedly learned of this. In the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, there were as many as four ruined immortals. They all appeared there.

“They really ought to die!” Shi Hao felt a wave of resentment. Back then, during Desolate Border’s great battle, not a single one of the four powerful ruined immortals rushed to Imperial Pass to face the enemy.

This forced Great Elder to face the enemy head-on right when he was on the verge of achieving immortality, in the end nursing a grudge.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s blood splashed all over Desolate Border. In the end, inauspiciousness appeared, and he disappeared into the depths of the cosmos, never seen again. When Shi Hao thought of these things, now that he heard what was going on, he was full of resentment.

“The four ruined immortals all went, most likely wishing to enter Immortal Domain.” This was the conclusion he reached.

Shi Hao didn’t hesitate, rushing towards Immortal Palace as fast as he could.

Originally, the place Immortal Palace was located at was extremely hidden, few people of the outside world knew of it. However, in the past thirty years, with the darkness corrosion, the place they were located at gradually no longer became a mystery.

Shi Hao rushed here!

Sure enough, the scenery was like a painting, rich with essence energy. This place was like an immortal realm, carrying wisps of immortal dao mist.

Bronze buildings were everywhere, immortal mist pervading the air.

“Interesting, this place actually has immortal energy!” The little dog was shocked.

“I heard that there was an immortal spring underground, one that is the most precious, allowing a dying person to reforge their flesh and bones, a priceless treasure. The reason why the ruined immortal was able to continue struggling while at death’s door was because of this spring.” Shi Hao said.

“Immortal spring? Back then, the Nine Heavens Ten Earhts only had seven or eight of them in total, yet this ruined immortal occupied one?” The eyelids of this little dog immediately jumped when he heard this.

Then, it began to bark loudly, becoming extremely excited, stating that it was definitely going to search and confiscate their possessions!

“There should be a supreme being here, but I believe he is already no longer in his flourishing years, too old, should already be in his later years.” Shi Hao said.

“Slaughter him!” The little dog said.

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