Chapter 1836

Chapter 1836 - Facing the Number One Supreme Being

The Spirit Summoning Divine Core was extremely small, less than an inch tall, a bit blurry and indistinct, as if it was just an illusion, located in Wang Shi’s primordial spirit.

This thing cast off its tangible body, becoming a body of laws. Not even Wang Shi himself noticed it before. Now, it appeared.

As the name implied, it could summon a powerful creature, but of course, this was under the premise that there was an agreement previously established. There were complex natural laws that were engraved, and only then was it effective.

When Wang Shi was reminded, his primordial spirit shone, starting to summon Immortal Wang.

In reality, even without his calling, when his life was in danger, this extremely small Spirit Summoning Divine Core already shone, symbols covering it densely, calling over the expert on its own.

This place became sometimes indistinct, sometimes brilliant. A large hand reached out, stopping Shi Hao’s sword energy, carrying earth-shattering pressure, intimidating all life in this world.

A large hand reached out from Wang Shi’s primordial spirit, carrying powerful winds, forming thunder clouds and violent winds. Dao sounds rumbled, chaotic energy continuously surging.

Everyone was horrified. This scene exceeded their imagination.

Shi Hao frowned. Not even he expected Immortal Wang to be so partial towards this son, expending so much care, all for the sake of protecting him!

Shi Hao suppressed Wang Da, Wang Wu, and even Wang family’s Old Eight could have been captured at any time, but there wasn’t this type of treatment, not sheltered by Immortal Wang like this.

“Worthy of being an old sore, that Immortal Wang really loves you quite dearly.” Shi Hao said.


He hacked out a streak of sword energy, smashing into that great hand, forming a terrifying destructive force. The surrounding space collapsed, giant cracks densely covering the void, all of them extending towards outer space.

Weng, ma, ne, bai, mi…

A grand chanting sound rang out, actually carrying buddha incantations, shocking the world.

The broken Xumi Mountain shook intensely, but it wasn’t destroyed in this clash between supreme beings. The earth shook, as if a great earthquake happened, but it didn’t destroy this place.

It was as if three thousand buddhas were chanting, sutras resounding through all directions, absolutely deafening. It rippled fiercely, making all of the broken Xumi Mountain flow with holy radiance.

The ancient monk remains, under supreme being divine might, actually displayed this type of unusual irregular scene.

At this moment, everyone was affected. Great Xu Tuo began to chant true buddha names, sitting down, bathing in the buddhist light of the heavens. Then, he didn’t move at all, as if he had passed on.


That great hand withdrew. It came from that spirit summoning divine core, wrapping around Wang Shi, about to leave.

It was because even if Immortal Wang was extremely strong, he was still millions and millions of li away, displaying natural laws with space separating them. He did send his palm over, but he still wasn’t personally here.

He was scared that this battle would result in Wang Shi being caught up, and then dying miserably, which was why he wanted to immediately leave.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Shi Hao shouted. He activated precious techniques, three heads six arms all appearing, battle intent erupting. He charged forward, locking onto Wang Shi.


It was another world shaking blow. One could see Immortal Wang’s figure becoming blurry, but it was still really there. It was as if he stood in an eternally unknown place, clenching a fist imprint and smashing over.

Only, he was just too far away, endless space separating them. His eyes were ice-cold, taking action ruthlessly.

“Wang Family’s Old Eight guided over a darkness supreme being, what is the intention of this? What kind of explanation does your Wang Family have?” Shi Hao was extremely calm, asking while taking action.

“I believe there is definitely some type of misunderstanding here.” Immortal Wang said.

That blurry figure’s forehead was sparkling. Then, dark light erupted, a sword core taking form, intimidating, power just too grand. Even though there were endless crags and torrents between them, not in the same continent, it was still this terrifying.

Immortal Wang used the primordial spirit sword core!

This was not the power the scroll displayed before, but rather the true extreme method. The Chaos Calming Art appeared again!

Shi Hao immediately became incomparably serious. When facing this experienced veteran, this type of supreme being king, he didn’t dare show the slightest bit of carelessness.


The primordial spirit core shone, flickering with radiance in front of Immortal Wang’s forehead, exceptionally brilliant. It tore through everything, unstoppable, as if an immortal king had descended!

However, it didn’t fly out. The place Immortal Wang was in had some changes, the sword core protecting in front of the frontal bone, only releasing light and sword intent.

In that instant, the Chaos Calming Art’s true meaning erupted, radiance appearing in endless streaks, becoming grand beyond compare. It appeared here through the Spirit Summoning Divine Core, crushing towards Shi Hao.


In this moment, Shi Hao directly activated the Grass Symbol Sword Art, facing it with one of history’s three greatest sword arts, opposing with equal harshness.

Between the two, sword intent surged, symbols appearing. In that instant, there were actually two supreme mysterious ancient beings who sat down, chanting scriptures there.

They were extremely ancient, surrounded by time radiance, submerged under time fragments, wrapped under chaotic energy, their true appearance impossible to see.

These were two types of sword intent. Right now, everything was extremely mysterious, forming two supreme figures. They sat in the void, chanting ancient scriptures, shaking the heavens, earths, and four seas.

Shi Hao was stunned, a bit stupefied.

Immortal Wang also became momentarily distracted. He was a veteran supreme being, and now, in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, he already didn’t have many opponents under the Immortal Dao Domain. Apart from Great Elder, no one else could compare to him.

His cultivation was too profound, only a hair away from achieving immortality.

Towards a new supreme being who had just entered this domain, still far from the peak of this cultivation realm, Immortal Wang should be an imposing great mountain!

If one wanted to catch up, the accumulation of time was needed.

However, Immortal Wang never expected that when the youngster facing him displayed his sword intent, it actually resonated with his Chaos Calming Art, creating such a bizarre scene.

Even though Shi Hao had confidence, he also knew that he had just entered this domain, still unable to immediately subdue the number one among supreme beings. What he now saw left him puzzled.

Why was this happening?

“The three great sword arts have a connection between them!” Immortal Wang was inwardly shaken, his eyes immediately becoming blazing hot. He thought about some of the few isolated phrases he read from certain remains, recorded on a stone stele dyed in immortal blood.


Immortal Wang released a short shout. He was spurring on unmatched magical force, wishing to bring Wang Shi away, even more so wished to seized Shi Hao’s sword intent.

It was because what he was seeing right now was too special. The two sword intents actually became two supreme existences, seated there, confronting each other, chanting scriptures. It was extremely strange.

“Get back here!”

Shi Hao shouted. He was also activating magical force, all types of divine abilities taking form. He even more so used the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, supporting several types of unmatched precious techniques.

With a weng noise, the void was submerged. The precious techniques displayed great brilliance, True Phoenix taking off to the skies, Kun Peng spreading its wings, Lightning Emperor overlooking the world…

The scene was extremely terrifying, accompanying six black holes, sweeping through the heavens above and earth below, nothing they couldn’t tear through; there was nothing that could stand in its path.


Wang Shi was originally being pulled away, but he was then stopped by this heavenly art, starting to return.

The two great experts were both pulling, trying to seize Wang Shi, both of them wishing to seize the other’s sword intent. This was an extremely intense confrontation.


Immortal Wang took action again, divine light released in ten thousand streaks from that inch tall spirit summoning divine platform. It surrounded Wang Family’s Old Eight, wishing to bring him away as well.


However, Shi Hao was extremely ruthless, doing his best to block it. He also displayed exceptional divine abilities, instantly crushing Wang Family’s Old Eight’s broken body into a bloody mist.

Even that primordial spirit was trembling, starting to crack again.

Wang Family’s Old Eight cried out miserably. His flesh only had a head left, the other parts all crushed to pieces.

“Younger generation, you are going too far!” In a distant unknown place, Immortal Wang released a roar. His words were like thunder, releasing a mysterious dao sound that rang out.


Even Xumi Mountain was shaking intensely. However, the ancient monk bloodline’s mantras were also sounding: weng, ma, ne, bai…

Immortal Wang’s might was suppressed.


Divine light was like chains. Immortal Wang quickly reacted, settling for the next best thing, turning endless symbols into a waterfall, engulfing Wang Xi and Wang Lan, wishing to bring them away.

Shi Hao hacked out again, all types of dao laws like divine rainbows as they filled the heavens. They rushed over, submerging that place.

These were dao order natural laws. They were like heavenly blades, hacking through heaven and earth!


Blood radiance splashed out. Wang Lan’s head flew, moreover exploding in the void, body and spirit erased.

This was definitely something he had to give up on. At the final moments, Immortal Wang looked like he wanted to bring him away, but in reality, he gave up on him. In order to ensure Wang Shi’s safety, he could only bring away Wang Xi along the way.


Shi Hao roared out. He wasn’t willing to let the other party bring those two away. His entire figure charged forward, Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art starting to spin like six millstones.

Each millstone was like a black hole, a world, roiling and turning.


Blood radiance erupted. Wang Xi suffered serious injuries, Wang Shi also seriously injured.

In the end, Wang Shi’s lower half was obliterated in the void.

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