Chapter 1835

Chapter 1835 - Killing the Darkness Supreme Being

A streak of sword radiance illuminated the Nine Heavens. Wang Shi’s head flew out, blood rushing high into the sky.

This scene left everyone here stupefied, all those with close relations with Wang Family couldn’t help but feel their bodies trembling slightly, a feeling of icy coldness running from head to toe.

Wang Family placed high hopes on Wang Shi, this was the one with the greatest potential in the clan, yet before Huang, he didn’t have any power to retaliate!

One was a supreme being, the other a heroic individual in the Self Release Realm, there was naturally no way to even compare them, the difference in strength too great.

However, there was one thing that was close, which was their cultivation period. Huang had only cultivated for a few decades, yet he already achieved the dao.

“He really did succeed!” Someone muttered, saying this quietly.

They had to believe it even if they didn’t want to. Huang’s fighting strength was right there, killing someone at the Self Release Realm was as easy as blowing off dust, too easily done.

This was truly a glorious accomplishment that dazzled past and present!

When everything calmed down a bit, everyone gradually realized just how formidable Huang’s achievements were, establishing a new legend throughout the ages. Everyone said that there were no supreme beings under five hundred years of age, yet he shattered history.

Right now, forget about Wang Family, Jin Family, and others’ minds surging with emotions, even Qing Yi, Tuogu Yulong and the other old friends found it hard to breathe, feeling extremely stirred up.


The creature of darkness released a great roar, its pupils becoming a scarlet red color, like two blood moons. In the dark mist, they looked ice-cold and savage. It threw itself at Shi Hao.

The claws were pitch-black and massive, like a small mountain as it smashed downwards. This was originally a True Hou, but after being corroded by darkness, it completely mutated.

Its claws shattered heaven and earth, this black hou’s divine might astonishing. It was accompanied by magical law force, restricting the void, wishing to control Shi Hao, slaughter him here.


Shi Hao didn’t back up at all, not fearing the darkness matter. With a raise of his hand, he faced that beast claw head-on. His palm and fingers released auspicious multicolored light, forming a great barrier of light, smashing into that large black claw, releasing a sky shocking noise.

This scene was extremely terrifying. In outer space, some stars fell, burning as they crashed into the great earth.

However, as these two fought, ripples spread outwards. When they reached outer space, those falling stars all exploded into powder.

They long rose into the air, arriving in the heavens, turning into streaks of lightning, tearing at each other viciously. Their speeds were just too fast.

Even though the creature was massive, after Shi Hao displayed his magical projection, he became as tall as the heavens, towering in the world beyond, as if he was a world creating giant.

Beast roars sounded continuously. The darkness transformed supreme being’s strength was powerful beyond compare if it was facing the other creatures of the Nine Heavens, their strength would directly be thirty percent lower out of fear of being corroded by darkness.

However, Shi Hao didn’t feel any misgivings, fiercely advancing.

The black hou breathed outwards, black flames starting to rage. Some stars in outer space directly exploded, looking like the most dazzling fireworks from the distance, leaving everyone horrified.

This was precisely a battle between supreme beings. They were clearly facing each other, but even with just a bit of carelessness, if some wisps of essence energy leaked out, it would be enough to hack down the sun, moon, and stars.

The True Hou threw itself over, crying out like the most savage ancient beast, shattering heaven and earth. The sound waves seemed like it would destroy the world.

Fortunately, Shi Hao released dao sound, intercepting that terrifying power. His entire body shone, terrifying demonic light appearing outside his body, his aura becoming increasingly tyrannical.

In this world, if we were talking about the most warlike race, the Chaos Demonic Ape was definitely high up in the ranks, at the very forefront!

This race would feel great excitement whenever the world was in chaos, because it could become powerful. It was because it was warlike and aggressive, forging ahead vigorously and powerfully in a world of turmoil, dominating enemies from all sides.

Shi Hao now used this clan’s secret method, his war intent great, almost going berserk. His body also released terrifying black radiance, pitch-back body protecting astral energy surging around him.

“Kill!” Shi Hao roared out.

In that instant, he revealed three heads and six arms, his strength erupting. He threw himself over, six arms brandishing about, smashing towards this supreme being level True Hou.


The True Hou, no matter how powerful and savage it was, took a heavy blow, staggering backwards. In the end, it released a low roar, black flames gushing out from its mouth.

A black furnace body flew out, about to collect Shi Hao inside.

This wasn’t an object, not a magical artifact, but rather the embodiment of the True Hou’s cultivation, condensed natural laws. All of this turned into a furnace, wishing to suppress the enemy, refine Shi Hao into ashes.


Unfortunately, this black furnace was directly smashed apart by Shi Hao. Moreover, he flew over, facing the True Hou directly, head-on, riding on its body.

Shi Hao’s six arms brandished, pressing down on the True Hou’s skull, restricting its four limbs, and then smashed down viciously.

With a weng noise, the True Hou rushed up, turning into a black sun, its entire body transforming into darkness to destroy the creature on its back.

It sent Shi Hao flying, and then backed up.

The great battle was extremely intense, one man one beast facing each other.

It had to be said that this creature of darkness was indeed terrifying, its flesh tough to an unimaginable degree, exceeding creatures at the same level.

However, as the battle continued, this Hou was still defeated. With a pu sound, it had its neck wrung by Shi Hao, and then a fist pierced through its chest, the hole connected front and back.

Sure enough, there was darkness blood, exceptionally terrifying.

Shi Hao quickly withdrew. He fought and seriously injured this True Hou, making its body break apart, but he still didn’t want to be contaminated by this type of darkness blood.

Ao hou!

This Hou roared out. Even though its primordial spirit was fissuring, it still didn’t die. Its life force was terrifyingly powerful, wishing to counterattack, continue fighting Shi Hao.

Shi Hao seized the initiative, so how could he give it a chance?

In that instant, the Grass Symbol Sword Art was released, endless heavy sword energy rippled, all of it hacking towards this True Hou, impossible for it to avoid this blow.

In summary, this darkness creature didn’t fear death, it never retreated. However, this also meant that if it wasn’t a match, it was definitely going to fall here.

Shi Hao activated the sword energy, cutting down this seriously injured True Hou!

Black blood surged, splitting its forehead. The primordial spirit was hacked to pieces, and then it was completely erased by sword radiance!

It died just like that, a darkness supreme being killed!

Heaven’s tears, the black blood poured down from the heavens. This was blood, the essence of the creature of darkness.

Shi Hao displayed a great ability, collecting all of it into a cauldron constructed from natural laws, refining all of it. Otherwise, this would be a great disaster.

It died just like that, a supreme being killed, moreover a creature of darkness!

Below, near this broken Xumi Mountain, everyone was shocked. The past Huang actually already beame this strong, already rising up, becoming one of this world’s supreme beings.

Shi Hao descended, restraining his killing intent. However, everyone still felt great fear, especially Jin Family, Wang Family, and the people related to these two families, all of them shivering inwardly.

“It is time for us to settle our debt.” Shi Hao began to approach Wang Family’s eighth dragon.

Back then, Wang Family’s Nine Dragons always wanted to kill him, but they always failed. Now, he naturally wouldn’t show mercy.

This was especially when Wang Family’s eighth dragon guided over a creature of darkness, harboring evil intentions, their connection with the creatures of darkness too deep, unforgivable.

“Speak, just what kind of transactions has Wang Family conducted with the creatures of darkness.” Shi Hao asked.

“Do not venomously slander others.” Wang Family’s eighth dragon said. No matter what, he wouldn’t admit it. If he did, then there would be absolutely no hope of reprieve.

“You aren’t going to talk?” Shi Hao was extremely calm. However, with a chi sound, a streak of sword energy flew out, hacking open his head, exposing his primordial spirit.

“Huang, forcing others like this, are you not scared that my father will suppress you in the future?” Wang Family’s eighth dragon said in a malevolent manner.


Shi Hao didn’t utter a word. Sword radiance flashed, descending just like that, cleaving his primordial spirit in half, making Wang Family’s Old Eight scream out, the voice miserable.

However, Shi Hao didn’t kill him. Not only did he wish to seize the formation in his body, there were other uses for him. He didn’t wish to turn him into ashes yet.

“Huang, let go of my eighth brother right now!” Not far out, Wang Shi spoke. After he had his head removed, it floated there, unable to merge with the flesh because it was restricted.

“Then I’ll start with you!” Shi Hao turned to look towards him. A sword descended, cutting open Wang Shi’s forehead, exposing his primordial spirit.

“Huang, you dare do this? My father won’t let you off!” Wang Family Old Eight’s voice was trembling. His primordial spirit was the first to be cleaved in half, this injuring life threatening.

“Is that so?”

Shi Hao still remained calm, taking action again. A streak of sword radiance swept over, still attacking at Wang Shi. His primordial spirit was surrounded by sword radiance, about to be cleaved in half too.

However, right at this time, a strange change happened. Wang Shi’s primordial spirit surged revealing a figure, as if it was transmitted from a distant high altar, taking form here.

“Dao friend, please have mercy!” That figure shouted.

“Immortal Wang!” Shi Hao was shocked.

Immortal Wang’s feelings for Wang Shi were truly not normal. When Wang Shi was approaching a great disaster, there was actually Immortal Wang’s figure that appeared from his primordial spirit.

“This… is a Spirit Summoning Divine Core!” Wang Family’s Old Eight was shocked, and then said, “Hurry, call for father, have him quickly come!”

He saw a very small ancient platform in Wang Shi’s primordial spirit, Immortal Wang’s indistinct void image just standing on it.

Shi Hao also saw it. He never expected Wang Shi’s primordial spirit to actually hide this type of ancient platform!

Wang Shi was the only one who was unaware of this.

“Call for father, hurry and have him kill this person!” Wang Family’s Old Eight roared towards Wang Shi.

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