Chapter 1833

Chapter 1833 - Immortal Wang Appears

Most people were completely unaware that something huge already happened in the Nine Heavens above. Currently, there was only a small portion of people who heard that someone had slaughtered their way into Jin Family!

“Jin Family’s matters were… because of Huang!” Someone said with a trembling voice. When this reality was cleared up, his body even began to tremble slightly.

This was a huge matter. He actually dared attack a long life family, moreover even succeeded! The fact that Huang was still standing here proved everything!

He didn’t suffer from any injuries, returning calmly, while Jin Family had long been thrown into chaos, tossed and turned. Currently, the various long life families all went to investigate.

“What are you talking about?” Many people naturally didn’t understand. It was because they were completely unaware that this type of horrifying thing happened.

“Jin Family was previously attacked by someone, their great formations broken through, sword energy reaching into the heavens within the long life family. There was a blood flowing great event!” Someone said.

That person was extremely cautious, and also extremely perplexed. These were things he had heard along the way, and he was only making associations based on what he was seeing here, still not completely sure that it was done by Huang.

Despite this being the case, many people still shivered in coldness, looking towards that youngster, feeling waves of suffocating pressure.

Huang, was this really him? He was this terrifying, was he going to break through the heavens today? He even dared to attack Jin Family!

“Shi Hao, was it really done by you?” On this side, the Heavenly Horned Ant, Tuogu Yulong and others naturally heard what was said as well, immediately becoming shocked. This… if they thought about it in detail, it really was his style!

Fatty Cao spoke up, laughing and saying, “Haha, of course it was us! We slaughtered until the heavens collapsed and earth split. You all didn’t see just how heroic that scene was when we charged into Jin Family’s old nest.”

He was someone with extremely thick skin, his hands moving all over the place as he explained, as if his body and mind sank into a state of battle, full of smiles and excitement.

However, he was only a bystander!

Everyone knew his natural disposition, so when they heard this, they all rolled their eyes, the Lunar Jade Rabbit even more so directly twisting his ears, saying, “You only watched everything happen, right? Nothing more than a bystander.”

“Let go!” Fatty Cao screamed.

“Little fella, whose family are you from? Come, let uncle see how you’ve grown!” The Heavenly Horned Ant released a strange laugh, pinching Fatty Cao’s little face.

Right now, Fatty Cao looked like he was seven or eight years old, recovering his youth, chubby and round. When his little face was pinched, he bared his teeth, but when faced with this extreme strength individual, in terms of pure physical strength, he couldn’t struggle free.

“You… have you been doing well? Why did you end up coming here after all these years?” Qing Yi walked over, looking towards Shi Hao, her eyes carrying mist. During these years, she remained untainted by the flames of the secular world, as if she was going to completely cut off the connection between herself and worldly affairs.

However now, her emotions were rising and falling, unable to calm down all this time. She finally saw that person again.

Right now, without a doubt, she was Qing Yi, and not Yue Chan.

Shi Hao nodded. When faced with these old friends, when faced with Qing Yi, his emotions also surged. When he saw everyone’s true emotions surge, even though he had already become a supreme being, standing high up above, he still couldn’t calm down.

However, no matter how many words he had to say, now wasn’t the time, because Wang Family’s eighth dragon was right there, someone he needed to get rid of.

Wang Family’s eighth dragon was clearly not a supreme being, yet he dared show himself here, this meant that he had something he could rely on. This wasn’t only because he came impulsively to save Wang Shi.

Shi Hao walked over. At this time, Wang Family’s people also finally snapped out of their daze.

Wang Family’s Old Eight’s emotions were complicated as well. He really didn’t dare believe that this was the past Huang, this brat already surpassing him, becoming the world’s youngest supreme being!

He broke a legend, reconstructing history!

“It truly exceeds my expectations. Back then, we should have gotten rid of him regardless of the consequences!” Wang Family’s eighth dragon sighed inwardly. However, it was too late no matter what was said.

However, when they thought about it closely, it wasn’t that they didn’t take action, but that he was stopped by Meng Tianzheng, so they couldn’t kill him even if they wanted to.

“Jin Family’s matters, was it done by you?” Wang Family’s eighth dragon asked. His face was still rather young, a head of gray hair behind him. He looked like he was at the prime of his life, currently at his peak.

“It was.” Shi Hao gave a simple reply, only uttering these two words.


At this time, the world immediately became full of endless noise, becoming like boiling water. Speculation was one thing, but reality was another. Everyone couldn’t help but become horrified.

Just how strong was Huang? He was able to do even this type of thing!

That was Jin Family we were talking about, a long life family, yet he barged straight through their mountain gate? It was rumored that Jin Taijun was even injured, pursued by someone along the way, fleeing into the clan.

“Huang… what exactly did you do to my clan?” Jin Zhan shouted. He had roughly heard about what happened along the way, but wasn’t aware of the details.

At this time, when he heard everyone’s discussions, he learned that his Jin Family’s old ancestor’s condition was critical.

“You can just go on your way.” Shi Hao said calmly. With a point of his finger, a streak of divine light shot out, the radiance as if a great sun illuminated the heavens, surrounding that place. With a peng sound, Jin Zhan’s head turned into ashes.

This place immediately became quiet, everyone holding their breath.

Huang already achieved the dao. Even though he had only cultivated for a few decades, he was already someone at the level of Immortal Wang and Jin Taijun, high up above, one of the few supreme beings.

When those individuals understood this point, none of them dared to speak randomly anymore, all of them filled with incomparable respect towards him.

Jin Zhan really was extremely strong, but just this casual attack from Huang already ended his life!

“I really am quite curious as to what kind of methods you have to dare appear before me.” Shi Hao looked towards Wang Family’s eighth dragon.

While speaking, he raised his hand, not wishing to waste any time, directly trying to suppress Wang Family’s Old Eight.

“Dao friend, aren’t you just looking down on the people of this world a bit too much?!” Wang Family’s eighth dragon said, his eyes carrying chilly light, not carrying any fear.

“Your Brother Ten called me his senior, you aren’t going to follow suit?” A faint smile hung from Shi Hao’s face.

Moreover, his hand moved through the void, grabbing outwards, releasing great rumbling noises. One could see that between his palm and fingers, the sun and moon swirled, specks of stellar light flickering about.

These were irregular signs, as well as the true embodiment of power!

At this point, Huang’s casual strike was definitely enough to cover the sky dome, cut down the star domain. It was just this powerful.

“Then you can see for yourself! Who in this world dares bully my Wang Family?!” Right at this time, with a huala noise, Wang Family’s eighth dragon shook a picture scroll, making it unfold in the void.

The ancient scroll was mottled with colors. When it was revealed, its true appearance was exposed. Inside was someone who was extremely young, as if sixteen or seventeen years of age, red lips and white teeth, features delicate.

“Immortal Wang!”

Shi Hao revealed an expression of shock. The one who was drawn was actually Immortal Wang.

“You think that a scroll is enough to stop me?”

“We’re leaving!” Wang Family’s eighth dragon picked up Wang Shi and immediately ran, quickly withdrawing. It was because supreme being aura pervaded here, intimidating everyone.

Everyone else also trembled in fear, staggering backwards, the expressions on their faces pale, lacking color.

“Dao friend, is there a reason to do this? Where it is possible, one should let people off, spare them.” The one in the painting spoke. It contained the vitality of Immortal Wang's true body!

“No wonder. Is this equivalent to one of Immortal Wang’s incarnations?” Shi Hao said.


Shi Hao walked forward, auspicious multicolored light erupting from his body, raging flames surging. These were True Phoenix flames, burning heaven and earth, about to turn that painting scroll into ashes.


The one in the scroll released a cold snort. When his eyes opened and closed, divine radiance shot out. The one in the painting actually moved, the entire scroll as if having life. The paper disappeared, only a person remaining.


Heaven and earth erupted. That youngster seemed harmless, but when he displayed might, radiance flashing between his eyes, a pitch-black sword core appeared, directly hacking towards Shi Hao.

This was an imprint left behind by Immortal Wang. It took human form, directly displaying the most powerful divine ability, using the Chaos Calming Art!

It was immediately a life and death decisive blow, displaying this matchless sword art!

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