Chapter 182 - Emphatic Beating (Teaser)

Chapter 182 - Emphatic Beating

The devilish brat shouted, and the group of people followed along. Their rally was strong, and the people from the genius camp all followed behind him as he charged towards Zhulu Academy’s residence.

More than half of the group already knew the little guy’s identity, and they knew how savage he was. As a result, even though they went to battle when those senior brothers and sisters did not return yet, they were fearless.

Regardless of whether it was the Void God Realm or the Hundred Shattering Mountains, his name was infamous and widespread. He was always being cursed at by powerful opponents, but in the end, he was still living happily and healthily.

“They are residing within the Fifth Spiritual Cliff. It’s a precious land rich in spiritual essence. Our Heaven Mending Pavilion treat them so courteously, yet they actually acted so insensibly.”

Someone led the way, and they proceeded towards the spiritual area that had purple energy rising in spirals from it. There was a small clear lake, an ancient stone cliff, and all types of auspicious birds perching. Even fragrance of medicinal herbs wafted through this area.

A group of silver-colored spiritual deer traveled past them. Their bodies carried multicolored light, and their horns in particular flickered with an incomparably brilliant silver splendor.

The little guy immediately halted his steps and wiped away a mouthful of saliva. “Young deer, what great medicine! This is a group of rarely seen spiritual deer. They are so plump!”

The group of people also stopped, and all of them began to develop creases on their foreheads. Didn’t they come here to vent their anger? Why did they end up...

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