Chapter 1797

Chapter 1797 - Three World Bronze Coffin

This time, Cosmos Lake didn’t appear, nor did the thatched cottage. The medicinal fields and other things were still dried and withered, no long life medicinal fragrance wafting out.

However, the middle-aged man, under this state where the restricted region still hadn’t changed yet, took form just like that, different from before.

His clothes were purer than snow, complexion fine like jade, like an exceptionally beautiful man. His face carried an expression of shock, staring at the nine dragon skeletons and bronze coffin.

“Senior, do you have any guidance for me?” Shi Hao asked. He lowered this copper coffin.

Regardless of whether it was the dragon bones or the bronze coffin, they were both extremely heavy. If it was a normal person, they wouldn’t be able to move it at all. When placed on the ground, the earth quaked and mountains shook.

“What kind of corpse did this bronze coffin previously bury?” Shi Hao asked.

“Corpse? Why do you feel that it definitely buried the deceased?” The lord of the restricted region stared blankly.

“Could it be that the coffin doesn’t hold remains?” Shi Hao became a bit stunned, asking like this.

“Correct. With the changes of a great era, the original purposes of artifacts have also changed.” The white clad man shook his head, as if in a daze. He released a light sigh, feeling a bit moved.

“There are actually other purposes for coffins?” Shi Hao was shocked.

“This is the Three World Bronze Coffin, its origins previously extremely great, extremely mysterious, exceptionally ancient.” The lord of the restricted region told him some things about it.

Shi Hao had already heard that this coffin was named Three World Coffin. He had always been curious, but no one was able to tell him about its origins. Now, his mind erupted with desire, because he knew that this lord of the restricted region ought to know of its origins.

“The coffin is a place of slumber, a place of rest, the war fort of the strong!”

When these words sounded, Shi Hao was stunned, completely toppling everything he knew. Weren’t coffins where corpses were stored?

“This one in particular is the most famous. It represents the past, present, and future, the place of hibernation for the strong, not a place of burial, but rather for the sake of cultivation. It is so that they can become stronger in the future!”

The words of the lord of the restricted region left Shi Hao shocked.

There were some who wanted to remain eternally imperishable, continue living, not die? That was why the Three World Bronze Coffin didn’t bury the people from three worlds, but rather represented eternity.

The past, present, and future, there were people dormant inside. It wasn’t a place to keep corpses, but rather a war fort.

“What about its owner? Could it be that he is still sleeping inside?” Shi Hao asked. If this was the case, then it was just too shocking.

The lord of the restricted region shook his head, saying, “The coffin is too ancient, impossible to destroy. However, there are already no creatures sleeping inside, its owner has left.”

According to what he said, one or two great eras ago, this coffin had already been empty, its owner disappearing.

Of course, it might be even earlier.

No one could say for sure what this coffin’s origins were, not knowing which era it came from.

During Immortal Ancient years, it was only used by those true immortals, previously using it to escape. Because Immortal Ancient was about to be destroyed, it metaphorically buried an entire great era.

“Perhaps it is a coffin from the Age of Emperor Collapse.” The restricted region lord released a light sigh.

Shi Hao was moved. He thought back to the Everlasting Sword Core. This sword was extremely special, under extreme circumstances, not only was there immortal ascension light, terrifying scenes of blood flowing along the great earth, ancient graves appearing one after another would also appear. Among them, the most shocking scene was that there was a creature who hugged its knees, seated on a bronze coffin.

“It’s that coffin!”

Shi Hao found it hard to calm down.

Then, he asked many questions, all of them related to this coffin. Unfortunately, the restricted region lord didn’t know about its origins either.

Not long afterwards, Shi Hao was rather bold and daring, trying to enter the coffin.

“There is a small coffin!”

Within the several dozen meters long giant bronze coffin was a small coffin.

With the lord of the restricted region here, he wasn’t all that worried, starting to boldly examine it.

Even though Shi Hao was innately strong, full of magical force, he still had to exhaust quite the effort before he opened the small coffin. Multicolored smoke immediately surged, essence energy spreading outwards.

Large amounts of brilliant lights shone, carrying strong life force.

Mists surged inside, extremely hazy, impossible to see through with a single look, as if there was a realm gate there.

Shi Hao was shocked. This was just like what the lord of the restricted region said, a war fort, the inside full of strong life force.

Oh, its withered self, after the baptism of endless years, gradually recovered, now revealing vitality again.” The lord of the restricted region was shocked.

It was clear that he had also come into contact with this coffin before, examining it before.

Shi Hao gritted his teeth, charging straight in. This was a lush small world, the plant life full of life, spiritual medicines concentrated, just too different.

The inside was extremely vast, able to support the lives of a large population.

“This is basically a secluded paradise, there isn’t a problem even if Stone Village is moved inside!” Shi Hao was shocked.

In reality, it was fine even if more people were moved in.

“The heroic spirits who used to live inside have all departed, this can be considered an ownerless object.” The restricted region lord nodded, and then with a pensive look, said, “Is the outside world starting to experience turmoil, undergoing great changes?”

Ever since he saw that the coffin was empty, he knew that something great had happened in the higher realm.

Shi Hao nodded, telling him about the events of darkness surrounding fifteen provinces.

“As expected!” The restricted region lord was startled. Then, with a sigh, he said, “The Immortal Ancient war spirits who resided in this bronze coffin have most likely been completely wiped out!”

Ah?” Shi Hao was shocked.

“Darkness has appeared again, how could the ruined souls of deceased true immortals be able to stop it?” The lord of the restricted region said, moreover being sure that if Immortal Domain didn’t take action, then the Nine Heavens Ten Earths would be destroyed.

“What are the creatures of darkness? What kind of origins do they have?” Shi Hao asked. He really wanted to know this.

“You can see for yourself, go and explore, try to understand them on your own.” The restricted region lord didn’t reply.

“Why?” Shi Hao was confused. Why didn’t the white-clothed middle-aged individual directly tell him?

“I am scared that it will leave you with too great of a mental blow. It is extremely cruel, you will discover that those people are too strong! Moreover, as for their true origins, even I do not know for sure.” The restricted region lord’s words left Shi Hao stunned.

There were definitely secrets behind this. The lord of the restricted region knew quite a bit, but there were some things that not even he knew.

In the end, Shi Hao brought the nine dragon bones and copper coffin into Stone Village, leaving everyone stupefied.

“You went into the higher realm, actually brought this back…” Yun Xi was stupefied. She had heard about this coffin before, feeling deeply shocked towards Shi Hao’s feat.

“There are so many dragon bones, can we make some soup?” The big black tortoise ran over, reaching out its neck, starting to drool.

“They really are dragon bones!” Everyone here became shocked, rushing over to touch them.

“Even white tiger bones can be fermented into rare medicinal wine, then the wine produced by true dragon bones will definitely be astonishing!” The Zhuyan wiped at its saliva.

“You group of foodies, none of you are allowed to shame my ancestors!” The crimson dragon said while widening its eyes. It threw itself over, stroking these dragon bones.

When Shi Hao saw this, he was a bit moved. “I’ll give you a new task. Carefully sense it, see if you can detect any True Dragon symbols on them, try to grasp the inheritance!”

The crimson dragon closed its eyes, lightly shaking its head, but became dispirited soon afterwards. “They have long been erased.”

“If no symbols can be found, then it’ll be used to simmer soup!” Shi Hao said.

He walked out again, still using that heavenly path to head into the higher realm. He wanted to see this to its end. Darkness was descending, what exactly would this bring to the higher realm?

He found it hard to calm down. There were some old friends that were in the higher realms. If there were changes, he hoped that he could rescue those people, bring them to the lower realms.

At the very least, the Three World Coffin could resist the corrosion of darkness.

“Immortal Domain has sent out soldiers!”

When Shi Hao returned to the higher realms again, he received shocking news. Immortal Domain made their move, sending out great armies, hurrying towards this world.

They finally couldn’t sit still anymore!

“When will they arrive?”

“They are going to appear soon!”

While listening to their discussions, Shi Hao found it hard to calm down.

That day, Immortal Domain’s emissary passed down a decree, informing this world that Immortal Domain won’t just watch as a bystander, that a great army will arrive soon, that they will protect this world.

Shi Hao curled his lips. Immortal Domain was also doing this to protect themselves, fearing that the darkness matter would become too strong, that it would encroach Immortal Domain sooner or later.

One had to understand that back then, when he entered with two undead knights, he had previously been discriminated against by Immortal Domain’s creatures the entire time, claiming that the three of them were tainted, carrying inauspiciousness.

Now, the creatures of darkness have appeared, so Immortal Domain found it even harder to endure.

Then, when Shi Hao understood what happened during the days he left the higher realm, he became even more shocked, feeling greatly shaken.

No wonder Immortal Domain couldn’t sit still, it was because the land of darkness was changing. In just a few days, it had spread from fifteen provinces to a hundred provinces!

So many of the three thousand provinces were eaten up, losing a hundred provinces, this speed was too shocking!

Moreover, the darkness region was no longer quiet, one could see that there were figures moving in the darkness. They were numerous, everywhere in the darkness.

There was an endless great army moving through the dark mist!

When Shi Hao learned what happened, he couldn’t help but suck in cold air. The situation had become extremely bad.

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