Chapter 1796

Chapter 1796 - Eternal Darkness

The True Phoenix feathers were like scarlet chains, linked together, interweaving about, forming a cage, locking the darkness knight inside.

Whenever a feather shot out, it would be enough to destroy a large expanse of the mountain range, turn mountain peaks into magma, turn great rivers into mist, the power incomparably great.

With so many of them linked together, it was simply enough to refine stars one after another!

Right now, Shi Hao displayed his might, forming a crimson cage with the True Phoenix Precious Technique, imprisoning this person.

The darkness knight didn’t reply, his eyes cold, pupils contracted, staring at Shi Hao. He was inwardly shocked; the Nine Heavens Ten Earths still had a youngster this powerful?

One had to understand that he had cultivated for an endless amount of time in order to obtain his current achievements!

“Are you going to talk or not?” Shi Hao asked.

“We will ultimately march into this great earth regardless, darkness eternal, the final destination of all living things, the fate of the heavens.” The darkness knight said coldly, not displaying any emotional fluctuations, not fearing death.

He spoke extremely calmly, but in Shi Hao’s ears, it crashed down like thunder, making his mind tremble.

The more calm the darkness knight was, the more it proved the severity of the matter. It was as if it originated from his very bones, already becoming his faith!

What kind of creatures are those?

“If you aren’t going to speak, then I’ll just search for the answers myself!” Shi Hao said coldly.

He released a low roar, his entire body releasing zheng zheng noises. Feathers that were even more dazzling flew out, turning into a streak of divine rainbow. He was like a true phoenix, brilliant feathers swirling in his surroundings, all of them phoenix feathers.

All of the divine feathers were moving, making Shi Hao’s aura become incomparably powerful. He used a great method, using the True Phoenix Precious Technique to oppress this creature.

All of the divine feathers shone, raging flames surging. Together with the cage’s support, strand after strand of black energy was refined, evaporated into a strange black mist.


That creature released a low roar.

Unfortunately, it was useless. He couldn’t resist, he wasn’t Shi Hao’s match.

It couldn’t be said that he was weak, on the contrary, he was extremely strong. At the very least, in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, there weren’t many at the Self Release Realm who could suppress him!

It could only be said that Shi Hao was strong, especially in recent years after obtaining the Grass Symbol Sword Art, as well as the Chaos Demonic Ape and True Phoenix inheritances, his strength clearly making great progress.

Comparatively, he was even stronger than when he was at Desolate Border!

Strand after strand of black mist was refined and burned up. Some strange black ashes appeared on the ground.

“One day, you will fall into eternal darkness!” The darkness knight roared out, feeling that the situation was dire, unable to remain calm.

The black mist was their source of power. It could corrode everything, turn a great world into a land of darkness, into their pure land. However now, Shi Hao was refining it away, breaking down this type of power.

“Eternal darkness? I’m waiting.” Shi Hao didn’t seem too concerned, not treating these words as a big deal at all.

“You will regret this! Darkness will completely bury you!” This knight’s voice was overcast, as if he was chanting some type of curse.

Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention, but he frowned, because he felt like refining a darkness knight like this took too much time. If it was a normal creature, they would have long been detained.

Yet now, he had to refine the black mist strand by strand, wisp by wisp, it really was strenuous.


Then, he used lightning, sending it hacking down. This was great yang power, the effects not weaker than the True Phoenix’s raging flames.

These were the most powerful methods for dealing with evil spirits, extremely effective.

Unfortunately, the darkness matter didn’t seem to be a type of evil spirit. Even though Shi Hao could suppress it, he couldn’t break it down quickly, make it fully collapse.

After a long time had passed, the darkness knight became dispirited, on the verge of collapse. There already wasn’t much dark mist within him, as if he became sick, lacking vitality.

“Just get over here!” Shi Hao released a shout. After completely refining the darkness matter, he reached out a large hand, grabbing towards the darkness knight’s head, about to directly search his soul imprint.


The darkness knight roared out, the divine black armor releasing kengqiang noises, releasing dark light, struggling intensely.

However, right now, his vitality was greatly injured, his body actually releasing a rotting smell, not having much of his powerful strength left.

With a peng noise, he was first grabbed by Shi Hao and raised up, and then Shi Hao’s palm shone, restricting this person with natural laws, wishing to search his primordial spirit imprints, examine him fully.


However, right at this time, the darkness knight went mad, becoming uncontrollable, actually struggling free from the restrictions. He released a miserable roar, and then his body exploded into dark light.

Shi Hao frowned. At this moment, he used wondrous methods, not holding back. Grass Symbol Sword Art hacked out, wishing to pierce through his body protecting dark light, break down his fighting strength.


That dark light was extremely terrifying, carrying a type of demonic nature, not like something the darkness knight released himself, but more than the resonance with nearby black matter that was supporting him, forming a defensive domain.

Shi Hao was shocked. This dark matter really was imperishable. He felt quite a headache, sensing how strange, terrifying, and difficult to deal with it was.

However, it had to be said that the sword art on the same level as the Chaos Calming Art was powerful, immediately making the dark light become dimmer from the first strike.

“One of the three great ancient sword arts!” The darkness knight’s pupil contracted. He sensed that he was in great danger.


Around his body, symbols covered everything densely. Those were dark scriptures, dark patterns. They protected him within, some of them released by him, some produced by dark matter.

Behind him was a black sea that extended as far as the eye could see, mists surging, able to offer darkness power.


The Grass Symbol Sword Art was extremely sharp, exceeding Shi Hao’s imagination. The second streak of sword energy shot out, tearing through everything, unstoppable, ripping through the dark light.


The darkness knight was hacked apart at the waist, cut in half, his fighting strength crippled on the spot.

With a peng noise, Shi Hao raised him up. A stench immediately wafted out, making one feel like vomiting.

“I won’t yield! You won’t obtain anything from me!” The darkness knight said.

In that instant, Shi Hao saw that his primordial spirit was burning, becoming a black flame, even burning through the crown of his head.

Shi Hao shook his head, throwing him onto the ground. This person was already dead, there was no meaning left to this.

He never expected the darkness knight to be this resolute, not fearing death at all.

On the ground, the rotting smell became even stronger. The darkness knight’s head was burned through, his corpse laying on the ground, not moving at all.

This left Shi Hao shocked. Under the armor was actually a rotting corpse. He had just lost his life, so why was his body already rotten?

When the armor was lightly tapped, it also shattered, as if it had experienced an endless amount of time, destroyed by the passage of time. The powerful and sturdy armor was like paper, turning into dust.

“Darkness is eternal, the predestined fate of all realms.” A demonic voice rang through this place.

The darkness knight’s primordial spirit light scattered, thus disappearing.

Shi Hao tried to grab it, but the rain of light that landed in his hands all turned to black ashes. There was a type of malevolent power. He quickly scattered it.

Eventually, the rotting corpse on the ground was in an even worse state.

It was as if it experienced endless time in just that instant, crushed by time, rotting, decaying, withering away, ultimately turning into dust.

“What kind of thing is this? Is it a living creature?” Shi Hao was extremely shocked.

Later on, the black dust all turned into a tornado, entering the sea of darkness.

It was precisely as the darkness knight foretold, darkness was everlasting, the home of all living things. When he died, that was where he went.

Shi Hao’s mind sunk. Just what exactly was going on? These creatures, where did they come from?

He stood in place for a long time. There was no second creature who came out of that black mist, this place becoming extremely peaceful, lacking sound.

Shi Hao disappeared. He went into hiding, wishing to observe this pitch-black region.

It really was rather strange, recently, the darkness didn’t continue spreading, still occupying fifteen provinces of territory, as if it stabilized.

He watched from the distance, staring into the depths of the darkness, wishing to know what exactly there was inside, how this place formed.


Shi Hao was shocked. In the past few days, there were powerful individuals from the Nine Heavens who came again, but they weren’t from Wind Clan, but rather from another family.

They set up a strange altar, carrying out a sacrifice here. In the end, they summoned an existence from the darkness, conversing with him.

Shi Hao’s heart went cold. Was there another family who was abandoning this world?

What left him furious was that a few days later, another family came from a different region, also summoning someone from the sea of darkness, carrying out a transaction.

In the end, Shi Hao sighed. He felt his heart going cold, not wishing to stop here anymore.

“Even the long life families are like this, what can I, a Self Release Realm cultivator, do? Let’s just let the flood do what it will!” Shi Hao left.

He was discouraged. The long life families were all starting to give up, about to defect to the other side, having transactions with the creatures of darkness on the other side, so why should he even bother fighting?

With a dong sound, Shi Hao lifted up the nine dragon skeletons and the bronze coffin, quickly leaving, hiding from everyone’s sight, silently heading towards Crucifix Yin Yang Earth.

Eventually, he returned to the lower realms!

“You actually brought this thing back?!” Along the way back, when he had just passed by the ancient restricted region ruins, that half snow-white skeleton immediately shone, turning into a white-clothed individual. His face was full of shock, staring at Shi Hao and the bronze coffin.

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