Chapter 1795

Chapter 1795 - Confronting the Darkness

Those people’s expressions were unpleasant, feeling extremely uneasy. This youngster was too vicious, completely overwhelming them from just the first encounter, no need for a second attack at all.

The main thing, however, was that the rotten wooden chest changed owners. This was the divine object of today’s transaction, yet it was now lost, so how were they supposed to explain things to that creature of darkness now?

“Speak, what clan are you all from, why are you all trying to conduct business with that creature of darkness? What kind of background does he have?” Shi Hao asked.

Now that he had the rotten wooden chest in hand, he was no longer worried. Everything could be slowly investigated and understood.

Those individuals closed their mouths, not speaking. At the same time, some of their eyes flickered, wishing to escape, some of them completely stupefied like wooden sculptures.

Their reactions were all different, because what they were thinking was also different.

There were some who wanted to keep the secret, not daring to leak out information, some wanted to run, escape this disaster, there were others who were hesitant, wishing to run, but found the choice hard. It was because if they couldn’t complete the trade, then there would be a huge problem!


Blood erupted. Those whose wills looked more firm exploded, blasted apart from the sword energy Shi Hao released. Their entire bodies turned into blasts of bloody mist under the indestructible sword radiance.

This made those who were conflicted shiver in fear, become more and more scared.

“Friend, who are you? Please stay your hand for now, you have to understand that this rotten wooden chest is what that creature of darkness wants, insisting that it was essential. If you bring it away, there will be a huge disaster.” One of them said.


As a result, a streak of sword energy shot out, the Grass Symbol Sword Art was impossible to block. His arm fell onto the ground, blood flowing everywhere.

That person’s face immediately became pale, unable to utter another word.

“You all should know that my patience is limited. When I ask you all questions, just answer if you know the answer, if you don’t know, then keep your mouth shut. Do not even think about threatening me!” Shi Hao said.

This place immediately became quiet.

“Then not speaking it is. I will just search your souls myself.” Shi Hao sneered.

“I’ll talk!” One of them couldn’t hold on anymore, voice trembling, speaking of his origins.

They were from Wind Clan, from this long life family.

“Wind Clan’s old ancestor really is daring, doing this type of thing, betraying the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!” Shi Hao’s voice turned cold.

Last time, Yuan Qing brought people from this clan to kill him, all of it was already exposed then.

Wind Clan’s old ancestor’s enmity with the past Stone Clan was great, bearing tremendous hatred against the sinner’s bloodline. When Shi Hao entered Immeasurable Heaven, he had directly faced off against Yuan Qing’s interference, almost being killed. He was then sent into Origin Ancient Mine, that event related to this one.

During Desolate Border’s great war, there were long life families that defected to the enemy. At that time, Shi Hao had already suspected that it was this clan.

Now, when darkness suddenly descended, this clan was even more so ‘extreme’, it really left one speechless. This was more than planning to go to the other side.

“Back then, Wind Clan’s ancient ancestor was so bold and stunning, one of the true immortals, falling in the end of the last great era. However, today, you all are actually like this.” Shi Hao released a light sigh.

Rotten wooden chest, this was something even Anlan and Shutuo wanted, just how precious was it? Yet it was used by this clan as an item in exchange, offering it up to the creature of darkness.

As the world experienced the vicissitudes of time, many things have already changed.

Any following interrogation was meaningless. It was because they didn’t know the origins of the creature of darkness at all, the clan’s old ancestor didn’t speak in detail.

“I’ve let you all down, you all can head on your way!” Shi Hao said.

With a raise of his hand, phoenix feathers rose one after another, scarlet and brilliant, carrying flames that wanted to burn down heaven and earth, drowning this place.

“Who exactly are you?” There were some who were unwilling, wishing to know who exactly he was.

“Chaos Demonic Ape!” Shi Hao spoke. Then, his figure changed from the current burly chap into the vicious looking individual, the face of the demonic ape.

Shi Hao remained extremely careful. He was scared that there would be eyes everywhere, that news would leak out, so he didn’t display his real body.

Now that he cultivated the Eight Nine Heavens Technique, also cultivating the Seventy-Two Transformations to a near perfect level, he could change his form at will. Even if one possessed Heavenly Eyes, they couldn’t see through him.

“Great vicious being of the lower realms, you actually came up!” The other side’s people were shocked, sucking in a cold breath of air.

However, it was already too late. Shi Hao took action. Those feathers carried fiery light, drowning them underneath. In that instant, they were burned down to their bones, and then turned to ashes, scattering into the wind.

It was just that domineering. The True Phoenix Technique was unmatched, able to instantly burn down creatures into scattered ashes.

Shi Hao stood there, not moving like a fossil, waiting for that creature of darkness to appear.

Finally, the sun leaned to the west, the waning sunset like blood, the sound of horse hooves could be heard.

Dark mist surged over there, pitch-black like ink, even the sunset splendor would be swallowed up when it was cast inside, devoured, not a trace of light visible.

A strange horse appeared, its figure massive, covered in scales. When it opened its bloody mouth, a strong smell spread, carrying a rotting odor.

On its back was a knight, his black armor flickering with cold radiance. There was a wave of austere energy; this was an extremely powerful cultivator.

However, he didn’t reach the Supreme Being Realm, which was why Shi Hao didn’t feel any fear, calmly waiting here.

He had to admit that this individual was strong, exceeding most Self Release Realm cultivators, a terrifying figure!

Before there was a true interaction, Shi Hao could already sense that this was a difficult individual to deal with.

There was black mist around him, murderous energy surging, the warrior arrived on the black warhorse. He was extremely callous, eyes penetrating like blades.

“Did you bring it?” The darkness knight asked.

Shi Hao sighed. This man and mount were both surrounded by black mist, really about to slaughter their way over. This was rather troublesome, he didn’t know if he could smoothly capture and interrogate him.

“I brought it, however, I wish to know your origins.” Shi Hao said. He held the rotten wooden chest in hand, showing it to him.

“Nonsense, is this something you can ask?” The knight berated.

“I am gifting you something, yet you are still so arrogant, this transaction is hard to complete…” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

Heh, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths are about to be swallowed in darkness at any time, yet you all still dare show me arrogance.” The voice of the knight on the warhorse became increasingly cold.

“Arrogant? I’m going to cut you down!”

Shi Hao immediately took action after saying he would, too fast. With a raise of his finger, blade energy shot out streak after streak. He displayed the Grass Symbol Sword Art, launching a sudden assault.

Stalks of grass emerged in the void one after another, all of them with nine leaves. They moved together, the nine leaves on each stalk shining, sword energy endless!


The darkness knight roared, raising his fist and smashing out. This place immediately became chaotic, darkness energy going wild, wishing to surge over.


An intense collision erupted between the two, shaking heaven and earth, the world itself as if about to go dark.

Shi Hao sighed. He backed up a set distance. He didn’t fear the opponent’s strength, but rather the darkness energy. That stuff corroded one’s primordial spirit.

Not far out, a man and mount roared, charging forward.

That warhorse’s entire body was covered in dark scales like a demonic dragon. It opened its bloody mouth, biting towards Shi Hao.

The hooves were deafening, the entire great earth shaking, starting to collapse. This warhorse was too powerful, charging just like that, making the nearby mountain peaks all collapse.

“Accept death!”

The darkness knight released a great roar, sending a fist smashing out again.

However, one could see that his fist had faint black blood flowing through it, injured from the first encounter with Shi Hao.

This left the darkness knight furious. He felt like he had been careless, which was why the second fist was especially ferocious, as if the heavens smashed down, wishing to destroy all things on the great earth.


Raging flames surged about Shi Hao’s body. He bathed in divine flames, the True Phoenix’ void projection appearing, drowned under this type of fiery light. His entire being became incomparably pure and holy.

At the same time, sword energy shot out of his hands, still using the Grass Symbol Sword Art.

The former belonged to the phoenix bloodline’s extreme inheritance, reborn in flames, ensuring that one was eternally imperishable. The latter possessed incomparable power, sword energy rushing into the heavens, cutting down all enemies in the world.

Yi, it’s effective!”

Shi Hao was shocked. When he operated the True Phoenix Precious Technique, it stopped the darkness matter, no longer having to face the threat of death. He was able to hold on.

“No wonder the phoenix was known as the undying bird, there was a reason behind this after all!” Shi Hao was shocked. Even if the darkness energy surged over, he still didn’t have to fear being corroded.

During this process, phoenix cries sounded endlessly. He bathed under this type of fiery light, resisting the aura of darkness.

Meanwhile, the Grass Symbol Sword Art displayed the most powerful offensive power, hacking out with exceptional sword radiance.

During this intense struggle, he charged ferociously. Pu! Shi Hao hacked off the great horse’s head, making black blood splash extremely high into the air.

“I loathe the undying bird!” The darkness knight roared.

Even his face was covered, only the eyes revealed. His gaze became increasingly cold. A great shout was released, a black war spear appearing in his hands, piercing forward with extreme speed.

His entire being was running, diving down, wishing to provoke and kill Shi Hao.

The black spear was extremely sharp, flickering with cold light, held in that creature’s hands, stabbing towards the space between Shi Hao’s brows.


The void exploded.

This strike’s power was boundless!

Unfortunately, even though this creature was extremely strong, rarely meeting his match under the supreme being level, Shi Hao still stopped him. Sword energy surged in his hands, pouring outwards, forming a boundless white expanse.


That black war spear was broken, half of it falling onto the ground.

The Grass Symbol Sword Art really was worthy of being known as one of the world’s three greatest sword arts since ancient times. This meant that it was precisely one of the most powerful attacks!

Then, there was an intense clash. The darkness knight was brave and courageous, brandishing his fists, stirring the wind and clouds with his attacks, with even the void shattering.

Shi Hao was decisive, and also extremely cool-headed. Many phoenix feathers appeared in his surroundings, turning into fiery light, burning the darkness, trapping the darkness knight within.

“Speak, what kind of background do you really have!” Shi Hao shouted.

He basically caught this creature alive.

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