Chapter 1794

Chapter 1794 - Defecting 

These individuals’ cultivation wasn’t weak, their speed extremely fast. They rushed out thousands of li in an instant, and then descended on a stone mountain, waiting quietly.

When the sun began to set in the west, the neighing of horses sounded from the darkness region, quickly approaching.

Shi Hao was shocked. Were there really creatures in that land of darkness?

There was a strange black horse, its entire body covered in scales. It widened its bloody mouth, a foul odor wafting out. Black mist surged from its mouth and nose, its appearance a bit terrifying.

A knight sat on it, its black armor ice-cold, even his face covered. This was a powerful individual, his pupils incredibly cold.

“Did you bring it?” He spoke, his voice hoarse. Those who heard it all developed an uncomfortable feeling, as if it was two pieces of metal grinding against each other.

“Not yet, but we will have it soon.” One of them replied carefully, his voice carrying fear, scared that they would upset the other party.

“Too slow. Our patience is limited.” The knight on the strange black horse said.

Shi Hao’s pupils contracted. He didn’t expect to have ran straight into a transaction. There were existences who could live in the dark matter, currently carrying out a deal with the people on this side.

“That thing is extremely important. Even if no one can use it, it has always been viewed with great importance by the supreme beings. Seizing it will be a bit difficult.”

When these words sounded, Shi Hao trembled. This transaction was definitely a big deal.

“I don’t care about those things. If it is not here the next time we meet, do not blame me for being merciless.” The voice of the knight on the strange horse became more and more frigid.

“We will do our best.” One of them braced themselves and said.

“Doesn’t your clan have a supreme being as well? He should be able to get into contact with it.” The black-armored knight said coldly.

“That was something Huang obtained back then after all, so no matter which clan it is, they can still only use and protect it together. No one has the authority to directly use it in a deal.”

“Exactly, our clan’s supreme being also needs to avoid arousing suspicion.”

This type of reply made Shi Hao’s mind sink. The thing that was being exchanged was actually related to this much, these people were defecting!

“You have to understand that the ones who wish to work with us isn’t just your clan. Perhaps there will be other families who will contact me soon.” The black-armored knight said.

“We understand!”

Shi Hao didn’t make an appearance, just carefully listening, thinking to himself.

Then, he knew what it was that was being traded; it was actually that rotten wooden chest!

Back then, Shi Hao had risked life and limb to bring that rotten wooden chest back from Desolate Border, yet now, there was someone who was secretly trying to exchange it, gift it to the creature in the dark mist.

This was definitely betrayal, selling out, betraying the interests of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Even though he didn’t know what use the rotten wooden chest had, just from how both Shutuo and Anlan both made moves, he knew that this thing was not simple, having tremendous origins.

When Shi Hao obtained it, he handed it to the supreme beings in Emperor City. In the end, Great Elder Meng Tianzheng, Elder Qing Mu, and the others died one after another, the rotten wooden chest ultimately ending up in the hands of the supreme beings who were still alive.

Needless to say, right now, the ones who were trying to make a deal with the knight were definitely from a long life family, moreover a family with a living supreme being.

It was because only they had a chance of coming into contact with the rotten wooden chest.

Shi Hao was immediately furious. This was something he obtained, gifted to the supreme beings to research. However, in the end, due to selfish interests, some people decided to sell out to the enemy.

Regardless of what kind of background this region of darkness held, what was clear was that it was a great disaster for the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. It directly erased fifteen provinces, making all tremble in fear, clearly not here to do good.

“In three days, it will still be this place, I will wait for you all to bring over the rotten wooden chest. Once the transaction is complete, I ensure that your family will coexist with the world, everlasting and imperishable.” That knight said.

“We will do what we can!” Those people bowed respectfully, and then they all rushed into the sky, disappearing from this place.

After a long time passed, this place became quiet.

The black knight stirred on the warhorse, making his way through the mist. The sound of its hooves was deafening, gradually heading into the distance.

Shi Hao’s face sunk. He walked out, gazing into the land of darkness, and then into the sky. He was angry.

“In the past, when I fought bloodily in Desolate Border, what was it all for? Meanwhile, the long life families are all unreliable, even making a deal with the creatures of darkness!”

Shi Hao’s expression was ugly, tightly clenching his fist.

He lamented over Great Elder and the others’ sacrifice, feeling like it wasn’t worth it.

“I want to get back what is mine. The higher realm’s collapse has nothing to do with me, I’ll just return to the lower realms.” Shi Hao said to himself.

It was because he was a bit discouraged. There was more than a single long life family in the Nine Heavens above who were defecting, it was impossible to defend against.

Of course, before leaving, Shi Hao wanted to know the origins of the darkness creature, why he appeared, how he was produced. The more he knew, the better, only then could he obtain a great victory in the future.

In the Nine Heavens above, Wang Family.

Immortal Wang’s face was delicate and pretty, his outward appearance extremely young, just a youngster. However, right now, his brows were furrowed, expression extremely serious.

“My Wang Family’s ancestral hall in Immortal Domain has already been abandoned. Rumor has it that there was a dispute between Wang Family’s main group and another powerful ancient inheritance. They were defeated, and in the end all moved, entering the deeper regions of Immortal Domain where there is less habitation, no news in recent years.”

Immortal Wang said. These were all things he learned from Immortal Domain’s emissary, the news astonishing.

“What?! My Wang Family’s ancestral hall in Immortal Domain has been abandoned?”

“What do we do then? We have nothing to rely on! We definitely cannot enter Immortal Domain, a single mistake and we’ll be plotted against and killed.”

Another family, Jin Family, was also holding an internal meeting.

“Something happened to Jin Family’s ancestor, there is no hope for us within the short term, we have to find another way!” Jin Taijun said.

The long life families all began to discuss different things.

This time, darkness really descended. They all sensed that the situation was bad, all of them looking for ways to deal with it.

There were some great clans that felt like they had to enter Immortal Domain even if they had to sacrifice everything.

Among them, there were long life families who already learned that their clans in Immortal Domain had declined from the emissary, to the extent where there were clans that directly disappeared.

There were families that were extremely glorious in Immortal Domain, developing rather smoothly.

That was why because the situations they faced were different, the choices they had to make were also different.

“Do we really have to gift that rotten black chest to that creature of darkness? Old ancestor, do you know about their origins?”

Within a clan’s hidden room, someone said quietly. There were only four or five here, precisely the most important members of a long life family.

“I knew of the darkness creature’s arrival, long surmised it. This is the only way, only by gifting the rotten wooden chest is there a chance to protect my clan. As for the other clans, we cannot tend to so much!” That old ancestor spoke out.

“Living is the most important. Even if we betray this world, so what?” Someone else echoed.

“The rotten wooden chest is Huang’s. Even though he handed it over, the clans are all guarding it together, if we give it over, once news leaks out, it will definitely be extremely dangerous.”

“We cannot tend to all that. My clan isn’t the only one considering this. I am worried that someone would snatch the opportunity before us. Only once the transaction is done can our clan’s prosperity be ensured.”

Three days later, still the same edge of the darkness in the three thousand provinces.

Shi Hao was like a crouching tiger waiting for his prey, ready to deliver a thunderous strike at any time. He was hiding here, wishing to steal food from the lion’s mouth.

The rotten wooden chest was his, he definitely couldn’t gift it to the enemy, it couldn’t be lost.

“They’re coming. I want to see just what clan you all are from!” Shi Hao’s voice was ice-cold, killing intent restrained, ready to leap out at any time.

He sensed some fluctuations. A few streaks of divine rainbows shot through the sky, speeds extremely fast, rushing over.

There was still quite some time before the arranged time, however, the long life families were cautious, scared that the creature of darkness would come first. Thus, they came much earlier.


Shi Hao moved, rushing into the heavens, facing those people, raising his fists and smashing down without any trace of politeness. He wanted to end things as quickly as possible, seize the rotten wooden chest first.

Behind him, a demonic ape roared towards the heavens, its figure massive, battle aura surging. This was a technique made for battle.

The Chaos Demonic Ape’s inheritance was appearing, displaying divine might!


Shi Hao immediately brandished his fist, fist radiance illuminating the heavens, even more dazzling than lightning. It was extremely great, power incomparable. Almost at the same instant, a rain of blood poured out.

One person was killed, immediately dying.

The main reason was because Shi Hao’s strength was too astonishing, and these individuals didn’t put up any defense. They weren’t supreme beings, so how could they block this kind of assault?

“Who are you?!” The others were horrified.

“The rotten wooden chest isn’t on him. You all are next!” Shi Hao said, not asking them anything, instead directly taking action, wishing to inflict fear through actions, break down their willpower.


This time, his arms moved out, extending like a phoenix bathed in flames, carrying a holy aura. The skies were filled with scarlet multicolored radiance, a pair of True Phoenix wings appearing behind him.

Shi Hao dove down, still targeting one person. This person seemed like the leader of these individuals.


Flames overflowed. That person released a miserable scream, immediately turning into ashes, burned down by Shi Hao’s descent.

It was also precisely at this moment that Shi Hao saw the whereabouts of the rotten wooden chest. It was hidden on this person.

With a peng sound, Shi Hao grabbed it firmly.

“Now, I just have to wait until the creature of darkness shows up, give him my greetings.” Shi Hao said, not placing the remaining people in his eyes at all.

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