Chapter 1793

Chapter 1793 - No Solution

Shi Hao widened his eyes. He saw the nine sets of dragon bones again. They were currently pulling a bronze coffin, rising and falling in the darkness, and then they left into the distance.


He only uttered this word, quickly following after it. Why did they end up over here? What were they trying to do?

However, the nine dragon skeletons were too fast. They pulled the bronze coffin directly into the darkness, going into hiding. He heard dragon cries echoing about.

Shi Hao sighed. He stood at the outside of the darkness, quietly watching. He didn’t chase inside, because he had long heard that the inside was a danger spot.

No matter which creature it was that entered, even up to now, none of them have been able to come back out alive!

Why did the bronze coffin and dragon bones appear here? He thought a bit to himself. They entered just like that, what was going to happen now?

“What kind of substance is this?” Shi Hao frowned. There was a pitch-black expanse before him, preventing him from even seeing his own fingers.

The sun was in the sky, yet it wasn’t able to release any light. It was as if this was the abyss of hell, devouring all radiance. Black mist surged at the border, roiling like black waves.

“Inauspicious aura!”

Shi Hao sensed a familiar feeling here. It was a bit similar to the black mist that descended upon Great Elder Meng Tianzheng, but it was even thicker.

“Corroding Spirit Realm, and then eating away at the real world, it’s this domineering…” Shi Hao felt a wave of sluggishness. He wanted to touch it, experience it himself.

However, there was no way he would act so rashly. Even if he had confidence that he could remain calm even when facing this dark matter, in the end, not a single person from the three thousand provinces survived after making contact with the black mist.

This included old sect masters and others.

The territory of fifteen provinces, just how vast was this in total? There were naturally some great sects that couldn’t leave in time before they were devoured, completely wiped out!

Shi Hao tossed a viper he found somewhere else inside, carefully watching. That very instant, the water bucket thick horned viper stopped moving, its body going rigid, only a silent corpse remaining.

The corpse didn’t suffer any damage, it was not like it was harmed by interweaving precious techniques. This made Shi Hao’s brows furrow deeply. The poisonous viper’s death was too odd.

He backed up. Then, with a wave of his hand, he used a secret method, bringing out that viper’s corpse, wishing to examine it closely.

However, black mist surged, a wave of terrifying aura rushed over. Shi Hao decisively backed up, actually sensing life and death danger, making him vigilant.

“It’s this hard to deal with!”

When the black mist withdrew, he took action again, truly bringing the viper over. He carefully examined its body, the result leaving him even more perplexed.

It didn’t seem to have suffered from any attacks at all, but its primordial spirit disappeared just like that, directly destroyed.


With a raise of Shi Hao’s hand, the Grass Symbol Sword Art activated. A streak of blade energy flew out, cutting through the viper. He discovered that the color of the blood in the snake’s body changed.


It changed from crimson red to black, deathly still, completely lacking its past spirituality.

Apart from this, there were no other differences visible.

When a streak of black mist rushed out from the viper’s body, shooting at him, Shi Hao’s palm moved out, turning it into wisps.

However, this was like a soul that refused to disperse. The scattered black mist rushed towards Shi Hao again, tangling around him.

Shi Hao activated the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, using the most domineering yang power to purge this type of darkness matter. Lightning and thunder immediately appeared, pouring down.

The wisps of black mist were scattered, not appearing again, as if purified.

However, Shi Hao didn’t feel the slightest bit of joy. That was just a bit of black matter released by a streak of black mist, yet it was already like this, while there was a black sea that extended out as far as the eyes could see up ahead. How were they supposed to deal with it?

One had to understand that right now, it had already devoured fifteen provinces!

There was so much of this black matter, who could go against it? If they really touched it, then they would inevitably die.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao caught another poisonous lizard. This was a vicious beast, vicious and aggressive, a dangerous species that had previously devoured an entire human tribe.

In terms of strength, it was in the True Deity Realm!

Roar! Release me!” It screamed. Even though it was a vicious beast, it already developed a spiritual consciousness. It struggled intensely, having a bad feeling.

Shi Hao remained extremely cold, flinging it into the black mist.

The result was shocking. It didn’t have the slightest strength to retaliate, losing its life the moment it fell into the darkness, no different from that viper.

Shi Hao fished it out of the darkness with a secret method, discovering that the reason for its death was the same. The primordial spirit had scattered, the blood within its body also changing, becoming a silver-gray color.

“There is no way to deal with it. If this continues, the entire three thousand provinces will fall under darkness.” Shi Hao was deeply worried.

He tried to think of all types of possibilities, but discovered that they were all completely useless. There was so much dark matter, enough to corrode the three thousand provinces and Nine Heavens, there was no way of dissolving it at all.

“There is no way!” Shi Hao released a deep sigh.


A clear golden sound was released. In the deepest areas of the darkness, Shi Hao discovered that the nine dragon skeletons came out while pulling a bronze ancient coffin with shock.

Immediately afterwards, he saw quite a few mottled rusty iron arrows fly out, some striking the bronze coffin, releasing clear sounds.

Shi Hao was shocked. This deathly still black wave had living creatures inside?

He became vigilant, but no one chased out.

As for the bronze coffin, it was brought out by the nine skeletons, all of them flying towards the distance.

After some hesitation, Shi Hao followed behind them.

The speed of the dragon bones was too fast, tearing across the void, rushing out like lightning, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Where did they go?”

Up ahead, crimson earth stretched endlessly. All of the creatures ran, there was only one area where the void was unstable. It shouldn’t have been left by other cultivators, but rather the dragon bones and bronze coffin.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao noticed some clues. The nine dragon skeletons and that bronze coffin fell into a great valley, laying there without moving.

“It could actually rush into the darkness without being damaged.” Shi Hao walked around them.


Shi Hao took action, raising up the nine dragons and bronze coffin. In the past, he felt like they were heavy, but now, it was no longer an issue.

He felt like he couldn’t see through the bronze coffin, it contained too many mysteries.

He wanted to collect it into a storage magical artifact, but discovered that he couldn’t do so at all.

“I want to bring these to the lower realms and slowly research them.” Shi Hao said to himself, his eyes burning with fire.

However, right now, he didn’t want to leave yet. He lowered the bronze coffin, and then established a formation to hide everything, erasing the bronze coffin and dragon bones’ auras to prevent others from discovering them, moreover bringing them away.

Shi Hao headed towards the border of the darkness again. He wanted to search carefully, hoping to make some new discoveries.

After thinking for a bit, Shi Hao produced three drops of blood, releasing them into the darkness. In the end, he discovered that the glistening red blood droplets instantly turned black.

“Scary!” Shi Hao’s expression became serious.

In the end, he began to take risks. With a raise of his hand, he seized over a strand of black mist from the distance, wishing to challenge the limits, see just how strong this darkness matter was.

In the end, he broke out in sweat. Even if it was just a strand, it was extremely terrifying, connected to that black sea. The instant it infiltrated the outside, it surged intensely like a raging sea, the black matter surging.


At the most critical moment, Shi Hao used the the Grass Symbol Sword Art, hacking apart the darkness matter, and then quickly pulled open the distance, only then did he avoid disaster, not being swallowed up by the black sea.

It really was impossible to deal with. That thing couldn’t be touched. Even if it was Shi Hao who was at the Self Release Realm, he still felt a headache, let alone other creatures.

One could see that in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, apart from a few people, all others would immediately die without any suspense upon making contact.

“It really is a world ending disaster!” Shi Hao said with a sigh, feeling lost and frustrated.

Fortunately, during these two days, the black matter temporarily stopped, not continuing to devour the world. There were creatures who were approaching.

Sure enough, before long, several streaks of divine rainbows shot over from the heavens, turning into dark figures, descending here. They were all wrapped under great war robes, their true bodies not visible.

“Did we see incorrectly?”

“There was no mistake. Just now, when I used the divine lens to look from above, I vaguely saw a bronze coffin pulled by some white bones, moving nearby.”

These individuals were talking to each other, their voices extremely soft.

In the distance, Shi Hao was shocked. One of them held a secret treasure in hand, vaguely seeing the nine dragons pulling the bronze coffin.

They searched nearby, but didn’t find anything.

“Let’s not worry about these things for now. The appointment with the creature in the darkness is about to arrive.” One of them said.

Then, they rose into the air, moving around the darkness, heading into the distance.

Shi Hao was shocked. There were living beings in the black mist? They had a connection to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side!

They were going to meet! What were they going to discuss?

His expression was serious. He followed them from behind. This was extremely serious, he had to see what was going on.

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