Chapter 1792

Chapter 1792 - Entering the Higher Realms Again

He finally finished his studying here. Shi Hao released a breath of relief. When he turned around, everything became desolate, Cosmos Lake drying up, the thatched cottage disappearing.

On the ground was half of a snow-white skull. It laid there quietly, not moving.

Even though this wasn’t the first time he experienced this, Shi Hao still felt like it was rather strange. A moment earlier, this place was still filled with soft spring winds, long life medicinal fragrance wafting about, the metal palaces imposing as they towered on the divine mountains.

In the blink of an eye, everything turned to dust, only ruins left behind. In the ashes, one could see ruined tiles and broken beams, everything made of metal. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have lasted until today.

They used to be brilliant, lighting up the world like glorious heavenly suns, but in the end, everything returned to the earth.

Shi Hao released a light sigh, there were no everlasting experts, nor were there imperishable inheritances. In the end, the day would still come when they completely disappeared, dust returning to dust, earth to earth.

After flourishing, there was only decline!

Moons had new, crescent, and full moons, everything went in a cycle.

Immortal Ancient’s glory reached its end.

The Age of Emperor Collapse was dazzling, unmatched, incomparable, but in the end, it was reduced to only being legends.

“I wish to never fall.” Shi Hao said to himself. He didn’t want to be like those immortal kings, like the lord of the restricted region, after remaining brilliant for such a long time, they instead met such dismal ends.

Only, who in the world could achieve this? To exist with the world, to pass time with heaven and earth.

Perhaps Anlan, Shutuo, and Scarlet King could be called victors? Was this momentary, or was it eternally?

Immortal Domain’s origins were mysterious, impossible to measure, rumor had it that there were some ancient inheritances among them that could be traced back to many great eras ago. Those earliest ancestor level existences, could they be considered to already be eternally unfading?

Immortal Domain, were there creatures that existed from the Age of Emperor Collapse until now? It was hard to say.

Shi Hao left. He had undergone the torment of Immortal Breaking Curse again, moreover learned the Chaos Demonic Ape’s inheritance, making his strength advance!

When he returned to Stone Village, Shi Hao saw the Zhuyan Hairy Ball. It was currently tweaking its ears and scratching its cheeks, bitterly studying the Six Dao Reincarnations Great Method.

“You want to learn a great inheritance? There’s nothing more suitable for it than you.” Shi Hao smiled. He felt like the Zhuyan was most suitable for the Eight Nine Heavens Technique.

This technique was established by the ancestor of the Zhuyan and Chaos Demonic Ape to begin with, known as an unmatched technique!

“Sure, what method is most suitable for me?” The Zhuyan shouted.

“Do you have the most powerful Great Black Tortoise God Fist? I also want to learn!” Not far out, the big black turtle Third Blackie huddled over.

“Get out of here, stop being a nuisance!” Hairy Ball smacked it off to the side.

It had to be said that this method really was made for the Zhuyan race, it learned it extremely quickly. In the great wilderness, one could see a golden violent ape standing tall, roaring towards the heavens.

Originally, Hairy Ball wasn’t tall, yet now, even without displaying its magical projection in this world, it already towered between heaven and earth.

Once the Eight Nine Heavens Technique appeared, it surged with war intent, golden fur shining. Its eyes were burning, releasing brilliance like heavenly swords, piercing into the heavens, its aura powerful.

Shi Hao spent the following days passing on the method to the Zhuyan, not holding anything back.

During this period, he was also studying the True Phoenix Precious Technique, supervising the crimson dragon’s learning. He was still hoping for it to one day display the dragon and phoenix combined power unmatched great method!

The crimson dragon really worked hard, as if it was bathed in phoenix flames and being reborn. Dragon cries sounded again and again, phoenix figures everywhere, burning outer space until it was brilliant. Fiery light raged, the scene astonishing.

Shi Hao stopped here for several days, also carefully guiding the children’s cultivation, watching as they trained their strong and healthy bodies, far surpassing their parents, making him quite happy.

There was even less of a need to talk about the ‘seeds’ brought back from Desolate Border, they were stronger than even the elites fostered by long life families!

The tempering of fighting between life and death made these children learn the principle of only the strong could change their fate early. Moreover, they were the descendants of the seven kings, so powerful bloodlines flowed within their bodies.

Shi Hao believed that one day, this would be a powerful army of disciples that would follow him in the future!

“You need to be careful.” Yun Xi came to say her farewell, her beautiful eyes carrying worry, scared that he would run into anything unexpected in the higher realm.

Recently, Shi Hao had always been busy with cultivation, feeling like he neglected Celestial Clan’s pearl a bit. However, there was nothing he could do, his time was limited.

“You have to take care of yourself as well!” Shi Hao said, a sincere expression on his face.

However, his actions weren’t that dignified, giving Yun Xi a firm embrace, not letting go for a long time, leaving Yun Xi momentarily stupefied, and then she forcefully pushed him away.

“This is just my way of expressing my true feelings you know?” Shi Hao laughed loudly.

In the end, he left.

Shi Hao wanted to take a look around the higher realms. During these days, all types of signs showed that the higher realms would be extremely unstable.

He didn’t know that darkness had already begun to descend, only knowing that some mysterious ancient paths were going to appear, some unknown experts from the ancient times were returning.

He was a bit worried, after all, his grandfather and A’man were still by Immortal Tomb. There was a path over there that connected to who knew where, unknown as to what kind of existence was returning.

As the world changed, that path continued to exist, it wasn’t from this great era!

Shi Hao arrived at Heaven Domain, crossing this desolate region, heading towards the higher realms.

The stairs were extremely bleak, cobblestones appearing there. Shi Hao stepped on this mysterious ancient path, heading into the hidden clouds’ unknown.

Two months ago, this was where he came down from, he returned to the lower realm through Crucifix Yin Yang Earth.

This path was extremely dangerous, to cross it, one needed to be able to withstand tremendous pressure. Normally, no one was able to travel through, their bones easily crushed. Even if it was Shi Hao, someone as powerful as him, all of his bones were releasing noises.

This was a path that exceeded the limit. No matter who it was, when they came here, they would endure terrifying pressure exceeding their own cultivation levels.

The formless pressure was like a sea, crushing everything that tried to walk here!


Finally, Shi Hao succeeded. After walking for a long time, he arrived at Crucifix Yin Yang Earth again.

This was a gate. The moment he fiercely pushed it, irregular scenes appeared, two rivers intersecting, chaotic energy filling this place, time as if touching upon the everlasting.

Great yin and great yang appeared at the same time, intersecting, forming this gate!


Shi Hao rushed out, his body actually carrying blood, red color sprinkling out from the corners of his lips. He was injured. There weren’t many creatures who could walk through this path!

His eyes were deep. He believed that this path was safe enough, able to stop all forces.

“I’ve returned again.” Shi Hao sighed.

He hadn’t left for that long, yet so many things already happened. He was crippled by the ruined immortal, thus forced to return to the lower realms. There were many people who believed that he was already a nobody.

“Sooner or later, I will slaughter my way into Immortal Palace!”

“Right now, I am a Chaos Demonic Ape!” 

Shi Hao said. This time, he didn’t plan to expose his true self, after all, the ruined immortal was still alive, while he hadn’t reached that level yet.

Keeping a low profile, retreating and maintaining his guard was not a bad thing either, preventing him from constantly being targeted by others.

Pi pa noises continuously sounded, as if beans were fried, Shi Hao’s figure changed, becoming a tall and sturdy burly person, his height reaching a zhang.

After grasping the Eight Nine Heavens Technique, his grasp over the Seventy-Two Transformations was already near the point of perfection. He turned into someone else.

Shi Hao quickly left this place. These were ruins, a lonely and deserted land, no one paying attention to it.

He moved as fast as lightning, a pair of phoenix wings moving behind him. His speed defied normal reasoning, directly rushing in a certain direction, his destination -- Five Elements Province.

He entered Fiend Island, following the stream in the void, continuing forward. Along the way, Shi Hao frowned, because the curse power became even stronger than before.

At the end of the river was a great grave.

“Why is it like this?” Shi Hao was shocked. It was because the grave already became larger than before, towering into the clouds, exceeding the demonic mountains of archaic times.

While walking through this place, the curse power was so thick it didn’t dissolve, forming tangible ripples, hacking over like heavenly swords.

Under qiang qiang noises, sparks flew from Shi Hao’s body, his soul also moving. The curse power seeped into his bones, entering his soul, the destructive power several times that of the past.

He saw his own grandfather, and also saw A’man on the grave. They were still there, no changes happening to them, not in danger either, still experiencing transformations.

The two of them had their eyes closed, not moving at all, in a deep state of dao comprehension.

Shi Hao didn’t disturb them, but instead tried to enter the grave. Moreover, he called that strange fella made from rotting flesh, a creature born in this land of curses.

“You… came again.” That fella looked like he saw a ghost. It was all skin and bones, lacking life force. When it saw Shi Hao, it cried out in shock.

Shi Hao entered the grave with him, personally seeing that path, deeply concerned. The curse power came precisely from that path.

“It’s happening soon, the existence from that side is about to march into this great earth.” The old ghost said.

Shi Hao gave him a look, asking him about the concrete details regarding this place.

“Do not worry, your grandfather and that young lady are fine, becoming stronger and stronger. This is especially true for the latter. I believe that girl named A’man really is about to become someone chosen by that unmatched individual in that path.” The old ghost had a complicated expression on his face.

That path was blocked by a gate, however, he could still clearly sense some of the terrifying aura, as if there was a prehistoric giant beast ready to charge through at any time, one that couldn’t be stopped.

“Who is it exactly?” Shi Hao thought to himself.

An unmatched expert who had been divided into six pieces many great eras ago, separately sealed in long life medicine, rising and falling with the great ages.

Will that person appear again?

Or was this to say, the one who raised some True Phoenixes like chickens was going to appear?

Shi Hao left. Soon afterwards, he was shocked!

It was because he heard the news of darkness approaching, the entire world as if shrouded in darkness.

Spirit Realm was corroded, turning into darkness, moreover directly seeped into the real world. In just a few short days, fifteen provinces turned into lands of death!

This news was too shocking, immediately leaving Shi Hao stupefied when he heard this. Just how terrifying of a thing was this? How many creatures would lose their lives because of this?

There had never been such a terrible tragedy since the ancient times, at the very least not in this great era, never heard of.

Shi Hao moved, hurrying over. However, when he approached the land of darkness, there weren’t many people left, all those who could run already fled, because not fleeing meant death!

Scarlet land stretched for endless li, darkness shrouding everything.

Shi Hao was horrified. What kind of tragedy was this?


He was shocked. What was that? He saw something familiar!

Nine dragons pulled a bronze coffin, appearing here. Shi Hao was shocked. He actually saw these things here!

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