Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791 - The Beginning of Darkness

Shi Hao felt like his choice to return to the lower realms wasn’t a mistake, but rather a type of blessing!

Now, he grasped the True Phoenix Precious Technique and Grass Symbol Sword Art, which one of them wasn’t world shocking? They were all generation dominating great divine abilities, a single one of them able to overlook all under the heavens.

Now, he could even learn the Chaos Demonic Ape’s inheritance, another well-known ancient extreme technique that was definitely domineering and stunning. After all, as an expert that could stir up such great chaos in Immortal Domain, its secret method was definitely exceptional.

In the past, he had experienced all types of life and death struggles, and only then did he obtain the Lightning Emperor, Kun Peng, and Willow Deity Technique, these methods. Now, he had only been in the lower realms for a month or so, yet he already obtained several methods.

If he was to slaughter his way back into the higher realms, he didn’t even have to use his old secret methods, just what he learned recently was enough. He could completely change his identity.

Cosmos Lake flickered with brilliance, from time to time remaining clear, at times deep and mysterious.

In front of the thatched cottage, it was quiet. The lord of the restricted region sipped on some tea, a breeze blowing over. In the distance, divine medicines and long life medicine fragrance wafted through the air, producing an extremely harmonious and peaceful scene.

“In reality, the Zhuyan and Chaos Demonic Ape have a common ancestor, close to the human race. If one learns its method, comparatively, it shouldn’t be too difficult.” The lord of the restricted region said.

“The human race is close to them?” Shi Hao was stunned.

Soon afterwards, he calmed down, there wasn’t much to overthink.

“What do you wish to learn first? The Seventy-Two Transformations, or the Eight Nine Heavens Technique, or perhaps something else?” The lord of the restricted region asked.

“I already learned a bit of the Seventy-Two Transformations and Eight Nine Heavens Technique, I have learned another type as well, I don’t know if it is related to the Chaos Demonic Ape’s inheritance.” Shi Hao said.

Towards the Three Heads Six Arms, Seventy-Two Transformations and others, he had previously learned it from the Zhuyan. As for the Eight Nine Heavens Technique, he had previously learned it from Qi Daolin.

“Perform a bit of it for me to see.” The lord of the restricted region said.

Shi Hao immediately displayed them one after another. The Three Heads Six Arms and Seventy-Two Transformations were still alright, the general path not wrong, but it wasn’t precise enough, lacking some crucial points.

As for the Eight Nine Heavens Technique, according to what the lord of the restricted region said, it was far too superficial. The creator of this method definitely obtained a damaged source, and then integrated many other insights, and that was how this result came to be. Compared to a true heavenly art, it was too far off.

Shi Hao understood this. When Qi Daolin created this method, it was for the sake of replacing the Six Dao Reincarnations, because Supreme Hall’s inheritance had been lost.

The master that elder had previously bowed before and this sect’s method were lost, which forced him to patch together his own Eight Nine Heavens Technique.

Shi Hao began to study seriously, listening to what the lord of the restricted region taught, his understandings deep. Soon afterwards, he learned just how strong the Chaos Demonic Ape’s inheritance was!

“Strictly speaking, regardless of whether it is the Three Heads Six Arms or the Seventy-Two Transformations, it is all included in the Eight Nine Heavens Technique.” The lord of the restricted region explained.

The so-called Eight Nine Heavens Technique included the scriptures to support precious techniques, but it was more partial towards the methods unique to the Chaos Demonic Ape race. This was a set of ancient scriptures prepared for humanoid creatures.

Shi Hao felt more and more like it was extremely suitable for himself.

He immersed himself within, completely immersed, forgetting himself. After endless derivations, a humanoid creature appeared behind him, hair disheveled, releasing a roar, wishing to tear apart the heavens.

He was like a demonic ape, but also like a mad human who looked down on the world, wishing to slaughter all enemies in this world.

Warlike and aggressive!

After cultivating this technique, his entire being surged with fighting spirit, longing to go crazy in battle, fight all enemies to the end.

Shi Hao gained some enlightenment. No wonder the Chaos Demonic Ape lineage was especially hot-headed, the method they cultivated even made it impossible for them to spend their days peacefully, only through slaughter could they become stronger.

This technique was suited for slaughter, to move through turmoil, grind oneself further and further, continuously transform oneself, become stronger the more one fought.

He asked the lord of the restricted region about this, the answer he received about the same as he had suspected after all. The rise of the Chaos Demonic Ape was always in chaotic times, that was how their strength reached the peak.

Shi Hao studied bitterly, the so-called comprehending one method leads to proficiency in all techniques. He learned the Kun Peng Technique, Lightning Emperor Technique, and others, studied all types of extreme divine abilities, so studying another top level inheritance wouldn’t be too difficult.

Of course, the main thing was still because it was as if he was born to cultivate, possessing incomparable talent. Otherwise, other cultivators needed endless years to grasp an inheritance.

During this process, Shi Hao had previously tried to merge everything, integrate all types of methods, to have the Eight Nine Heavens Technique and Six Dao Reincarnations make up for each others’ weaknesses!

Only, he discovered that it was too difficult!

It was because these were world-shocking techniques, difficult for gaps to be found. They were already the most powerful extreme methods in this world to begin with. If one wished to integrate everything, it would definitely be more difficult than even scaling the heavens.

The lord of the restricted region saw his distressed appearance, saying, “If you really want to use their strengths to make up for each others’ weak points, it isn’t impossible. At that time, I reckon you will at least be standing at the peak of Immortal Dao as well.”

Shi Hao nodded. Not all things were better if they were combined. He still hadn’t reached that level. True Phoenix, Kun Peng, Lightning Emperor, Demonic Ape, Willow Deity, and others, which one of them were weak?

If he wanted to change their precious technique, that was the same as asking him to kill an undying existence right now!

Meanwhile, if he tried to reassemble the Suan Ni Precious Technique or Pixiu Precious Technique… he could naturally achieve this, it was on a whole different level.

“Top level precious techniques cannot be used to compensate for each others’ weaknesses like that, but merging them together and using it should be doable.”

Even now, three pairs of wings appeared behind Shi Hao, one pair made of lightning, one pair Kun Peng wings, one pair True Phoenix wings. He tested them out a bit, the results terrifying.

The lightning wings shook gently, lightning radiance surged like a sea, thunder berserk. Moreover, when the Kun Peng wings shook, the power surged ninety thousand li into the heavens, collapsing the void. When the True Phoenix wings moved, everything was shattered, nothing able to remain intact. Moreover, flames swallowed everything, within the flames was exuberant life force, the magical force exhausted would immediately be restored.

If the Grass Symbol Sword Art and others were added, then it would become even more extraordinary. Around him, stalk after stalk of grass took root in the air, all of them producing nine sword leaves. Sword energy immediately hacked everywhere!

When the Chaos Demonic Ape’s inheritance was integrated, Three Heads Six Arms appeared, all of the attacks increased in power. Not only did his limbs and others increase, even the wings and other parts had corresponding transformations.

Shi Hao was becoming stronger, establishing his supreme being foundation!

He continued to improve himself. After more than ten days passed, he already grasped the Demonic Ape bloodline’s inheritance. Once he headed back into the higher realms, it was equivalent to having a new identity and methods.

Grass Symbol Sword Art, True Phoenix Precious Technique, Demonic Ape inheritance, this was enough for him to dominate this world!

Two weeks later, the higher realms underwent great changes.

At first, some divine rainbows flew over from time to time, appearing above the Nine Heavens, and also flowing through the Ten Earths.

However, in the end, all of it merged into the three thousand provinces, ultimately entering Spirit Realm. That spiritual world erupted into commotion, undergoing great changes!


When the first miserable scream sounded, the higher realm was shaken.

In a certain region within Spirit Realm, the sacred became dark, the auspicious turning into a surging baleful aura.

In those regions, there were people who directly fell, their souls scattering, thus disappearing without a trace.

While many people couldn’t react in time, black mist surged, surrounding that region. Miserable screams rose and fell, immediately covering that place.

Soon afterwards, Spirit Realm became deathly still, no sounds left at all. There was only darkness spreading. In that instant, this place was devoured.

“The beginning of darkness, in the end, we still could not stop it!”

The voice of Cao Yusheng’s master could vaguely be heard from that place, carrying regret, as well as pain and unwillingness.

This matter naturally raised great waves. The three thousand provinces could not calm down, the Nine Heavens’ great families all as if they were facing great enemies, having a premonition that things were heading in an extremely bad direction.

That area of Spirit Realm became a place of death, no one able to approach it. Gloomy and pitch-black mist spread, as if the gates of hell had opened.

Then, something even more terrifying happened.

This region of Spirit Realm collapsed, black matter spilling outwards, corroding the real world, leaving people in confusion, shock, and horror. Many people were trembling.

“What is that?”

“The corrosion of darkness, you will definitely die if it touches you!”

A few people cried out in shock.

This region was precisely the edge of the three thousand provinces, within the uninhabited region.

Fortunately, there weren’t many creatures here, or else the losses would have been disastrous.

However, the speed of corrosion was extremely fast, as if a black sea was surging, engulfing the three thousand provinces. In just a day, all of the areas near the border were swallowed.

In this place, as long as one was surrounded by darkness, all creatures would become quiet.

“Dead, they're all dead, not a single one escaped!” A creature cried out. He was a survivor, but even though he ran out, there were veins popping on his forehead, his face ash-colored. He quickly dropped from the sky, dying just like that.

There was someone who went over to examine him, discovering that his primordial spirit had scattered, as if it had been completely erased, disappearing without a trace. However, his body was perfectly fine, not having the slightest injury.

The disaster was behind them. A strand of death energy rose from that person’s body, filling this place with inauspiciousness. Then, darkness spread.


Miserable screams sounded continuously, the nearby creatures all lost their lives in succession.

This type of demonic change was too terrifying, as if a plague was spreading, creating an unprecedented disaster!

“The beginning of darkness! A new great era is coming!” Someone sighed, the voice aged, carrying a sense of powerlessness. The voice was full of pain, unwillingness, and regret.

In just a single day, two provinces disappeared, swallowed by darkness, becoming deathly still.

This plague was still spreading at an astonishing speed!

The three thousand provinces became completely chaotic. This was a world ending disaster!

All of the inheritances were fleeing frantically, there was simply no way of withstanding this.

In the Nine Heavens above, the various clans all panicked. They couldn’t figure out what this was, why it was like this!

Even though it hadn’t affected them, the Nine Heavens’ clans made preparations ahead of time. Which one of them didn’t want to enter Immortal Domain?

“I fear that it is impossible, only the clans of those unmatched seeds  that have been chosen have the qualifications of entering Immortal Domain.”

The Nine Heavens above became chaotic. Even Heaven Mending Dao, Xu Family, Wang family, and other long life families or long life imperial courts couldn’t remain calm. All of them were trying to figure out a method to enter Immortal Domain, leave this world.

“Our ancestors are from Immortal Domain, perhaps my Wang Family has quite the footing in Immortal Domain. Last time, we have already tried to contact the Wang Family on the other side through the emissary, we can just await news now!”

“Rumor has it that my clan has a great foundation in Immortal Domain, that we are only a branch left in this realm. There is no need to be scared, we might be able to all head into Immortal Domain!” Within another long life family, the clan’s oldest creature said, revealing this secret.

All of the clans were trying to find a way, all of them working hard, wishing to get away from this calamity.

As for Yue Chan, Jin Zhan, Princess Yao Yue, Dual-Pupils, Exiled Immortal, and the others, they all became geniuses the various clans desired. It was because with unmatched seeds, there was a chance of some of their clansmen entering Immortal Domain.

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