Chapter 1790

Chapter 1790 - Strange Changes

Three divine rainbows appeared in the sky, descending from outer space, connected to the three thousand provinces like bridges.

Then, they extended outwards, assimilating into Spirit Realm from the real world.

Many people were shocked when they saw this scene. What was going on?

These were rainbows without any base, no source in sight. It was because they were flying over, not extending from the distance.

They undulated like ripples, as if they were raised by a wind. There were no changes that could be seen at first.

“Not good!”

That day, in a certain ancient land, an elder woke up, standing up, his body shaking, looking towards a certain direction.

He was Cao Yusheng’s elder, someone who spent most of his days asleep, not paying the world’s matters much attention.

However, that day, he was roused awake.

“Master, what’s wrong?”

Cao Yusheng just happened to be nearby, making a rare visit back. When he saw his master like this, he revealed an expression of shock.

“There are changes happening to the world, there are going to be great problems!” The elder sighed.

His body was extremely weak, a gust of wind enough to knock him down. Originally, Cao Yusheng felt like his master was definitely incomparably powerful, only later did he find out his master’s strength was already declining.

Perhaps the only thing this master was still good at was his spirituality, able to deduce some twists of fate.

Only, these could only reveal a corner of the future. Nothing he did could change anything, he was completely helpless. Before he could truly reveal everything, he would have already turned to ashes.

The reason why he fell to his current state was precisely because he continuously divulged the will of heaven.

Of course, this was also related to the past battle crippling his body.

“You asked me about that friend of yours named Huang, I am unable to deduce anything. For things related to him, it is best if you don’t ask. If you want this master of yours to live for a few more years, then don’t bring it up again.”

The elder said this, and then he went up the mountain with extreme difficulty, slowly. He looked towards a certain direction, his face full of worry.

“Brat, when I die, cremate my body and scatter it across the sea. Don’t you dare set up any grave for me!” The elder warned.

“Master, what are you saying? You… don’t scare me.” Cao Yusheng’s expression turned pale, feeling like his master was already making preparations for his departure. Could it be that he really didn’t have much time left?

“Just do as I say. When that day really comes, use that pill furnace I left for you to burn me,or else you might not completely burn through everything.” The elder said.

Cao Yusheng felt more and more uneasy. “Master, even if things seem bad, why does your body need to be burned?”

“It is because I am scared that my corpse will develop sentience, become something I don’t recognize!” The elder said, and then he added. “I truly am tired of living, don’t want to mysteriously turn into anything else anymore.”

“When only a corpse remains, the body will be yours, but the mind won’t?” Cao Yusheng asked.


“Master, just what kind of identity do you have exactly? Why are you so worried?” Cao Yusheng always wanted to ask this, but he didn’t dare before.

“Back then, I was also a powerful individual of my generation from the Black Tortoise Clan. I experienced too many things, missed out on too much, still have too many regrets.” The elder said.

Cao Yusheng widened his mouth in shock. He thought of some matters. In the past, when they faced off in Great Scarlet Sky Border, there was a tortoiseshell that was used to choose opponents, this was originally a divination magical artifact from the Nine Heavens’ side.

Moreover, during the last phase of Immortal Ancient, immortal kings faced undying kings, also using this tortoiseshell to choose opponents. That was a great event recorded down in history.

“That tortoiseshell came from me.” The elder said.

Cao Yusheng was shocked. His master’s origins were too great. That tortoiseshell was well-known even during Immortal Ancient years, yet now, he was still alive.

“Master, don’t blame yourself. Back then, when the immortal tortoiseshell was used by immortal kings to choose opponents, it wasn’t you who was wrong, but rather the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ creatures really being unable to defeat the other side’s creatures.”

The elder released a sigh, not saying anything.

“Master, what are you worried about? Are there any problems?” Cao Yusheng asked. Today, his master was too strange. He said so much, even revealing his identity.

“My flesh has already been ruined, too many natural laws from the enemy binding around it, now already without much fighting strength, only my divine will still strong enough. I have always been guarding a path, and now, it has moved. The dark general will open a corner, I have to set out to a place.”

When he spoke up to here, he looked at Cao Yusheng and said, “If I do not return within three years, then burn my body, take care to use the pill furnace flame I left behind, the other flames won’t be able to destroy my body.”

With a chi sound, a streak of light left the crown of his head. If one looked carefully, this was a black tortoise, dazzling and brilliant, rushing into the distance.

“If the great era of darkness begins because of this, then this era will come to a close.” These were the last words Cao Yusheng’s master had for him, and then his primordial spirit disappeared into the limits of the horizon.

At the same time, in a certain place within the three thousand provinces, the nine dragons pulling an ancient coffin appeared, bringing with it primal chaos and immortal flames, releasing great brilliance.

It already disappeared far away enough. Shi Hao had been searching for it the entire time, but didn’t find it.

Today, it appeared again.

Chi chi chi!

Spheres of light appeared inside the coffin. There were human form ones, beasts, immortal birds, all of them moving. Then, they headed in a certain direction, leaving the bronze coffin.

“Dao friends, wait for me.” Cao Yusheng’s master came, shouting from the back.

“You all have left before me, only ruined souls left, not having your own wills, stopping that path under the spur of natural laws. Today, I will accompany you all!”

If Shi Hao was here, he would be able to recognize some of them, at the very least feel that they were familiar.

It was because in the past, he had seen them before. More than ten figures rushed towards Desolate Border as the bronze coffin flew out.

Now, those figures reappeared, still the same individuals, included among them were Great Scarlet Sky Lord, Qing Yu Sky Lord, and others, all of their origins terrifyingly great, outstanding and brilliant sect heads from the past great era.

Back then, they had all achieved immortality. These were the well-known immortal kings!

It was clear that after leaving the bronze coffin for many years, heading out to Desolate Border, they returned again. Meanwhile, this time, they began to move again, extremely stunning, disappearing forever.

“Dao friends, let’s all be buried together.” Cao Yusheng’s master said.

Inside Void God Realm, Shi Hao was not aware what was going on. He had been sharpening himself this entire time, fighting intensely against the stone statues, going crazy from slaughter, bathed in blood as he comprehended all types of methods.

The benefits he could obtain from this place were tremendous, his dao foundation becoming even sturdier, accumulating dao results, hoping to one day rush into the heavens.

In the end, Shi Hao headed deeper into the prison, facing off against the palms, claws, and other things reaching out from the containers, fighting intensely, blood gushing everywhere.

Several days later, Shi Hao withdrew with serious injuries, backing out. Even though this place was too dangerous, for his dao results and comprehension, these injuries were definitely worth it as the price.

Shi Hao felt that this was building a supreme being foundation. If one doesn’t undergo this type of life and death torment, how can one break through the Self Release Realm, reign supreme under the heavens?

One had to understand that the rise of any supreme being needed one to undergo endless great battles, all the way until they could dominate the world under the heavens, become invincible, no longer anyone able to defy them.

Supreme being dao foundation, this was something that had to be slowly forged!

Shi Hao left Void God Realm, nursing himself for many days, and only then did his primordial spirit recover. He sensed that his divine consciousness was becoming sturdier, that he was becoming much stronger!

“As expected, the supreme being dao foundation is precisely like this, the more one is repressed, the more dominant, the more powerful it will become!”

Shi Hao said. He was deliberately walking that path. He had just began taking steps, but he already experienced all different things the rumors stated.

He didn’t immediately head over to Void God Realm, instead heading to the eight regions’ Heaven Region, wishing to pay the lord of that restricted region a visit.

The remains were still there, everything still that bleak.

In the distance, he saw a snow-white and ruined skull belonging to that lord of the restricted region. An existence this powerful also had the day he fell.

Soon afterwards, the scene changed. A cosmos lake appeared, clean and pure like sapphire. There was a thatched cottage by the lakeside as well.

“You came.” A white-clothed male whose complexion was fine like jade was sitting there with a smile on his face.

“Senior, I wish for some divine abilities that are comparable to the Kun Peng Precious Technique and others.” Shi Hao pleaded.

Even though the lord of the restricted region had said before that he wouldn’t teach any more methods, that he had to pursue his own path, Shi Hao still couldn’t help but want to learn something.


“I do not wish to rely on those precious techniques’ power, but rather to use them in place of some divine abilities that I am temporarily unable to display.” Shi Hao said.

He was extremely direct, stating his current difficulties and needs.

“I feel like things aren’t quite right. Immortal Domain is sending out war generals, wishing to seal some special places in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, thus making me feel like the great era of darkness is approaching. I wish to take a look around some places one last time.”

Unfortunately, everyone knew that Huang was crippled. If he went up and still used the same precious techniques from before, he would immediately be recognized.

“Oh? Do tell, what has been going on in the outside world recently.” The lord of the restricted region asked.

“What I know was only learned from a war general sent from Immortal Domain…” Shi Hao told him everything.

“It seems like things truly are about to become chaotic. Is darkness about to begin?” The lord of the restricted region frowned. In the end, he nodded, agreeing to his request.

However, before that, Shi Hao was tossed into an ancient palace again. The Immortal Breaking Curse flared out, the suffering placing him between life and death, in so much pain he wished he was dead.

“This is all on the premise that you can stop the corrosion of the Immortal Breaking Curse, forge a miracle. Otherwise, it would all be for naught!” The lord of the restricted region said indifferently.

Three days later, Shi Hao broke free, almost ruined. However, he still made it through in the end.

“What do you wish to learn?” The lord of the restricted region asked.

Shi Hao thought to himself. He obtained the Grass Symbol Sword Art in the lower realms, as well as the True Phoenix Precious Technique, this was already enough for him to dominate all under the heavens.

However, everyone in the higher realms thought that he was the Chaos Demonic Ape, so Shi Hao felt like if he didn’t want to expose himself, it was best if he learned this clan’s divine ability.

“You really are quite good at picking. I just happen to grasp the Chaos Demonic Ape’s inheritance!” The lord of the restricted region said.

According to what he said, this clan was exceptionally powerful, having a great reputation even in Immortal Domain. Their numbers were few, but not many dared provoke them.

Shi Hao already heard that a Chaos Demonic Ape had previously almost overturned Immortal Domain, so there was naturally a reason for why it was so terrifying.

“This clan’s most well-known extreme art, is known as the Eight Nine Heavens Technique.” The lord of the restricted region explained.

He then continued, “In reality, the Zhuyan and Chaos Demonic Ape both came from the same ancestor. This clan, apart from having the Seventy-Two Transformations, also has the Eight Nine Heavens Technique, a truly world-shocking method.”

“I want to learn it!” Shi Hao’s eyes shone.

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