Chapter 1789

Chapter 1789 - Method Storage Land

Shi Hao’s entire body felt peaceful. After giving the war general a beating, he felt refreshed, all of his pores opening, becoming completely relaxed.

His appearance made the war general annoyed from just a single look. This really was a good-for-nothing! He really wanted to smack this kid, let him understand how brilliant flowers were, how dazzling the radiance in the skies was.

Unfortunately, what awaited him were only dark clouds. Shi Hao’s foot crushed down on his body, starting to search his entire body, seizing all things of value.

In the end, the war general wanted to cry. All of the armor on him was stripped, that savage demonic ape said he wanted to study it, see if Immortal Domain’s symbols were different.

Shi Hao lowered his head, looking at him. His finger pointed out, about to end the war general’s life, immediately leaving him horrified.

“I don’t know what kind of species this is…” He muttered there.

A layer of goosebumps covered the war general’s body, fine hairs standing on end. This time, he could no longer remain calm, immediately becoming weak. He immediately stated that he had a portion of human race bloodline.

“I am part human!”

When he heard these rushed words, apart from Shi Hao’s face darkening, the crimson dragon laughed, Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder also laughing.

“Master, your reputation has spread throughout the higher realms! It was definitely that Immortal Domain emissary who told him that apart from those that are human form, you eat them all!”

Haha…” Bird Grandpa roared with laughter.

“You really are humanoid?” Shi Hao was unwilling to give up, staring at the war general.

“I have one-fourth human race blood, really am humanoid!” The war general began to panic.

“Then I’ll just directly kill and bury you!” Shi Hao said.

“No! I’ll tell you a secret! You cannot kill me!” The war general said.

He didn’t waste any time, clearly telling Shi Hao that he came with some type of purpose, that the decree was just a cover.

“I came for Void God Realm’s deepest prison!” He was extremely direct, stating the truth.

Behind the war general was that young great one, his clan’s leader known as one of Immortal Domain’s most powerful creatures, skills heaven reaching and earth moving, unrivalled.

This so-called young great one learned many secrets from the family, knowing that Void God Realm had something formidable, insisting on coming here and acquiring it.

“What does he know?” Shi Hao’s expression became ugly.

“The prison, great vicious beings!” The war general replied.

“What does he really want?”

“All types of methods, he wants to use them to complete his unmatched path.” This war general knew a bit more than Xu Hui, Yi Luo, and the others after all, but it was still only this much.

This information was extremely shocking.

According to what he said, Void God Realm locked up some unimaginable great vicious beings, hard to say just which age they came from. They grasped all types of lost ancient methods!

That young great one, even if one didn’t say that he could dominate his generation, completely unmatched, it was pretty close. What he pursued was a path of transcendence, wishing to surpass his father, his ancestors.

After mastering all of his clan’s inheritances, he began to integrate the techniques of other clans. He continued this all this time, striving to achieve his goals. His cultivation now reached an inconceivable degree.

When he heard that there were quite a few great methods lost in inheritance within Void God Realm, he was naturally moved, not willing to miss out. He wanted to merge them with his own path, and from this, exceed his clan’s lords.

He didn’t aim to go after those who might become the strongest, but rather wished to exceed Immortal Domain’s current number one.

When Shi Hao heard this, his brows furrowed. This opponent he still hadn’t met yet was extremely strong, stronger than what he anticipated. If he truly ran into him, then there might be an extremely intense battle!

Bird Grandpa said, “Striving towards a target exceeding one’s own generation, this I agree with, perhaps it can be achieved. However, to wish to surpass the most powerful creatures, become Immortal Domain’s number one, towards that, I can only laugh. After so much time passed, the years changing, great eras rose and fall, the most powerful have almost never changed, always those individuals.”

Wu, I recalled some things. As the years pass, experiencing the ebb and flow of time, new life coming and going, great eras have alternated many times, yet those creatures have still towered without faltering. They aren’t that easy to shake.” Coin Elder also said.

The war general nodded. Even though he was taken prisoner, he had to admit that what these two said was reasonable. Within what Immortal Domain knew, those most ancient inheritances were most powerful, but there were even greater territories that hadn’t been explored yet.

“Do that brat’s seniors know about his ultimate ambitions?” Shi Hao asked.

“They do not!” The war general answered in a definite manner.

It was because that family’s inheritor had been warning him repeatedly not to leak this information out, that he couldn’t tell the clan’s seniors.

“Letting him repeatedly provoke trouble isn’t a solution either. Bring back a letter and give it to his seniors, they will naturally understand once they see it, stop their child from investigating these things. If you continue to hide this stuff, once his clansmen find out, you will definitely die without a burial ground!” Shi Hao said.

What he said wasn’t an empty threat, this was a place only Immortal Domain’s most ancient existences knew about, a forbidden land that couldn’t be explored. All who investigated would be arrested.

The war general's face turned pale. He naturally vaguely knew that he had violated a taboo.

Then, Bird Grandpa personally drafted up a letter, having him bring it back to those inheritances’ seniors.

“If that brat wants to cause trouble again, have him come himself. We’ll just throw him straight into the prison, lock him up forever.” Shi Hao said.

The war general left, his mind dispirited. He had never faced this type of setback his entire life. This experience made him feel as if his entire life was now covered in dark clouds, incomparably gloomy.

“Master, weren’t you going to test some things out?” The crimson dragon reminded.

“Go back first.” Shi Hao smacked him. Then, he turned around, telling Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder that he was heading to the prison, truly going all out for a bit.

The two elders didn’t agree at first. That place was a forbidden area that couldn’t be entered.

However, what Shi Hao said still made sense. There were some people among Immortal Domain’s seniors who were unsettled, they would come down sooner or later. They might as well let him look around for a bit first.

Only after truly understanding that place would they have an effective method of dealing with them.

Several hours later, Shi Hao appeared in this restricted region. The black hall was extremely quiet. The stone statues all had chains binding them, tightly restricted.

Meanwhile, further inside were altars, an ancient container with a seal applied on each of them, unknown which era they had existed since.

This time, Shi Hao faced one of the stone statues, continuously taking action. In an instant, the stone statue suddenly opened its eyes, reaching out a stone hand, grabbing towards him.


Shi Hao roared out. The Grass Symbol Sword Art erupted, cleaving outwards without any restraint.

In an instant, heaven and earth overturned, sword energy everywhere, submerging this place. Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder’s expressions immediately changed.

They felt that Shi Hao wasn’t full of nonsense after all, this type of sword art needed to be sharpened in this type of place, needed the most powerful opponent to perfect.

This battle was world-shaking.


Crazy winds swept about. The other stone sculptures all revived as well, taking action together, grabbing towards Shi Hao. It looked simple, but between the palms and fingers were a myriad of changes, all types of secret techniques and methods.

This scene was extremely terrifying, as if some matchless experts revived, crossing over from the most ancient worlds, passing over time, appearing in this world.

This was a heaven shocking battle!

Shi Hao had never experienced a battle as difficult as this one, fighting intensely, bathed in blood as he went mad.

“This is precisely it!” He roared out.

If it was a battle at the same level, he couldn’t go all out against others, but here, he didn’t have to worry, because those stone statues were all too powerful.

“Can one of the stone statues’ chains be undone, let me fight a bloody battle against him?!” Shi Hao asked.

He was now truly stirred up, wishing to fight without restraint.

“Do not joke around!” Coin Elder warned.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything else. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to convince those two old fellas.


In the end, he directly used the Six Dao Reincarnation great method, supporting the Kun Peng, Lightning Emperor, True Phoenix, Willow Deity, and the other most powerful precious techniques, fighting at the very peak.

This time, even those stone statues seemed to have become a bit angry, wishing to break the divine chains of order, suppress and kill Shi Hao.

Their eyes opened, the scenes of great eras being destroyed appearing in their eyes, just too terrifying. With a raise of their hands, it was as if the endless past could be seen, the great stone hands crushing great worlds, no one able to resist.

Those great hands moved together to suppress him. The pressure increased, making Shi Hao couldn’t help but roar out, feeling more and more unrestrained.

Even though he was bleeding, even though he was heavily injured, this battle still made him feel extremely excited. Even though there was danger to his life several times, he still laughed in a liberated manner.

Even though he was injured, his benefits were tremendous.

In this battle, he saw a portion of the trajectory of experts at this level, seizing some hints for his future cultivation direction.

Before some natural laws, in front of the highest order, the rough direction could be used as a reference. He didn’t have to directly comply, but understanding and experiencing it still possessed great significance.

After several days had passed, Shi Hao immersing himself in this, he felt like this place was a treasury, storing all types of lost techniques, granting him endless enlightenment.

It really could be called a ‘Method Storage Land’!

There were secret techniques hidden here, containing all types of ancient methods. Shi Hao comprehended some things by analogy, grasping their essence, bringing tremendous benefits to his own cultivation.

While Shi Hao was cultivating, some astonishing changes were currently happening in the outside world!

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