Chapter 1788

Chapter 1788 - Sullen War General

“What are you screaming about, making all that noise for? If you dare continue acting cockily, I am going to beat the shit out of you!” Shi Hao berated.

The war general was about to go mad. He was smacked around by a shoe for no good reason, this was the greatest misfortune and humiliation he had experienced in his entire life! He had never thought that he would experience something like this.

He had never heard of someone removing their shoe during an intense battle, smacking the other side until their mouth and nose became crooked, this… was just too savage, even more so humiliating!

This was the first time he experienced something like this, angering him until his entire body was shuddering, smoke coming out of his mouth and nose, flames surging. He truly couldn’t take it.

The most hateful thing was that there was no way of communicating with the main offender. He didn’t listen to anything, not saying a word, just directly beating him.

He had never met such a hateful enemy before. He didn’t care about any face, directly removing his shoe and smacking his face. This type of experience was something he never wanted to recall for the rest of his life.

“Get off me!” The war general roared out.

He did everything he could, going all out, entire body erupting with brilliance, displaying a type of ancient heavenly art. Precious techniques erupted, streak after streak surging, engulfing towards Shi Hao.

The war general was now truly angered, using a powerful ancient heavenly art to stake it all against Shi Hao.

However, what left him panicked and shocked was that this young demonic ape wasn’t scared at all. His body also shone, six streaks of light flying out, scattering his heavenly art.

It was clear that this was a type of ancient heavenly art as well, moreover even more formidable than what he displayed. It was activated after his, yet it was more powerful, impossible to face!

“Brat, are you still not giving up?”

That youngster said again, almost driving the old war general mad. Not being able to communicate was one thing, yet the other party’s words were still so sharp. Just how old was he? Yet he was called a brat, this truly was beyond what he could tolerate.

Moreover, he could tell that this youngster’s manner of mocking was extremely smooth and natural, as if this was how he often spoke, that it couldn’t be any more normal for him.

It was precisely just that natural and normal that left the war general even more resentful. Before this youngster who didn’t have any apprehension, a bit rash youngster, he wanted to cry, now completely not having any temper left.

Then, the war general saw a foot, completely bare, no shoe covering it, descending. It went straight towards his face, impossible to avoid even if he wanted to.

Ah…” He immediately screamed miserably. This wasn’t out of pain, it actually didn’t really hurt, this came from the loss of pride.

That foot landed on his face just like that, seemingly even carrying a bit of a smell, he really couldn’t take this anymore. For someone of his level, they all had a certain level of obsession with cleanliness. Now, he truly felt even worse than if he was killed.

“What are you squealing for?” Shi Hao berated, just finding this war general unsightly, too noisy, going on and on without end. However, he never bothered to wonder how the war general was feeling right now, how could he be blamed for screaming out?

Pa pa pa!

He raised the sole of his feet, still bare, trampling on the war general’s face, extremely forceful. In the end he finally vented out some of his resentment, feeling refreshed.

When he looked down again, the war general’s face was ashen, eyes already like blades, teeth clenched in hatred, hair all standing on end.

“What, why is your mouth twitching, releasing white foam? Is it because you are hurt, or do you hate my foot’s smell?” Shi Hao lowered his head. After giving him a look, a look of happiness appeared on his face.

The war general was originally weak and without strength, but when he heard this, he was angered to the point where he almost exploded, struggling to sit up. He really was angered beyond what he could tolerate.

“Dragon kid, did I accidentally step on your dragon poo, and that is why this war general is so upset?” Shi Hao turned around to look at his disciple.

The crimson dragon was angered badly. This cheap master was too shameless, actually not wanting any face at all, making it sound like he just threw his poo everywhere. He was absolutely furious!

“Master, you came all the way here across the bloody marsh, stepping on bloody paste this entire time, all of those things the rotted corpses of the deceased…” Ge Gu said through clenched teeth.

Before he finished, the war general vomited. Having his face trampled on was one thing, what was this other nonsense?

“What are you trying to say?” Shi Hao became unhappy, giving the general a few more kicks.

Then, he turned around, ordering the crimson dragon, “Dragon kid, read the decree, pass on master’s will to this commoner.”

The crimson dragon really was irritated. This scoundrel master was too good at putting on airs, was he really going to pass down a so-called decree in such an ostentatious manner?

As for the war general, he became stupefied. He felt like the other party was mistaken, it was him who should be listening to a decree being read.

“You are wrong, the decree is on me, let me get up, and then you can receive the decree.” The war general said, telling Shi Hao out of good intentions that the decree was on him.

“There is nothing wrong, this is my decree. You still aren’t going to kneel and accept it?” Shi Hao shot him a look, saying in an indifferent manner.


When the war general heard this, he was first stupefied, and then he was humiliated, completely becoming furious.

What was going on? He came to pass on a decree, yet in the end, because of the lower realms’ great vicious being’s rage, it didn’t accept it at all, instead giving him a great beating. Then, it instead had him receive its decree, having him kneel and receive it.

The war general grinded his teeth. This thing was completely flipped, completely mocking him. He was clearly the one who should be reading the decree, that great vicious being the one who received it.

“This is angering me to death!” He roared out in fury.

“Hurry up and receive the decree! Dragon kid, begin!” Shi Hao urged.

The war general’s face became completely green. There was no day worse than today, pitch black and dark. He felt like the skies of his life were becoming overcast!

“Respects to the heavens, bearing the calling of fate, the Demonic Ape imperial order has declared…” The dragon kid began to read the decree.

In the end, he was smacked by Shi Hao, nitpicking that this decree wasn’t written domineeringly enough, that the style of wording was too soft. However, in the end, he still had him finish reading.

He had never seen a scene like this before. The war general felt like his beliefs were all crumbling. He was forced to receive this decree even when he didn’t want to. In the end, Shi Hao stepped on his head while forcing him to listen.

“Do you remember everything clearly now? Go back and tell those Immortal Domain things to not bother me for no reason. If you provoke me, this divine monarch will skin you all alive!” Shi Hao said.

“Do you know who was the one who issued this decree?!” The war general was shocked.

“Isn’t it just that so-called young great one who pretended to be someone else? Three of that bastard’s underlings were already dealt with by me, he only had this bit of ability. If he has the skills, then he can make a trip himself. He can catch these hands, I’ll knock him out with just a single smack, see if he still dares provoke me.” Shi Hao said.

The war general was completely stupefied.

Dragon kid finished reading the decree, handing it into the war general’s hands, having him kowtow in thanks.

Shi Hao then went over, personally fishing out a decree from the war general, knowing with a single look that it was that young great one’s style, telling him to release Yi Hai, Xu Hui, and Yi Luo, or else he was bringing a calamity onto himself.

“You still dare threaten me?” After Shi Hao read this, he directly crumbled this decree, throwing it onto the ground, stepping on it.

“He even dares have me kneel and accept this decree?” Shi Hao laughed coldly. That young great one’s manners were really too insolent.

Earlier, he wasn’t a hundred percent sure, just suspecting who it was that was provoking him. Now, it was confirmed that it was precisely that young great one, so he naturally didn’t have a good reaction.


Shi Hao kicked the war general flying.

“Even a good-for-nothing like you dares challenge me? Go back and tell your prince that he is courting death!” Shi Hao said.


Suddenly, the war general erupted, leaping out. This time, he displayed a divine ability, releasing all of his magical techniques.

Of course, this time, he used his ancient heavenly art, directly reaching the extreme to suppress Shi Hao. He was unwilling to accept this, because his cultivation skills were extremely high, true strength great, yet he was left in such a miserable state.

Shi Hao fought with him again, using a series of powerful methods, moreover testing out the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art.

However, when he supported his precious techniques with the heavenly art, he didn’t use the six most powerful types of secret methods, using the Suan Ni and Luan Clan secret techniques instead.

After fighting for a bit, this war general nursed a grievance once again, beaten down by Shi Hao, sent flying outwards, coughing out blood. He was so shocked his heart went cold, he wasn’t a match for the other party at all.

“You really lack the heart of a fighter, unable to take a beating!” Shi Hao said narcissitically, stepping on the war general.

In the distance, both Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder watched everything. The two old fellas looked at each other in dismay, extremely speechless.

“Didn’t you want to test out your sword?”

“Didn’t I already test things out?” Shi Hao said.

This was a battle at the same level, the war general not at his original cultivation level, could this still be considered a fight, a test? The two old fellas really were speechless.

“Come, accept my testing!” Shi Hao’s face didn’t have any shame, taking action again.

The war general’s armor was blasted to pieces, flying everywhere. He was heavily injured, laying on the ground, unable to even move.

“This won’t do, you’re too weak, basically like a little chick, can’t even take a single hit. Could it be that I really am unmatched under the heavens already?” Shi Hao said cockily.

Nor far out, the crimson dragon rolled his eyes, silently cursing. If you had the skills, then go and fight with those at the peak of supreme being level, what are you showing off here for.

“You… can go to hell!” The war general was angered beyond the limit, driven mad from resentment.

He felt like he really was too sullen. He was clearly high up above, coming with Immortal Domain’s decree, he should have been treated respectfully.

Yet in the end, he was stepped on here, beaten viciously, forced to receive a decree instead. This really was too much, leaving him too sullen.

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