Chapter 1787

Chapter 1787 - Arrogant and Bossy

Testing things out?

The two elders rolled their eyes at him. Testing out some things? What kind of nonsense was he spouting?!

“What are you two trying to say? What kind of expression is that?” Shi Hao was rather annoyed, glaring at those two old fellas.

“Youngster, is that how you should speak to us?” Bird Grandpa’s beard even began to curl.

“Stop being all cocky.” Shi Hao said indifferently.

Heh, you little brat, you really don’t know how to talk properly. How about I just throw you into an immortal dao demon refinement land, suppress you for for a few eras, turn you into a clump of blood?!” Bird Grandpa shot him a look.

“Stop saying useless things and make arrangements for me, I want to beat up that fella who dares mock my dignity. Since he dares challenge me, then he should have set the resolution to get beaten.” Shi Hao said boldly.

The two elders glared at him. He was just a Self Release Realm cultivator, yet he dared to compete with an Immortal Domain guest at the very peak of Mortal Dao?! Were you looking for trouble, wishing to get beat up?

“Hurry up, I don’t have that much time to waste!”

“Alright, if you really are looking for misfortune, then just go!” Coin Elder said.

The area around the realm gate was extremely loud. During these past few days, there were giant noises that continuously sounded, someone bombaring the gates. This place rumbled with noise, lightning flashing and thunder rumbling here from time to time.

“Open the gates!” Shi Hao waved his hand, having Bird Grandpa open the gate, looking rather imposing and powerful.

“Dragon brat, come over.” He waved his hand, having the crimson dragon come over, calmly saying, “Draft a decree in master’s place.”

Ge Gu really was furious! What dragon brat, these two words produced a layer of goosebumps all over his body. Which bastard was it that came up with this first? It seemed like that fatty called Cao Yusheng, or maybe it was that golden ant?

“What, did you not hear your master’s words?” Shi Hao shot him a look of disdain.

The crimson dragon reluctantly proceeded, cursing silently. Draft a decree in my place? Who do you think you are? Aren’t you showing off too much? It’s not like you were some immortal monarch!

Even Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder couldn’t continue watching this, both of them shooting him sidelong glances, almost pointing at his nose and looking at him in disdain. He was so young, what kind of airs was he putting on?

“When one is arrogant and cocky, there really are too many problems!” This was what Coin Elder said.

The crimson dragon nodded his head fiercely, agreeing too much. He felt like his cheap master had to be put in his place by people like these two old things.

“What are you nodding for? Are you disobeying your master? Hurry up and write a decree!” Shi Hao smacked the crimson dragon’s head, and then said to those two old fellas, “That person came from Immortal Domain, didn’t he bring a decree with him? What right does he have to think that he is superior to others? I am also going to throw a decree at him.”

The two elders still knew what he was feeling. This person held a grudge, extremely irritated by Immortal Domain creatures’ overbearingness, disgusted with their behavior.

The crimson dragon also became quiet. This cheap master of his really couldn’t be provoked.

With a dong sound, a crack appeared in the realm gate. Shi Hao began to shout out, saying, “Seniors, watch carefully. If the situation seems off, hurry and bring us to an arena where we can fight at the same level!”

“Didn’t you want to teach him a lesson?” Bird Grandpa rolled his eyes.

“What if I end up being taught a lesson by him?” Shi Hao said, not feeling any shame.

“Then you still have the nerve to say you wanted to test things out, challenge him?”

Shi Hao’s skin really was extremely thick, not feeling ashamed at all, braze and direct. “Beating him isn’t a big deal, I just wanted a bit of insurance.”


The realm gate’s crack became larger. The other side’s creature couldn’t wait any longer, a fist smashing out, the noise deafening, directly smashing aside the great gates.

In an instant, primal chaos surged, pouring over, sending the crimson dragon flying.

“You all dared neglect me, not opening these gates for so long. Are you looking down on Immortal Domain?” This was a war general, his cultivation level extremely high.

However, he was the one with the lowest level among the war generals who came from Immortal Domain this time, still at the Mortal Dao level, not stepping into the Immortal Dao Domain.

“You, hurry up and call that Chaos Demonic Ape over, have him respectfully receive the decree!” He saw the crimson dragon closest to him, pointing at him, ordering him to bring someone.

The crimson dragon’s teeth were clenched to the point where they were sore. Being sent backwards by primal chaos was one thing, yet as soon as this creature came, he already displayed such a lofty attitude, bossy and arrogant, truly leaving it resentful.

“Do you have ears? Why aren’t you moving yet? Have that Chaos Demonic Ape hurry and kneel, accept the decree!” This war general shouted.

In reality, he already saw Shi Hao, Bird Grandpa, and Coin Elder who weren’t far off, yet he still spoke like this, doing this out of arrogance and to test things out.

The crimson dragon wanted to bring down his claws across his face, making his face blossom with blood, test out the True Phoenix Claw’s might.

A dragon without a True Dragon inheritance, in the end, he wanted to use phoenix claws to kill the enemy.

In the distance, Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder’s expressions weren’t that great. As for Shi Hao, there was even less of a need to talk about him, his face dark.

“You, don’t tell me that the Chaos Demonic Ape is you? You still aren’t coming over?!” This war general’s eyes finally landed on Shi Hao’s body. He raised his head, eyes sharp, glaring at Shi Hao.

“Master, do you want the decree read first?” The crimson dragon urged. It was also suppressing a wave of resentment, feeling incredibly gloomy.

“There is no need.” Shi Hao refused.

Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder, they both stared blankly. This fella was changing his nature? He actually didn’t provoke the other party, remaining so low-profile! This matter could not be endured! Even they felt resentful, so that fella should definitely be feeling a great grudge, yet he was actually able to endure it?!

“I am talking to you, do you hear me or not?! Are you that Chaos Demonic Ape? Why are you not coming here right now? Kneel and receive the decree!” The war general shouted. He was dressed in battle armor, the armor flickering with ice-cold metallic brilliance, extremely bold and powerful.

Shi Hao’s face became even darker. He looked coldly at that person, saying to Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder. “Set up an arena for me, let me knock him around for a bit, beat him until half his body is crippled!”

The crimson dragon suddenly saw the light. This cheap master’s nature never changed after all, he was suppressing himself quite a bit.

Was he preparing to completely beat up the other party, and then have the crimson dragon read the decree to the other side?

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder also had a look of understanding. They didn’t believe his nature changed from the start. As for what kind of person Shi Hao was, how would they not know?

“What did you say?” The war general said.

“Beat you up!” Shi Hao only had these words!

Then, he looked towards the two elders. “Send him into the arena!”

“Didn’t you want to test things out against him first?”

“I’ll think about it after I beat him up first!” Shi Hao said.

The two fellas originally wanted to tease him a bit more, but that war general’s attitude really was a bit too overbearing, even making them feel uncomfortable, which was why they were extremely cooperative.

Multicolored light flickered, a mist spreading.

The surroundings seemed to have changed greatly. They appeared in an arena.

The crimson dragon and the two elders were outside the arena, watching from the sidelines. Meanwhile, Shi Hao and the war general appeared at the center of the arena, confronting each other.

“What are you trying to do?” The war general’s expression changed. He naturally sensed the other party’s hostility, looking towards the two elders outside the arena. “So this is how you treat a guest?”

“Come, this young master will properly take care of you, guarantee that your entire body will feel refreshed, completely satisfy you!” Shi Hao said.

“Unbridled. I come representing Immortal Domain, have a decree for you to read aloud. Chaos Demonic Ape, you still aren’t hurrying up and receiving this decree?!” The war general roared out, his voice like thunder. If it was a normal person, they really would have been scared badly.

However, who was Shi Hao? He wasn’t scared of this type of contempt at all, unconvinced this whole time. He wanted to give this war general a beating!

“Brat, come here!” Shi Hao shouted. This type of address was a bit hard for the war general to bear. Brat? He was who knew how much older than Shi Hao, yet he was being referred to like this.


The war general took action, the armor on his body releasing kengqiang noises. He charged over, sword energy interweaving, divine brilliance surging, surrounding this entire arena.

“Demonic ape, evil creature, kneel and receive the decree!” The war general shouted, his face overcast, looking down on the young creature before him.

The reason why Shi Hao found this creature from Immortal Domain unsightly was precisely because of this aloof and remote attitude. His face darkened further and further, and then together with his current ferocious appearance, he looked like a fiend.


Sword energy surged. Grass Symbol Sword Art pierced into the clouds, and then swept outwards. This was a battle at the same level, the arena extremely intense.

Unfortunately, the so-called intense battle didn’t continue for long. Shi Hao’s sword hacked through the war general’s body protecting barrier, sending his entire body flying.


Shi Hao rushed over, delivering a strike from above, piercing through the war general with a single stab, going right through his chest.

The moment he landed, he picked up this war general by his armor, fishing him off the ground, immediately throwing out a palm, smacking the back of his head.

“Motherfucker!” The war general was angered quite badly, almost a bit dizzy. The main reason was because the strike was too heavy, almost smashing apart his entire head, making his primordial spirit shudder. At the same time, he really did sense a bit of humiliation. He was but a war general, yet in the end, he was struck on the back of his head like that, feeling like he was a child being disciplined by an adult.

“You still dare cry out? I’m going to size you up with the bottom of my shoes, do you believe that I will or not?!” Shi Hao threatened.

The war general didn’t really believe in the supernatural, struggling fiercely. However, what awaited him was a dark expanse. That young demonic ape really did hold his shoes in his hands, smacking him with them.

Pa! It was extremely loud and clear. The war general’s mouth, nose, and eyes were all covered, blood flowing everywhere. His eyes were shut, unable to bear this sight.

“Brat, you still aren’t convinced? Are you still going to try to challenge me?!” Shi Hao said.

Pa pa pa!

Then, he smacked him around a few more times with his shoe, smacking him until blood shot out from his mouth and nose, his eyes swelling like peaches. He was completely stupefied.

This was especially when there was a break, there were clear shoe prints on his face and nose, just too striking.

Ah… ah ah…” The war general snapped back to reality. He continuously screamed outwards. The wounds on his face weren’t that bad, but this sense of humiliation made him go crazy.

He was a glorious war general, yet he had his face beat with a shoe? He was so angry smoke rushed out from his seven orifices!

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