Chapter 1786

Chapter 1786 - Three Great Sword Arts

A secret technique kept at the very bottom of the treasury, sword intent surging into the heavens!

It was just a simple sheet of paper, silvery-white in color. It was releasing zheng zheng sword cries, shaking one’s soul. It wasn’t a sword body, instead merely a medium for recording the sword art.

Only after a long time had passed did it calm down, stop moving. There was only silver radiance flowing through it, condensing like a silver stream. Numerous and complicated bone texts decorated its surface.

It didn’t fall to the ground, instead floating in midair, completely quiet.

Shi Hao walked forward, seizing it. One could see wisps of sword energy hack out again, but it was no longer that chaotic.

“So this is what it was!”

Shi Hao was shocked, recognizing what kind of sword extreme it was. It was something he had came into contact with before, moreover cultivated a portion of, but didn’t obtain the true original technique.

Grass Symbol Sword Art!

In the past, when he was young, he had fought a great battle against others in the Void God Realm, previously obtaining an ancient beast skin as a result. After examining it, he discovered the Grass Symbol Sword Art.

At that time, he was still young, only knowing that this was a sword intent left behind by an exceptional sword saint.

Later on, when he headed into the higher realm, he gradually learned that one of the Vicious Ten was previously a stalk of grass, its leaves like swords, nine of them in total. When the nine leaves moved, heaven and earth would be overturned, sword energy hacking apart the universe, unmatched under the heavens.

“The so-called sword saint, it should be a descendant of that stalk!” Shi Hao understood.

This stalk of grass was the most mysterious among the Vicious Ten.

It was because even back then, not many people knew just how powerful it was, if it was an immortal king. Before it could display its brilliance, it already fell too early.

During the battle of Immortal Ancient, it was rather unlucky. Right when the four undying kings were crossing realms, it was planted there, impossible to avoid this encounter, only able to fight a bloody battle.

Who could face four undying kings?

No matter how powerful that stalk of grass was, there was no way it could be a match. No one personally witnessed that battle, but they had previously sensed endless sword energy tearing apart a sea of stars, hacking apart the cosmos.

In the end, it never appeared again.

As for how strong it really was, it was difficult to say.

In those times, in the beginning, it hadn’t fought with the most powerful, always remaining rather low-profile. Then, towards the end, it encountered those four great undying kings.

The reason why it was ranked among the Vicious Ten, was because it dared fight a bloody battle against four great undying kings, so it was naturally ferocious to the extreme.

Apart from this, it was rumored that from the past until now, there were three great sword arts, representing extreme power, known as unmatched techniques.

One of them was the Chaos Calming Art, the entire world aware of its existence. It had forcibly stopped a foreign invasion in the mid phase of Immortal Ancient, calming the chaos under the heavens!

It was rumored that the Grass Symbols Sword Art was another one of the three great sword arts, invincible. If one truly cultivated it to the peak, then it could hack through the past and present, reveal the everlasting!

It was glorious, existing in an even more ancient period. Unfortunately, none of those of later generations were able to learn the details regarding its existence.

During Immortal Ancient Great Era, the people still knew a bit, which was why it was discussed along with the Chaos Calming Art, being called one of the three great offensive methods!

That was why that stalk of grass, even though not everyone in the world knew of its achievements, was still an inheritor of that lineage, thus easily listed as one of the Vicious Ten.

Unfortunately, even though the lineage was a plant, a type of grass, it was always extremely rare. Only after many years would a grass seed grow again from the scorched earth, appear in this world.

The so-called ‘many years’, was perhaps as long as the larger half of a great era.

Grass Symbol Sword Art, there was nothing it couldn’t pierce through, cutting through mud with divine weapons, soft and easy.

It was a cultivation method, completely different from the Chaos Calming Art. The latter forged the primordial spirit, turning it into a sword core, while the Grass Symbol Sword Art refined the tangible into a sword core, making the arm, finger bones, and other parts like sword cores, unstoppable.

“No wonder!” Shi Hao nodded.

Supreme Hall had the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, this was a great method used specially to spur on great techniques, so how could they lack extreme precious techniques?

This was how it should be. It supported many secret methods, at the very least, there needed to be one unmatched secret method as the ‘spearhead’. This Grass Symbol Sword Art was the most suitable to be this spearhead!

“In the past, when I obtained that beast skin scroll from Void God Realm, there were also some characters about the Six Dao Reincarnations. It seems like this isn’t without reason, the Grass Symbol Sword Art and Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art previously belonging to one family!”

Without a doubt, that was Supreme Hall’s damaged inheritance, lost in the outside world.

After carefully recalling it, Shi Hao further realized that the giant tortoise carrying the ancient palace, roaming about the great wilderness around Stone Village, was precisely Supreme Hall.

Meanwhile, the mountain treasure appeared in that region, this was what was proper and to be expected.

“Rumors has it that the tortoise with the palace on its back, even though it wasn’t real, was definitely related to that inheritance, the situation complex. Turns out this was indeed the case!”

There was no way for Shi Hao to confirm whether that mountain treasure was purposely left behind by the giant tortoise, or if it was also searching for the lost inheritance with the palace on its back.

During the following days, Shi Hao sat by the lake, calmly studying this sword art. He was extremely serious, analyzing it carefully.

It was because he really desired the Chaos Calming Art, always wanting it, but couldn’t get it. That was a method of forging the primordial spirit. Meanwhile, the sword art before him, even though it wasn’t a mind training technique, was equally famous as that other sword art, so he naturally did his all to comprehend it.

Several days later, sword energy rushed into the heavens. Nine leaves appeared around Shi Hao’s body. These were silver-colored grass leaves, but also sword leaves. They gently fluttered about, hacking apart the heavens, shocking gods and frightening buddhas!

The sword radiance was too penetrating, too tyrannical.

Without a doubt, Shi Hao had just obtained another world-shocking divine ability, its power endless. It immediately raised his fighting strength somewhat.

He revealed a look of happiness. This really was a great gain, one of the Vicious Ten’s precious techniques was obtained!

“If the Six Dao Reincarnations are used to support six precious techniques, used to deliver a world-shocking attack, just what kind of power would it bring about?”

Shi Hao said to himself. It was because it was now different from before. Of the precious techniques he had, there were at least six that could be considered extreme divine abilities, of the same level as the Vicious Ten’s secret methods.

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao moved, using the Six Dao Reincarnations to support six great divine abilities. He stood in place, his presence dignified, incredibly divine, making all life shudder, feel an urge to bow down.

One could see that around Shi Hao’s body, the Kun Peng, Lightning Emperor, Willow Deity, True Phoenix and Nine Leafed Sword Grass all appeared, as did as his own Reincarnation Precious Technique.

Six types of secret methods, any one of them able to dominate the world, now supported together. In the future, just what kind of power would they display?

Shi Hao did not know, he didn’t dare rashly release it here.

The past Six Dao Reincarnations he grasped was a damaged great method. Moreover, the precious techniques he knew then weren’t as powerful as his current ones!

Right now, if he wanted to find someone to test this on, he had two choices. The first was to head to the lord of the restricted region and undergo a hell-like torment, the second was to enter the Void God Realm, fight with those supreme being remnant souls.

Shi Hao prepared to choose the latter, because the former was too strange. Last time, that individual had his Immortal Breaking Curse flare out, almost ending his life.

He felt like if he was testing things out, finding a normal path was a bit better.

Before going, Shi Hao gave Swan Saint a look, and then threw over a golden pill, directly gifting it to him. It would grant him a set amount of prolonged longevity.

“Many thanks!” When Swan Saint took a whiff of the medicinal fragrance, he immediately knew that this pill was formidable, able to grant him some more time. If he could break into the true deity domain, then it would solve the issue with his dwindling lifespan.

Then, Swan Saint fully bowed down, brought back to Stone Village by the Zhuyan.

“Master, you came. There is a great vicious being who was stopped outside the realm gate, blasting it every day. Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder are about to die from annoyance, that person is demanding to see the Chaos Demonic Ape.” The crimson dragon walked over and told Shi Hao.

“What happened?” Shi Hao asked.

Bird Grandpa appeared, telling him that this time, he provoked a huge problem. Chasing after the immortal emissary in the form of the Chaos Demonic Ape produced quite the commotion.

Now, an expert from Immortal Domain came specifically to see him.

“He is extremely strong, able to sweep through the lower realms!” Coin Elder replied.

En?” Shi Hao was shocked, saying, “Don’t tell me a true immortal personally came?”

“You’re overthinking things. Even if it is Immortal Domain, there won’t be too many true immortals, all of those figures too stunning and rare, only a set amount of them, accumulated over time.”

Bird Grandpa told him that this was a supreme being, an extremely powerful individual. Right now, he wanted to enter the Void God Realm, bringing a decree here, wishing to summon the Chaos Demonic Ape.

“Excellent, I want to use him to test some things out!” Shi Hao said.

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