Chapter 1785

Chapter 1785 - Searching Everywhere

After so many years had passed, the mountain treasure was finally in his hands. During this period, his feelings were complicated. It was full of ups and downs, too many things happening.

Back then, there was the tragedy of the great wilderness’ villages being wiped out, as well as the lower realm’s chaos, and the disorder within the imperial city.

Shi Hao already left, heading into the higher realm, even more so set out for Desolate Border, fighting the other side in a bloody battle, but now, he returned again, encountering the mountain treasure the powerful individuals fought over when he was young.

It didn’t seem to be a bone object, it instead had a warm jade smoothness, sturdy and unbreaking. He applied some force to it, in the end discovering that the mountain treasure was completely unaffected, not showing the slightest bit of effect.

Shi Hao had long suspected that his bone was special. Now, he further confirmed that it was definitely unusual.

In an instant, another bone appeared in his hands, precisely the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. It was also spotlessly white like jade, lacking flaws. The two’s qualities were too similar.


When the two bones made contact, the sound was like that of metal striking each other, releasing a clear sound.

Shi Hao examined it carefully again and again, feeling like these two really were too similar. He put away the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, and then after taking a deep breath, he began to use all of his strength to crush it.

In the end, it still didn’t break. With his current great strength, he still couldn’t break it at all.

“It is extremely similar!” He suspected that this bone piece might be of the same material as the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. If his suspicions were correct, then this bone alone was endlessly precious, can be refined into a supreme treasure!

If not for this bone being a bit dimmer, having some differences from the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, Shi Hao would have said that the two were from the same source with extreme confidence.

“It is a bit lacking!” Shi Hao caressed this bone.

He turned it around, and then displayed precious techniques. Six different precious techniques were used on it.

It immediately released great brilliance, becoming dazzling, flowing with brilliant light.

Yi?” The Zhuyan was shocked. It was an excitable person. When it played around with it just now, it didn’t even discover any abnormalities, yet now, in Shi Hao’s hands, it displayed this type of change.

“I was just trying some things out. I saw that it had six sides, so I activated some precious techniques.” Shi Hao said.

In reality, he sensed that some great methods within him were resonating with it, the so-called natural reaction.

The six-sided pure white bone piece released a clear sound, and then it opened, one side actually a cover. It broke free from the bone piece, revealing the scene within.

Swan Saint sighed, saying, “This treasure had karma with you after all. This old one could only open it after studying it for an extremely long time, yet you all immediately learned of this precious case’s secrets.”

Multicolored light flickered inside. Was this precious case the spatial storage of some giant? It looked small, but the inside gave one an extremely spacious feeling, as if it was a night sky glittering with stars.

Inside were a few beast skins, extremely ancient, carrying mottled dried bloodstains, unknown just how many years they had existed for.

In this moment, a certain feeling within Shi Hao’s body became even stronger. He could not calm down, becoming a bit stirred up. He quickly produced these beast skins.

“This was what it was after all!”

Shi Hao was incredibly shaken while holding them, studying them one after another. In the end, he sighed, feeling extremely gratified.

“After searching everywhere for it, it was actually so close…”

In the past, he continuously searched bitterly, yet didn’t find anything. Yet now, it appeared here.

This was the inheritance of Supreme Hall!

Meanwhile, inside of it, the sect’s unmatched Ancient Heavenly Art -- Six Dao Reincarnations, was clearly recorded!

This was an ancient scripture. Apart from the Six Dao Reincarnations, there were also some other methods, quite a few precious techniques as well, for example, the Hou Clan, Luan Bird Clan’, Bifang Clan…

Among these, it was naturally the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art that was most precious!

“I finally found the original heavenly art!”

Shi Hao had previously obtained this type of scripture from Origin Ancient Mine, but those were only the six hand signs, not the complete true technique. Now, he obtained the latter half.

However, those six hand signs were wide-ranging and profound, already deriving many profound mysteries, the depths impossible to explain, representing a small half of this inheritance.

That was why Shi Hao was able to display endless power when using it.

However, what was incomplete would always be incomplete in the end. Now, everything was whole.

In the past, he had used the damaged Six Dao Reincarnations to face other ancient heavenly arts. Now, he would definitely become even stronger!

If he faced those enemies from the past again, when displaying this technique, he would definitely overwhelm them, kill gods and buddhas alike. Whoever dared defy him, they would all be suppressed and killed!

Shi Hao stood in the ancient cave, continuously forming imprints. Six types of hand signs were displayed, becoming faster and faster. His entire being was like an incarnation of the great dao. Six black holes appeared, devouring everything.

In the end, a rain of time fragments scattered outwards, reversing the world.

Then, the cycle of life appeared, the hundred states of humanity altering, this was a great world reincarnation.

Afterwards, the universe’s stellar seas broke apart, primal chaos appearing. The light of the absolute beginning flickered, all life reviving, reconstructing the world, entering an era of creation again.

In the end, all types of scenes appeared, the larger ones scenes of the cosmos, the smaller ones like ants. Everything was reincarnating, including the drifting of endless time, the waiting of new life, as well as materialistic transformations, from dragons to dirt, and then it was being absorbed by plants, becoming a divine tree and others.

All types of bizarre and strange scenes continuously appeared. This was precisely the Six Dao Reincarnations, all things alternating, included within.

In the end, Shi Hao’s expression became solemn, all of the magical imprints returning. With a hong sound, he struck out. The level of this technique he possessed when using this technique was now already completely different.

This was a method for supporting precious techniques, harmonizing many types of precious techniques, overlaying them, forming even more terrifying fighting strength. If this type of power was released, nothing could stand before it!

In the following days, Shi Hao studied this technique, fully comprehending the Six Dao Reincarnations. This was a great method, one that could be considered unrivaled.

From past until now, the scriptures, great methods and other things that could still last until this day, able to be passed on in unmatched inheritances, were too few. Now, Shi Hao obtained an unmatched source of backing!

Forget about everything else, just by having this method, he could already sweep through many opponents. Even if Immortal Domain’s inheritances were ancient, every one of them powerful, Shi Hao still had confidence now that he had this technique.

Even though Swan Saint had heard of Shi Hao’s reputation before, knowing that he was stunning, now that he truly met him,he understood what someone born to cultivate was like.

Such a complex great method, one that was difficult to comprehend, before the Little Stone, was just several days of work.

“My life is like a setting sun. Being able to bear witness to the path of a generation’s Heaven’s Pride can already be considered a blessing of three lifetimes.” Swan Saint said.

“The reason why I can comprehend this technique is because I am currently at the Self Release Realm, my accumulation deep enough. Thus, now when I study great methods, where the water flows, a canal is formed.” Shi Hao showed a rare humbleness.

“Do not say any more!” The Zhuyan was annoyed.

Swan Saint was also stunned, because just how old was the Little Stone? He was far much younger than himself, yet he talked about some deep enough accumulation.

Was this humbleness, or was this narcissism?

Shi Hao lowered the Six Dao Reincarnations text, engraving it deeply in his mind, moreover comprehending it to a deeper level. From here on out, what he needed to do was to test it out, be sharpened by practice over time.

All divine abilities and secret methods, even when researched to the extreme, needed to undergo the baptism of blood and flames. True gold needed to be refined through flames.

He studied the other beast skins. These were all precious techniques collected by Supreme Hall, including the Hou Clan’s and Luan Clan’s, all of them formidable precious techniques.

However, Shi Hao, who obtained the Lightning Emperor, Kun Peng, Willow Deity and True Phoenix Precious Techniques, was no longer moved. He had already examined the most powerful secret techniques, so would he really feel any excitement towards these?

After flipping through the final beast skin, Shi Hao was moved. This one was too damaged, recording the Suan Ni Technique. The symbols were too blurry, already hard to read.

He felt like there was something wrong. The Suan Ni Technique wasn’t weak, but it definitely shouldn’t have been left in the last page, it was instead comparable to other divine abilities. It wasn’t a precious technique that could be considered the greatest secret!

Shi Hao released his divine senses, carefully studying it.

In an instant, his expression changed greatly, his divine senses quickly reversing, entire body flying out. At the same time, he also brought the Zhuyan and Swan Saint with him, protecting them.

Chi chi chi!

Silver sword energy interweaved, blasting the ancient cave to pieces, flattening the mountains, piercing the void, hacking down the stars in outer space.

Forget about the Swan Saint and Zhuyan being horrified, even Shi Hao was shocked. This sword energy was too ferocious, unstoppable, cutting all things tangible.

In the original location, the beast skin that recorded the Suan Ni Technique turned to ashes, leaving behind a silver metal page. There were patterns on it, mysterious symbols recorded there.

It was releasing incomparable sword energy!

It was just a metal sheet, yet it could release this type of sword energy, it truly was shocking. It was all because it recorded a type of sword art that there was this type of scene.

“Matchless sword art!” The Zhuyan was excited, jumping over.

Shi Hao said to himself. “I just knew there was something off. How could Supreme Hall not have a great hidden secret technique?!”

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