Chapter 1768

Chapter 1768 - A Restricted Region That Shouldn’t Be Entered

The two elders were normally full of laughs and smiles, the most cheerful, but right now, their expressions were all overcast. This touched their bottom lines!

Who dared release the creatures in those vessels? Whoever did, then they were the enemy.

Once those existences were released, it would unleash chaos on earth, trigger a tragedy!

Shi Hao’s expression went rigid. It was because he was also suppressing rage, but he didn’t erupt, which was why his expression looked extremely rigid.

To act selfishly in spite of public loss, this was something he wouldn’t agree to. Someone close to these two injuring Qin Hao was one thing, yet they dared use him like this, it truly was not knowing the difference between life and death.

However, Shi Hao didn’t immediately take action, his exterior extremely calm, saying, “I apologize, I am unable to do this. In the past, when I tried to search about here, this place was extremely strange, there are dangers. Currently, I have been afflicted with the Immortal Breaking Curse, my cultivation already declining somewhat. Even though I haven’t completely lost my ability, it is definitely not comparable to before, unable to take action here.”

When Yi Luo heard this, a hint of disdain flashed past her eyes, but she hid it well. “I only wish for dao brother’s assistance, there is no need for such a big fuss.”

Shi Hao sneered inwardly. Were they going to become completely hostile? Forget about him being unable to help, even if he could, he wouldn’t. As for the dangers here, how could he possibly not be aware of them?

“Dao brother, have you gone over and touched those vessels?” Xu Hui asked.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t be honest. “I have not, I only lingered about the surroundings, but I always feel like it is extremely suffocating. The stone statues in the black palace are releasing a type of pressure that makes one’s heart tremble.”

“In a bit, we can take action together. This place merely has some lingering souls. After all these years passed, they’ve definitely become incredibly weak, it’s not that big of a deal.” Xu Hui said with a smile.

Shi Hao began to wonder if they came here for some type of artifact, or if they wanted to release these terrifying creatures. If it was the latter, then these two carried too much malice, they needed to be immediately killed!

“Why did you two really come?” Shi Hao asked.

“At this point, we do not wish to hide things from you either. There really is something we need, that thing is too important.” Yi Luo said.

“You should have heard that the reason why the other side attacked Desolate Border, wishing to slaughter their way in was precisely to find something. If there is nothing unexpected, then this place should be extremely important, likely hiding something.” Xu Hui was extremely serious.

When they heard these things, Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder became a bit absent-minded, and then they trembled, their eyes becoming quite a bit clearer. They sensed something, gaining some understanding, remembering some things. Their expressions became increasingly ugly.

“These are things not even true immortals should know about, why do you understand it so clearly?” Coin Elder asked. His eyes became clear, his voice calm. However, Shi Hao knew that right now, there was a great storm brewing within him. The two elders might be on the verge of acting out.

The two youngsters from Immortal Domain touched a certain heartstring deep within these two elders, making them remember some things!

“True immortals do not know of this place, but that young king suddenly learned of it. His family is one of Immortal Domain’s most powerful inheritances, his ancestor unmatched, one of Immortal Domain’s taboo existences.” Xu Hui said.

“That is why we are extremely straightforward, telling this tremendous secret to dao brother.” Yi Luo said with a smile.

Shi Hao sighed. Now that these two dared speak these words, in the future, they would definitely be killed to close their mouths. Perhaps those who followed them down all had to die. As for him, since he was going to be crippled anyway, there wasn’t much to worry about.

“Bird Grandpa, is there anything else you want to ask them?” Shi Hao looked towards the two old fellas.

“Ask anything my ass, truly brazen and absurd! Even daring to show such blasphemy to this place, daring to open those vessels, they are tired of living! Suppress both of them here for a million years!” Bird Grandpa shouted.

“I recalled some things. This place is a restricted land, nothing can be allowed to happen to it! Whoever dares to release the creatures in the vessels deserves death!” Coin Elder erupted into a fit of rage.

They already forgot that not long ago, they even personally brought Shi Hao here.

However, the two elders were muddle-headed, this couldn’t be blamed on them. Now, they recalled some things. This place was related to too much, the secrets had to be sealed.

“You all wish to involve yourself in our matters?” Yi Luo laughed, extremely beautiful, but also extremely cold.

“Why wouldn’t we dare?” Shi Hao said, moreover immediately taking action. Peng! His palm blade was like a rainbow, hacking over.

This was too sudden, but Yi Luo and Xu Hui’s reactions were fast, both of them extremely strong. They quickly retaliated, resisting with the greatest power.

As they fought intensely, figures flew about. Yi Luo covered her mouth, flying out, mouth coughing out blood, face scarlet red. Her face was swelling greatly, even the bones in her face splitting.


Immediately afterwards, Xu Hui also flew outwards, a foot sent into his chest, many of his ribs broken, making him spurt out a mouthful of blood.

In the distance, those cultivators who came from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths were all alarmed. Huang was just too savage, right? He didn’t say a single word, even dared to touch these two young great ones?

This made them feel extreme danger!

These people were scared. Huang really didn’t lose his cultivation, his strength still great! This made them feel uneasy.

“Something’s not right, your cultivation didn’t weaken in the slightest, even greater than the rumors!” Xu Hui was alarmed, his expression ugly.

As for Yi Luo, she held her face, even more so humiliated. Her other arm was raised, a talisman flickering about, releasing immortal light.

“You dare provoke me? Unforgivable!” She cried out, her expression cold.

Shi Hao’s mind shook. What kind of talisman was that? It actually released immortal light, making him feel extreme danger. Left with no choice, he could only draw the Everlasting Sword Core.

“How extravagant, even bringing an Immortal Sealing Talisman!” Bird Grandpa said coldly.

“It truly is a disaster! Daring to touch this place… however, this is the same as touching a dragon’s defying scale!” Coin Elder chanted an incantation, making this place shake greatly.

“You dare!” Yi Luo shouted.


The black ancient palace trembled, the prison shaking.

On a certain altar, there was a vessel with its mouth opened. It was empty, but now, it began to suck in everything. In that instant, Xu Hui and Yi Luo with the ancient talisman in hand were sucked inside, all of it happening too quickly.

“Fortunately, there were extra sealing vessels here.” Bird Grandpa said.

In the distance, those people from the Nine Heavens and three thousand provinces were stunned, greatly shaken. Two great experts were sucked away just like that.

“The news must not be leaked out, they have to be detained as well!” Coin Elder said.

Immediately afterwards, those people who came with Xu Hui and Yi Luo were caught. They couldn’t resist, sucked into the same vessel and sealed inside.

Yi, why do I know how to use that empty vessel?”

When they finished this task, the two old fellas were a bit stunned. It was clear that there was something wrong with their conditions. They had forgotten too many things.

The crimson dragon Ge Gu rolled its eyes, Shi Hao was also a bit speechless.

A few minutes later, Shi Hao pounded that vessel, interrogating Yi Luo and Xu Hui.

“Speak, what is going on here? Tell me everything clearly.”

Those two panicked. They were actually sealed, not even the Immortal Sealing Talisman was of any use. They made such ample preparations, yet they still failed, this left them in disbelief.

“This was an investigation entrusted to us by that young king, it has nothing to do with us!” At this point, Yi Luo was scared.

Even an Immortal Sealing Talisman had been bestowed to them, it went to show just how great this matter was, how deep the influences. That person attached too much importance to this place.

“That person said that the so-called lower realms prison doesn’t refer to the eight regions, but rather the very depths of Void God Realm, hidden within a prison.” Xu Hui said. He understood well that they were in great trouble. If they didn’t speak now, they might die without a burial site.

“What the other side is looking for might very well be here.” Yi Luo also quickly added.

Shi Hao’s expression became serious, his mind rising and falling intensely.

Things had gotten extremely big after all. If one thought about it deeper, it really was a huge matter. This region was a terrifying restricted region that couldn’t be entered!

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