Chapter 1767

Chapter 1767 - Request Help

The individuals from Immortal Domain could remain fearless, but there was no way the people from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths wouldn’t feel fear. If Shi Hao really was unaffected, then that really would be a horrifying thing.

Not even the Immortal Breaking Curse could harm him? They didn’t believe this. After all, that thing was prepared for killing immortals!

“Dao brother is joking, my body is merely a bit more sturdy, able to stick it out a few more days than others.” Shi Hao replied. There was no need to show off, after finding out that Immortal Domain’s gates opened, he had thought about things for quite some time. This world might not be able to remain calm anymore.

Right now, he didn’t want to be the nail that stuck out, or else he would be targeted. This was especially when the ruined immortal hadn’t been wiped out yet. If he knew that he was still fine after being struck by the Immortal Breaking Cruse, he would definitely start plotting against him again.

In the surroundings, when everyone heard Shi Hao’s explanation, they finally managed to release a breath of relief, no longer feeling fear inside.

However, they didn’t dare provoke him again, all of them behaving themselves and showing propriety. As long as Huang was not truly crippled, then they had no choice but to show him respect.

“Then that is a waste. I heard that you were quite valiant in Desolate Border, that you weren’t bad at all.” The youngster in the myriad beast robes Xu Hui said with a chuckle.

“You are quite the talent, able to fight against the other side’s Emperor Clans, truly not bad. However, I am sure that the Emperor Clan youngsters you faced weren’t the true top contenders.” The woman in the fiery red dress Yi Luo also spoke out. Her appearance was rather fine, a faint smile resting on her pretty face.

“Is that so? How are you so sure?” Shi Hao asked.

“The final battle of the last great era, forget about the clash of the highest levels, just in the battles between the younger generation, just the thought of it is truly horrifying. Those great Prides of Heaven from Immortal Domain were seriously injured, one person killed in battle. It was extremely miserable.” Yi Luo replied, moreover adding, “They encountered the heir of an emperor!”

Shi Hao was stunned. Another great era passed, where would he find emperor heirs? Those like Shutuo and Anlan, they wouldn’t be so shameless as to make more children.

He wished to fight against the heir of an emperor, but now, it seemed like he would only have a chance after becoming a true immortal.

At the same time, Shi Hao shivered inwardly. Back then, after the Nine Heavens Ten Earths were destroyed, Immortal Domain had taken action against the other side after all, a battle that came too late.

“Brother Shi, since your cultivation is still here, how about you lend me a hand?” Xu Hui asked.

“For?” Shi Hao asked.

“We came to the Void God Realm to look for a place, find some things. We wish to ask for your help.” Xu Hui from Myriad Beast Palace said.

In the surroundings, the others revealed strange expressions. Even though they weren’t that scared of Shi Hao, they still felt some apprehension. There were some who were sizing him up brazenly, hoping that he would be crippled soon, or else they would just always feel like the pressure was too great.

“As long as you are willing to help, I can ensure that your family will be safe.” Yi Luo was even more direct, her beautiful eyes flickering with brilliance, saying it like this.

“What are you trying to say?” Shi Hao’s face fell.

“Oh, I was just saying that with your cultivation about to disappear, while you still have some brilliance to show, you should just lend us a hand and fight it out. This can also be considered a show of friendship.” Yi Luo said.

Even though she became a bit more polite than before, Shi Hao still didn’t feel very good after hearing her words. This was clearly a threat. If he didn’t go, his family wouldn’t be at peace?

“This world might fall into chaos at any time, who knows what will happen. For example, your younger brother’s talent isn’t bad, but he is a bit arrogant. It is easy for him to offend others.” Yi Luo said.

When he saw that Shi Hao’s expression was becoming colder and colder, a bit ugly, Xu Hui laughed and said, “It is just a small matter. Don’t worry, no one will touch your younger brother.”

Shi Hao’s face became a bit dark. He looked at these two coldly. What was the meaning of this? They said that there was nothing wrong, but wasn’t this a type of undisguised threat?

“Don’t misunderstand. It was just some normal exchange of pointers, your brother becoming injured as a result. He’ll be fine after resting a few months.” Xu Hui said while looking at him.

The more he spoke like this, the more ugly Shi Hao’s expression became, his eyes cold as he stared at these two.

“It wasn’t me who took action. This time, six or seven individuals came with the emissary. There was one fella who was a bit more aggressive, wishing to size up the strength of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, challenging more than ten rounds. Your younger brother’s injuries aren’t that heavy.” Yi Luo said.

“Should I be thanking you two for your good intentions?” Shi Hao said coldly.

Yi Luo revealed a gentle smile, changing her attitude. She also noticed Shi Hao’s coldness, not willing to force things and saying, “Brother Shi can relax. When we return, we will do our best to protect him, ensure that there won’t be any more unhappy things that happen.”

Before, she felt like Shi Hao was about to become crippled already, so there was naturally not much reason to attach importance to him, her tone indifferent, even carrying a bit of contempt.

However, the place she wished to go to was extremely dangerous, perhaps they could have Huang lead the way, which was why she put away her arrogance and conceit.

“Brother Shi, we actually admire you, in this lower realm, you are the overlord, able to guide us to look around.” Xu Hui was also extremely polite.

Their attitudes were changing extremely slightly, it made the others from the higher realms shocked, but none of them dared to say anything.

Shi Hao’s expression calmed, nodding. He didn’t wish for his own brother Qin Hao to face trouble. If the two could help him, then he didn’t mind lending a hand.

The two became more and more polite, both of them carrying smiles. It was clear that they understood that there was no need to start conflicts with Shi Hao. If they could borrow his strength, then that was best.

“We are looking for a place, a mysterious prison…” Xu Hui said.

When he heard his description, Shi Hao immediately knew where that place was. It was precisely the dark prison with the True Phoenix Precious Technique, many terrifying creatures sealed within.

“Dao brother has resided in the lower realms for quite some time, far more knowledgeable than us on some matters. I wonder if you could help us find the administrators of the Void God Realm?” Yi Luo asked.

These two wished to ask the administrators for guidance, inquire about where the prison was. For them, that place held great secrets, even more so concealed great natural luck.

“There is no need to search, I know where the prison is.” Shi Hao said. He didn’t introduce Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder to them, instead directly bringing them there.

In reality, he was quite curious, wishing to know what exactly these two were trying to do.

As they proceeded, Shi Hao remained quiet, only controlling a youngster from the three thousand provinces. For Shi Hao, this was too easy.

This person was still moving forward. One couldn’t tell from the outside, but his sea of consciousness had already been restrained by Shi Hao’s powerful divine will.

Shi Hao searched his sea of consciousness without batting an eyelid, learning some matters about the higher realms. He immediately became furious.

Qin Hao was injured after all, moreover, the one who took action was precisely Yi Luo’s older brother, at the same time also Xu Hui’s sworn brother. That person originally came for Shi Hao, after hearing about his achievements in Desolate Border, his exceptional performance, he wished to challenge him. However, Shi Hao was crippled, moreover already left the three thousand provinces, so that person found Huang’s younger brother, fighting with him. In the end, Qin Hao was defeated, his injuries rather serious.

No wonder Yi Luo’s previous attitude wasn’t all that great, turns out it was her older brother who took action. Now, she actually even wanted to exploit Huang, making Shi Hao’s eyes turn cold.

Shi Hao held himself back, not taking action, instead truly bringing them to that ancient land.

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder naturally also followed, both of them quiet. They shared the same idea as Shi Hao, wishing to see just what exactly these two wanted to accomplish.

Ah, this is the place! I never expected brother Shi to be this formidable, actually finding this place!” Xu Hui said in excitement.

They saw a black ancient palace, even more so the several dozen altars and vessels. It was identical to what others told them, this should be the place.

“What do you actually wish to accomplish?” Shi Hao asked.

“Truth be told, we aren’t doing this for ourselves, but rather came to investigate in the place of the king of a generation. If we could, we wish to bring away some things.” Xu Hui said.

The two of them were both extremely powerful, yet they were actually so willing to do things for others, coming here to take such risks. One could see just how extraordinary that person was.

“Dao brother, could you help us open up a few of those vessels? There are some things hidden inside that are extremely important to us.” Yi Luo said, carrying a pleading expression. She looked extremely sincere, saying that she would repay him in the future, perhaps help him take care of Qin Hao.

When Shi Hao heard this, he wanted to send his palm flying over. It was her older brother who took action to deal with Qin Hao, yet now, she dared try to deceive him. After humiliating Qin Hao, she still wanted his older brother to sell his life, it truly was hateful.

Right now, even Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder’s faces weren’t that good. However, they didn’t act out, forcefully holding themselves back.

What kind of place was this? Every single vessel had a terrifying creature sealed within, they definitely couldn’t be released, or else it would be an absolute disaster, yet what were they being treated as by these two? They actually wanted to undo the seal!

Due to one party’s selfish desires, great evil was going to be released! Regardless of who it was who did this, they would become the sinners of history, possibly destroying all of Void God Realm!

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