Chapter 1766

Chapter 1766 - Guests From Immortal Domain

Void God Realm’s gates were extremely thick and heavy, incredibly massive. Primal chaos surged about them. Behind them was a path leading into Spirit Realm.

This path was a stone stairway, extremely long, leading straight into the heavens.

In the past, Shi Hao had climbed it step by step, entered Spirit Realm. Meanwhile, not long ago, his soul had also returned to Void God Realm from the higher realm along this path.

Now, things were not peaceful at all. Spirit Realm’s massive golden gates were opened, a group of people walking down from above, men and women included, old and young, their cultivation levels all not weak.

This wasn’t their first time here. In reality, in the recent days, they paid a visit each day, wishing to enter Void God Realm.

However, each time they followed the stone stairs to their end, they could only return without any results. There was a pair of massive gates blocking their steps. No matter how they struck them, they couldn’t open up the gates.

It was clear that they didn’t want to give up, each day attacking with divine weapons, making the entire world rumble, the great gates trembled endlessly, now already almost deforming.

However, this gate still refused to be broken, still towering there, impossible to open.

“Great one, is there really a need to enter?” An old servant asked, frowning.

The so-called great one was a youngster who looked no more than twenty something years of age. His arms were behind his back, dressed in beast clothes. Immortal energy swirled about him.

“You do not understand, there is great natural luck here.” That young man shook his head.

“Correct, this place is indeed not simple.” Another young lady dressed in a fiery red dress also nodded. Her appearance was good, temperament outstanding, clearly an arrogant youngster.

The group of people were led by these two, because they came from Immortal Domain.

As for the others, if they weren’t from the Nine Heavens, then they were from the three thousand provinces, accompanying them here.

“The eight regions have natural luck? That place is incredibly barren, simply a prison!” That older servant said. He wasn’t someone from Immortal Domain, but now, he bowed down to that youngster.

“Right, the eight regions are known as a prison.” Someone said in agreement.

“It is precisely because it is a prison that its value is tremendous!” The eyes of the young lady dressed in fiery red clothes were brilliant, burning with passion.

“Continue the bombardment.” The young man dressed in beast robes said.

The eight regions’ prison, it referred to the Void God Realm? Someone revealed a look of surprise, extremely shocked.

In recent years, there were news that said that Immortal Domain was choosing seeds from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. This really left all sides shocked.

Later on, there were true emissaries that appeared, making everyone even more excited.

Now, inside the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ spiritual world, there were already many arenas set up, competitions carried out. Once someone won one, became a well-known figure, then they could enter Immortal Domain, become the disciple of a certain ancient inheritance.

The two youngsters followed the emissary, but later on quietly separated from him, instead entering the three thousand provinces, then finally went into the spiritual word, coming here.

“What kind of special individuals are there in the lower realms?” That young man dressed in beast clothes asked. His name was Xu Hui, from Immortal Domain’s Myriad Beast Palace. The inheritance behind him was extremely terrifying.

“There is a Huang who is extremely strong. He had previously dominated the entire younger generation, but he was crippled by Immortal Palace’s great one.” Someone replied.

“Dominated the younger generation? Heh.” That young lady in the fiery red dress laughed, revealing an expression of ridicule, her name Yi Luo.

“Of course, how could Huang compare to Immortal Domain’s great ones? He could only act strong in the lower realms.” A youngster said, shifting the topic of the conversation. “Moreover, he is now already a cripple.”

He came from a certain great sect from the three thousand provinces, taking delight in Shi Hao’s misfortune. His sect clearly had prior conflict with Shi Hao.

In reality, all of the members of these ‘guides’ had some conflict with Huang before. The reason why they followed the two youngsters into the Void God Realm was precisely to hear news related to him.

“What a pity, if we calculate the time, he has already been crippled. Otherwise, we might have been able to meet Huang in the Void God Realm.”

“That scene is not bad. If we meet again, I wonder if Huang will still be arrogant. I truly am looking forward to meeting him again!”

A few young men and women mocked, their eyes shining.

Dong dong dong…

Xu Hui and Yi Luo personally took action, attacking the massive stone gate.

“Open the realm gates, Immortal Domain’s emissaries have arrived.” Someone shouted, helping those two individuals attack this place.

On the other side of the gate, Shi Hao’s party had already arrived, moreover hearing the shouts.

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder stood there, frowning.

“Those who come from Immortal Domain are definitely not simple, not easy to deal with. Normal people cannot subdue them.” Bird Grandpa said.

On the side, the crimson dragon Ge Gu was eager to give it a try, not willing to admit defeat at all.

“Let’s open the gates, see just what they wish to do.” Shi Hao said.

“Alright, if you are sure that the Immortal Breaking Curse won’t immediately act out. Be careful not to provoke a disaster.” Coin Elder said.

“It’s fine, there won’t be any issues for some time.” Shi Hao replied. He wanted to see what those people were looking for.


The massive gates slowly opened, clouds and mist surging, primal chaos erupting, the noises incredibly oppressive.

The group of individuals from Spirit Realm were stupefied. It actually really opened!

“Great ones’ divine might blasted open the realm gates! Truly world-shocking!” Someone shouted out in praise.

The young man Xu Hui from Myriad Beast Palace waved his hand. He immediately saw through the primal chaos mist, seeing some individuals, knowing that someone opened up the massive gates.

“Oh? Some people came to welcome us.” The woman in the fiery red dress, Yi Luo, had a faint smile on her face.

The mist scattered. The others also saw the individuals behind the gate.

The expressions of these individuals were as brilliant as they could be. The moment they saw Shi Hao, it was as if they saw a ghost, their mouths wide open, jaws dropped, a fist able to fit inside.

They never would have thought that the first one they would see after opening up the realm gates would be Huang. They were all stupefied!

They were just talking about Huang, yet they immediately saw him. This made all of them feel that this was inconceivable.

“Oh my god!” Someone couldn’t help but mutter.

“Huang, is it really you?”

They didn’t dare believe what they were seeing at all. If they calculated the time, the Immortal Breaking Curse should have already activated, right? Why could Huang still enter Void God Realm?

“Based on the amount of time that passed, he should have become a cripple these past few days, right?” Someone said quietly.

“Right. I know what happened, he is using the bit of time he has left to enter the Void God Realm. He won’t have a chance to do so again in the future.” Someone gave this type of explanation.

They gave each other a look, feeling excitement. Before, they were still discussing how they were going to meet Huang, see his current expression.

In the end, their wishes really were fulfilled. The past most powerful individual of the younger generation who was about to become a cripple, was now before their eyes. This left them all extremely excited.

“Huang, I trust you’ve been well since the last time we met?” Someone said on purpose. Who didn’t know that Huang was afflicted with the Immortal Breaking Curse? How could he be well?

Heh, Huang, let me introduce these two for you. They are great ones from Immortal Domain! You still aren’t coming over to pay your respects?” Another person said, having a bit of ‘using powerful connections to intimidate others’ taste.

Shi Hao swept his eyes over them indifferently, not saying anything, directly ignoring them. He was sizing up Xu Hui and Yi Luo.

“Huang, you are still this arrogant. When meeting Immortal Domain great ones, you still want to act overbearingly and disrespectfully? What a pity, you are already no longer your past you!” Another person spoke, full of dissatisfaction, mocking him.


Shi Hao finally spoke up. He looked towards that youngster, and then without the slightest trace of politeness, immediately raised his hand and pointed out. Pu! Divine light surged, quickly shooting over, impossible for that person to avoid.

Blood blossomed between his mouth, teeth falling out, scarlet specks flying out.


That person screamed miserably, holding his mouth, full of fear. He quickly backed up, not expecting Huang to immediately take action.

“Not even your father’s generation dares act unbridled before me, who do you think you are, being so noisy here?!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“So you are Huang?” Yi Luo spoke, a look of shock appearing on her face. Her beautiful eyes were brilliant. She walked over, making a circle around Shi Hao, sizing him up.

“It seems like the rumors were wrong. They all said that you were afflicted with the Immortal Breaking Curse, but you seem just fine.” Yi Luo spoke, her eyes on Shi Hao the entire time.

When these words sounded, those at her side, regardless of whether it was the young men and women or the elders, all of their bodies trembled, faces immediately changing.

This was especially the case with the ones who just spoke, their small faces going deathly pale. Huang didn’t suffer from the Immortal Breaking Curse? This immediately left them so horrified their souls shivered!

What was going on? The higher realm all knew that Huang’s cultivation had already been severed, that there was no hope. Everyone’s bodies went cold. If Huang wasn’t crippled, forget about them, even their older generation, their sect masters would shiver in fear! Who would dare act unbridled before him?

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