Chapter 1765

Chapter 1765 - Frozen World

As he passed through this region, he felt as if he was looking at a scene from history, as if he didn’t belong to this time-space.

After traveling who knew how many li, Shi Hao sensed something. He saw the irregular scenes in the heavens above. There was a ripple that was fixed in place, stretching across the universe.

This was time force, unmatched time laws!

This was what caused all of this!

It was intangible, like a giant ripple, actually breaking apart heaven and earth. It was used on this boundless great land, turning it into a frozen, unmoving scene.

Shi Hao was shocked. Just what kind of power was this?

However, why was he unaffected, unharmed? Was there something on his body that could withstand it? Or was it to say that everything became an imprint of history, that he only saw scenes of the past, just images of the past?

Shi Hao didn’t know. He always had a feeling that everything was in chaos, difficult for him to differentiate between things, unable to see through this place. He could only serve as a lonely bystander.

When he continued forward, his heart rate sped up, his soul shaking, as if he was going to explode.

At this time, he stopped, sensing a type of fatal threat. He already arrived at the limits of the great earth, no path left before him, no land left.

What was strange was that the river was still flowing. It stretched across the void, entering the mysterious unknown.

Shi Hao did everything he could, activating his Heavenly Eyes to peer into the endless void.

He saw a great ripple, a type of fluctuation, even more so time natural laws, existing in that space.

Moreover, as his eyes became like small suns, he saw some more scenes clearly.

In the limits of the boundless void, there was a brilliant world. It was extremely hazy and mysterious, difficult to see clearly, but it really existed.

This river led precisely there!

The other shore, what kind of place was it?

The time ripples were released precisely from that place. There were many of them along the way, all of them frozen in place, not moving.

“That is…”

When Shi Hao’s pupils burned to their brightest, he saw the truth!

This was a blood-soaked world that carried blood radiance, an intense great battle erupting. There was immortal dao light that surged, undying natural laws interweaving!

However, everything was frozen in place!

Shi Hao saw the main culprit of this all. It was a great bell, floating there at the edge of that brilliant and gorgeous ancient realm. It was massive beyond compare, suppressing all sides. The bell was covered in bloodstains.

Everything became clear. The ripples he saw along the way were all released by this artifact. It suppressed everything, making even time seemingly come to a standstill.

The level this type of great battle touched upon was unimaginable, it was unknown just how many clans and creatures participated.

That great bell was absolutely massive, suppressing a realm, sound waves rippling out from it, engulfing the world, even reaching over to this side, also making everything freeze.

There was intense fighting, a terrifying great battle, but all of it entered a deathly stillness.

“There are words!”

Shi Hao saw unmatched symbols on the bell waves. They didn’t belong to this era, but the great dao was similar. The great bell was releasing dao laws, the meanings could be referenced.

“Without beginning!”

Shi Hao frowned. While he felt shock, he also felt all types of doubt. The dao law profound meanings in the bell waves actually had these types of patterns.

In the past, there was Without End Immortal King.

What was going on with this ‘without beginning’?

His eyes focused, pupils even about to split apart. He wanted to see through and understand that realm, but it was too far, as if it didn’t belong in this era, unable to be deciphered.

His eyes followed that river, moving along with it. It was as if he saw a white-clothed person in the limits of the river, seated alone by the riverside, snow-white clothes fluttering about.

However, in the blink of an eye, everything disappeared.

Shi Hao shook his head fiercely. Blood was flowing down the corners of his eyes. He was already forcing himself, unable to hold on, unable to see through what laid before him.

He wanted to continue forward, follow the river, but his body couldn’t handle it anymore. He felt like if he continued on, he himself would disappear, be destroyed.

“What happened over there, what is there?” Shi Hao asked, wiping away the blood by his eyes.

He began to wonder if everything he saw was even real!

Were these engravings, or were they true scenes?

After standing here for a long time, Shi Hao felt like he couldn’t hold on anymore. He had no choice but to start to return, follow the way back.

The path was difficult, the bones in his body continuously releasing noises, truly crushed to the point of almost exploding.

This was still the case even with the Imperishable Scripture’s support!

Finally, Shi Hao came out, leaving the gate of light, returning to the world he was familiar with.

With a thump sound, he collapsed by the river shore, gasping for air. He finally managed to break free from that place! That place completely exhausted all of his stamina, his magical force almost withered up as well.

Only after resting for a long time did Shi Hao sit back up. He looked at this door; it was too much of a pity. His strength was still not enough right now, unable to press on.

“The river is extremely long, its source is too strange!” Shi Hao said to himself. He felt a type of horrified feeling.

“Where should I go to ask for advice?” He frowned. There weren’t many he could consult in the lower realms.

The lord of the restricted region? If he went there, he would definitely suffer miserably, undergo a huge torment. Of course, he still had to go there in the end, but Shi Hao didn’t have any immediate plans to undergo torment, as it hadn’t been that long since he returned from the last trip there.

“I’ll head to the Void God Realm!” He decided to ask Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder.

The more he came into contact with them, the more he felt like these two were extremely mysterious. If he somehow managed to make these two recall the things of the past, wake up from their demonization, then they would definitely spit out some great secrets.

En?” Shi Hao was shocked. He didn’t have any way of entering the Void God Realm near this river.

Did this place not belong to the lower realms’ eight regions? Shi Hao’s expression became serious. He turned around to look towards that gate of light.

The gate of light was adjacent to the Kun Peng nest. Was it because of the Kun Peng Nest’s existence that this river existed, or was it the other way around, that it was instead because of this gate of light that the Kun Peng Nest was built here?

Shi Hao decided to leave, not wasting any more time here.

When he saw the black Northern Sea again, he discovered that he could enter the Void God Realm again. The region behind him was different as expected.

If he wanted to enter the Void God Realm, he had to ensure that his body was safe, that no one would disturb him.

Shi Hao didn’t take risks outside, choosing to return to Stone Village first. Otherwise, if his primordial spirit left his body in the seas, who knew what would happen.

Stone Village was still the same as before, like a land of paradise.

In the distance, a group of children were training and cultivating in the mountains, all of them serious. The children who came from Desolate Border were extremely hardworking, making it so that the village’s children didn’t dare idle around either.

When he saw how the golden lion moved over with a fake smile, doing his best to be amiable. Shi Hao’s reaction instead became cold, feeling like this fella was definitely up to no good.

“I feel like I can also cultivate the True Phoenix Precious Technique!” Sure enough, this lion definitely wasn’t the type to just admire another person.

“Did you catch the Five-Colored Sparrow yet? The one that left the poo on your nose.” For Shi Hao to ask this type of thing was one thing, but he even added the second part, truly jabbing at the golden lion’s sore spot. It immediately erupted with fury.

Right now, what True Phoenix Precious Technique? To hell with it! It turned around to leave, not paying this brat any more attention.

At the same time, it was full of resentment. It always wanted to seize that little sparrow. It roared out with resentment, throwing itself into the wilderness, starting to look for it again.

Shi Hao entered the Void God Realm. The crimson dragon Ge Gu also followed behind him like a puppy.

It was because its experiences last time were too strange, and also too bizarre. It actually saw Void God Realm’s deepest prison, the True Phoenix Precious Technique hidden within it.

He felt like this cheap master of his was most likely going to challenge those things again, who knows just what he will be able to bring out this time.

However, he clearly overthought things. Shi Hao only came to meet the two old fellas, ask about some things.

“Next to the Kun Peng Nest, within the gate of light, there is a frozen world?”

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder’s faces both immediately became blank, unknown if they forgot, or if they didn’t know from the very start. Either way, they didn’t know the answers right now.


Suddenly, Bird Grandpa’s face changed slightly. “It’s coming again!”

Coin Elder was also like this, his expression a bit strange.

“What came again?” Shi Hao asked.

“Someone from the higher realm came down, knocking on the gates of Void God Realm, wishing to enter.” Bird Grandpa didn’t hide things.

This made Shi Hao reveal a look of shock, but he wasn’t that surprised. “Then just let them in.”

“I fear that great chaos might break out in the Void God Realm, unable to stop them.” Only when Coin Elder’s words sounded, did Shi Hao reveal a shocked expression.


“They are from Immortal Domain!”

“What? Go, let’s take a look!” Shi Hao immediately became interested when he heard this.

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