Chapter 1764

Chapter 1764 - Frozen World

This decision was definitely a bit risky, but he didn’t want to miss this opportunity. He just felt like there was some important secret behind that gate of light, drawing him in.

Shi Hao took a deep breath, and then he walked forward. He set foot into the spiritual liquid, walking in the water, heading towards that door.

If it was in the past, he didn’t have the strength, he would have been crushed to pieces on the spot, yet today, he already took half a step through that gate.

The World Tree branch rested there, extremely striking. Shi Hao naturally wasn’t polite, moving it aside.

A portion of the branch was broken. This type of thing was known as invulnerable to ten thousand disasters, eternally imperishable, yet there was still a small half destroyed. This made Shi Hao feel sore inwardly.

Just what exactly did it experience? Even the World Tree branch was like this, a part of it decaying, it really was shocking.

The World Tree was an unmatched ancient tree from when the world was established, only when there was a complete great world would there be one, yet now, it was destroyed.

Shi Hao sighed. Why could he still not figure it out even though he reached his current achievements? This was most likely the World Tree of this realm, destroyed here.

Needless to say, in Immortal Ancient’s battle, the World Tree was broken down to its roots by someone, completely destroyed. The portion that was left behind was also destroyed at the beginning of this great era.

“This is good stuff.” Shi Hao put away this branch, his movements extremely careful.

Unfortunately, the past unmatched essence stored within it had already completely disappeared. Now, there were only wisps left, or else this thing’s value would be astonishing.

The heavy pressure was enough to crush even one’s soul. Half of Shi Hao’s body entered the gate of light.


He sucked in a cold breath of air. Could it be that only the primordial spirit could enter, the flesh couldn’t? The body would crack apart, difficult for even those who cultivated the Imperishable Scripture to endure.


However, when he reached out with his soul, he felt a wave of intense pain. Multicolored light descended, hacking down like a heavenly blade, about to chop his primordial spirit into pieces.

“This place…” Shi Hao’s body rocked back and forth, almost falling down at the entrance of this gate of light.

In the end, he took a deep breath. His soul returned to his body, and then he continued to move forward, body and soul advancing together, wishing to force his way through the gate of light.

An intense pain ravaged his body. He felt as if his body was being crushed by a millstone, soul as if cut by blades, the pain from going inside out, the suffering just too hard to endure.

Shi Hao entered the gate of light, his body feeling as if he was carrying several dozen stars, crushing him to the point where even his back was bending, releasing gazhi gazhi noises. This was the movement of his bones, as if he was going to break at any time.

Meanwhile, between his brows, there were noises that sounded as well, as if there were blades hacking at his soul.

“It truly is a cruel type of tempering!” Shi Hao said to himself. He actually treated this as a type of self improvement.

If it was any other Self Release Realm cultivator who came here, their bodies would have definitely been crushed, no exception to this. In this shining world, every individual seemed extremely insignificant.

After who knew just how much time had passed, Shi Hao gradually adapted. He raised his head, narrowing his eyes slightly, sizing up his surroundings.

This was a peaceful world, as well as an auspicious pure land.

In this place, the river beneath his feet was golden, flowing slowly, lacking sound.

As for this entire land, this was also the case, carrying faint golden radiance, the plants clean, releasing gentle radiance. Overall, it was peaceful and auspicious.

If it wasn’t for the pressure weighing down on his body and soul, one would really wonder whether or not this was an unmatched pure land, aloof from worldly affairs, suitable for remaining in seclusion.

“Pure land, perhaps this is a place true immortals are fond of, residing here.” Shi Hao looked pensively.

His body stood perfectly straight, taking a long time to adjust himself, and then he continued forward. His footsteps were extremely heavy, stirring forth great splashes, the noises loud, shattering the silence.


Finally, Shi Hao stepped onto shore. The green meadow was soft like a cushion, this place surrounded by hazy spiritual essence, vague multicolored mist surging.

Even the grassland carried specks of golden light, extremely holy.

In reality, this world seemed to be gilded in a layer of gold, as if many suns were rising, it was as if it was their golden multicolored light that scattered over the great earth that made everything so brilliant.

It was too quiet, and too auspicious. This really was like an innate divine country, the pure land of a true immortal. There was no clamoring, no mortal disturbances, peaceful and quiet.

Shi Hao’s body went taut, doing everything he could to resist this incorporeal pressure, and then continued forward, heading into the innermost depths of this mysterious land.

He followed along the river while walking on the grassland, because back then, those blood-soaked paper boats drifted down precisely along this river.

The world itself seemed to have been left unchecked. Shi Hao walked into the limits of this heaven and earth alone, searching and exploring, wishing to enter that everlasting unknown location.

He really didn’t know where it led, what the destination was, he could only withstand the pressure that might snap his muscles and bones at any time, continue forward step by step. All of his magical force was used to withstand the formless pressure.

Time flowed on, as if a millenia passed, but also as if only an instant passed. Losing track of time was extremely normal here.

Shi Hao was always on guard, proceeding carefully.

Finally, the mist up ahead was hazy, the scenery changing. The skies seemed a bit dark, the great earth losing its golden brilliance. This was especially true for the plants, drying up.

As he continued, all life force faded out, the earth becoming dry and hard.

There was an expanse of gray mist that stretched upwards like a heaven reaching wall, cutting off this pure land, dividing it into two regions.

If he continued any further, then it would be completely different.

After some slight hesitation, he still advanced, still continuing along the river, heading into the deepest parts.  He himself was surrounded by the gray mist.

“En?” He was shocked. The color of this stream also changed, no longer any spiritual essence, nor was it a golden color, but rather becoming a dark gray, no divine radiance swirling about it.

This was a withered land, a world of death and end.

Along the way, he still didn’t see any blood-soaked paper boats!

After who knew how much time had passed, Shi Hao made his way through the gray mist region, arriving in a vast great earth. This seemed to be a whole different world.

In this region, his heart was beating intensely, his eyes full of confusion.

This was a land of death, even more silent, even his footsteps could no longer be heard. It was to the extent where he couldn’t even sense his own heart beats.

The entire world seemed to have come to a standstill, like an ancient mottled world, forever frozen in this instant!

In the distance, there were creatures, a city, temples, even more so ancient trees and other things, but there wasn’t a trace of activity. They were all like sculptures, this entire universe in a death-like state.

There were some dried ancient trees that produced fruits, some of these fruits falling, but they were dried up, actually remaining in midair, not landing on the ground.

There were some creatures that walked on the path. They raised their feet, but they didn’t come back down, forever fixed there.

This was a frozen world, mysterious and terrifying.

There wasn’t a hint of life here, unknown what it suddenly experienced for it to be frozen in this instant.

It was clear that an intense battle had happened here, some activating weapons, releasing divine light, but all of it was frozen in midair.

There were cities struck by precious artifacts, a larger half of them destroyed, smoke rising, debris flying, but it all froze there. The moment the city walls collapsed, everything came to a standstill.

Not far out was a mountainous creature covered in blood, war halberd in hand, in a charging state. However, its figure was not moving at all.

It was as if this great bloody battle was suddenly interfered with by external force, this world freezing.

Shi Hao continued forward, full of shock. Only he could move, see this place, his mind full of confusion. How many years ago did this frozen scene come from? It was like a painting of history.

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