Chapter 1763

Chapter 1763 - Back in the Kun Peng Nest

In the Northern sea, waves surged. The water was not a dark blue, but rather black like ink.

This was the Northern Sea’s special quality. The sea was vast and boundless, black throughout.

Shi Hao walked on the waves, taking this ocean path into the seas. He recalled many things, how he had previously set out with Yun Xi and the others, and then fought with the Ocean Clans, meeting the witch here for the first time.

His past opponents, some of them now eternally sunk into the sea, some heading into the higher realm.

The Ocean Deity descendants Mo Shang and Flame Fish Clan Han Tian, these were the two strongest youngsters of the seas, he had previously fought intensely with them before.

“I wonder what those people are like now.” Shi Hao shook his head. He sighed with great emotions. There were some opponents and some acquaintances who would be hard to meet again as time goes on.

Entering the Kun Peng Nest wasn’t easy. Back then, he had arrived here only after experiencing great dangers and difficulties.

It was because the Kun Peng Nest wouldn’t appear normally, hiding in the depths of the Northern Sea. To be more precise, it was hidden within a strange small world.

Shi Hao’s cultivation was now on a completely different level, even calling himself number one under the supreme being level wasn’t an exaggeration.

That was why he wasn’t obstructed at all. Moreover, after roaming the Northern Sea for many days, he discovered some clues. He forcefully broke through the void, entering a mysterious ocean realm.

Skeletons and ancient ships drifted about, appearing and disappearing like ghosts.

These were merely the irregular scenes he saw along the way. There were ghost ships left behind from the ancient times, as well as illusions formed by formations, as well as heroic spirits that haven’t passed on yet.

Shi Hao didn’t pay these things any attention. At his level, no sudden appearances like these could make him flustered.

He didn’t see any paper boats along the way!

There were more bone boats, not many changes.

Back then, the blood-soaked paper boat had a line of words on it that was hard for Shi Hao to forget.

“I am the only one left…”

Those beautiful words were written by the hands of a woman, carrying disappointment and frustration, as well as a type of lonesomeness, making one’s heart tremble, stir with emotions.

Shi Hao didn’t see a single one of these paper boats.

He would stop every so often, travel from one ocean region to the next. He passed black seas, even more so entered golden seas, these changes naturally because of the small world he entered.

In the end, Shi Hao arrived, approaching the Kun Peng Nest.

For others, it was extremely difficult, almost impossible to find, but he found it.

Kun Peng Nest, it ought to be concealed in this age, shouldn’t have appeared in the world, yet now, he really did arrive.

A massive stone cliff towered in the sea.

On that cliff was a massive Kun Peng Nest that released strands of chaotic energy. This was precisely his objective, after many years, Shi Hao returned.

“I’m back.” Shi Hao released a light sigh.

He leapt out onto the cliff. This could also be considered an ocean island.

The Kun Peng Nest looked like a bird nest, only, it was extremely massive. This was precisely the residence of one of the glorious Vicious Ten!

Where was that river? Shi Hao searched around. There was a river next to the Kun Peng Nest before, a gate, spiritual liquid flowing out from within, a blood-soaked black paper boat flowing out from within.

Even though it was about to dry up, this was a mysterious path after all!

Shi Hao revealed an expression of joy. At the same time, his mind tightened slightly, was he going to head back inside? Back then, there were no gates leading inside.

After staring for a while, Shi Hao then focused his attention on the Kun Peng Nest.

“I’m back…” Shi Hao released a light sigh. For him, this place’s significance was too great. In the past, it really was because he obtained the Kun Peng Precious Technique from this place that he was able to rise up a step further.

The lower realms, even if one didn’t say that it was in a time where all methods had been lost, it wasn’t far off. Being able to find the Kun Peng Precious Technique was definitely great natural luck.

In the past, this ocean region had been ravaged by battles. There were all types of creatures, some from land and even some overlords from the sea, all of them wreaking havoc in this region, everything as if it only took place yesterday.

“The Kun Peng, sigh, it’s buried here.”

Shi Hao said to himself. Then, he suddenly moved. Back then, he didn’t see the Kun Peng’s corpse. Everyone said that it had died, but was this truly the case?

Then, he saw the dried-up blood pool the Kun Peng left behind, feathers and ruined blood visible there. This was precisely where he obtained the inheritance.

“Even now, the nest still suppresses the cultivations of outsiders. No matter who enters, there will always be a set amount of influence.” Shi Hao said to himself. The difference from before wasn’t that great.

However, Shi Hao’s cultivation had become much greater, unmatched under the supreme being level, so he really didn’t need to feel much apprehension.

He walked the path of the body as a seed, moreover cultivated all types of great methods. Even though this place suppressed his cultivation, it wasn’t as great as before.

Unfortunately, one of the most powerful individuals of a generation, the illustrious Vicious Ten Kun Peng, actually fell in the lower realms, leaving behind its traces here.

Shi Hao’s figure flickered, entering the Kun Peng Nest. He forcefully opened the entrance, making his way inside.

This small world was extremely vast, and also extremely massive. It was completely different from what it looked like on the outside.

The inside was not in the rough shape of a bird nest at all, instead having an elegant layout. Shi Hao continued forward, not stopping along the way.

He saw quite a few spiritual and divine medicines along the way.

Then, he entered that old underground cave. Even though it was now collapsed, he still found the original location of that withered blood pool. He stood here for a long time, closing his eyes and carefully sensing this place.

“The Kun Peng really did die.” He released a sigh, coming to this conclusion.

Shi Hao obviously wasn’t done. It was because he believed that there were parts of the nest that he didn’t completely explore yet. He just felt like there were parts that he overlooked.

“What about those weapons?” Shi Hao searched around. The Kun Peng’s weapon, Eternity, even though that great halberd was broken, it was extraordinary. Back then, it flew away, he couldn’t acquire it.


Soon afterwards, Shi Hao opened up a hidden room, the inside of it like a small world onto itself, extremely spacious, and also extremely deep. Primal chaos immediately poured outwards.

At the very least, he had missed this place back then, not seeing it.

Soon afterwards, he was shocked. He sensed a type of strange aura, as if a Kun Peng was here. He cultivated this clan’s precious technique, this technique now making him feel this powerful reaction.

Shi Hao didn’t cower continuing forward. He saw several eggs in this private room’s small world, not on soft earth, but rather on the ice-cold and hard stone floor.

The eggs were golden, extremely large, and also extremely intimidating, black patterns covering their surface. Shi Hao immediately believed that these were Kun Peng eggs.

He was shocked. Who would have thought that he would make such an astonishing discovery? He quickly rushed over. After sizing them up for a long time, he released a sigh.

These eggs, if they weren’t poked into, then they had shattered, now already ruined. Even though there was chaotic energy swirling about them, they had long lost their life force.

After Shi Hao examined them, he was sure that these exceptionally precious Kun Peng eggs had all been destroyed, or else their value would be immeasurable.

Even without thinking about it, Shi Hao knew that the past events were extremely miserable. The Kun Peng children hadn’t appeared, yet they already suffered this type of slaughter.

This wasn’t the first time he witnessed this. For example, in the dragon nest, only a single crimson dragon survived, his brothers and sisters forever unable to emerge into this world.

There was also the little Heavenly Horned Ant in the Nine Heavens above, he was also seriously injured by the enemy, later on sealed by his father in primal chaos, nurtured through amazing methods before it finally developed life force again.

Back then, for the sake of cutting the weeds and eliminating the roots, some true immortal heirs were harmed, the situation extremely severe.

Left with no choice, there were some eggs that were sealed in the void, nurtured by heavenly treasures. Their parents hoped that they could one day be restored.

“These pitiful Kun Peng children.”

Shi Hao thought back to that person, the imperishable existence suppressed under Five Phase Mountain. That was likely the only Kun Peng child who survived.

However, its source was greatly injured, its body having major issues. It was because there were rumors that it had previously been sealed in primal chaos for millions of years, this alone already enough to explain everything.

However, the sole Kun Peng child who survived was not simple. It somehow acquired an undying body, unknown as to whether it was because of some substances, or if he had some strange and bizarre techniques.

Shi Hao searched about here, and then he found some words. They roughly explained the tragic fate of the Kun Peng eggs, the one who wrote these words full of grief.

“The Kun Peng of the Vicious Ten was actually female!”

Shi Hao was stunned. It was because the words later on actually revealed this mystery!

In his mind, he always thought that the Vicious Ten’s Kun Peng was male, but this was completely not the case.

“No wonder.” Shi Hao recalled the sole living Kun Peng child say that he was a posthumous child.

Back then, he thought it was weird. Even in the early parts of this great era, the Kun Peng had appeared before, so how could he be a posthumous child? Turns out that the one who appeared was indeed one of the Vicious Ten, but it was his mother.

Shi Hao continued to explore the Kun Peng nest. Finally, he found a hidden land.

This was a stone cave, the interior rich with immortal energy, but at the same time an aura of tragedy, mixing together, the divinity making one shiver all over, extremely strange.

Shi Hao entered the stone cave, his body quickly becoming rigid. It was because he sensed the fluctuations of the Immortal Breaking Curse.

Soon afterwards, he saw some crushed bones in this stone room. There weren’t many, only a dozen or so pieces, but they all carried the power of the Immortal Breaking Curse.

“Kun Peng bones!’

Shi Hao sighed. There was no complete corpse, only some ruined bones that lacked spirituality, only a dozen or so pieces left. The others were all completely corroded away.

“The Kun Peng did get struck by the Immortal Breaking Curse back then after all!”

Shi Hao frowned, gradually understanding its cause of death.

During the great war of Immortal Ancient, the Kun Peng almost died, dragging its heavily wounded body into this great era. It was about to break apart, but it held on.

In its final years, the Kun Peng could no longer suppress the Immortal Breaking Curse. Moreover, the old wounds from Immortal Ancient War erupted, thus causing its life to end here!

What a pity, how lamentable! What could Shi Hao say?

Then, he searched the entire Kun Peng nest, but didn’t find any other secrets. It was because there really weren’t any more good things. It was because even though the great halberd Eternity was broken, it had long developed sentience, flying away.

This exploration of the Kun Peng Nest left Shi Hao quite shaken, what happened might be completely different from what Shi Hao had imagined.

In the end, Shi Hao left the nest, directly following the river of spiritual force to a shining gate.

There was a World Tree branch there, extremely shocking. It rested in the river, right in front of the shining gate.

The spiritual force river pouring out from the shining gate was about to dry up. This came from a different realm.

“Are there still any paper boats drifting outwards?” Shi Hao waited for a long time, but didn’t see any activity.

He decided to go upstream himself, see what exactly there was there.

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