Chapter 1760

Chapter 1760 - Another Realm

This slap was loud and clear, shaking up the entire sky like a clap of thunder.

The main reason was because this face was too large, like a majestic mountain. Meanwhile, the palm Shi Hao slapped over with naturally also enlarged, covering heaven and earth, which was why the sound that resulted was so astonishing.

On the earth, the calamity stopped. With the flood’s disappearance, everyone looked towards the sky, all of them seeing this scene.

In that instant, everyone became stunned. These were mostly mortals, but there were some cultivators as well. They were all stupefied.

One had to understand that just now, the world was pitch-black, rain pouring down like it was judgment day. Everything was precisely because of that terrifying face, yet now, it was slapped in the face, moreover just that clearly!

“Praise be to the lord!”

“A god!”

On the ground, the civilians all couldn’t help but shout out, and then their hearts trembled even more. Some of them were speaking out in worship, some bowing down, all of them deeply shaken.

Of course, there were some who didn’t dare to speak out, but they felt incredibly satisfied inside, actually wishing to shout out.

They knew that this disaster was caused by that ‘face’. This was an inconceivably powerful existence who wished disaster upon Stone Country’s civilians in order to get revenge on Stone Emperor.

The people who suffered on the surface were naturally resentful. In the end, it was Stone Emperor who saved them, so as for who was good and who was bad, it couldn’t be more clear.

“Is it truly Stone Emperor?”

“It is, it’s the Young Human Emperor from the past!”

It was because there were quite a few cultivators who rushed over, now revealing Shi Hao’s identity, responding to the people’s questions.

“I just knew that for Stone Country to prosper like it is right now, that there was a great individual watching over us. Our country is becoming more prosperous by the day, the people are at peace, so how could it incur the wrath of heaven? This is a great demon who has come to cause trouble!”

“I plead the great emperor to cut down this demon!”

Eventually, those on the surface shouted out, no longer feeling fear, because more and more cultivators appeared in the skies, currently arranging a formation. Light scattered, protecting this place.

War King, Peng King, and the other Stone Country experts all came, the golden lion obviously here as well. It was extremely easygoing, all of its fur brilliant. It opened its bloody mouth, rushing straight at that ‘big face’.

In the heavens above, that face was incredibly furious, at the same time a bit flustered.

Shi Hao’s palm smacked him until he saw stars, moreover, he couldn’t even escape, leaving him horrified. This was but a projection cast across realms, so why was he restrained?

He couldn’t leave, locked in place by divine chains of order. They were everywhere, trapping him here, unable to escape.

Shi Hao stared at him, now starting to examine him carefully. When he retracted his palm, he understood a bit about this person’s secrets. He was extremely strong, really not weak, but this was definitely not its true body, but rather an incarnation of divine will!

The so-called projection was nothing more than casting one’s will and magical force into this world, have it appear in this realm.

“Speak, what kind of world is it?” Shi Hao asked.

In regards to those from the ancient age, Rain Clan’s deities, Shi Hao was convinced that they didn’t enter the three thousand provinces, because he had investigated before, there had never been this group of people.

“You know nothing, you won’t be able to understand.” Rain Clan’s deity directly said this, carrying a bit of arrogance, full of contempt.

“Speaking to people like you really is tiresome. You think you are all that, but in reality, what is so special about you?” Shi Hao was extremely direct. Following a pa sound, he released another slap, this time even more loud and clear.

Below, Stone Country’s people all looked at each other in dismay. This was a battle between deities! Were all deities like this?

They felt like the Little Stone didn’t change at all. Back then, he was just this much of a monster, now the same. When faced with an ancient deity, it was the exact same approach, slapping right after saying he would, not caring at all.

In the end, who was being arrogant, who was showing who disdain? Right now, Rain Clan’s deity felt this the most directly.

His face immediately swelled red, a wave of flame burning. He was a Rain Deity, yet now, raging flames surged, white smoke coming from his entire face!

He really was angered to the extreme. The deity from the ancient times appeared powerfully like this, yet ended up suffering, being slapped in the face twice by this later generation brat. What dignity, what prestige? All of it was smacked away!

“Brat, you…” Rain Clan’s deity felt like his heart and lungs were going to explode.

Shi Hao stared at him, his eyes cold. He was also pondering himself. From what he learned when he faced Rain Clan before, Rain Clan’s past condition should be rather bad.

He remembered that in the past, Rain Clan barely managed to contact Rain Deity. He was incredibly weak, producing a void image that might scatter at any time.

At that time, Rain Clan’s people even suspected that perhaps due to age, their Rain Deity might pass away, unable to hold on any longer.

Later on, Rain Clan found out that the reason Rain Deity was in a special realm was because his condition really was terrible, which was why he was so weak, powerless to defend himself.

These were things Shi Hao already knew when he faced Rain Clan, things he personally experienced. Back then, he was extremely ‘savage’, even opening his mouth and chewing the fragmented decree Rain Deity left in Rain Clan.

“The world you reside in was in great danger back then, and now, it seems like something happened that made your situation better.” Shi Hao said.

This type of speculation was extremely clear, or else how could the current Rain Deity appear like this, still able to produce rain on such a large scale, produce such a great disaster?

Then, before Rain Deity could say anything, Shi Hao released another flurry of strikes on that large face. This was completely just to vent out his resentment.

It was because this Rain Deity was completely unrestrained, not having a bottom line, so vicious even against mortals. Was this individual planning to wipe out a country’s worth of creatures?

That was why when Shi Hao took action, he didn’t show any restraint, smacking him as he pleased, just humiliating this deity like this in front of everyone.

“Are you really that Rain Clan deity from the ancient times?” Shi Hao smacked him while asking with a gentle voice.

Rain Clan’s deity was simply about to go mad. This was a type of humiliation he had never suffered before, never feeling so sullen in his life. His projected face being trapped was one thing, yet the other party smacked him around as he wished, this punishment really was a bit too miserable.

“He is Rain Clan’s deity!” Below, War King spoke out. He had previously seen the idol Rain Clan consecrated, it was identical to this face.

“You shameless old thing, do you even know how to be human? In the past, you walked out of this country’s earth as well, yet this is how you repay it, wishing to harm countless people to death?” Shi Hao began to exert even more force, viciously striking its mouth.

On the surface, everyone was stupefied. Forget about the ordinary civilians, even those cultivators looked at each other in dismay, stupefied.

Originally, this was an extremely grave matter, Rain Deity almost massacring countless people, yet in the end, Stone Emperor’s actions made this seem a bit like a show.

He was smacking a deity’s mouth in front of everyone? Moreover, in such a disrespectful manner, it truly toppled everything they knew.

“Younger generation, humiliating me like this, you will not have a good end in the future! My Rain Clan’s prosperity and power are not something you can imagine!” The ancient deity also became anxious, beaten stupid. It continuously roared out.

Unfortunately, that large face was restricted, just unable to move.

When Shi Hao heard this, his mind was immediately moved. What kind of world was that? Was Rain Clan’s influence there great? Don’t tell me there really was a piece of extraordinary ancient earth?

Of the experts in the ancient times who became deities, a small portion of them went to the three thousand provinces, but most of them vanished. Could it be that they were all there?

“I’ll give you a chance, speak honestly.” Shi Hao questioned. He wanted to know about that realm.

“Keep dreaming!” Rain Deity shouted.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything else. After another round of smacks, he began to search his sea of consciousness.


Right at that moment, the sky dome trembled. The divine chains of order binding this rain deity went taut, about to be snapped.

“Realm wall’s power?” Shi Hao frowned. It wasn’t Rain Deity being too strong, but rather the force of the other side affecting everything on this side.

It was because this place was adjacent to a certain realm, in this place a special spatial node that placed these two worlds close to each other, to the extent where it even allowed simple communication.

Of course, this was only limited to the passage of one’s spiritual consciousness.

He watched as Rain Deity was about to return, dragged back to the other side by a wave of boundless power.

Shi Hao sat in the void, having the golden lion protect him. Then, he directly took action. His primordial spirit left his body, carrying a sword core, directly rushing forward.

“Heavens, you must not!”

“Stone Emperor!”

Many people shouted in alarm, greatly shocked. They didn’t think that the Little Stone would dare do such a thing!

Shi Hao was crossing realms, to be more precise, he was casting over a projection, wishing to enter another realm.

It was always high level figures’ faces that were cast over, yet now, it was completely flipped around. This was extremely dangerous, full of uncertainty.

At the same time, everyone saw Shi Hao’s primordial spirit leave his body. This was not the same as casting a portion of one’s divine will, but rather the primordial spirit crossing over as a whole!

“There is no harm!” Shi Hao didn’t mind. He had the golden lion properly protect his body, he wasn’t scared of anything else.

He even went to the other side, entered Immortal Domain, towards this ancient realm, he didn’t feel any fear. At the same time, he was also only going in briefly, chasing after Rain Deity’s primordial spirit to kill his true body. He was going to return switfly after completely killing him!


Shi Hao carried the Everlasting Sword Core, directly passing through the spatial node, slaughtering his way over.

Then, he saw an altar, an elder seated on it, blood flowing from the corners of his lips. He suddenly opened his eyes, while Rain Deity’s spirit entered his head.

“You dare!” Rain Deity was shocked, not expecting this youngster to be this daring, casting a projection into this side instead, slaughtering his way over just like that.

Shi Hao sensed a sea of heaven and earth essence energy, too rich, even richer than the three thousand provinces. This was definitely not a normal place!

“Why wouldn’t I dare?!” Shi Hao spoke up, his voice cold. He displayed powerful strength, charging over.

Rain Deity quickly took action, fighting with Shi Hao. However, even if he was an ancient deity who had cultivated for endless time, his cultivation extremely deep, he was still not enough.

Shi Hao immediately suppressed him, pressing his sword against his forehead.


Immediately afterwards, in the distance, brilliant light overflowed from the cosmos, shocking all sides.

A powerful divine will was fluctuating, surging.

Shi Hao saw it clearly. That was a divine will, an expert’s divine awareness that moved past above this celestial body. It flew past a sea of stars, arriving nearby.

Shi Hao didn’t feel any fear, because that true expert was who knew where, this was merely a strand of divine will that wandered here.

This divine will was indeed extremely powerful, incredibly powerful.

However, if one wanted to borrow a strand of divine will to suppress him, that was impossible. Shi Hao dared to come here, so he naturally had methods to protect himself. He raised the Everlasting Sword Core!

Wu, this is a surprise. You should be that Huang.” This divine will was shocked.

At the same time, Shi Hao saw a sealed land in the stellar domain, brilliant and gorgeous. Divine rainbows would appear from time to time, winding about.

There was an ancient gate sealed in the cosmos.

Shi Hao frowned, a bit surprised. Soon afterwards, he was shocked. That was a path, similar to the one he saw in the three thousand provinces’ Immortal Tomb.

He sucked in a cold breath of air. In the future, an unimaginable existence would return through the Immortal Tomb to settle things.

Could it be that this gate was a similar path, that it would trigger the return of a taboo existence?

“If not for Immortal Domain opening again, about to reappear, this place would have become a land of death. Rain Clan’s cultivators have a bit of contributions as well, after all, they have watched over it with other cultivators for such a long time.”

That divine will transmitted sound from the dazzling radiance.

“What a pity, you were struck with the Immortal Breaking Curse, or else with your talents, you would have a chance of entering Immortal Domain. Right now, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths are all choosing unmatched seeds.”

When Shi Hao heard these words, he was naturally shocked. This was information he was previously not aware of.

“You missed out on a great opportunity. If your body was unharmed, you could follow beside a certain young master of similar age. If your temperaments are agreeable, your benefits would be many in the future.”

When Shi Hao heard these words, his face tightened, not saying anything. Now, who dared have him follow them? He faced this individual coldly.

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