Chapter 1759

Chapter 1759 - Ancient Deity Calamity

Stone Country eastern division, great rain poured down, incredibly ferocious, astonishingly great.

The entire world was inside a pool!

The rain that descended wasn’t the rainwater the people knew about at all, but more like huge spheres, surging about, smashing down from the heavens.

When they landed on the ground, the pa pa noises were deafening, producing white-colored waves, overflowing like river water. All of it descended from the heavens above, entering the country!

When would one see this type of scene normally? All of the civilians were scared badly. The water level was climbing higher and higher, the houses were going to be flooded sooner or later.


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. A great rain poured down, becoming stronger and stronger.

The entire world entered darkness, dark clouds surging, sending down endless water. It poured down from the heavens like it was the end of the world.

Shi Hao moved quickly. After receiving a report, he immediately rushed through Stone Country Capital’s skies, heading to the scene of the crime!

Along the way, he activated his Heavenly Eyes, gazing into the heavens. He was observing the irregular scenes at the limits of the horizon. Exactly what kind of existence was it who was causing trouble?!

This was extremely unusual, different from what he imagined. That was definitely someone with great abilities, someone he had to treat seriously!

Was it really the Rain Deity? He actually had these types of methods, could it be that someone from the ancient times really was going to descend here? Shi Hao searched about with a cold expression.

This world became more and more dark, eventually becoming pitch-black. Only rain overflowed, pouring down from the heavens in a terrifyingly great manner.

On the ground, many civilians were wailing, but their voices were all smothered under the great rain.

The world was pitch-black, as if this was the malevolent abyss of hell, nothing visible anymore. It all looked more and more terrifying, as if they were about to reach the end of judgment day


Silver-colored lightning cut across the sky, massive beyond compare, producing dazzling radiance in the darkness, revealing the true scene of the great earth.

A few houses were about to collapse under the vicious downpour, tottering on the verge of collapse.

Many people hid on the roofs, avoiding the rain that became greater and greater. Even the pots and pans of the houses were floating up and down in the streets.

There were some who fled to the mountains, moving to places of higher elevation. However, silver snakes cut across the skies one after another, extending towards those regions, absolutely terrifying.


Eventually, there were mountain peaks that exploded. Those electrical arcs extended down, making rubble fly everywhere, giant trees snapping, exploding. The scene was horrifying.

“Heavens, why are you doing this? What did we do wrong?” Many people were sobbing, screaming out. They knelt down on the ground, pleading towards the skies, praying.

No one dared head to the mountain peaks, hiding below. However, even if they did this, it was extremely dangerous. A mountain flood was starting to surge.

As for the villages and towns on the plains, as well as the cities with larger populations, all of the buildings were about to be submerged, some of them already collapsing.

As for places of lower elevation, some of the houses could no longer be seen, already drowned.

“Stone Country’s monarch is licentious and tyrannical, the heavens are carrying out their judgment!”

At this moment, a rumbling voice sounded from the pitch-black skies, overwhelming the sounds of thunder. All of the lightning quickly disappeared, only this grand and imposing voice resounding.

The great rain didn’t decrease, becoming increasingly astonishing.

Was this punishment from the world itself? The civilians were all horrified. There was actually a voice in the heavens above! It was too grand, as if it was a warning from the heavens.

“We plead the heavens for mercy!”

“We plead the heavens for forgiveness!”

Many people shouted out, wailing. Some people were swept away by the mountain flood, quite a few people disappearing into whirlpools.

“Grandpa, come back!” There was a young lady crying out, because the elder who was protecting her was swept away just like that by a wave.

“Mom, no! Please come back!” A six or seven year old child in tattered clothes was wailing. He reached out a hand, grabbing towards the waters. For the sake of protecting her son, she pushed him to a part of the roof that had still not been flooded yet, but in doing so she was swept away herself.

“Child!” There was an elder who was so anxious veins began to pop on his head. It was because his healthy and strong son, for the sake of saving him, fell into the flood himself.

On the ground, a great tragedy was playing out.

However, in the skies, that voice didn’t stop, still rumbling loudly.

“The country’s monarch is tyrannical, the wrath of heaven is descending, warning the people that Stone Country’s emperor is vicious and evil, his sins cannot be forgiven!”

The rain became greater and greater, accompanied by lightning. Everyone saw a face that was incomparably massive, coldly overlooking everything below, watching this flood tragedy, overlooking the scenes of anguish.

On the earth, many people were perplexed, becoming scared.

In all these years, Stone Country experienced such great weather, the country prospering and the people at peace, yet now, this type of disaster suddenly descended, leaving them at their wit’s end, shrouded in fear.

Many people fainted. The punishment of the heavens, this type of great judgment, who wouldn’t be scared?

Only, there were some people who were confused. Wasn’t Stone Country becoming increasingly prosperous by the day? Why was it like this? Could it be that Stone Emperor really did some heaven angering thing?

“Even if Stone Emperor has sinned, it has nothing to do with us! Heavens, please forgive us!”

A few people cried out.

“Gods, please have mercy! We are ignorant, we do not understand what kind of mistake the incapable ruler Stone Emperor has made, please forgive all of us!” On the ground, people pleaded for mercy.

Hah, still not enough.”

In this pitch-back world, only when lightning cut across, would that massive cold face be seen. “It’s still not enough!”

Then, it said with a low voice, “The blood and chaos in the mortal world, there is still sin, still not deep enough. If the entire lower realms are like this, there will definitely be tremendous karma applied to me and Huang’s body. Huang is destined to have no fate with achieving the dao!”

“I am but a member of a clan, not the most powerful. However, today, my power is the greatest.” He said coldly, voice incredibly cold and deep.

This member of the ‘Rain Deities’, was speaking softly. What he wished to do was extremely great, involving karma itself. Even if the effects that were applied to Huang himself were few, he still had to do them.

He was originally a heavily injured body, cultivation path difficult, even his survival uncertain. He was using the most vile methods to cut off the path of a heaven warping genius.

“Heavens, please forgive us!” On the surface, sounds of wailing were endless. Sure enough, there were waves of resentment rising, karma circulating.

It was clear that those who dared touch upon karma were all higher level cultivators. How could normal people be willing to come into contact with it?

This was precisely done against Shi Hao, not holding back in the slightest, done with the most power, the most vile methods. At the very least, it was going to cut off his path of achieving the dao!

Shi Hao arrived, speeding over, arriving beneath the endless rain.

From the moment he received the news until he hurried here, he didn’t waste a moment of time. Only, the rain was too vicious, this bit of time already enough for it to submerge the great earth.

The only fortunate thing was that the mountain flood didn’t attack the places of the highest population.

“Shameless cultivator, stirring up trouble in this world! Deserve to be punished!”

Shi Hao roared, his voice resounding through heaven and earth. Then, he took action, a fist shot out, smashing through the heavens, brilliant light illuminating the skies, shattering the darkness.

There was no way he could remain calm. This was originally his grudge with Rain Clan, yet in the end, the other side’s deity actually harmed the creatures of the great earth. Was he trying to destroy an entire region?

Honglong! Heaven and earth fractured, a large amount of the great rain disappearing.

Shi Hao’s fist carried unmatched yang force, making the dark clouds in the skies explode and scatter, rush into the distance.


The golden lion arrived. Under Shi Hao’s orders, it opened its mouth and blew. All of the clouds rushed towards the seas.

Shi Hao himself used great magical force. His hands formed seals, in that instant, the water on the earth was all brought into the skies, all of the great waves, mountain flood and rainwater left the surface.

The instantaneous display of power dissolved this scene of hell on earth.

Everyone became stupefied. On the ground, the wails of anguish stopped. Everyone looked towards the skies, seeing a young man’s hands raised towards the heavens, the tips of his fingers shining, sending the mountain flood into the heavens. The water evaporated, this young man ending this ‘rain calamity’.

Shi Hao released his magical force, surrounding who knew how many tens of thousands of li of the great earth. At the same time, he led the endless water towards the great sea.

The great river flowed through the skies, the mountain flood moving along above, leaving everyone shocked.

Normally, cultivators wouldn’t display great divine abilities before mortals to avoid triggering great chaos.

However, today, Rain Clan’s deity actually brought such a calamity over mortals, wishing for destruction. Only great methods could quickly deal with such an attack.

“A miracle!” On the ground, it was unknown just how many people were cheering.

Shi Hao arrived at the perfect time. Even though the rain was flooding the great earth, it didn’t rush into the places where the population was dense yet, avoiding a tragedy.

This time, the casualties weren’t that great.

Then, his body released endless radiance, the light specks concentrated. They turned into streak after streak of flowing light, rushing towards the great earth, covering everything. This was the most basic life essence energy.

Chi chi chi!

All of the dying people were immediately struck by flowing light, then immediately recovered.

It was to the extent where the people who were swept away by the mountain flood were rising from the dead!

The golden lion was shocked, never expecting Shi Hao to be this magnanimous, actually using innate essence energy to rescue some mortals.

“Praise be to the lord!”

Many people on the surface cheered. They were trembling, all of them kneeling down, shouting loudly.

It was because in that instant, a tragedy was changed, many dying people coming back to life again.

Of course, the price Shi Hao paid for this wasn’t small!


Suddenly, in the heavens above, lightning was concentrated, turning into terrifying blades, hacking down onto Shi Hao.

There was someone taking action, seizing the moment when Shi Hao was releasing his life essence energy to deal a killing blow.

“Just some insignificant tricks!”

Shi Hao berated outwards. His fist smashed towards the sky. With a honglong noise, everything broke apart.

Moreover, he rushed into the skies, entering outer space, staring at that massive face.

“Rain Clan’s filth, you dare appear here? Just hand over your life!” Shi Hao shouted.

He surged with endless killing intent, erupting with rage. The other party didn’t feel the slightest bit of restraint, destroying the boundless great earth and the creatures below just like that, could be said to be using any means fair or foul, lacking the slightest bottom line. This made him surge with endless murderous intent.

“Stone Clan’s brat, so what if you are angry? I am in a different realm, endlessly far from where you are. What can you even do to me?!” That indistinct face was cold and emotionless, a cold smile hanging from the corners of his lips, unfazed.

Shi Hao’s gaze was cold. He wanted to know which realm Rain Clan’s ancient deity was in, and now, he could find out through this individual.

“You can just crawl over now!” Shi Hao shouted.

He used endless magical force, continuously forming imprints. Countless chains of order flew out, winding about that massive face, pulling him down.

“What you are trying to do is cross realms. If you want to capture me, heh, you’ll never get the chance!” Rain Clan’s deity said with a cold laugh, mocking him there.

Shi Hao didn’t say a word, continuously changing different ancient methods. In the end, the other party suddenly came down.

En? Impossible!” Rain Clan’s deity suddenly screamed. That massive face became clear, being pulled closer, heading towards Shi Hao.


Shi Hao wasn’t in a rush to drag him over, instead raising his hand, giving him a great slap in the face!

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