Chapter 1757

Chapter 1757 - A Phoenix Without Wings

“Youngster, you are overthinking things. What are you speculating?”

Bird Grandpa’s expression became vacant, eyes lacking radiance, unable to give Shi Hao any useful warnings. Black mists spread here, the two elders’ corruption severe.

Even though the two great experts both operated secret methods, the efficiency of expelling the black mist wasn’t great.

It was because after all these years, the black mist had long seeped in. It was impossible to completely eliminate it.

“Seniors, goodbye!” Shi Hao didn’t search any deeper, planning to go back first.

In the future, he would definitely come back here, because there were opponents here, creatures who could truly fight great battles with him. They were dao bodies that could be used to temper him.

Shi Hao left. For the sake of becoming even stronger, he had to cultivate. He believed that he would return to truly challenge the existences here soon.

At that time, he would become an unsheathed immortal blade, pointed at all so-called world-shocking experts!

Behind Stone Village, within a muddy area, Shi Hao set up a formation.

At his cultivation level, as long as he had the formation diagram and magical force, setting up something with just a rough drawing was possible.

He robbed various sects, bringing down too many treasures from the higher realms, so establishing a complete divine formation was completely not an issue.


Fiery light surged, a True Dragon rushed into the heavens. Ge Gu was trapped in the formation, currently screaming out.

“Still lacking quite a bit!” Shi Hao said.

He was training this crimson dragon, teaching it divine abilities, truly treating it like his own disciple.

Ge Gu was cultivating there, forced to. In the formation, its destructive force was weakened, restrained to the limit. Its power wouldn’t harm the great wilderness.

During these past few days, the crimson dragon yielded. After some serious consideration, it took Shi Hao as its master!

Right now, it was going through the most difficult training. It was extremely special, making it roar out, drawing the attention of many people in Stone Village.

Its experiences really were bitter, because it had to first forget its own clan, screaming out, “I am a phoenix!”

The golden lion, Yun Xi, and the others were naturally startled, all of them stupefied. Did this dragon go crazy from Shi Hao’s training?

Previously, it was only immersing itself diligently in cultivation, but now, it actually shouted out these words, going mad. Was there something wrong with its brain?

Everyone suspected that Shi Hao had driven this True Dragon insane.

“I am a phoenix, my talent unmatched, rebirth through flames!” The crimson dragon screamed, voice resounding.

“You wanted to be its master, but how could you force it like this? Even its mind has become unclear.” Yun Xi said, warning Shi Hao not to go too far. Having Ge Gu cultivate bitterly every day like this would produce big issues.

“It didn’t go mad. I am teaching it a skill. If one wishes to cultivate an unmatched precious technique, one must forget oneself!” Shi Hao calmly replied.

Everyone was stunned. They didn’t know why he was treating the crimson dragon like this.

“I am a phoenix, a phoenix without wings!” Ge Gu roared out, its voice becoming even louder. The fiery light around its body became even more powerful.

Everyone became stunned, their expressions becoming increasingly strange.

“Actually, the reasoning is extremely simple. It didn’t obtain the True Dragon bloodline’s highest inheritance, so I am teaching it the great method of a different clan, changing it to the True Phoenix Secret Technique.” Shi Hao explained.

At first, he encountered the crimson dragon’s fierce resistance. It was because if this happened, then it really would be made fun of. The True Dragon of this generation actually didn’t know its own clan’s technique, moreover had to learn the True Phoenix’ wondrous technique.

Now, Ge Gu began to let these things go.

As it roared, it gradually truly treated itself as a phoenix.

“I am a phoenix without wings!” The crimson dragon roared.

Its voice was still extremely tender, but resolute. It was brainwashing itself, completely immersing itself into this process.


Phoenix wings spread at the sides of its body, two streaks of scarlet multicolored light flickered, tearing apart the skies, the power terrifying.

Soon afterwards, a True Phoenix soared into the heavens. Two streaks of scarlet multicolored light appeared, spreading like a pair of divine wings into the heavens, reflecting the Phoenix Clan’s terrifying power.

There was no True Dragon Precious Technique, so Shi Hao taught it the Phoenix Secret Technique.

The main reason why Shi Hao had it go through this was because there was the legend of dragon and phoenix pair.

If the two clans’ great secret methods were concentrated into one body, then that would be an unmatched inheritance able to sweep through all under the sky.

If the crimson dragon first learned the Phoenix Clan’s divine ability, in the future, as its cultivation advanced, once it awakened the True Dragon Clan’s secret technique inheritance, then that would truly be displaying the legend of dragon and phoenix.

“I am a lion without wings! No, I am a phoenix!” The golden lion also shouted, skin extremely thick, moving over, asking Shi Hao for the True Phoenix Precious Technique.

In the end, Shi Hao rejected it without hesitation.

“You are just a foreign demon, what right do you have to obtain the Nine Heavens’ highest secret method? If you want to learn, that’s fine too, on the premise that you fully yield and hand over all of your secrets.” Shi Hao shot it a look of disdain.

The golden lion’s face darkened, feeling extremely dissatisfied.

“You still aren’t convinced? I had you seek out the five-colored sparrow, yet in the end, you still haven’t caught it. You think I can still entrust anything to you?” Shi Hao mocked.

The golden lion vowed that it really didn’t act lazy, always searching for the five-colored sparrow. After being pooped on, it couldn’t swallow this resentment no matter what.

Only, it couldn’t catch it no matter what it did, so it could only suffer in resentment.

Shi Hao had always been cultivating during this time, comprehending the True Phoenix’ profound mysteries. When instructing the crimson dragon, he only used some time fragments, most of the time, he was cultivating himself.

That day, Qingfeng returned.

Shi Hao got up. After understanding the situation from him, he got onto the golden lion, returning to Stone Country with Qingfeng. He was going to take action.

During these past few days, great waves stirred through Desolate Region. Many people knew of Shi Hao’s return, all of them discussing this.

Of course, there were some who didn’t believe the rumors, believing that there was something wrong with the Void God Realm and the name Loves Drinking Milk the Most.

“I feel like only his primordial spirit came down from the higher realm, entering Void God Realm, his true body didn’t really return. Just think about it, what kind of place is the higher realm? Now, no one can come back down.”

“However, Stone Country Imperial Palace released news that the Little Stone really did come back. Also, Mysterious Region also released information that Princess Qianqian ran into the Little Stone in Mysterious Region, so how can it still be fake information?”

“This is where you are wrong. Right now, Stone Country’s situation is unstable, Stone Emperor might be abdicated. Those who are supporting him couldn’t help but release some shocking information.”

Many people believed that Shi Hao returned, but there were some who were stubborn, believing that there was no way his true body could come down from the higher realm, finding all types of reasonings to support themselves.

Stone Country Imperial Palace, many people didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Real information actually incurred doubts from some people, in disbelief.

However, all of the noise was going to be quelled today.

It was because Shi Hao appeared in Stone Country Imperial Capital, moreover taking action powerfully, shocking all sides.

There were two powerful old kings who resisted. With a raise of Shi Hao’s hand, they were captured, too easy.

“Your Majesty!”

These two clans panicked, the remaining people’s faces becoming pale. They knelt down, shivering in fear, all of them extremely uneasy.

In reality, during these days, they spent them in panic, just fearing that the young Stone Emperor would settle things when he returned.

It was because during these years, they stood close to the original Stone Country Imperial Clan’s direct line of descent, wishing to force Qingfeng off the throne.

“Back then, I was not stingy to your clans, even granting you all some rare pill medicines. In the end, this is how you repay me?!”

Shi Hao said coldly, a wave of true anger stirring within him.

Those two old kings were people he had cared about, so he granted their two clans many benefits. In the end, when he left, they actually began to scheme against his brother Qingfeng.

“Stone Emperor, please forgive our transgressions!” Someone from the two clans shouted, pleading for forgiveness.

Chi Chi

After these two shouts, Shi Hao was extremely direct. With a raise of his finger, the two old kings were crippled, not showing mercy.

What made him feel at ease was that War King, Peng King, and the others were unswerving from start to finish, protecting Qingfeng, not developing any other thoughts.

“Little Stone, you really are bold!”

Right at this time, a voice shouted from the distant horizon. Its speed was extremely fast, arriving on a divine flame, releasing the aura of a deity.

“Deity!” Someone cried out, sucking in cold air.

“Rain Clan asked someone for help! It was also precisely because they managed to ask out a divine level expert, rumored to be able to contend against the Zhuyan, that some people dare covet the throne.” Someone said quietly.


That creature quickly approached, divine flame burning the heavens. Moreover, dazzling brilliance shone from its head, auspicious multicolored light swirling about.

“Something’s not right, that creature might have reached the True Self Realm, which is a true deity!” Someone sucked in a cold breath of air.

“Little Stone, you dare behave so ostentatiously, appear in the lower realms? Let me test you out a bit, see just what kind of skill you have to act so brazen!”

This deity level expert took action, grabbing towards Shi Hao.

It was because in many people’s eyes, becoming a deity was too difficult. After ten years, Shi Hao might not have reached this level, the most heaven-defying probably right before true deity level.

Now, this existence was clearly a true deity, coming so powerful, wishing to capture the Little Stone. It was clear that those who were originally flustered developed some confidence.

However, the following scene left everyone shocked, completely stupefied.

This time, Shi Hao didn’t move at all. In the end, the lion he rode on opened its bloody mouth. With a pu sound, half of that deity’s body was bitten off with a single bite!

The world became silent, everyone stunned.

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