Chapter 1756

Chapter 1756 - True Phoenix Precious Technique Obtained

There were altars everywhere, all of them with bloodstained containers on them!

Hands and claws reached out from these jars one after another, displaying ancient divine abilities, attacking Shi Hao. A great battle erupted here.

In the end, Shi Hao’s hair was all over the place, body covered in injuries, even hair bloody. He slaughtered his way out, body staggering.

“What’s wrong, are you alright?” Bird Grandpa asked in shock.

“I’m fine!” Shi Hao said. He sat down on the ground, operating mysterious techniques with all of his strength, forcing out strand after strand of black mist to prevent himself from falling into depravity.

This place was too strange. Shi Hao had already slaughtered his way in three times, each time only returning after being seriously injured. He could only stand there for a short amount of time each time, study that piece of True Phoenix Precious Technique briefly.

That thing couldn’t be brought out, could only be studied there.

It was because those patterns were extremely complex, like the stars of the sky, possessing countless changes, too wonderful for words.

This was not a normal scripture, there was a portion of immortal text. However, more than ninety percent was dao text, deriving the most basic natural laws, great dao power.

It continuously changed, expounding upon the True Phoenix’s profound mysteries!

It was clear that the one who left behind the scripture believed that describing the True Phoenix Precious Technique with just characters was overly simple, that the True Phoenix’ great dao had to be used to expound on it, only then could one fully receive the secrets within.

However, if this happened, for normal people, the difficulty would definitely be great. This was the secret technique of the phoenix bloodline, it was difficult for other creatures to comprehend it.

It was capable of endless transformations, complex like stars in the sky, enough to make one’s head hurt.

This needed time to comprehend, to experience, like an endlessly profound heavenly text.

Shi Hao slaughtered his way in and out three times, able to sense the True Phoenix Precious Technique for a moment each time. In his eyes, those bone texts danced about like phoenixes.

Those patterns carried fiery light, accompanied by a True Phoenix spreading its wings, soaring into the sky. When it died, it would be reborn through flames, dazzling and brilliant, its body covering heaven and earth, and then the cosmos itself.

This was what Shi Hao felt. The True Phoenix Precious Technique was extremely horrifying. It was profound and immeasurable.

If one really wanted to fully comprehend it, then one needed astonishing talent. Otherwise, it was impossible to make sense of it.


When the last strand of black mist was expelled from Shi Hao’s body, he got up, and then rushed right back in. His objective was clear, which was precisely the profound mysteries on the phoenix bone.


A great battle erupted here once more. Shi Hao made his way past the palace hall, slaughtering his way into the prison, fighting intensely while studying the Phoenix Secret Technique.

The crimson dragon Ge Gu became silent. It couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. Huang was too strong, more formidable than himself!

Previously, it was still unwilling to accept defeat, believing that if they fought at the same cultivation realm, Huang likely wouldn’t be its opponent. Even when it was fighting an intense battle against Xi Gu, Shi Hao still rushed straight in, restraining both of them. At that time, it couldn’t accept that result, feeling like it had been too careless.

However now, after observing several great battles, it was already sure that Huang had reached the pinnacle of the extreme path, revealing his unmatched bearing in this domain.

It was to the extent where it even suspected that Huang might be history’s most powerful Self Release Realm cultivator.

At the same time, it was extremely shaken by the sealed vessels here. Every single one of them had a creature, all of them past unmatched figures.

This was just too terrifying, if they were let out, what would happen? It was simply unimaginable!

As Shi Hao continued to fight, he had to admit that right now, he had a huge handicap. It was because each vessel could only release one hand, it wasn’t the true body that appeared.

Moreover, only the few vessels closest to him posed danger, the powerful sealing force restricted their range of attacks.

Despite this being the case, being surrounded by enemies like this was still a desperate struggle. All types of divine abilities and ancient techniques flew over, blasting him until his entire body was covered in blood, leaving him in an extremely miserable condition.

However, he didn’t cower. This was the fourth time he slaughtered his way back in, fighting intensely while focusing half his attention on the phoenix bone, continuing to study it.

He was studying the True Phoenix Precious Technique!

It was clear that Shi Hao possessed astonishing perception abilities, still making some gains during this life and death struggle. From time to time, his body would release brilliance, as if he was bathed in divine flames, improving his injured body’s condition.

It could be said that he was immediately putting what he learned into practice. The Rebirth in Flames Technique was precisely a portion of the Phoenix Secret Technique’s essence!

Shi Hao fought fiercely. When faced with attacks from such powerful enemies, he even had to deal with the black mist wafting out from the vessels and sticking to his body.

From a certain perspective, this thing was far more terrifying.

Perhaps nothing might happen in the short term, but if it was truly allowed to corrode the body, then it would be extremely bad. Meng Tianzheng was an example.

Shi Hao wouldn’t forget the final battle of Desolate Border. This was precisely how Meng Tianzheng disappeared!

Apart from this, Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder guarded this place year-round, also suffering serious problems as a result.


Shi Hao spat out a large mouthful of blood, body flying outwards. He adjusted his breathing again, repairing his injured body, expelling the black mist.

Just like that, Shi Hao continued a vicious cycle of fighting. Blood dyed the ancient palace and prison, the most astonishing great battles unfolding here.

Unfortunately, no one in the outside world knew.

If the long life families of the Nine Heavens above knew of this, they would definitely be shocked. Even someone as powerful as Huang met his match, being injured by the creatures sealed here.

If even just a few of these sealed creatures escaped, or one of those bound stone statues was released, just what kind of result would there be?

It would most likely be a great disaster!

Shi Hao was fighting intensely. After six days and six nights of bloody battles, he finally engraved all of the true meanings on the two phoenix bones in his mind, moreover obtaining a set amount of achievements.

He couldn’t be considered to have grasped it, but he engraved the boundless and endless patterns into his mind. Now, he could truly cultivate and test it out.

The True Phoenix Precious Technique was at hand!

This was a divine ability Shi Hao had always wanted to obtain. Today, he finally completely succeeded.

When everything calmed down, Shi Hao breathed heavily. Then, he closed his eyes, resting here for an extremely long time.

Six continuous days of intense battles left him unbearably exhausted. Even his bones were all broken, the most dangerous time, five holes were pierced into his skull. Fortunately, he stuck it out.

A wave of flames moved, attaching to the surface of his body like the plume feathers of a phoenix, extremely brilliant and dazzling. They surrounded him, a wave of exuberant life force spilling out.


Shi Hao got up, standing there. He completely recovered.

Just the bit of the Phoenix Secret Technique’s Rebirth Divine Ability he learned produced great results.

Shi Hao was happy. If he completely grasped this wondrous technique, even if he was seriously injured in the future, he could still be reborn. There were no precious techniques more precious than this.

This was a life saving extreme art!

“Bird Grandpa, Coin Elder, many thanks. I need to return to the real world to test some things out.” Shi Hao said his goodbyes.

His benefits this time were huge. He needed to digest and analyze, completely get to the bottom of this.

Today, the True Phoenix Precious Technique once again fully appeared in this world!

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder both sighed. They really chose the right person, he actually succeeded.

One had to understand that this place looked peaceful, but once one rushed in, it was basically guaranteed death. The sealed creatures were too powerful, easily killing all the so-called heaven warping geniuses.

“Lower realms, prison.” Shi Hao said to himself. Then, he suddenly turned around towards the two elders, his eyes erupting with brilliance.

It was because Shi Hao suddenly became alert, sensing that he might have overlooked something.

“I seemed to have been misled. Could it be that the lower realm’s prison isn’t the eight regions, but rather in the Void God Realm?!” Shi Hao was shaken.

He felt like there were some curtains covering his mind that were suddenly torn apart, pushed aside fiercely.

This speculation was extremely astonishing, different from what others suspected!

Some secrets of the lower realms were hidden in the Void God Realm!

“The so-called prison aren’t the eight regions. The so-called unmatched criminals, were suppressed in Void God Realm.” Shi Hao’s voice became hoarse. He looked towards those two elders.

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