Chapter 175 (Teaser)

Chapter 175 - Thunder Ancestor

“Go back and rest first. We have to make preparations to make sure everything is safe, and you need time to recover as well,” the Heaven Mending Pavilion Master said. His words were warm, and his body shined, making this ancient ground appear brilliant.

The Guardian Spirit had withered, and its entire body was sickly. It existed since the ancient era until now, and so extremely long time had passed. It already lacked vitality, and only had a few more years left to live if nothing unusual happened.

Many years had passed, and Heaven Mending Pavilion had tried out countless ways to preserve its life force in hopes of allowing it to live longer, but everything was ineffective. However, they had collected some rare spiritual objects, and prepared to use them all this time. It would be used in tandem with the moist soil of the Immortal Spring in order to display their greatest effect.

This required the most meticulous preparations, to the point where they even had to refine some divine remnants of Archaic Descendents. They were going to pour them into the golden sand to ensure success.

The little guy slipped away without a trace like a wisp of smoke. After obtaining such a conclusion upon returning, he was naturally incomparably happy. He would rest a bit first and enter the Sacred Secluded Pavilion after.

There was plenty of spirit energy within this ancient pure land, far surpassing the outside world;...

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