Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712 - Reverse Killing

This really was a supreme being, his strength definitely the real deal. No matter how shocking Shi Hao’s cultivation was, how he could overlook the younger generation, he was still no match when faced with this type of old monster. He had no choice but to run.

Otherwise, if he really stayed where he was, he would undoubtedly die!

After all, he had just entered the Self Release Realm. Compared to this type of terrifying existence, he was still a great cultivation realm inferior.

The most crucial thing was that the Supreme Being Realm was different from other realms. Those who could enter this cultivation realm, how many people could go against them?

Those who stood in this domain were all heaven warping figures who overlooked past and present.

As for cultivators with lower cultivation levels than them, if they wanted to fight with supreme beings, unless they grasped immortal dao formations, not even immortal artifacts would necessarily be useful.

It was because supreme beings could avoid them, and then kill the controller.

Of course, the ones who grasped immortal dao formations needed to carve formation patterns in their bodies, or else the effects wouldn’t be enough.

In the past, it was shown through battles, that when those who weren’t supreme beings challenged those of this level, they could only take this path, carve immortal formations in their bodies to face them.

However, if they did this, they had to pay an extremely great price!

Immortal dao formations, forget about possessing them, they were things normal people hadn’t ever seen before. That type of thing would only appear in the hands of a long life family.

Moreover, not every single long life family had them, they were too rare.

Shi Hao ran, moving quickly. However, that figure behind him moved faster and faster, gradually getting closer.


Shi Hao moved his wings. Lightning and Kun Peng wings interweaved, moreover, there was the Earth to Inches Divine Ability beneath his feet as well. He sped up, his speed just too fast, leaving others stupefied.

“His speed can compare to that of a supreme being?”

In the distance, Feng Bailing, Yuan Qing, and the others were shocked, all of them dumbstruck.

Everyone knew that supreme beings were at the peak of human dao, already incomparable in this domain. Regardless of whether it was attack power or speed, they were at the top beneath the heavens.

Yet now, a Self Release Realm brat was actually this fast, able to compete with a supreme being in speed!

“The old ancestor appeared, yet he actually couldn’t do anything to him?” Feng Qiang looked like he had seen a ghost, in disbelief.

This was but a supreme being taking action, yet he couldn’t immediately kill Huang, instead letting him run.


Heaven and earth shook. That little figure’s body had long enlarged, its figure aloof and transcendent, silver hair falling down. When its large hand reached out, it covered the heavens. Natural law force surged powerfully, locking down the sky dome.

The worst thing happened. The supreme being displayed its power, making heaven and earth collapse.

In the Mortal Dao Domain, no one could resist them.

“Supreme beings are unmatched, who can contend against them?!” Feng Bailing was moved. It was because she knew that this was the true power of a supreme being. No matter how fast Huang was, he couldn’t withstand it.

Sure enough, in the sky dome above, there were stars falling. A supreme being released its rage, making the heavens collapse and earth break apart. The great earth below even caved in, collapsing, magma surging.

The only fortunate thing was that this great earth was adjacent to the uninhabited region. Shi Hao rushed in, otherwise, the entire province would also sink.

At that time, endless creatures would be wiped out!


Right now, Shi Hao didn’t have a choice, he could only use the Realm Shattering Talisman. Otherwise, he would be directly confined here and hit.

The strike of a supreme being would tear apart even the universe, even the heart of the heavens would tremble.

He was only a Self Release Cultivator in the end, so there was no way he could withstand it. Once one advanced into the Supreme Being Realm, that was a type of qualitative change, a type of sublimation, becoming a completely different level of existence.

With a sou sound, Shi Hao disappeared from this place.

Realm Shattering Talisman, this was the only variable.

Aiya, what a pity, it was just a bit off!”

In the back, Feng Bailing, Yuan Qing, and the others all followed over here, activating their Heavenly Eye skills. Even though they were far away, they still saw what happened.

Sigh, this is a talisman produced by the old ancestor’s unmatched divine ability. Once it is used like this, its power will decline!” Feng Bailing frowned.

She revealed the truth. This wasn’t actually their clan’s old ancestor, but rather a talisman condensed through an unmatched divine ability, sealed in her arm.

In front of them, that figure didn’t actually stop, instead continuing the chase. That was a supreme being incarnation, even though it wasn’t the true body, right now, it possessed unrivaled power.

Unfortunately, this time, it wasn’t able to immediately find Shi Hao. Shi Hao had long disappeared without a trace.

An hour later, Shi Hao silently appeared, standing on a mountaintop, staring at the distant Feng Bailing and others. He moved stealthily, wishing to approach and kill those people.

“Too hateful! Even a supreme being moved out to kill us. Let me go back and kill a few of them!” The golden lion said.

Just now, it had been scared badly. When a supreme being took action, it really left one in despair. If it died here, it really would nurse a grievance. Right now, it was furious.


Immediately afterwards, one man, one mount roared out, slaughtering their way over. Divine abilities erupted. They went all out to kill those people.

“Dark Summoning!” Feng Bailing was was extremely vigilant, quickly shouting out, chanting an ancient scripture.

Their clan obtained the Darkness Ancient Heavenly Art. Back then, Feng Xingtian had displayed the Darkness Demonic Fist that was recorded, the power extremely great. Now, Feng Bailing used its summoning method.

Immediately afterwards, that supreme being appeared. Even though it was just a divine ability incarnation, its power was extremely terrifying.

Shi Hao sighed, running again. He brought the golden lion with him, eventually even more so using the Realm Shattering Talisman again.

Yi, he became weaker.” Shi Hao keenly noticed.

“Not good, this brat is too sharp. We didn’t kill him, while he has the Realm Shattering Talisman on him. Our situation doesn’t seem that good.” Yuan Qing’s expression changed.

Sure enough, in the following few hours, Shi Hao appeared again and again, continuously being pursued, but he always successfully escaped. After things calmed down, he would always come back to provoke them.

Finally, he was sure that the old ancestor Feng produced by the divine talisman couldn’t hold on anymore, that it could no longer fully display power at the supreme being level.

“I thought that it was your clan’s old thing who personally came here, turns out it is just an imprint. Since it’s like this, then I’ll send you all on your way!”

Shi Hao slaughtered his way back again, his face cold.


Suddenly, in front of Feng Qiang, a great dao talisman erupted. A figure flew out from within, this individual also having flowing silver hair, strength exceptionally powerful.

Two talismans!

This was the second one. It appeared abruptly, rushing murderously at Shi Hao.

“For the sake of capturing me, your clan’s old thing really did invest quite the resources. Why doesn’t he just personally come?” Shi Hao was extremely resentful. He had no choice but to run.

“We’re leaving!”

At the same time, Feng Qiang, Yuan Qing and the others also fled into the horizon. They knew that things were extremely troublesome now, that they couldn’t kill Huang. He would always escape each time, now it seemed like they themselves might be in danger.

It was because as long as Huang could still hold on, eventually, he would stick it through. After all, their old ancestor’s talisman incarnations would always weaken with time.


Shi Hao coughed out a mouthful of blood. In the end, he was injured, swept through by the exceptional fist radiance, body almost broken apart. This was one of the few dangerous situations he had faced after his cultivation reached this level.

“I will definitely kill all of you!” His voice carried a furious roar.

He had to run again. Finally, he managed to last until that figure began to grow dim. Shi Hao’s expression was ice-cold, stopping.

Then, suddenly, he rushed through the skies, slaughtering his way back.

“This little dao friend truly is extraordinary. Even when a supreme being level imprint appears, it wasn’t able to capture him. He really is a heaven warping figure!”

In the distance, next to a great lake, several elders looked over. They were all important figures from the Great Yin Race, one of them precisely the elder Shi Hao had previously consulted.

“When the limits of the Great Yin River were mentioned, I already hinted that there might be dangers. Our clan did not wrong him, this time, there were no grudges established.” That elder said.

The others nodded. The Great Yin Clan stood aloof from worldly affairs, not willing to be caught up in this type of conflict.

In the end, they disappeared!

Now, it was Yuan Qing and the others’ turn to be uneasy, because the two talismans had both been activated. There were supreme being level figures that rushed out, yet they couldn’t kill Shi Hao.

Meanwhile now, the two talismans lost their power, and Huang was chasing after them.

They used altars, wishing to cross the void, but in the end, Shi Hao directly used the Realm Shattering Talisman, chasing up to them, cutting them off.

Honglong! The void exploded. These people fell out, falling from the sky dome above.

It was also only because it was them that they survived. If it was others, they would have definitely died in the chaotic void streams.

“Huang, you better cease your insolence!” Feng Qiang was unconvinced, inwardly furious. It was because this battle left him feeling too sullen, it was truly terrible.

They came with supreme being level power, yet in the end, it lost effectiveness, unable to stop Huang. It made them feel as if they had no face.

Shi Hao’s hair was disheveled, entire body covered in blood as he coldly stared at them. He didn’t say a word. Killing intent spread from his body, sweeping out like ocean waves.

He moved in anger. Just now, he was almost killed by the supreme beings, leaving him injured.

“You bastards, we fought bloodily in Desolate Border, while you all are stirring up trouble in the back, even wishing to get rid of me today. You all will not be forgiven!”

Shi Hao said coldly, feeling a wave of fury within him that was about to burn down the nine great heavens

He really found it hard to imagine that the Nine Heavens’ long life families would actually fall to this type of level, that it was highly likely they might be colluding with the other side, harming their own people.

“We were too confident in our backing, truly too careless this time. Who would have thought that Meng Tianzheng would refine this type of great precious talisman for you?” Feng Qiang said.

“Just hand over your lives!” Shi Hao slaughtered his way over. He rode on the golden lion like a war god entering the lower realm, heroic and glorious, golden light resplendent.

Of course, he was also on guard against the other side’s divine talismans, the ability to summon supreme being level power.

It was clear that he thought too much. Even if it was a supreme being who wanted to use his own unmatched divine might, condense it into talismans for others, it was extremely difficult.

Feng Qiang faced him head-on. He was quite ferocious, displaying the Darkness Demonic Fist, stirring up powerful winds. Black mist rushed into the heavens as he fought a great battle against Shi Hao.

He was a late stage Self Release Realm cultivator, extremely formidable and well-known in his clan, one of their few elites.

However, he was facing Huang. When it came to a true great battle, he was completely overwhelmed.

Ah…” He released a great roar, struck until his entire mouth was covered in blood.

This was just the beginning. Soon afterwards, he was almost killed by Shi Hao. His entire body was greatly shaken, who knew just how many of his bones broke.

“Kill!” Shi Hao roared out.

This battle didn’t have much suspense. With a pu sound, in just a few moves, the powerful Feng Qiang was smashed apart by Shi Hao’s Lightning Fist.

A blast of bloody mist erupted in the void. Nothing else remained.

“There is also you all!”

Shi Hao shouted, already charging over murderously, fighting against Feng Bailing, also attacking everyone else.

Feng Bailing and the others began to panic. Just now, there were some who wanted to rush to Feng Qiang’s rescue, also others who wanted to run, but in the end, they were all locked down by a mysterious domain.

Shi Hao’s power exceeded their imagination.

Every move he made carried tremendous momentum, resonating with his existence. The great dao symbols that were produced were like ripples, surging around him.

It was precisely this type of power that locked down this area of the skies.

“Crucifix Divine Dao!” Feng Bailing roared out. Even though she was female, she was extremely strong. Two gashes were hacked open in the void, criss-crossed, forming a golden crucifix imprint. It suppressed towards Shi Hao.


Shi Hao’s response was simple and direct. It was just a simple fist, yet it already blasted that golden Crucifix Divine Dao to pieces, completely unable to stop him.

This battle left Shi Hao quite shocked. Feng Bailing was extremely strong, moreover not just an ordinary type of powerful. She was able to block the great winds produced by Shi Hao’s fist.

However, there was no way this trend could last. With a pu sound, her fist exploded, struck by Shi Hao. There wouldn’t be any exception, half her arm turning into bloody mist on the spot.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao even more so captured her. With a vicious twist, her beautiful head came off, killed just like that.

“There is also the errand dog.” Shi Hao suddenly turned around, looking at Yuan Qing.

“Little dao friend, please do not immediately resort to violence! We can talk things through, let me tell you a great secret!” Yuan Qing screamed.


Immediately afterwards, he screamed miserably, because Shi Hao condensed a sword art, cutting off an arm together with the shoulder, incredibly ferocious.

“Who is your dao friend? Today, we’ll settle old and new grudges!”

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