Chapter 1711

Chapter 1711- Realm Shattering

This great formation covered mountains and rivers, spread over who knew how many li, even the Great Yin River was surrounded within, really quite the big move.

Moreover, all types of divine materials were definitely needed, all of them heavenly treasures. Normal formations couldn’t trap Shi Hao.

“You feel that this is extravagant? The backing of a long life family far exceeds your imagination. What can this bit of formation materials be counted as?” Feng Bailing said indifferently.

Yuan Qing also revealed an expression of disdain. Even though he wasn’t from Wind Clan, he was quite close to them, coldly saying, “Ignorant and narrow-minded, your wings are pinned, there is no way you can escape death!”

During these past few years, he was always worried and troubled, because Shi Hao truly became a sore point for him. He rose up powerfully, after the final battle in Desolate Border, his cultivation level even exceeded his, so how could he not be scared?

That was why when Wind Clan was going to make a move, he was the first one to step out, willing to be at the forefront, lead the way. He wouldn’t be able to feel at ease if Shi Hao wasn’t dead, instead constantly feeling uneasy.

“Running dog, stay off to the side! There is no place for you to talk here!” Shi Hao said coldly.

He didn’t look at Yuan Qing, instead sweeping his eyes around him, silently sizing up his surroundings. He had to find a way to break out.

“Little bastard, you are dead for sure!” Yuan Qing said hatefully.

It was clearly him who wanted to kill Shi Hao before, continuously targeting him, but in the end, he acted as if he was the victim, his eyes full of resentment.

Some people were just like this, this was their natural nature.

“Huang, I advise you to understand your current situation and just bind up your own arms and legs, follow me into the Nine Heavens, see my family’s old ancestor. That way, we can still preserve you with your life intact.” Feng Qiang said.

He carried a smile on his face, his words not too slow or too fast. It was because he was now completely relaxed. With the great formation already laid, everything was within his grasp. There was no need to fear Shi Hao escaping.

“What is so special about your old ancestor? The day will come when he will crawl and beg to see me!” Shi Hao had long become annoyed, which was why his words were extremely sharp and impolite.

“Little bastard, your wings are pinned today, there is nowhere for you to run, you are done for!” Feng Bailing shouted. Her yellow goose long skirt fluttered about despite there not being any wind.

At the same time, her head of beautiful hair also fluttered about, her rather fine appearance carrying a callous expression. She vowed to strike down Huang, cut down this youngster before her to get revenge for Wind Clan’s genius Feng Xingtian.

Shi Hao was full of contempt. A pair of wings really did appear behind him.

“You…” Feng Bailing was furious, staring at him.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao slaughtered his way over, his speed too fast. He beat his golden Kun Peng wings, at the same time slaughtering his way towards them, incomparably ferocious.

At this moment, great winds swept about, the sky dome splitting, power extremely shocking.

Those individuals’ expressions changed. They all formed imprints, preparing to attack.

However, at that moment, Shi Hao’s back became cold, a wave of cold energy rising. He sensed that something wasn’t right, immediately changing directions. With a chi sound, he tore through the void, escaping into the horizon just like that.

He didn’t actually rush at those people.

En? These people were all shocked.

However, they didn’t panic, because the great formation covered this entire place, surrounding this area, covering heaven and earth. They weren’t scared of him escaping at all.

“What do they have on them? Unless a supreme being personally comes here, how else can they threaten me?” Shi Hao had misgivings inside.

Of course, he knew that since these people dared face him head-on, they definitely had confidence, having terrifying methods backing them.

“Youngster, you won’t be able to run!” Yuan Qing shouted from the back, chasing after Shi Hao together with Feng Qiang and the others.

At the same time, rumbling sounds rang out from all around them, all of the mountains and rivers shining, erupting with blazing divine light. The great formation revived, turning into great dao patterns, warping and weaving about, covering the sky dome.

This place was no longer the same, becoming incredibly dangerous. Whoever dared forcefully charge through would be stopped and killed!

Shi Hao reached out a finger, a streak of light rushing out. As a result, a huge noise immediately erupted when it made contact with the great formation. Chaotic energy erupted there, bone texts covering that place densely.

It was precisely as Feng Bailing said, his wings were pinned, this place becoming extremely dangerous.

“I already told you! You can’t run even if you break off your wings!” Feng Bailing said with a sneer.

Shi Hao moved his Kun Peng wings, flying around here, one moment heading east, one moment returning below, fast as lightning. However, his range of activity was limited, all sides sealed off.

Qiang! Suddenly, Feng Bailing raised her right arm. Even though it was spotlessly white like jade that just left water, it was extremely terrifying. Shocking killing energy spread outwards.

Her arm was shining, within it mysterious symbols. It was as if a supreme being revived, about to unleash a slaughter here.

“You are a woman, what are you implying by exposing your arms and legs?” Shi Hao mocked.

“You are done for!” Feng Bailing said.

At the same time, Shi Hao revealed a faint smile. A divine talisman appeared in his hands. It released a dazzling rain of light, wrapping around him. Then, he directly vanished from this place.

“Realm Shattering Talisman!” Yuan Qing shouted.

He was ashen-faced, so angry he stamped his feet, but he also felt fear and shock, as well as a type of regret. They actually let Huang escape.

“How could this be? Normal Realm Shattering Talismans can’t break through great formations like this one!” Feng Qiang said.

“It is a Realm Shattering Talisman with supreme being essence blood on it, it was refined by Meng Tianzheng when he was still alive!” Feng Bailing clenched her teeth.

Supreme being essence blood was too precious. This was the essence of one’s blood energy, even when one refined artifacts for oneself, they would only use a few reluctantly.

Yet now, the Realm Shattering Talisman Shi Hao had in hand was clearly not an ordinary object. When one carefully thought about it, only Meng Tianzheng would be willing to refine them for him.

Even though it was just one, it could break through realm walls, take one through heaven and earth. Normal formations couldn’t stop it at all.

“Chase after him!” The group of people screamed.

Back then, Meng Tianzheng was fully aware of what Shi Hao wanted, knowing that he wanted to return to the lower realms, but it was easier said then done. He also wanted to help him back then.

That was why there was this Realm Shattering Talisman.

However, they all knew that no matter what kind of talisman it was, there was no way one could return to the lower realms. If one wanted to forcefully break through realm walls, there would definitely be a vicious backlash from the will of heaven.

If that happened, Shi Hao might die.

This was for him to protect himself, perhaps it might display some use.

Right now, Shi Hao produced it. This talisman’s uses were limited, one consumed with each use, that would mean one less for the future. If it wasn’t for him being trapped in extreme danger, Shi Hao wouldn’t use it rashly.

Feng Bailing was a bit stupefied. Not too long ago, she was still saying that Shi Hao’s wings were pinned, difficult for him to escape, yet now, he truly used a pair of wings to escape.

They roared out, rushing out of the great formation in pursuit.

Now, it looked like it really had been too extravagant. A great formation had been successfully arranged, wasting so many heavenly treasures, yet in the end, it didn’t even do anything, the enemy still calmly escaping.

“He can’t have gotten too far!” Feng Qiang said. It was because no matter how heaven-defying the Realm Shattering Talisman was, when faced with a world-shocking great formation, it would still be restricted. Even if it broke out of the region the formation covered, it still wouldn’t bring that person too far away.

They rushed out of the great formation, scanning the great wilderness with their divine will, carefully searching.

“In that direction!”

Someone pointed, because the void exploded there, the fluctuations too intense. Someone came out of that location.

Several thousand li out, there was a void explosion sound.

The Realm Shattering Talisman was hindered. Even though it broke through that ancient formation, the sound that was produced was also shocking to the extreme.

Sure enough, the sky dome there cracked apart, exploded. Chaotic energy spread, Shi Hao falling out there.

He roared with laughter. Regardless, he still left the dangerous formation.

Even though he was laughing, his eyes were a bit cold, carrying killing intent, as well as a terrifying cold intent.

Running like this wasn’t his style, it was just to break out of the restricted space, to not be bound. He needed to retaliate, he couldn’t just waste this use of the Realm Shattering Talisman.

“Brat, just hand over your life!” Feng Bailing shouted.

She raised her right arm again, bringing it down in Shi Hao’s direction, using her arm like a divine sword. That area released kengqiang noises.

An ancient talisman appeared, rushing out from her arm. It flickered about in the void, as if imperishable dao lotuses were blooming. Silver light erupted with extreme brilliance.

It really was like an ancient lotus. It unfolded petal after petal, all of these symbols and natural order. In the end, it revealed the lotus seat, within it seated a small person.

His figure carried an immortal feeling, small face rosy, but his hair was white like snow, carrying immortal energy, extremely astonishing.

En?” Shi Hao was shocked.

A fierce roar sounded. That little figure actually rushed into the air. It turned into a streak of light, rushing at Shi Hao.

The supreme being aura was too powerful, terrifying beyond compare. It crushed heaven and earth, making this place rumble with great dao noise.


Shi Hao turned around and ran. What was that thing? It was actually a supreme being!

This exceeded his predictions. There was a supreme being who went down from the higher realms just for dealing with him? This was definitely a great disaster.

However, why did the supreme being become symbols, hiding in Feng Bailing’s arm?

“You won’t be able to run today! No matter who comes, they cannot save you!” In the back, those people shouted.

That small figure was becoming larger, its rosy face revealing killing intent. It was no longer pure, its head of silver hair dancing about. It reached out a hand, grabbing towards Shi Hao.

“Supreme being bethods?” Immortal energy emerged from Shi Hao’s body, his speed immediately becoming several times faster.

“How could he be that fast?” The people in the back were shocked.

A supreme being appeared, wishing to kill Shi Hao, could he fail? They didn’t dare believe it. If the supreme being lost to Shi Hao, then it truly would be unimaginable!

“You all better pray that this so-called supreme being can kill me. Otherwise, all of you are done for in a bit!” Shi Hao said coldly.

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