Chapter 1710

Chapter 1710 - Main Culprit

Yuan Qing, this person, for Shi Hao, could be considered a great enemy!

Much of the troubles Shi Hao faced was because of this person. When he had just entered the Nine Heavens, he was directly captured by this person. If it wasn’t because of others interfering, he might have been dealt with right there and then.

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao was still sent by him to Origin Ancient Mine, then thus suppressed by Wang Family, becoming their servant.

It could be said that if there was no Yuan Qing, then the following series of events wouldn’t have happened.

Later on, Yuan Qing even sent his descendant to Heavenly Deity Institution to deal with Shi Hao, to eliminate him completely!

Fortunately, Heavenly Deity Institution had strict regulations in place. Yuan Qing’s son was crippled, while his grandson was killed by Shi Hao in Immortal Ancient Battlefield.

After so many years passed, Yuan Qing’s complexion really wasn’t bad, becoming even younger than before. His black hair scattered down, extremely rich, eyes bright and full of life as they stared at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn’t recognize the others, but they were all extremely strong, at the same time giving one a great feeling of danger. Perhaps it came from something on their bodies, something that made one feel restraining fear.

“Little monster, your life really is quite persistent, not even dying in Desolate Border, and now, you are even making triumphant progress. I really can’t leave you alive!” Yuan Qing said.

His words made Shi Hao’s eyes erupt with cold light, surge with with killing intent.

Yuan Qing never showed himself in Desolate Border’s great battle, never went to provide Imperial Pass with assistance, not expending the slightest bit of effort, yet now, he spoke with this type of attitude.

Shi Hao fought in Desolate Border with no thought of personal safety, yet now, when he returned, this person jumped out to kill him!

“Just a fake supreme being, did you come here to make a fool of yourself? After making a bit of progress in your cultivation, did you now come here to give up your life?!” Shi Hao said coldly.

In this age when supreme beings didn’t appear, Self Release Realm cultivators were called supreme beings by some people. However, everyone knew they weren’t, that this was just a type of title.

That was a type of respect, foreseeing that one day, these types of powerful individuals would advance a step further.

As for Yuan Qing, he was still a bit off from entering the Self Release Realm.

Now, he finally broke through, broke through that bottleneck, becoming a true Self Release Realm cultivator. He came here with those behind him to attack Shi Hao.

“You are courting death!” Shi Hao further said.

He had this type of confidence. He was already a Self Release Realm individual at such a young age, if he was given time, he would definitely be able to sweep through all enemies in his way.

“Younger generation, even if you continue to act arrogantly, so what? We won’t give you the chance! Your life will end right here. You want to enter the Supreme Being Realm? Keep dreaming!” Yuan Qing was extremely direct.

He brought people here precisely to attack Shi Hao, not giving him the chance to transform, become a supreme being.

He himself might not be enough, but the powers he brought with him wished to kill this genius, cover the heavens with their hands, not give this youngster with endless potential the chance to ultimately rise up.

In reality, the reason why they left the Nine Heavens in a hurry, rushing over here without any fear of the consequences, was because they were scared.

Shi Hao’s battle in Desolate Border truly made their hearts go cold. In their eyes, Huang’s potential was too great. If he truly became a supreme being, he would definitely be able to sweep through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

At that time, who would be able to stop him?

Once he decided to settle things, who would be able to stop him?

“We fought with our lives on the line, while you all trembled in fear, living carefreely in the back, enjoying safety. Now, once the great battle ended, all of you reveal your viciousness, pointing your blades at me. When facing the other side, where did all of your courage go? Where was all of your boldness, your dignity? It truly is strange, all of you instead acting fierce now, meek and civil in public but tyrants at home!”

Shi Hao’s words were extremely unpleasant, because he truly felt a wave of coldness inside, making him couldn’t help but want to erupt with rage. These people were despicable, without any sense of shame, ought to be executed!


In the distance, those people were still howling miserably, struggling in pain.

These were all individuals who were hiding in the limits of the Great Yin River, now cursed. There were human formed, as well as other species, all of them in horrible states.


Some of them directly turned into white bones, falling into the great black river, thus dying. It was because their primordial spirits completely rotted, their lives coming to an end.

There were others whose eyes split open, blood pouring out from their foreheads, five organs rotting, primordial spirit burning. Even if they didn’t die, their vitality was greatly damaged, their cultivation also crippled.

It could be said that the ones who were hiding at the bottom of the river, ninety percent of them were crippled or dead, only a few making it through, but even so were only half alive.

It was just this tyrannical. Immortal Tomb’s curse power was too powerful, one could only rely on themselves to resist its power.

This was especially the case when this was the curse Shi Hao brought out from the inside of Immortal Tomb, so it was even more extraordinary, easily wiping out a large group of creatures.

Ninety percent of the ones who were hiding in the river were crippled!

However, the ones behind Yuan Qing were unaffected, all of them extremely calm.

“A bit amusing.” One of them spoke, extremely emotionless, and also extremely calm, as if he didn’t mind it at all, as if everything was still within his grasp.

This person had his hands behind his back, walking forward. He wore moon white robes, long hair hanging down to his waist, a bit of an aloof immortal feel. However, there was instead cold intent within his eyes.

This person looked like he was around thirty something years of age, but one could imagine that this was definitely not a truly robust male, but rather an older generation cultivator who had lived for an endless amount of years.

Heheh…” A woman also laughed, dressed in yellow goose long skirt. Her face was rather good, a faint smile resting on her face, but it was one of mockery, as well as a type of disdain.

This woman was also extremely strong, definitely an expert at the late stage of Self Release Realm, also looking down on Shi Hao a bit.

“Nothing more than long-tailed wolves[1]!” Shi Hao said, extremely direct, not giving them any face.

Those individuals’ expressions immediately went rigid. Even though they knew that Huang feared nothing in heaven and earth, he was this tactless, immediately berating them, making their faces become a bit cold.

“Do you know what kind of power I represent?” The male in moon white robes asked coldly.

“Isn’t it but a long life family? Just a cowardly family who has no sense of responsibility, not daring to even fight against the other side during the great battle.” Shi Hao said.

He didn’t even need to think about it, those who dared take action against him were definitely long life families or imperial courts.

Those people’s faces became even colder.

“I’ve always wondered who were the ones who defected to the enemy during Desolate Border War, daring to stir up inner conflict. Now, everything is clear.” Shi Hao said.

“Shut your mouth, we have a personal grudge against you, it has nothing to do with those things!” The yellow goose long skirt woman berated, cutting him off.

“Is that so? I feel like it is precisely you all!” Shi Hao said, staring at those people.

“Nonsense!” That man said coldly.

“Stop him, don’t let him escape!” Another person said.

Yuan Qing laughed in a frivolous manner from the side. Even though his age wasn’t young, he was still quite brash. His smile was also quite cold, because Huang was finally about to be killed.

During these years, Huang had constantly been a sore point in his mind. Ever since he was unable to kill this youngster back then, instead continuously hearing news of his breakthroughs, Yuan Qing already couldn’t sit still.

“Little monster, today, I’ve finally managed to wait until your time of death!” He said with a cold smile.

Some people were just like this, clearly the first ones to commit wrongs, but in the end believed that it was others who wronged them, moreover continuously targeting that person with increased intensity.

“It truly is a pity. When I think about how heroic your ancestors were, and then how unsightly your generation is, it truly is sad.” Shi Hao said.

He didn’t pay Yuan Qing any attention, instead looking at the others.

It was because he knew that from start until now, Yuan Qing was only a running dog. At this point, he already wasn’t much.

Self Release Realm expert? He would just kill them!

“Oh? You are sure about our identities?” That golden swan skirt woman laughed, not minding at all, extremely relaxed.

“Aren’t you just Ancestor’s Feng[2] descendant? Don’t you feel like you’ve let your ancestors down?” Shi Hao said coldly, his words full of contempt.

There were one or two individuals on the other side whose faces carried anger, not all that calm, releasing killing intent. Their eyes were deep and ice-cold, staring at Shi Hao.

“I don’t even have to think much to know it is you all!” Shi Hao said indifferently.

It was because back then, through some clues, he learned that Yuan Qing followed the long life Wind Clan’s orders, which was why he dealt with him, precisely to suppress his ‘brilliance’.

Through various means, he learned of some past things.

A certain old ancestor of Wind Clan was against Stone Clan, playing a great role in the suppression of the sinner’s blood descendants. His attitude was clear, giving the order to punish Stone Clan and others.

Sinner’s blood descendant, how was this crime given out? When he was in Imperial Pass, Shi Hao further learned that there was ruined immortal individuals, like Immortal Palace’s.

Apart from this, there were powers in the Nine Heavens, for example, Wind Clan’s ancestor.

“Acting like this, don’t you all feel like you’ve let down your ancestors? That Ancestor Feng fought in Immortal Ancient War, full of glory and valor, establishing great contributions, yet his descendants are so despicable, defecting to the other side. Don’t you all feel shame?” Shi Hao shouted.

“I will say this again. This is a private grudge, unrelated to others. Don’t randomly attach crimes to our names!” On the other side, someone said coldly.

Shi Hao laughed, not arguing any more on this topic. It was because he indeed lacked proof, these were just his speculations.

Back then, when he was in Imperial Pass, someone defected to the other side, moreover following the other side’s cultivators in pursuing him, in the end, their identities still weren’t exposed.

However, he deduced that it was definitely a certain long life family. If it wasn’t Wang Family or Jin Family, then who was it?

Apart from this, back then, he had interacted with some of Wind Clan’s direct line of descent, understanding their clan’s attitude, which was why he suspected that they were the wrongdoers.

“Feng Xingtian, my clan’s inheritor who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, even a perfect seed was prepared for him, yet you killed him!” The yellow goose skirt woman’s face distorted at this time, becoming extremely sinister.

“Who are you to him?” Shi Hao asked.

He naturally remembered Feng Xingtian’s power. He was extremely terrifying, proficient in Darkness Ancient Heavenly Art, as well as the crucifix divine dao. Back then, he fought a great battle against him, ultimately killing him in Immortal Ancient Battlefield.

“I am his ancestral aunt, named Feng Bailing!” The woman replied. Her yellow goose dress fluttered about, endless killing intent surging, becoming different from her previous temperament.

It was clear that she had held herself back all this time, now going to kill Shi Hao at the final moment.

“Also, my grandson -- Feng Zhao, his death is definitely related to you as well!” The moon white robed male said coldly.

His name was Feng Qiang, someone who had lived for an endless amount of time, strength extremely powerful.

“Feng Zhao wasn’t killed by me, he died under the ancient Emperor Butterfly’s hands.” Shi Hao said calmly.

Back then, in that ancient battlefield, they discovered a cave. Inside was an Emperor Butterfly corpse that released imperishable immortal light, Feng Zhao was killed by it.

Back then, Feng Zhao had previously said that even if the Nine Heavens’ young experts who cultivated three strands of immortal energy were wiped out, it wouldn’t matter. As long as their Wind Clan was fine, then they wouldn’t care at all.

They didn’t care about the foreign side’s attack later at all, not caring about what kind of result it came to at all.

It was because he clearly stated that they were long life families. They were able to survive through Immortal Ancient, remain unaffected, and so they could do the same in this world.

At that time, Shi Hao already knew this clan’s attitude. Even if they didn’t defect to the enemy, they would still be like those living in the restricted regions, likely remain uninvolved.

“Feng Zhao was extremely strong, given the title of Wind Monarch, his death was definitely a great setback for you all. However, dying under the Emperor Butterfly’s immortal light isn’t something he should have too much complaints about.” Shi Hao roared with laughter.

“Since everything is already clear, you can just go on your way.” Feng Bailing said.

“We need him alive, did you forget? The old ancestor wants to meet with him!” Someone else said.

“With just you all?” Shi Hao laughed loudly.

Forget about them, even if their clan’s supreme being came, he would still not necessarily die.

“Since we dared come, then we have methods to kill you.” Feng Qiang said coldly.

“We are pretty much there, the great formation has already been activated.” Feng Bailing said.

Right at this time, all around them, auspicious multicolored light erupted in the mountains and valleys around them, releasing blazing radiance. They were going to seal the heavens and lock down the earth!

“Truly extravagant, what a waste.” Shi Hao said indifferently.

1. Long-tailed wolves refers to people with no conscience, or thankless wretches

2. Wind

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