Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709 - Great Yin Great Yang

Shi Hao continued on with his journey, his speed just too fast. Even if he wasn’t number one in the three thousand provinces, he was close. With the Kun Peng Technique, together with the Earth to Inches Divine Ability, on top of the Lightning Emperor’s extreme speed, a pair of lightning wings moved together with Kun Peng wings, ten thousand li crossed in a single breath!

The golden lion was gloomy, it was stored into a sleeve. It was because it really wasn’t as fast as Shi Hao, now being carried.

Shi Hao was pressed for time, he didn’t want to delay things anymore. He warped and weaved about, inconceivably fast.

Wu, this province is close to the uninhabited region, on the border of the three thousand provinces.” Shi Hao said quietly.

He arrived, already entering this ancient land, approaching his destination. This region was extremely low profile, as if it didn’t wish to be recognized by others.

Qi Province, it wasn’t that large of an ancient province, from start to now lacking supreme being level experts that shook the world with their name. However, it had a bit of a mysterious feel.

It was because a few extremely ancient species lived in this region.

“Great Yin Race.”

Shi Hao’s first stop was at this clan. This group lived in the valley between groups of mountains, adjacent to a great river.

This river was extremely well-known, actually a Great Yin River. It surged along, pitch-black like ink, bone penetratingly cold, as if an underworld river reached out from hell itself.

As for these Great Yin Rivers, there were few on the surface, but there were still some branches.

However, most of the Great Yin Rivers wouldn’t truly be formed from Great Yin Water, or else the creatures of the two shores would all be wiped out, difficult for them to survive.

This place was a bit different, some great yin energy rising, but only within a limited range.

The Great Yin Clan was extremely special, living by the Great Yin River. Moreover, their residences were extremely special, hanging from the precipitous cliffs of the two shores.

They weren’t undead knights, just normal creatures. Normally, they also went away, but their houses were all this type of suspended form.

There were stone coffins, golden coffins, and also jade coffins. There were all different types, extremely mysterious.

They normally absorbed great yin energy, using this as cultivation resource, all of them having constitutions that favored the cold. It was rumored that the most powerful member of this clan might be submerged at the depths of the river end.

“It really is a strange race. These are the ones who know about the path into the lower realms?”

Shi Hao was shocked. He traveled here alone, long learning about some of this clan’s lifestyles and customs in order to avoid stepping on any taboos.

Fortunately, even though this clan’s residences were strange, they weren’t reclusive. They were just like other clans, as long as there was proper communication, they were easy to come into contact with.

Shi Hao prepared some gifts, for example, Great Yin Marrow, Moon Frost Stone, Nine Yin True Wood, Frozen Realm Stone, and other things, every one of these items rare and precious.

He continued forward, consulting various people for guidance.

It was because too many clans resided at the sides of this great river that was as long as a hundred thousand li, all of them having different popular customs.

Even though they all belonged to the same ancient race, there were still some inconsistencies with the rumors.

That was why he visited the tribes one after another, carefully learning about them and investigating, wishing to clearly understand them.

“It is at the limits of the Great Yin River.”

This was what an elder told him. It was rumored that he lived the longest, existing even before the archaic age until now.

However, his cultivation level wasn’t as high as one would imagine.

It was because the reason why he was able to live for so long was because he obtained a Great Yin Fruit in the water in the past. Even though it was rotten, its effects were too powerful for the Great Yin Clan.

“The Great Yin Fruit floated down from the limits of the river.” The elder said.

“Wasn’t this river only a few hundred thousand li?” Shi Hao frowned. He could reach that place with just a flap of his wings.

“The Great Yin River you and I are talking about are different. For many people who are living in this region, when we speak about the Great Yin River in a restricted sense, it is naturally this river before us. However, the Great Yin River in the greater meaning refers to the one that flows in the void, formed from pure great yin.” The elder said.

The great river overflowed, pitch-black like ink, surging and roiling.

Great mountains towered on the two shores, great peaks reaching into the heaven, all of them surrounded by great yin mist.

Even further out, ancient trees towered into the heavens, apes shouted and tigers roared.

Shi Hao stood there quietly, gazing forward.

He learned quite a bit from that elder. The great yin streams that flowed above and underground could all only be considered branch streams, the source was coming from the void.

“There is another legend, saying that the path is in the limits of the Great Yang River.” The elder sighed.

Then, he shook his head again, because this was quite contradictory.

This youngster came to ask for guidance, bringing great gifts for his clan, so he didn’t want to deceive him. However, this type of saying really was too contradictory.

According to this clan’s legends, that ancient path was at the limits of the Great Yin River.

However, within another similarly ancient clan, the legend was that the path was instead at the limits of the Great Yang River.

Meanwhile, the other clan was named Great Yang Clan!

The limits of the Great Yang River, limits of the Great Yin River, who was correct, which legend was true?

“The Great Yang Clan has pretty much been eradicated, only a small group of people left. It’ll be hard to get much out of them.” The elder said.

It was because the clans known for great yang had previously gotten into conflict, for example, the Golden Crow and Sun God Vine Clan, there were many powerful clans that used to be related to the great yang.

They fought with each other, in the end, the most primitive Great Yang Clan here declined, almost eradiated.

Shi Hao became speechless when he heard this. Even this type of clan title had to be fought over?

“If one wishes to find out the truth, perhaps there is no choice but to head to the limits of the Great Yin River. There is a floating coffin there, perhaps some important figures from my clan are sleeping or in seclusion there.” The elder said.

The limits of the Great Yin River he spoke of pointed at the limits of this great river.

“But that place… is dangerous!” The elder’s eyes revealed a strange expression, in the end warning carefully.

Shi Hao nodded. After thanking him, he directly left.

He didn’t immediately head towards the limits of the great river, that elder’s warning was worth paying attention to. That place was extremely dangerous, possibly possessing many unpredictable strange things.

Shi Hao headed towards the Great Yang Clan. In the end, he discovered that it was precisely as what he had heard, this place extremely shabby, only some very small scattered tribes left, their population pitifully few.

Moreover, this region lacked experts, couldn’t be considered some top level great sect at all.

However, this place had a river named Great Yang River.

“A river of lava.” Shi Hao was surprised. However, he felt wisps of great yang essence energy here, different from normal lava.

“In the past, this Great Yang River extended for millions of li, surging powerfully, great yang essence energy boiling. However, after that battle, this place was ruined, the Great Yang River almost dried up.” An old woman said with a sigh.

This was what Shi Hao learned here. After searching around, he didn’t discover any valuable clues.

Shi Hao left, returning to the Great Yin Clan’s residence, moreover arriving at the limits of the river.

Putong. He directly threw himself inside. Black waves surged, a vortex appearing in the river, sucking Shi Hao in.

“So cold!”

The golden lion was released. It immediately broke out into a shiver, because Shi Hao rode on its back again.

This left it feeling extremely helpless. It was extremely clear that whenever there was danger, it would have to show itself and help Huang lead the way, block the blade for him.

The great yin force here was extremely strong, water pitch-black like ink, but also like the bitter cold of the underworld.

The limits of the great river was like an abyss, all of the river water falling into it, entering the ground, gushing forward.

The golden lion carried Shi Hao down. Then, it was stunned.

It was because whenever it thought it reached the end, it would discover another pitch-black giant cave.

This place was like an eighteen-layered netherworld, an abyss within the abyss. Each time, the opening would become a bit smaller, so dark it seemed like it would straight up swallow one’s soul.

“It is now the seventeenth layer. Could it be that it really is an eighteen layer underworld?” The golden lion was shocked.

This type of layout was similar to the ancient monk bloodline. If it was artificially designed, then he believed that there was likely a great secret hidden here.

The ancient monk bloodline previously set up an eighteen-layered underworld.

That was why the golden lion was extremely sensitive towards the number eighteen.

“The monk has said, if I don’t enter the underworld, then who will?” The Fearless Lion said to itself. It was pondering over the words in those ancient texts.

“Since you have such realizations, how about you head down first?” Shi Hao stopped.

The golden lion shot him a look of disdain. This was from the scriptures of the ancient monk bloodline, just a general reference, not actually referring to it.

In the end, Shi Hao didn’t move, instead stopping. Then, he continuously produced spatial magical artifacts, and then without any hesitation, he opened up the spatial magical artifacts, directly throwing them into the eighteenth layer of the abyss.

“This is curse power!” The golden lion was shocked, and then it shivered all over.

It was because it sensed that the curse power was too terrifying. It had only made contact with a small thread, yet its body was already festering, even its soul becoming unstable.

Immediately afterwards, it quickly retreated in shock. This was too terrifying.

Shi Hao didn’t stop either, quickly escaping.

Hong! The two rushed out of the water surface, quickly escaping towards the horizon.

“What are you doing?” The golden lion roared out in anger.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die. It’s just a bit, you’ll stick it through.” Shi Hao said. This was the most terrifying curse power he brought back from Immortal Tomb.

This was the earth from that tomb, as well as a bit of rotten flesh.

He threw it all into the eighteen layers of abyss just like that, moreover not just a bit, but rather many spatial magical artifacts worth.


Immediately afterwards, the limits of the river erupted, many figures rushing out.

Ah… A few people screamed out, absolutely furious.

There were others whose flesh fell in large amounts, the scene too horrible to endure.

There were even more people who immediately turned into white bones, struggling about there.

The golden lion’s scalp went numb from watching. This was precisely the curse power, just too terrifying.


Many people were shouting out, unable to endure the pain.

One could see that some people’s hair was originally thick, but now, even their scalps were falling out. As for their flesh and blood, all of it had pretty much been completely corroded.

Right now, even their primordial spirits were rotting, decaying.

The curse power spread, even individuals as powerful as them couldn’t withstand it.

“Just what kind of people are these?” The golden lion was shocked, because it felt that if these individuals didn’t suffer from the curse power, they would all be extremely powerful.

There were many Self Release Realm experts among them!

One had to understand that this was the three thousand provinces, cultivators at this level were extremely rarely seen.

“Families of the Nine Heavens, you all still haven’t given up? I am already about to leave, enter the lower realms, yet you all still aren’t willing to leave things at that, chasing me here, wishing to get rid of me?” Shi Hao’s face darkened.

“Huang, your heart really is vicious!” There was someone who cried out, now already a half skeleton. Originally, he was surging with blood energy, extremely powerful, yet now, he was seriously injured, almost dying.

“If you all weren’t so excessively ruthless, preparing to ambush me here, things wouldn’t have become like this.” Shi Hao calmly said.

“Huang, even if this is the case, do you think you can get away?”

Right at this time, several figures appeared not far away, revealing their true bodies one after another. These were experts who didn’t enter the Great Yin River.

“Even an old bastard like you has appeared, but it makes sense. After all, you are merely someone’s dog. The master behind you finally showed himself this time.” Shi Hao’s face immediately fell.

His words were naturally impolite, extremely fierce. One could imagine just what kind of anger he was suppressing inside.

It was because he saw someone in the distance, an old acquaintance, as well as a great enemy -- Yuan Qing!

When Shi Hao first entered the Nine Heavens, it was this person who directly harmed him. He became a slave, sent into Origin Ancient Mine to fetch rocks, all of this because of this person.

Later on, this person even more so targeted him many times, wishing to harm his life.

“Old thing, you and the one behind you have finally appeared.” Shi Hao said, his face cold.

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