Chapter 1708

Chapter 1708 - Wronged Despite No Battle


The Immortal Ascension Stone flew out, turning into a stream of light. Large amounts of scarlet immortal dao multicolored light erupted, shooting outwards.

During this process, the void trembled. All types of dao patterns covered everything like ripples. It produced a great divine light path, quickly rushing over.

Shi Hao’s large sleeve swung out, directly collecting it. He had already set his eyes on this stone for a long time. He never expected that it would fly over on its own, but now that it did, why would he be overly polite?

When it entered his hands, he could sense how heavy it was. It was like a massive boulder, but for the current Shi Hao, this wasn’t much at all.

Ah… Immortal Ascension Stone!”

“Heavens, my clan’s supreme treasure has been seized by Huang!”

City of Heaven erupted with noise. This was the ancestral treasure passed down in this clan, yet it was mysteriously lost just like that. How could they accept this?!

“Just now, it was the supreme treasure that flew out on its own!”

Someone spoke this out loud, because they saw this clearly.

There were formation patterns on the city walls, a great formation long set up, making it difficult for anyone to go in and out.

However, the Immortal Ascension Stone resonated with this place, so it wasn’t hindered at all. It rushed out itself, the great formation not sending it back.

This truly was a great formation, one that was alive, able to distinguish between friend and foe. The formation spirit could separate those that were its own and its enemy, which was why the Immortal Ascension Stone could escape.

There were some people who were immediately stunned, feeling like this wasn’t realistic at all. Why did the clan’s supreme treasure abandon them, running over to Huang?

“Impossible, he definitely used some secret method to steal my clan’s ancestral treasure!”

“Isn’t the Immortal Ascension Stone used to comprehend the dao? It has its own spiritual senses, can it run?”

Many people had strange expressions on their faces, as if they were seeing this stone for the first time, feeling that this was inconceivable. Regardless, reality was right before their eyes.

The Old Celestial was dumbstruck. How could he have predicted something like this would happen? Not even he knew that this stone would run, that it could escape.

“Huang, return my clan’s treasure!” Someone roared out.

“Give it back!”

Many people shouted out. How could they let this thing fall into the hands of others? There was no way they could let others steal it. This was the divine object the archaic Six Great Celestials brought back through joint force.

It was rumored that back then, for the sake of seizing this supreme treasure, they fought until blood flowed like rivers, the sun and moon losing light! Fortunately, at that time, Celestial Clan was at its most powerful.

Now, Huang came, just gesturing with his hands, and then the Immortal Ascension Stone ran?

This made everyone so angry they almost pulled out their beards. How could they accept this?!

Haha…” Shi Hao roared with laughter, using his hand to stroke this stone. It looked rough and simple, but it was definitely priceless, a rare supreme treasure.

This stone really was too heavy, could definitely be used as a blunt weapon. Even when powerful individuals were struck by it, their bones and muscles would likely still tear.

However, when he carefully sensed it, Shi Hao didn’t sense any spiritual consciousness. This wasn’t some living thing.

There was something inside, this was the Immortal Melody. It wasn’t a type of will or some unmatched expert’s divine consciousness imprint.

“Thanks a bunch!” Shi Hao laughed loudly, waving towards City of Heaven.

The Immortal Ascension Stone was in his hands. It first returned to its ancient appearance, and then it released a rain of light that was incomparably divine, brilliant to the point of making one’s heart tremble, difficult to control.

“Since you all gifted it with such great kindness, then it would be impolite to refuse. I guess I have no choice but to reluctantly accept it.” Shi Hao roared with laughter.

Everyone wanted to vomit blood, all of their eyes burning fiercely.

Shi Hao stroked the Immortal Ascension Stone, discovering that it really did have some type of connection to the Void Immortal Gold Stele. The two of them seemed to be resonating with each other.

En?” Suddenly, he was shocked, his eyes widening. In his other palm, that Void Immortal Gold Stele produced a figure.

What… was going on?!

In the past, this immortal gold book was basically just a brick, even its shape and size similar, always remaining quiet, not moving, not reacting to anything.

If there was a scripture inside, Sanzang definitely wouldn’t have gifted it out so generously.

One had to understand that this was something from the Age of Emperor Collapse. If there were scriptures inside, then it would be priceless!

It was rumored that the most powerful being in a certain Immortal Domain clan, someone known to be one of Immortal Domain’s highest existences, became able to dominate the world precisely because he obtained a scripture from the Age of Emperor Collapse.

This type of thing couldn’t be seeked out. Even if one searched for endless time, how many clues would there be?

In Shi Hao’s opinion, this Immortal Gold book was pretty much only good for refining a weapon. He never expected it to move today, it really exceeded normal reasoning.

“There were actually some changes!” He lowered his head, his eyes narrowing, carefully looking at it.

That Void Immortal Gold book’s figure gradually took form. This was a humanoid creature, standing there, not moving at all, like a figure that appeared out of a smooth mirror.

The rest of the Immortal Gold book was indistinct, sparkling and brilliant, mist swirling about. Only that figure released dao laws, patterns accompanying it.

Shi Hao was greatly shaken, fine hairs standing on end. It wasn’t that he was frightened, but rather that he was overjoyed. This thing held great mysteries, possessing pleasant surprises that exceeded one’s imagination!

He didn’t lack scriptures right now, because he grasped quite a few great methods, all of them waiting for him to raise them to their absolute peak.

For example, the Imperishable Scripture, this was the great method that he wanted to obtain the complete text of and fully cultivate the most.

Unfortunately, there was a part that was lost in a Nine Heavens’ restricted region, right now, he had no way of looking for it. If he barged in, there was a good chance he might not be able to return.

However, despite this being the case, with him having many other great divine abilities on him along with several secret methods, he was still overjoyed. The Age of Emperor Collapse contained tremendous secrets, if this was an ancient scripture, perhaps it could reveal a corner of the mysteries.

“Is it an unmatched scripture, or is it some type of historical recording? Heh!” He really looked forward to it.

With a shua sound, he put away the Immortal Gold book, storing this piece of stone into a beast skin pouch as well, directly carrying it on him.

“Little friend, this Immortal Ascension Stone can be lent to you to use, but what is the meaning of you directly taking it?!” The Old Celestial said, his face darkening.

Now, he already couldn’t remain calm and collected, really panicking. The past archaic Six Great Celestials went through untold hardships and tribulations to bring this back from an area of historical remains, almost dying before bringing it back. How could they lose it?

“Today, I came for repayment. You all wanted to gift out the Immortal Ascension Stone, isn’t this quite normal? Could it be that you want to go back on the deal? I definitely won’t agree!” Shi Hao said.

“Younger generation, you are going too far!” An older generation figure couldn’t take it anymore.

Even though they previously restrained themselves, that didn’t mean that they would continuously swallow their anger. Even their clan’s supreme treasure was lost, who could remain calm? They had to seize it back.

“Huang, I advise you to hurry and hand it over, or else…” Someone shouted.

“Or else what? If you have the skill, then just come out. This one will smash all of you to death with a single slap!” The golden lion spoke out, opening its bloody mouth. Its lion’s mane was golden, hanging down to its arms, incomparably majestic and powerful.

The group of people glared angrily, but they were still intimidated. Who could go out and fight?

Many people knew that this man and mount’s cultivation levels were terrifyingly high, not even the Old Celestial would be able to fare that well if he went. Only a supreme being descending would change things!

The Self Release Realm Huang could definitely sweep through all sides. Unless one had a higher cultivation level than him, it was simply impossible to face him!

“Fight! How can we lose our clan’s supreme treasure to outsiders?”

“This is going too far, it definitely can’t be tolerated!”

A group of people roared out, all of them unable to accept this reality.

When Shi Hao saw this, he laughed, only, it was a bit cold. Back then, he had been humiliated here, and now that he saw them acting like this, he finally felt like he slightly vented out a bit of resentment.

They wanted to seize back the Immortal Ascension Stone? There was no chance, there was no way he would hand it over!

“Are there any dao friends who wish to come out and exchange pointers?” Shi Hao asked.

“Angering me to death!” Some people shouted, but no one left the city.

It was because they knew what the results would be if they went out.

“Use the ancient city to suppress him!” Someone said with a low voice.

The ancient city shone, as if a giant monster revived. Terrifying energy fluctuations were released, and then all of it suppressed in Shi Hao’s direction.

Shi Hao revealed a faint smile. His body shifted like a streak of light, immediately crossing hundreds of thousands of li. He didn’t face it head-on, avoiding it.

“Do not act rashly!” The Old Celestial said.

It was because even though this city was powerful, the consumption was too great. It emphasized defense, if it was used to attack like this, it wouldn’t strike the enemy, instead only exhausting resources.

That day, news went out, shocking everyone.

Huang visited City of Heaven, one man one mount challenging Celestial Clan. In the end, no one dared leave the city, this left all cultivators shocked.


In the end, Shi Hao left, not attacking the city. He brought away the Immortal Ascension Stone, riding on the Fearless Lion and disappearing into the horizon.

He didn’t want to fight a bloody battle here. If he really acted viciously, he would still only remove the heads of those who targeted him in the past. However, today, Celestial Clan cowered without coming out, so he didn’t really want to muster great force.

Just like that, he brought the clan’s supreme treasure with him, leaving.

“We are going to let him leave in such an easygoing manner?” In the back, many people clenched their teeth.

“Then what do you want to do? Are you going to fight him? That’s the same as throwing your life away. Let me remind you, his golden age is about to begin, the future is his era. If my Celestial Clan continues to oppose him, our clan will be eradicated one day!” Someone said with a sigh.

When this was spoken, it triggered a huge uproar. All of Celestial Clan felt a wave of coldness.

“Back then, if not for those things, he would have stood together with us!” Someone said quietly, feeling great regret.

Meanwhile, those who were directly involved back then all had ugly expressions on their faces. If it wasn’t for their stance back then, how could things have ended like this? They were all filled with endless regret.

“Yun Xi, do you miss your home? After leaving the lower realms for so many years, are you willing to return?” The Old Celestial asked.

Ah?” Yun Xi was shocked.

“That Immortal Ascension Stone is extremely important to my clan. Your relationship with Huang before wasn’t bad, I hope you can repair my clan’s relationship with him as much as possible…” The Old Celestial actually spoke like this, leaving all of the clansmen moved.

“Did you guys hear? They were wronged even without a battle! Huang visited the City of Heaven, bringing away their supreme treasure!”

“Heavens, Huang is more and more savage, even the past glorious Celestial Clan gave in?”

In the outside world, many great powers’ cultivators were discussing, producing an uproar.

There was no way this matter could remain a secret. It quickly spread out.

“What are we supposed to do? Our clan attacked Huang before, took action against him viciously. Will he come for revenge?”

“This is bad, not long ago, my clan even had someone who cursed Huang. If news of this reaches Huang, won’t he wipe out my clan?”

Everyone began to panic, because Huang was too savage. He dared touch even Celestial Clan, what was there that he didn’t dare provoke?

“I heard that Celestial Clan completely regrets their actions, now even taking the initiative to repair their relationship with Huang, rumored to even try to be connected through marriage, using one of their clan’s pearls.”

“Celestial Clan really has lost too much face this time.”

There were commotions everywhere, everyone discussing among themselves.

Shi Hao left, heading straight towards an ancient land. There was a path there that led into the lower realms. He wanted to take a look himself, see what exactly was going on!

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