Chapter 1707

Chapter 1707 - Monarch Descends

Huang approached the City of Heaven again, his cultivation now advanced by leaps and bounds. Even his mount was a powerful Fearless Lion, intimidating all sides.

A golden mount carried that youngster, the two overlooking all under the heavens. Their presence oppressed the City of Heaven, now reaching their gates!

It was clear that they had a score to settle, that they were going to fight the Celestial Clan.

This made many people frown, feeling like things weren’t right. The higher levels heard that he was now powerful beyond compare, not killed after a hundred battles in Desolate Border. Now that he returned, how many people dared provoke this type of fierce person?

What they heard definitely weren’t just rumors, because their clan’s Old Celestial had previously left to join the battle, personally experiencing it, watching Huang’s glory in Desolate Border.

“He was just a youngster in the past, yet in just a few years, has his cultivation really become that terrifying?” Someone said quietly, finding this hard to believe.

One had to understand that Huang was still only a twenty something year old, currently at the age where one begun to display their vigor and vitality, the golden age!

It was precisely this youngster who was now at the Self Release Realm, defying normal reasoning, establishing a legend among legends, the only example in this entire great era!

This was a heaven-defying monster, his glory impossible to duplicate.

In the end, this individual who was so incredibly young knocked on their door. This meant that in the future, they would always remain under his intimidating gaze.

A genius like this with such tremendous prospects, destined to overlook the three thousand provinces, just how long was his age of brilliance going to continue for? It was unimaginable!

Many people already foresaw that he had only just reached his golden age, his glory possibly continuing for a great era!

Such an endless amount of time, how were they even supposed to cross it? If he was hostile towards Celestial Clan, there will definitely be many chances to completely wipe out this clan, not even a single person able to remain.

When some of the elders thought of this, their bodies couldn’t help but break out into a cold shiver.

This type of conclusion would be too terrifying, just the thought alone making them shudder uncontrollably!

“Little friend, there were some misunderstandings in the past, we are willing to resolve them.” An elder said.

It was because when they thought about what was going to happen, all of them were extremely horrified.

“Merely some casual words, yet you want the past grudges to be resolved?” Shi Hao sneered.

This sentence made many people’s expressions change. Huang wasn’t willing to dissolve the grudge.

However, when they thought of the past events, many people couldn’t help but remain silent, while quite a few people who were directly involved felt even more vexed and dejected.

One had to understand that their relationship with Huang in the past, if it couldn’t be dealt with, it would definitely be one of enemies.

Huang escorted Yun Xi back, if they didn’t carry malicious intentions that led to a series of unavoidable events, how could things have ended up like this?

In reality, if it wasn’t them deliberately making things difficult, carrying such greed for Shi Hao’s precious technique, there was no way their relationship would be like this.

There was no need to think in detail about some things. If things developed normally, Huang would definitely have a close relationship with them, a great friend, even marrying into Celestial Clan wasn’t entirely out of the question.

A few people secretly looked towards Yun Xi. In the past, Shi Hao escorted her back, the two acquaintances even back in the lower realms, their relationship close. In the higher realms, they even more so experienced life and death together.

Afterwards, no one expected so many things to happen.

Yun Xi’s expression was complicated, the expression in her eyes full of dejection and regret. Back then, Celestial Clan showed Shi Hao such contempt, truly sending him down a path of demise, almost killing him, making it impossible for him to turn around.

At the same time, she also sighed inwardly. If she had remained persistent to the end, fiercely opposing it, Shi Hao’s experiences might have been a bit better.

Many things, once they happened, there would be no other choices. Celestial Clan’s actions were too decisive, she could now only sigh.

Many people from Celestial Clan felt regret, because this powerful young genius originally stood together with them, should be someone on their side.

Now, he actually became the enemy, threatening them. In his future glorious years, he might make eradicating Celestial Clan his mission.

When they compared then and now, many people from Celestial Clan felt so much regret even their stomachs turned sour.

“Huang, you better not bully others too far!”

At this time, someone from the younger generation spoke out, because they were full of anger inside. Even though they knew how strong Huang was, in all these years, how many people dared act this domineeringly? It was just one man and mount, yet they dared plug up their entrance, threaten a clan!

When they heard these words, many people’s faces changed, especially the older generation’s, giving him a glare, having him shut his mouth and not act randomly, saying that he definitely couldn’t provoke a great disaster.


Shi Hao didn’t say anything, but his mount, the golden lion released a great roar. Golden light surged, sounds shaking heaven and earth, shouting, “Less nonsense. If you can’t accept this, then leave the city and fight, this one will send all of you on your way!”

It was just this powerful. It was just a mount, yet it dared shout out like this. However, no one dared say anything back.

One had to understand that this was a clan who dared face Immortal Monk King, its bloodline rare and powerful.

This was especially the case for the Old Celestial who had gone to Desolate Border’s battle, deeply understanding what kind of status the Fearless Lion had in the other side. He couldn’t help but release a sigh.

Even throughout Immortal Ancient Great Era, this clan always acted powerfully!

“What is so formidable about him? My Celestial Clan’s experts are as numerous as clouds in the sky, don’t tell me we still need to be scared of him? Just activate the formation and directly kill him.” Someone said softly.

Even though many people had restraining fear, there were still some warlike individuals who were unconvinced.

“Senior Brother You Yu, when you fought with Huang before, was he really that terrifying?” Someone from the younger generation asked.

You Yu was known as Celestial Clan’s number one expert in the past, no one able to match him. He was outstanding even when compared to all of his peers in the three thousand provinces.

However, after a great battle, blow flowed, his body becoming half crippled, even his own Heaven’s Mandate Stone seized.

The only fortunate thing was that the clan was able to help him recover in the end, and in recent years, he walked his own path, starting to show signs of returning to his true self.

There were some who said that he was now more terrifying than before!

You Yu released a light sigh. “Back then, I fought intensely with him, hard to differentiate between us, but in the end, I was defeated. During these years, I have always remained in seclusion, comprehending the dao, taking another path, one of my own. I originally believed that if I met him again, I could fight with him, compete for supremacy again. However, now that I’ve seen him, I already know that he has gradually gotten further and further away, already not someone my generation can face, someone we can catch up to.”

You Yu didn’t feel dejected, speaking this extremely calmly, as if it was a completely normal thing, as well as something that made perfect sense.

This left everyone shocked. This was but You Yu, the proud and arrogant number one of the past, yet now, he remained so calm, losing the will to fight upon seeing Huang.

He believed that in this world, no one in the younger generation could face Huang!

“It seems like time in Desolate Border really tempers the person. Just what has he experienced?” A few people sighed.

Huang was destined to become unmatched, impossible to suppress. This had already become the common knowledge of many.

“What about him? Can he win over Huang?” Someone asked with the lowest voice possible, glancing in a certain direction. 

There was a youngster there, known as Three Stone Heavenly Monarch, Celestial Clan’s most powerful inheritor in all of history.

Of course, this most powerful pointed at those of the same level.

He wasn’t someone of this age, previously vanishing for an endless amount of time. For some reason, he went into hibernation, body functions stopping, remaining at his age of youth.

However, Three Stone Heavenly Monarch remained extremely calm the entire time, no intention of taking action.

“If there is a battle, I will also be defeated in the end.”

Three Stone Heavenly Monarch actually spoke up, extremely calm and collected, not feeling like he was losing any face.

Even he spoke like this, the others all trembled.

“Little friend, how about we just let bygones be bygones? You have just reached your golden years, we are willing to reconcile with you.” The Old Celestial spoke.

This time, his attitude was extremely low, not saying much about anything, doing this to ease the rhythm everything was heading towards. This made the entire clan tremble from top to bottom.

Shi Hao was a bit surprised. Celestial Clan already lowered their heads like this. From what he suspected, there should have been a battle, this clan shouldn’t have lowered their heads so quickly.

“When wrong things are done, the price naturally has to be paid. I came for repayment, I don’t want to have come for nothing.” Shi Hao said, his eyes quickly passing over everyone in the city.

“That’s fine, just speak. What do you need as repayment.” The Old Celestial said. He looked towards a few higher level figures, and then towards Yun Xi.

This left Yun Xi stunned.

Shi Hao laughed and said. “It’s really simple. I wish to borrow City of Heaven’s Immortal Ascension Stone.”

These words made many people’s hearts sink, a few older generation individuals’ faces felt ashen, some of them becoming angry, wishing to berate out, but in the end, they held themselves back.

Immortal Ascension Stone, what was this? It was their clan’s supreme treasure!

How could they lend out something like this? Huang didn’t come here with goodwill after all.

The Old Celestial was troubled, saying, “How about we change the item? It isn’t a problem even if we let you take a look at our sect’s ancient scriptures.”

Everyone was moved, this place immediately erupted with noise. For the sake of resolving their conflict with Huang, they were actually going to pay such a great price, let him examine their ancient scriptures?

However, Shi Hao directly shook his head. “I have enough scriptures on me already, bit off more than I can chew. I already do not have a need.”

Everyone became speechless, becoming dumbstruck. How heaven-defying was this person? When a world shocking-set of scriptures was offered, he didn’t even want it.

However, when they thought back to the legends of Desolate Border, learning just which precious techniques he grasped, they didn’t say anything.

It was because there were terrifying rumors that Huang possessed several types of precious techniques that belonged to the Vicious Ten, moreover having true immortal dao ancient scriptures. As such, he really didn’t need their clan’s scriptures.

“I only want the Immortal Ascension Stone!” Shi Hao said.

Back then, when he was in Celestial Clan, he had previously seen this rock. Moreover, he had broken through the limits, raising it up.

In the past, no one at the Supreme Expert Realm could lift the Immortal Ascension Stone.

Meanwhile, that time, he received tremendous benefits. This stone’s patterns shone, interweaving with him, helping him restore his own innate supreme being precious technique.

When he was young, someone gouged out his bone, his first supreme being precious technique becoming damaged and incomplete as a result. Then, the Immortal Ascension Stone directly helped him complete it.

Just how heaven-defying of a miraculous stone was this?

That was why Shi Hao always remembered it.

There was an ‘Immortal Melody’ in this rock, capable of a myriad of transformations. If it was nurtured by immortal energy, it could compose a set of world-shocking scriptures.

“Little friend, this really leaves us in a bit of a difficult situation. How about this? We’ll bring the Immortal Ascension Stone over, place it on the city walls. Should little friend need it, he can inspect it under close distance.” The Old Celestial said.

He left, personally going to bring over the Immortal Ascension Stone.

Soon afterwards, he returned, placing a miraculous stone on the city walls.

This wondrous stone was normally ancient looking without much brilliance, only when it was truly activated would there be a rain of dazzling and incredibly mysterious ascension light.

Below the Supreme Expert Realm, it was simply impossible to move it.

“Little friend, please come and have a look.” The Old Celestial said.

Many people revealed expressions of shock, backing up.

Shi Hao remained extremely calm, not walking forward, not approaching the city. It was because he deeply understood how extraordinary City of Heaven was, that he couldn’t be careless.

One had to understand that in the past, this place had produced the archaic Six Great Celestials!

Only after heading to Desolate Border did he understand the details regarding the archaic Six Great Celestials. Celestial Clan’s past was indeed astonishingly glorious and terrifying.

Among the Six Great Celestials, one of them had become a supreme being, another a half supreme being, a hair away from stepping into that domain.

This type of backing and this type of strength really were frightening.

There were some who said that the strongest two were a generation older than the other four, not belonging to this great era, true ‘Immortal Ancient people’.

There were others who said that the archaic Six Great Celestials were actually three generations of people. The current living Old Celestial with the weakest strength was also the one who was youngest.

Celestial Clan used to be one of the most powerful clans of the three thousand provinces. During the archaic times, they could contend for the title of emperors in the mortal dao domain, this was definitely a fact that didn’t need to be doubted.

As such, Shi Hao wasn’t willing to rashly step into City of Heaven.

Of course, he wasn’t completely scared either, just that he didn’t want to have to fight with his life on the line.

After all, he seized the initiative right now, basically plugging up the city, sealing this clan’s way out.


Suddenly, Shi Hao was shocked. He discovered something on him becoming hot, releasing a rain of light.

He was moved. When he unfolded his hand, there was another object, Void immortal Gold Stele, the thing one of the golden undead knights, Sanzang, brought out of Immortal Domain, given to Shi Hao in repayment.

This wordless heavenly text belonged to the Age of Emperor Collapse, now, there was actually a reaction!


Within the City of Heaven, a rain of light filled the skies above the city wall. Shocking changes happened.

Ah, what happened?”


Many people cried out.

It was because the Immortal Ascension Stone moved too suddenly, directly moving through the skies, flying out of City of Heaven.

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