Chapter 1706

Chapter 1706 - Hated Person Has Come

What was there left to be scared of now? As long as he didn’t step into a great formation, he just had to fight to the end!

The size of the land Celestial Clan occupied was vast, the population great, but that City of Heaven had another secret land that could only be entered through following a few hidden paths.

In the end, Shi Hao arrived through a transport formation, entering a pure land that stretched across a hundred thousand li. This was Celestial Clan’s medicine garden, as well as their source of divine beasts.

City of Heaven floated in the heavens above!

That area was not visible, only the great dao and primal chaos could be seen.

Shi Hao was now completely different from before, his strength advancing tremendously, no longer the small cultivator others could bully at will. He could move unhindered under the heavens.


At this moment, Shi Hao moved his Kun Peng wings, yin and yang energies swirling about, tangling about the lightning, immediately tearing apart the void. He ascended into the skies in an unhurried manner.

In the past, this was completely impossible, he would have to follow a divine formation in order to approach the City of Heaven!

Irregular scenes appeared with each step, flickering about.

Shi Hao’s figure carried divine radiance, releasing auspicious multicolored light. He walked on the sky dome, rising up one step after another, entering the sea of clouds just like that, passing through layers of great dao restrictions!

City of Heaven, this place had existed since ancient times.

There were powerful and terrifying formations here, protecting Celestial Clan’s land of inheritance.

One could clearly see hazy ripples cover the entire ancient city. These were the great dao’s order, divine dao regulations that formed a domain, affecting this entire space.

In City of Heaven’s surroundings, this domain was extremely powerful.

If he hastily attacked the city, he would naturally suffer a counterattack. Normal cultivators would be instantly torn apart, crushed into fine powder.

City of Heaven was well fortified.

If they hid inside this city and carried out defense, it was almost impossible to break through. In the past, there was a group of powerful experts who attacked together, even summoning down stars from outer space, making them rain down on this city, yet it still didn’t fall.

At that time, the city erupted with radiance, ripples spreading out, forming a divine domain. All of the stars that touched the city walls were turned into ashes!


In City of Heaven’s surroundings, black lightning appeared in the air, and then five-colored divine multicolored light erupted. In the end, there were even blood-colored great dao patterns that interweaved, this entire place becoming chaotic.

It was because Shi Hao forcefully broke in, approaching this place, about to attack the city, making the City of Heaven shake greatly.

“Who is intruding into my clan’s forbidden land?!”

A person from inside the city cried out in alarm, because someone was about to invade their great ancient city! A great enemy was invading, the ancient city’s formation was activating!

Shi Hao frowned. Celestial Clan wasn’t simple after all, entering secretly wasn’t an easy task.

As a result, he stopped. Normally, he wouldn’t recklessly take risks, after all, this was Celestial Clan’s ancestral land, a place that used to be dazzling and brilliant.

When facing this type of clan that used to be extremely glorious, no one dared look down on it.

Now, Shi Hao didn’t need to hide anymore. He revealed his true self, standing in the sky, coldly looking forward.

In the past, he had to constantly hide himself, not daring to reveal himself to others, one of the biggest reasons for this was because Celestial Clan was chasing after him!

“Shi Hao?!”

A group of people cried out in alarm, recognizing him with a single look. This was the youngster from back then. Now that many years passed, he was still young, but his aura was already completely different.

Even though his appearance hadn’t changed that much, his delicate and handsome exterior now carried a bit of an imposing feeling.


Someone said softly, expression a bit pale.

By now, Huang’s name had also spread throughout the three thousand provinces. After Spirit Realm’s battle, his ‘savagery’ was something everyone knew, it already spoke for itself!

A few great sects had tried to harm him, cut off his path of retreat, yet in the end, he directly smashed open Spirit Realm’s entrance. He then unleashed a counter slaughter, making quite a few inheritances suffer severe losses.

As for whether their Celestial Clan participated, it was unknown.

However, there were some experts who continued to remain in seclusion without coming out, this was perhaps not a good sign.

This was especially the case now, when some of the news regarding Huang’s battles had already reached this place, even those below heard some rumors.

That was why quite a few people felt headaches, their fine hairs even standing on end.

This was a ferocious individual who was unstoppable, sweeping through his enemies even during Desolate Border’s great battle. There was already no one left in his generation who could face him. What foreign side’s highest bloodlines, he would similarly kill them without exception.

Now, this type of glorious individual slaughtered his way back, how could they not be scared?

“Protect the city!”


A few people cried out loudly, now truly scared.

They couldn’t help but be alarmed. Everyone knew what they did to Huang back then. They schemed against him for his precious technique, not hesitating to directly have a falling out, throwing him into prison, tormenting him until he almost died.

This type of grudge most likely couldn’t be dissolved.

Honglong! City of Heaven shook intensely, endless light rushing out, forming ripples that spread outwards in its surroundings, crushing all tangible matter.

Celestial Clan activated their defensive formation, not only resisting, even more so about to take the initiative to attack.

Shi Hao’s expression was cold. His body flickered like an illusion. A powerful aura hid the sky and covered the earth, but it was also incomparably aloof. He vanished from his original location, appearing in the distance.

He didn’t fight them head-on, there was still no need to do that right now.


Divine radiance erupted. He disappeared from this place, arriving on the ground below once more.

It was because everything within a range of a hundred thousand li was part of the medicinal herb gardens and divine beast plains, quite a few precious things here.

Shi Hao swung out his sleeves, releasing a golden lion out. “Go, pick this place clean!”

Along the way, in order to move quickly, he didn’t ride this lion, instead splitting the heavens as he moved, crossing millions and millions of li.

The entirely golden Fearless Lion was now already extremely obedient. It no longer dared to make random jabs at Shi Hao, because the longer it was with Huang, the more it experienced his terror.


A lion roar rang out. Within a hundred thousand li, all types of precious birds and beasts trembled. They all laid down on the ground, bodies shivering, truly terrified.

Even the divine birds that flew above landed on the ground, shaking all over.

The golden lion was extremely terrifying. A golden aura rushed out from its entire body, intimidating everyone in all directions. It was only because it ended up running into Shi Hao that it was in its current situation, otherwise, it would be unstoppable under the heavens. At the very least, it would be hard for it to encounter its match.

Then, it produced a spatial treasure, directly sucking everything up. This hundred thousand li divine garden was simply about to be completely sucked away.

On the ground, there were countless medicinal herbs, all of them collected away. The same went for those birds and beasts, all of them plundered, taken into that spatial magical artifact.

Inside the City of Heaven, many people were stunned. Then, they became furious.

This was the medicinal field they opened, the spiritual beasts they raised, yet it was all seized by this person.

“You dare?!” Someone roared out.

Shi Hao knew that Celestial Clan’s true great medicines and other things wouldn’t be planted here, definitely stored in the city. However, stealing everything within a hundred thousand li like this would definitely make this clan’s faces turn green.

Shi Hao sat on the golden lion, arriving outside the City of Heaven again.

Now, the higher levels of City of Heaven knew that the youngster from the past had returned. They were all shaken.

On the city walls, layers and layers of ripples rushed out, light poured down from above, protecting the entire ancient city. A few people stared forward in shock, looking at that youngster. All of them were extremely startled.

This youngster was just too powerful, even his mount made all of them shiver, truly terrifying.

“Shi Hao, what are you here for?” Someone shouted.

“Repayment!” This was the only word he had. He stared at the ancient city’s people, some of them familiar, some of them unfamiliar.

These people had showed him extreme contempt, almost killing him. Now, they were all already looked down upon below his feet.

“Haven’t the past events long been settled? Little friend, is there a need to be so overbearing?” An elder said.

This was an important figure from Celestial Clan, an old elder.

“The events of the past have long been settled? You say this quite easily, but why did I have no idea this was the case?!” Shi Hao said with a cold voice.

Back then, this clan humiliated him like this, locking him up, stabbing him with a divine sword, almost killing him. Now, things were settled with just his words?

“Little friend, hasn’t my clan’s old ancestor already drank and chatted merrily with you in Desolate Border?” The elder said.

Haha…” Shi Hao roared with laughter, but then it came to an abrupt halt. “Drank and chat merrily? Was that something you guys felt yourselves? Why do I, someone directly involved, have no knowledge of this?”

He had indeed met with the Old Celestial, only spoken a line or two. When had they discussed things further? Moreover, at that time, the Old Celestial was more an enemy than a friend.

Haha…” Suddenly, on the city walls, another figure appeared. The Old Celestial made his appearance.

He was still old, but compared to before, his complexion was a bit better, his vitality much improved!

It was clear that he obtained tremendous benefits in Desolate Border, ingesting some great medicines that lengthened his lifespan. Otherwise, his body should have already passed away.

“Little friend, it seems like the misunderstanding between us is great, still carrying some resentment. How about you come into the city and we can have a chat?” The Old Celestial said.

Shi Hao remained indifferent, looking down on everyone, not entering the city. It was because he was deeply aware that this place was different.

It was because he had visited Desolate Border, naturally understanding the truth and secrets behind the archaic Six Great Celestials. Normally speaking, this city couldn’t be rashly stepped into.

“You’ve returned as expected.” Shi Hao said coldly.

After the battle of Desolate Border, there were several intense clashes, many bloody battles, but the Old Celestial didn’t die, safely returning. This could be considered a stroke of luck in itself.

In the final battle, even though those who participated from the city were only a small portion of people, before then, there were several large scale bloody battles in the great desert.

“This old one was showed consideration by the heavens, luckily able to survive and not die. Being able to meet little friend here again really is a blessing.” The Old Celestial said with a smile.

At this time, a few more figures appeared on the city walls, all of them important figures from this clan. There were some elites and well-known individuals from the younger generation as well.

For example, the past number one genius who was almost crippled by Shi Hao back then, You Yu, as well as Fu Qu and Red Spider Lily, these two pearls.

Then, Three Stone Heavenly Monarch appeared, this individual could also be considered a heaven warping figure, rumored to not have incredibly high aptitudes before, but eventually became extremely mysterious and powerful!

Then, a purple-clothed young lady appeared. She was beautiful and moving, purple hair shining, her sparkling white face full of shock, beautiful pupils releasing divine multicolored light. She was Yun Xi, also one of the individuals who were directly involved back then.

“I don’t want to waste my breath. The two of us both know what happened back then, I came here today for repayment. If you can satisfy me, then I will leave here right now. Otherwise, hah!” Shi Hao spoke extremely directly.

On the city walls, a great disturbance erupted.

When had they ever experienced something like this? Someone stood right in front of City Of Heaven, demanding repayment. This was just too domineering.

This was especially when this was a single person, an extremely young human, this… was too shocking!

The younger generation were all looking at Shi Hao, not a single person unaware of who he was. It was because back then, they had fought until they were defeated miserably, all of their expressions incredibly complex. They never expected him to come back.

Yun Xi’s beautiful hair fluttered about, her graceful figure releasing bits of sparkling light. She was extremely shocked, mind in great chaos. That person from many years ago had appeared again, returning from Desolate Border.

She had previously heard that Shi Hao had shaken up Desolate Border through fighting. The battle with the other side came to a close, yet this past old friend didn’t die, instead returned with glory.

Now, she saw him again.

Sigh, little friend’s talent really is exceptional. I never expected you would come back on a Fearless Lion, one man one mount visiting the city like this. Do you intend to break into City of Heaven?” The Old Celestial said, his eyes flickering.

Everyone was greatly shaken. Didn’t the Fearless Lion clan disappear for a long time already? There was actually someone who used it as a mount? It made them shiver inwardly.

Some people recognized that this lion’s cultivation realm was extremely high!

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