Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705 - Too Savage

Important figures from some inheritances paid visits to Five Phase Mountain one after another.

They were indirectly seeking out Huang’s whereabouts, wishing to know where exactly Shi Hao was. This was extremely important.

“I have not seen him.” Immortal Qin shook his head.

He had previously appeared, receiving some important figures. Of course, there weren’t many who were worth him making an appearance for, all of them the leaders of certain inheritances.

For several days, visitors continuously appeared in Immortal Mountain, bringing precious gifts to express goodwill.

It was because the battle of Spirit Realm really scared many inheritances badly. Huang was too savage, turning into a Kun Peng, unstoppable, all of the men sent out from various sects suffering great defeats.

Almost all of them were wiped out in that battle!

Even if it was in the spiritual world, not a battle in the real world, large numbers of people still died miserably, forever deceased.

This was a display of strength, Huang slaughtered out a vicious name for himself!

Just how many years had passed? Yet he actually already changed so much, exceeding the lords of many inheritances. Back then, he could be looked down upon by some sect masters, a small cultivator they could suppress and kill with a raise of their hands.

Now, even Immortal Palace was destroyed under his hands!

“Huang really didn’t come here?” A cultivator tried to worm his way into Qin Clan, secretly gifting a stalk of precious medicine.

“Little brother, how about we have a chat?” It was to the extent where even those under Qin Clan were bribed, trying to obtain some information from them.

Immortal Mountain immediately became bustling with activity, drawing people from all sects, all for the sake of understanding and getting closer to Huang.

However, Qin Clan’s people were tight-lipped, not leaking out any information, but precisely because of this, everyone instead felt more and more confident that Shi Hao came here!

Regardless of whether he was still here or not, he definitely appeared here before.

“Dao brother, we really have to ask you to help us out. We had a bit of misunderstanding with that little dao friend Huang before, we are hoping you can help us reconcile with him.”

Soon afterwards, a few people brought over gifts to Qin Clan, the value many times more precious than before.

In the following days, Qin Clan received a tremendous amount of gifts, personally sent over by a few ancient sects’ elders out of guilty conscience.

All of this was for the sake of easing the tension they had with Huang, fearing that he would come to get revenge.

It was because Huang was too savage. If he went mad, directly stirring up trouble in their sect, even if they weren’t slaughtered until heaven and earth were flipped, the entire sect wiped out, it would still definitely be extremely terrifying.

Inside Immortal Mountain, Shi Hao stroked his chin, a bit speechless. Was he really that vicious?

Those great sects were already scared before he even took action, scared badly, taking the initiative to express goodwill, wishing to change their relationship with him.

In just these few days alone, within a certain treasury in Qin Clan, the heavenly treasures were piled up into a small mountain, really too many. They were all gifts from those people.

This was really outside of Shi Hao expectations. Originally, after killing an immortal, he thought that he provoked some huge disaster, preparing to run, return to the lower realms as soon as possible.

Yet in the end, who would have expected that something unexpected happened to that existence, hard to say if he would even survive, intimidating many sects because of this.

He didn’t refuse those inheritances’ ‘goodwill’, all newcomers welcome. No matter what they gave him, he took it without exception, having Qin Clan’s people collect it for him.

“Little friend, are you in need of these heavenly treasures?”

Even Qin Clan’s people’s eyes were red. It was because Huang didn’t even come out, not saying a word, yet some great sects moved out like this, giving him so many things.

“I really need them. Don’t you all see? These hundreds of children are begging for nourishment, and there’s also the lower realms’ Stone Village, all of them waiting for me to rebuild it.” Shi Hao spoke things directly, pointing towards the children he brought back from Desolate Border and mentioned the lower realms.

A few more days passed. The number of people who came to visit Qin Clan became a bit less.

Shi Hao’s skin was extremely thick. He found Immortal Qin, having him secretly spread the news for him, tell those inheritances who previously tried to attack him in Spirit Realm that if they wanted to get along, that wasn’t impossible. As long as the heavenly treasures they brought could satisfy him, then he’ll just treat it as water under the bridge.

When Immortal Qin heard this, he immediately became speechless. Didn’t you just put away a pile of treasures? Now, you want more, this is… extortion!

“Those were brought over by them on their own, so it can only be counted as a bit of goodwill. From here on out, it’ll depend on their performances.” Shi Hao said.

When some inheritances heard this, they couldn’t help but curse out. Some of them even more so abused roundly, saying that Huang was too despicable.

However, there were some who compromised, having people go to ask Qin Clan what exactly Huang wants, what he needs.

Shi Hao opened his mouth like a lion, directly stating that he wanted the clans’ well-known treasures. He didn’t want all of them, but he had to have the unique ones.

For example, the spiritual medicines some ancient sects excelled at growing, they should gift him some more medicines. There were some inheritances that were good at smelting weapons, so they should pass along a weapon refinement secret text.

This was simply like a Taotie opening its mouth, about to swallow up all of these sects.

Many people couldn’t take it, but there were still some who were worried, in the end gifting him some ‘special great gifts’.

“Huang, this brat doesn’t know the height and depth of heaven and earth. He escaped death by a fluke in Spirit Realm, yet he really does think of himself as a supreme being?”

“You are going too far! Just a brat who is still wet behind the ears, yet you dare act so insolently, bullying our great sects?!”

There were some who didn’t lower their heads, secretly passing along their intentions, wishing to rope in some people, find a way to get rid of Huang.

Shi Hao went on his way, personally heading to a region. It was because there were some extremely ancient clans living there, hidden families.

It was rumored that they might know the path into the lower realms.

During these days, Shi Ziling, Qin Yining and the others used Immortal Mountain’s power to investigate a lot, confirming that it should be in that region. Those clans might have people who knew about this.

Qin Clan already communicated with that place for many days, but there were no results.

Those people remained tight-lipped, not expressing anything.

Thus, Shi Hao decided he was going to head out himself, get to the bottom of this. Once he found the ancient path, he would immediately bring his family into the lower realms.

“While we were rebuking heaven and earth with our power, that brat Huang’s ancestors were still drinking milk, yet today, he actually dares to act this insolently!”

Shi Hao already heard some of these words. He couldn’t help but sneer. There were no walls that didn’t leak wind, because these were originally curses, yet in the end, it was disclosed by others, informing Qin clansmen.

Meanwhile, this provided that not even those who bore hostility against Shi Hao weren’t that united, perhaps even at odds. There were some inheritances that leaked out information, purposely wishing to harm the other ancient sects.

Shi Hao continued forward. When he passed a region, he just happened to notice that there was an inheritance named Scarlet Light that bore hostility against him. This inheritance relied on Underworld Earth, its sect master previously berating him for being still wet behind the ears, saying that he was courting death.


That day, this ancient sect that wasn’t all that massive, but still quite powerful had their gates directly hacked through by Shi Hao’s sword core. Then, he released the Kun Peng body, completely destroying everything.

He didn’t willfully slaughter the innocent, but the sect’s leaders still had their heads removed, their divine bird bodies roasted in public, becoming golden meat and eaten.

Then, he seized all of their palaces without any reservation, completely looting their treasury clean.

This was like thunder, crashing down on hundreds of provinces, ringing throughout the three thousand provinces.

Demon king!

This was the evaluation many people gave him. Huang was too savage, directly flattening an inheritance, even roasting and eating those divine birds. It truly scared many people.

The three thousand provinces immediately erupted with noise, many people discussing with each other.

Through this event, everyone knew that Huang was secure in his backing, and that something really bad happened to Immortal Palace’s ancient existence. Otherwise, why would Huang dare take action?

Moreover, was this provoking Underworld Earth?

Scarlet Light Sect relied on Underworld Earth, this was something everyone knew.

“This is killing the chickens as an example for the dogs!” A few people sighed, the expressions on their face ugly, feeling incredibly worried.

It was because there was more than a single sect that cursed Huang, allying together to kill him.

Now, Scarlet Light was wiped out, this immediately left many sects shaken, making them panic.

In reality, Shi Hao merely got rid of Scarlet Light Sect along the way, he didn’t have any plans to face the world alone.

It was because he had even more important matters at hand, wishing to verify if there were any problems with that path into the lower realms as soon as possible.

Yi, Heaven Province!” Shi Hao revealed a strange expression.

He discovered that while speeding along, he actually entered Heaven Province, passing through this place.

The Celestial Clan resided in this province, which was why this province was known as Heaven Province.

Celestial Clan, this was not a sect foreign to him at all. For Shi Hao, he had too many memories that weren’t all that great.

This was a place full of grievances.He almost died there, a place he had hated incomparably bitterly.

Back then, he protected Yun Xi, escorting her through hundreds of thousands of li, safely bringing her to Celestial Clan, yet in the end, this clan bit the hand that fed them, throwing him into prison.

In that place, he was stabbed and cut by sharp swords, even suppressed by this clan’s experts, almost dying.

Everything was because they desired his Kun Peng Precious Technique and other things.

This clan repaid his kindness with evil, directly becoming hostile, making Shi Hao’s heart feel incredibly cold even now. One had to understand that he escorted the pearl of their clan Yun Xi back, yet received this type of treatment.

“I’ll pay these old friends a visit!”

Shi Hao decided to head to the City of Heaven, make a trip there!

He was dressed in precious clothes that fluttered about, electrical light curling about his body, strong winds sweeping about. He instantly crossed hundreds of thousands of li, quickly heading into the distance.

City of Heaven, this was a giant city that floated in the sky, as well as the Celestial Clan’s ancestral land, their most important inherited ancient city.

Before he got closer, Shi Hao thought of a few people. The two of them both came from the lower realms, previously having important interactions, even traveling through life and death for hundreds of thousands of li, yet in the end, there was only opposition from Celestial Clan.

Red Spider Lily, Fu Qu, Celestial Clan’s two other pearls…

Celestial Clan’s number one genius of the younger generation, You Yu, did he rise up once more?

There was also that so-called Three Stone Monarch, someone who kept too low of a profile. This person should be extremely terrifying!

Did the Old Celestial return?

Shi Hao thought about quite a few things, and then a hint of a cold smile appeared on the corner of his lips. He directly headed towards Celestial Clan’s important land!

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