Chapter 1704

Chapter 1704 - Killing an Immortal

Ruined immortal, even if he really was half-ruined, no one dared to look at him like an ant. He was still powerful beyond compare, impossible to win against!

The reason why Shi Hao said this was completely to mock him. It was because not long ago, the ruined immortal inside the copper palace looked down on Shi Hao like this, saying that killing him was even dirtying his hands.

The fiery light was brilliant, shining endlessly!

No one could have predicted this result, even Shi Hao himself not even thinking it would be like this. The True Immortal Imprint was engulfed, burned!

Originally, the copper palace’s ruined immortal imprint was wrapped within his own true flame, but now, another true flame appeared, actually wishing to kill him!

“This is… no!”

The ruined immortal screamed out. He really was unwilling. The insect before his eyes was actually about to kill him, who would believe this if news of it got out?

A burst of fiery light formed completely from symbols jumped about there, flickering. It was divine and auspicious, of course, this was only for others.

For the ruined immortal, this was hell, an abyss that he fell into. It was too hard to struggle free, a flame that meant destruction and withering away!


He released a great roar. Fiery light overflowed, engulfing the heavens above and earth below. The surrounding mountain peaks were all burned until they were scarlet red, turned into magma, and then they dried up.

Nothing could stop this power. This was the true flame of a ruined immortal, representing immortal dao power, able to destroy everything.

However, it just couldn’t kill Shi Hao, because he was protected by a lump of fiery light.

“How could this be?!” He screamed out. His body was breaking apart, the so-called immortal dao imprint already splitting to pieces. He was going to be destroyed.


A crisp sound rang out, as if the people of this world were torn apart, about to head towards doomsday.

The ruined immortal released one final roar. All of the fiery light exploded, razing who knew how many tens of thousands of li around it to the ground, turning it into a sea of magma, and then into ashes.

He died just like that, devoured by the fiery light!

In the end, when everything calmed down, only that lump of light remained in front of Shi Hao. It was the size of a fist, formed from symbols, jumping about.

Without a doubt, it absorbed the ruined immortal’s true flame, refining its essence and merging it into itself, quickly devouring it.

Everything ended just like that, as if it was just a nightmare. The immortal dao expert’s imprint was burned to death just like that!

This place was completely a scene of desolation. Everything within a range of hundreds of thousands to millions of li was destroyed, mountains and rivers ruined!

This was definitely terrifying. One strike, just a single flame created a scene of judgment day.


That copper palace rushed into the sky, wishing to leave, turning into a rain of light. It wanted to escape.

Shi Hao stared blankly, and then his expression changed. He quickly rushed out, in the end, he also turned into a rain of light, leaving Spirit Realm.

In the meditation room, Shi Hao’s true body suddenly opened his eyes. They were like torches, burning fiercely, lighting up the entire stone room!

The Emperor Butterfly fluttered about his shoulders.

Shi Hao got up, extremely hurried. He rushed out of his place of seclusion like a gust of wind to see his parents and Immortal Qin. He was going to bring his family away and immediately leave this place.

It was because he had murdered an immortal, this was definitely a huge matter. A storm was definitely going to stir as a result, the consequences impossible to predict!

If he really completely killed him, then that was one thing, but he only destroyed an imprint of the ruined immortal, not the true body. This would likely bring about a huge disaster.

Under that type of situation, he had no choice but to kill, he didn’t have a choice!

“What? You killed an immortal?” Even Shi Ziling and Qin Yining had long viewed their eldest son highly, thinking of him as a heaven warping genius from the past until now, they never expected to hear this world-shocking piece of news.

This kind of magnificent feat was completely unimaginable!

In the past, they were all discussing if there were any immortals in this great era. All sides believed that no one could take that step, yet in the end… their eldest son directly killed a true immortal!

“I didn’t truly kill him, only destroying some imprint. However, that is precisely why this is a huge disaster. We have to immediately leave!” Shi Hao said.

When Immortal Qin hurried over and learned of the situation, he was completely stupefied. This brat really knew how to stir up trouble! He even dared touch that level of existence from Immortal Palace?

“Things aren’t necessarily that bad, there isn’t a need to truly fear him.” Immortal Qin said after some thought.

En?” Shi Hao was shocked.

“Based on my understanding, the existence sleeping in Immortal Palace is only a ruined immortal.” Immortal Qin said.

Through him, Shi Hao understood more.

During the battle back then, Immortal Palace’s existence really was beaten into ruin, only a small piece of his body left, primordial spirit also in pieces, not complete at all, greatly damaged.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to immediately recover, but rather because the enemy’s natural laws corroded his magical body and soul, impossible to eradicate. It worsened by the day, eventually, he could only struggle whilst at death’s door.

“He cannot come out.” Immortal Qin further explained.

Immortal Palace, this was an extremely mysterious ancient land. There was an immortal spring there, that existence restricting itself at the mouth of the spring, remaining dormant since ancient times.

If not for that immortal spring, he would have long died.

Even during Immortal Ancient times, when the world was full of prosperity and glory, there were only a few immortal dao springs in the world. In the end, under that battle, they were all destroyed, experts wiped out.

The ruined immortal was already an unmatched being in this great era, which was why the spring that remained ended up in his hands, nurturing his damaged body and soul.

As for that Bronze Immortal Palace, normally, it was located above the immortal spring, rarely moving. It was usually used to protect that place.

The ruined immortal left behind an extremely important imprint in that copper palace precisely to control everything. Once some change happened, they could immediately summon that ancient copper palace.

“Now, you killed the imprint inside that copper palace, the consequences of this are huge. It might bring about terrifying effects to the ruined immortal. He will suffer a backlash.” Immortal Qin said.

It was because the ruined body was damaged to begin with, using the immortal spring to preserve his life. Now, it lost another important soul imprint, for him, this might be catastrophic.

Immortal Qin suspected that when faced with this type of critical damage, the ruined immortal wouldn’t dare appear in the world, most likely immediately diving into the depths of the immortal spring to nurture his ruined body.

Otherwise, he might die!

Ah, so it was actually like this?” Shi Hao was quite shocked. His random attack, summoning that true flame actually had a chance of completely killing this immortal?

“Why don’t I just directly march in while he’s weak and finish the job, completely eliminate him!” Shi Hao said fiercely.

If the ruined immortal remained, then it would always be something to worry about.

“You cannot. Just because the ruined body doesn’t appear in the world doesn’t mean he isn’t strong or can’t fight, but rather that he treasures his life. If you head over, he will definitely release a powerful attack, display the most terrifying fighting strength, cut you down regardless of whether you are a god or buddha! Of course, once he comes out and fights like that, he will most likely not be able to live any longer, basically burning away his true self.” Immortal Qin shook his head.

Otherwise, why didn’t he appear in the world after all these years, always remaining hidden, only able to watch as the world underwent changes?

“He has the power of an immortal in vain, this cowardly and greedy for life! If I was him, I would have definitely dragged my ruined body to Desolate Border to carry out the final battle, die gloriously.” Shi Hao said.

After learning about the ruined immortal, when he thought back to Meng Tianzheng, compared the two, it filled Shi Hao with loathing towards the former, full of disdain towards him.

“That is a ruined immortal after all, his methods heaven reaching. Even if he can’t leave the immortal spring, he still has many other methods.” Qin Yining was worried, wishing to immediately bring her eldest son with her back to the lower realms.

Only, even though there were several important clues regarding how to head down to the lower realms, they weren’t fully confirmed yet.

“It’s fine. As long as the ruined immortal can’t truly emerge into the world, my Immortal Mountain can take on any other methods.” Immortal Qin said.

This type of confidence left Shi Hao quite shocked, let alone Shi Ziling and the others.

“With Five Phase Mountain here, others won’t dare act rashly!” Immortal Qin said.

It was because Five Phase Mountain was a divine object, a true supreme treasure.

“What a pity, it has suffered damage, moreover put under some mysterious seal. Otherwise, it would be even stronger.” Immortal Qin said.

The reason why Immortal Qin could obtain Five Phase Mountain was completely because of that immortal bone. It previously allowed him to obtain all types of natural luck.

Among them, this Five Phase Mountain was the most mysterious, as well as the most terrifying!

Immortal Qin would never forget the scene of when he first encountered Five Phase Mountain.

That year, his chest was burning, that immortal bone shining, releasing all types of symbols from within him, forming an immortal flame, pointing him towards a certain direction.

In the end, he actually broke into a damaged ancient world.

In this place was an ancient mountain that looked like the five fingers of a hand. Five peaks rested side by side, immortal energy surging, primal chaos erupting.

On the mountains were remains of gods and devils, terrifying beyond compare.

In that place, he had previously heard a voice, like a sigh, but also like a type of recollection of the past. Five Phase Mountain had many gods and devils within its primal chaos, many innate divine beings birthed on it!

However, in the end, they all died from fighting a great battle!

Immortal Qin didn’t hide anything, speaking about the scene he saw the first time he saw Five Phase Mountain, making everyone here couldn’t help but suck in cold breaths of air.


That day, in Immortal Palace’s direction, a terrifying aura erupted. Heaven overflowing immortal mist spread, tearing apart the sky dome, making a few stars in outer space fall.

This scene shocked everyone.

When news traveled out, the three thousand provinces were all shaken!

Moreover, after the terrifying immortal dao aura erupted, that region suddenly became completely still.

Correct, it was a deathly stillness after a vigorous eruption.

It was like the flame of a candle, suddenly becoming brighter in the wind, and then instantly going out.

“The oil within the lamp has burnt out, final radiance of the setting sun!”

Someone immediately made this shocking speculation, believing that the ruined immortal that might exist in Immortal Palace was finished, likely already falling into an eternal slumber.

This was definitely a major event!

“Heavens, I previously heard that the experts of all sides went to attack Huang, even Immortal Palace moved. Could it be that because of this, something unexpected happened, something that led to the ruined immortal’s fall?”

The explosive news shocked the three thousand provinces!

This triggered a huge earthquake, the experts of all sides speechless.

Soon afterwards, someone went to confirm this, following an ancient path towards the region Immortal Palace resided in, wishing to look into what exactly happened.

Not many people in this world knew that Immortal Palace was here, but there were still some who did.

“Immortal Palace has sealed their mountain, that Bronze Immortal Palace suppressing that entire region. It cannot be approached!” When these news sounded, it triggered a great commotion.

Everyone was sure that something strange happened in Immortal Palace!

“Defied the heavens, Huang might have killed an immortal!” That day, many people cried out.

The powers of all different sides, many great experts’ faces were deathly pale, all of them extremely worried.

It was because not long ago, many great powers went to stop Shi Hao, wishing to cut off his return path in Spirit Realm. Later on, they instead suffered severe casualties.

However, at the time, they weren’t worried, because there was Immortal Palace protecting them, definitely able to kill Shi Hao, end his life in the end.

Yet now, it seemed like that was wishful thinking. Huang lived, moreover might have… killed an immortal!

That day, many great sects brought precious gifts, paying visits to Immortal Mountain, entering Qin Family. Many inheritances actually came here to apologize.

It was because there were some who believed that even if Huang wasn’t here, he would definitely have some type of connection with this place.

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