Chapter 1703

Chapter 1703 - Immortal Dao

The middle-aged man landed on the ground, right arm flying out, dark red blood scattering outwards. His body staggered about, face turning pale white.

His hair was dishevelled, suddenly raising his head, cold light shooting out of his eyes, carrying rage and hatred as he stared at Shi Hao. That copper palace above his head rumbled.

Immortal energy flew out streak after streak, auspicious energy exuberant, flowing down, protecting him within.


His expression was extremely vicious. His appearance was originally aloof and transcendent, a descendant of a true immortal family inheritance, yet now, he only carried bitter resentment.

At this moment, the middle-aged man’s arms formed imprints, deriving unmatched methods. He was forming the Human Immortal Imprint. A massive figure appeared behind him, the human immortal void figure, resonating with him, moreover affecting the copper palace above him.

In reality, he was precisely operating the immortal artifact, making it revive, erupt with endless immortal light, wishing to suppress and kill Shi Hao.

Fortunately, Shi Hao had the Everlasting Immortal Sword Core. This ancient artifact was extremely strong, able to withstand those powerful magical artifacts, which was why Shi Hao rushed over with this sword core in hand.


The sword core enlarged, no longer like an immortal sword. It quickly expanded, becoming like a giant mountain ridge, smashing over just like that.

Dang! Sparks flew in all directions. The sword body shone, smashing on the giant copper palace, making it tremble endlessly, continuously rumble with noise. The green copper rust flew in all directions.

In that instant, immortal light flew in all directions, killing intent surging.


That middle-aged man coughed out blood. Even though he wasn’t struck, that sword core’s power was too vicious, directly injuring him.

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, staring at the bronze palace, examining it. He revealed an expression of surprise, this immortal artifact was suppressed, not displaying the immortal dao power it should have.

This left him shaken, at the same time a bit uncertain.

Right now, Shi Hao stared forward, his eyes flickering with cold light. If immortal dao power really was suppressed here, he really didn’t mind ending things here, directly slaughtering his way over.

If that copper palace had a half-ruined true immortal, then he would just kill him!

It was because he didn’t have the slightest good impression towards this sect. During the battle of Desolate Border, they were nowhere to be seen, yet now, they dared come here to stop him.


Behind Shi Hao, a pair of golden wings appeared, Kun Peng wings. A Lightning Pool Imprint appeared between his brows, the Lightning Dao Divine Ability. reincarnation symbols flickered about his chest area.

A golden willow tree projection appeared behind his back!

In that instant, Shi Hao raised himself to his most powerful state, and then directly slaughtered his way over.

Since they were already confronting each other, these people attacking him, then what was there to hesitate over? He would just directly kill them, who cares who this person was, who cares if Immortal Palace was powerful or not?

This was an enemy right now, so he will just kill him.

After releasing all of his body’s potential, Shi Hao reached his most powerful state. With the sword core in hand, he moved his terrifying wings, surrounded in lightning, accompanied by time imprints, supported by golden willow branches, about to rush inside the copper palace.

“You dare?!”

The middle-aged man was horrified. Was this fella mad? What was he trying to do?!

Whatever the enemy wanted to do, he would naturally go against it!


The two clashed, incredibly intense.

In reality, Shi Hao’s targeting of Bronze Immortal Palace was still a diversion, the main thing was still to get rid of him first and then focus on examining the copper palace, see if there was a slumbering immortal inside. If there was, then he would directly kill him!

If his suspicions were correct, then this was an extremely rare opportunity.


Even though the middle-aged man was a top level expert, when fighting at the same level, he wasn’t a match for Shi Hao at all. He was smashed by a lightning fist and sent flying.

Although the middle-aged man ignited immortal dao secret methods’ patterns in the Bronze Immortal Palace, he was still not a match. That type of retaliation was completely useless.

This was especially the case when he lost his right arm, leaving him in an even more powerless situation. Even if he recreated another arm, it still wouldn’t be enough.


Under the fluttering of time fragments, he began to age.


The final strike in particular, the giant Kun Peng wings behind Shi Hao covered everything, like two giant blades, directly dicing him into four pieces!

Blood poured out. Immortal Palace’s middle-aged man screamed out miserably, in incomparable pain, unable to defend himself at all.

Not even the copper palace he brought was enough. One had to understand that this was an immortal artifact, yet it couldn’t do anything to Huang, stopped by a sword core.

In the end, he didn’t know enough, becoming an errand boy, a probing chess piece.


Shi Hao’s sword descended. The middle-aged man turned into a rain of light, disappearing from this place.

Even though he was just a lackey and not a true supreme being who descended, he was still someone from Immortal Palace after all, his life precious, having life protecting measures. He disappeared from Spirit Realm.

As for the copper palace, he couldn’t tend to it at all.

Zheng zheng zheng…

Sword radiance shook the heavens. These were released by the golden willow tree behind Shi Hao. Willow branches became perfectly straight one after another, like immortal swords, all of them trying to pierce into the green copper rust-stained ancient palace entrance.


Chaotic energy spread. The copper palace shook, green copper rust falling off piece after piece. It released a hazy light, flickering with terrifying dao law force.

Shi Hao was inwardly shocked, quickly backing up, moreover raising the sword core in his hand to block in front of him.

Not good!

Shi Hao sensed that the situation was extremely unfavorable. The so-called Spirit Realm couldn’t suppress immortal dao power at all. There was terrifying power surging from within the copper palace.

This exceeded the limits of what he could withstand. Was this the immortal dao domain?

At the same time, the copper palace was brilliant, the green copper rust seemed to have completely vanished, only immortal dao laws interweaving, becoming an unmatched domain, about to crush everything.

The entrance to the copper palace was no longer hazy because the rust was scattered by chaotic energy and immortal radiance.

One could see a flame rise from within the palace. It wasn’t all that dazzling, but it couldn’t be overlooked. There was a type of terrifying fluctuation that made one sigh.

In his surroundings, immortal dao natural laws appeared. The most powerful natural order was like chains, tangling and winding about, making that place appear increasingly divine and terrifying, making one shiver in fear.

“Youngster, you are too arrogant. What kind of place do you think Immortal Palace is? You even dare attack this treasure?”

An imposing voice sounded, carrying great changes, as well as a wave of coldness, even more so a wave of killing intent.

Shi Hao was horrified. This was immortal dao power, definitely the real deal. Was it the copper palace’s artifact spirit, or was it a true immortal ruined body?

It was hard for him to tell.

“Who are you?” Shi Hao asked.

“The true immortal still living in this world.” That voice was extremely cold, and also extremely ruthless, calmly saying this.

Shi Hao released a sigh. Things were now troublesome, how was he supposed to withstand the other side?

A true immortal really did sleep within this copper palace?

The most important thing was that the strength of a true immortal far exceeded the regulations of Spirit Realm, it was impossible to restrict him. There was no way for him to contend against this existence.

He began thinking to himself. He had a few more trump cards to rely on, but they were probably all useless against a true immortal.

“Would that thing work?!” He recalled an object, but he immediately felt sentimental. Meng Tianzheng didn’t use it even when he was killed in battle. Back then, when he left it to Shi Hao, he said that he couldn’t touch it unless he was about to die.

“You are a true immortal? Where is your body? Perhaps you’ve already died a long time ago!”

Shi Hao had himself calm down. He looked forward, staring into the flame in the copper palace, speaking like this.

Heh, the ruined body is eternal, coexisting with the world, eternally unfading. Unfortunately, if I wanted to reach my peak, it is too difficult.” Inside the copper palace, that flame released sound, “I am only an imprint that was separated out to accompany this divine flame. However, it is already enough to burn you to ashes.”

What he spoke was the truth. Even an imprint was enough to kill all enemies below immortal dao!

That was a different level of power. The separation between human dao and immortal dao was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Sigh!” Shi Hao released a light sigh.

Even Meng Tianzheng didn’t use it, did he have to use it himself now?

If he didn’t use it, he would definitely die!

“Did you know? Killing an insect like you doesn’t give me any sense of accomplishment at all, only disgust.” Inside the copper palace, this voice sounded from within that flame.

In this ruined immortal’s opinion, killing a mortal dao domain creature was a type of degradation, even more so degenerating. An existence of his level actually had to take action.

In his eyes, no matter how great this youngster’s potential was, he could still only be considered an ant right now. He still hadn’t transformed, never flew into the sky, rushed into the heavens.

“You really are arrogant.” Shi Hao felt anger inside, and then asked, “I don’t understand. The two of us do not have any grudges, why do you want to kill me?”

“You are the sinner’s blood descendant, even obtained the Kun Peng’s inheritance, your aptitude not bad, at odds with my bloodline. Instead of having a conflict with you in the future, it is better to just cut you down now.” A calm voice sounded from the flame in the copper palace. If he wanted to kill Shi Hao, it really was just this simple.

“You never showed yourself during the battle of Desolate Border, yet you are now taking action against me, do you even have the face to call yourself an immortal?” Shi Hao mocked.

“Just an ant, even if you holler and bare your fangs at me, what use is there?” A ruthless voice sounded from that fiery light.

Right now, Shi Hao already had a flame of rage burning within him. He didn’t use the object Great Elder Meng Tianzheng left him, always communicating with a type of substance within his body, calling out to it.

“Alright, you can go on your way. You’ve disturbed my sleep. Even though killing you will dirty my hands, it can also be considered to be preventing a potential future disaster.” This cold voice sounded from within the copper palace.


Right at this moment, that flame threw itself over, incredibly fast, impossible to avoid, carrying immortal dao power.

Shi Hao stood in place without moving, remaining extremely calm. However, a flame rushed out from within him, only the size of a fist, extremely brilliant and dazzling.

He also had a flame within him that had accompanied him for many years. It had always been carving all types of great dao imprints, but never displayed its power.

Only today, right at this time, did it move, burning terrifyingly fiercely, exceeding the past. It immediately devoured the true immortal’s will and the fiery light.

“No, ah…

That imprint screamed out, extremely fearful, roaring out, struggling intensely.

Fiery light immediately overflowed into the heavens here.

However, not a single strand could reach Shi Hao, all of it stopped by the flame that rushed out from within his body, moreover devoured.

“Ruined immortal, ant.” Shi Hao didn’t move, speaking like this, quietly watching everything.

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