Chapter 1702

Chapter 1702 - Unleashing Slaughter

On the golden gate, there were too many fist imprints, bumpy and uneven, the scene terrifying!

Moreover, in the end, a fist smashed over, forcibly blasting through that giant gate, shocking everyone.

A group of people became scared. Even though they knew Huang was strong, they never imagined to see this type of scene. They couldn’t help but shiver all over.

He was too much of a freak!

This was but a passage into Spirit Realm, the gate into a spiritual world formed from natural laws. It exceeded the limit of the world’s power, it shouldn’t be possible to destroy it!

But reality was right before their eyes. Even if they didn’t believe it, Huang slaughtered his way over just like that.


When that fist retracted, and then struck out again, the golden gate shook. That opening immediately became many times larger, many people seeing that youngster clearly.

At this time, Huang carried a cold expression, currently silently looking at them. His fist shone, precious techniques erupting, his power heaven reaching, earth moving!

This scene really was a bit frightening!


Someone screamed out. This time, they knew that they really offended Huang badly, provoking a huge disaster.

What followed was most likely going to be howling winds and torrential rain, facing his unstoppable invasion, ruthless slaughter.


 A loud noise sounded, exceeding the past. The fist imprint Shi Hao displayed this time flowed with all types of light, fist strength exceptional. It was because this was the joint power of several types of precious techniques.

The entire golden gate was struck flying, shocking all of the creatures in Spirit Realm.

Even though many people were running, that golden gate still smashed firmly into quite a few powerful beings’ bodies. It was because it was too fierce, too fast, impossible to avoid.


Large amounts of people coughed out blood, quite a few of them screaming out. Their bones broke and muscles snapped, becoming seriously injured.

All of this happened too quickly, a sudden change that was impossible to foresee.

Could this be blamed on them being careless? Not at all! They originally believed that this would result in Huang’s inevitable death, yet in the end, they were foiled just like that.

Huang was ridiculously powerful!

Who could have predicted that he could break through the golden gates? It was because from past until now, no one had truly been able to break their way in, this completely defied normal reasoning.

Now, Huang used his actions to prove to everyone that he was unmatched, that he exceeded the limit, not even Spirit Realm’s passage could stop him.

“A nightmare! This person is simply a nightmare!” A few creatures shouted out, quickly fleeing.


Shi Hao walked over, a fist smashing out. Lightning stretched out for tens of thousands of li, the ones who had long rushed into the air and fled towards the horizon were all struck.

This was the Lightning Emperor Divine Ability, the power of the Lightning Emperor Fist.

When one fist smashed outwards, thousands of streaks of fist radiance erupted, all of them tens of thousands of li in length.

As a result, in the sky, a ‘rain of cultivators’ fell. A large number of individuals crashed down, all of them smashing into the ground.

Under this fist, there wasn’t any suspense. Many people directly exploded, blasted into pieces.

There were quite a few who became charred coal, unable to get back up, killed.

This was definitely a tragedy. It was because damage in Spirit Realm would result in great harm to one’s vitality in the real world.

Yet now, it wasn’t as simple as just a single person suffering damage, but rather a slaughter, or perhaps it could be called a massacre.

If the injuries in Spirit Realm were too terrifying, it would result in one directly dying in the real world.

In theory, only Soul Shattering Needles or Soul Extinguishing Pagodas could completely kill someone, end their lives in the real world.

However, there were some instances where, if the destructive force was too strong, smashing apart the primordial spirit in Spirit Realm or Void God Realm, it might also lead to someone completely dying.

Now, Shi Hao attacked furiously, so it was naturally terrifying beyond compare.

That day, in the three thousand provinces, within a few great sects, many people screamed miserably, and then their bodies gradually became ice-cold, losing vitality.

This was a tragedy. For a few ancient inheritances, it was definitely terrifying. There were some experts who died just like that!

Inside Spirit Realm, Shi Hao’s face was cold, truly angered. His face carried endless killing intent, surging like a sea in this world.

“The battle of Desolate Border, for the sake of stopping the other side, many heroes fought while drenched with blood on the battlefield, never to return. Meanwhile, you all never went to the battlefield, being unable to help is one thing, yet you always wanted to kill me. If you have the guts, go to the Desolate Border, all of you ought to be completely wiped out!”


Shi Hao turned into a Kun Peng, massive beyond compare, rushing ninety thousand li into the air, the skies resplendent with golden feathers that carried black patterns. The terrifying aura that spread everywhere was beyond compare!

At this moment, Shi Hao was unmatched. In the form of a Kun Peng, he swept through who knew how many tens of thousands of li, not showing any mercy, slaughtering these creatures.

The golden gate behind him was smashed through, while now, he was so heroic and unmatched, striking down mountains and rivers, wiping out the cultivators of all clans, truly making this place seem like doomsday had arrived.


The heavens collapsed and earth split, ghosts cried and deities howled. He slaughtered his way over, blood flowing in streams. Of the cultivators who previously participated in the sealing of the golden gates, even if they weren’t completely killed, it was pretty close.

As for Spirit Realm’s god of natural laws, that stone person, it appeared again. As a result, its body crumbled apart, turning into flowing light, scattering once more.

Exceeding the limits, this would forever be the theme of the Void God Realm and Spirit Realm!

As long as this was accomplished, then one would truly transcend above, surpass all predecessors, able to break through all rules and restrictions, topple normal reasoning!

Shi Hao was hunting them down. He turned into a ten thousand li long Kun Peng, his roar ringing through mountains and rivers, unstoppable. No one was able to block his path.

He now understood a bit more about Spirit Realm and Void God Realm. Was this the holy land the ancient people used to foster the most powerful individuals?

Shi Hao swept through everything in his path, leaving this place’s mountains and rivers in ruins, corpses everywhere. Not a single individual could contend against him.

That day, the three thousand provinces were greatly shaken. Some of the ancient sects could be said to be miserable, one more tragic than the last. The experts in the clans all faced disaster.

There were some whose vitality was greatly injured. For them, today’s experiences would forever be a nightmare, impossible to get rid of.

Meanwhile, for others, it was even darker. They were directly killed, no chance to ever wake up again.


In the distance, a great roar sounded. A simple and ancient copper palace appeared, carrying strand after strand of immortal dao energy, suppressing towards Shi Hao.

Shi Hao’s mind jumped, his pupils contracting. He really didn’t dare act too carelessly. The massive Kun Peng body shrunk, returning to a normal human body.

It was because that copper palace was extremely dangerous, carrying immortal energy, as well as intimidating power.

Immortal Palace’s people?

Chi chi chi!

That copper palace shone. At the same time, several dozen pieces of green copper rust appeared. They were like curse clouds, covering the world, carrying a type of soul shivering power.

Immortal Palace’s rust stains, this was the embodiment of curse power.

Back then, when Shi Hao was in the lower realm, he had previously been attacked by an old servant with the copper rust, thus almost dying, buried in Stone Village for a year before reviving.

It could be said that this battle was one of the most dangerous ones of his life.

Now, he didn’t dare look down on this, how could he act recklessly?

He avoided the green copper rust.

At the same time, he was inwardly shaken. This was Spirit Realm, yet the copper palace appeared. Did they bring in the spirit of a true immortal artifact?

Or was this to say, this was that supreme treasure’s projection, sent into Spirit Realm?

Shi Hao’s figure was like lightning. While quickly evading, with a qiang sound, he drew the sword core, hacking forward.

He had long made his preparations, deciding to use this weapon to face the copper palace in the immortal mist.

No matter what divine weapon or sharp blade it was, as long as it had natural laws and order interweaving within them, they could also enter Spirit Realm or Void God Realm.


In the distance, sparks flew in all directions. After Shi Hao’s sword hacked out, that copper palace shook intensely.

He was a bit lacking in confidence, because it was rumored that an immortal was sleeping within the Bronze Immortal Palace. Even though he had long become half crippled, he was still an immeasurable existence.

Now, this copper palace appeared, was it a projection or interweaving natural laws? Was it coming to suppress and kill him?

If it really was that copper palace, was there an immortal inside too?!

Shi Hao had confidence that he exceeded the limits, able to defeat all enemies in Void God Realm and Spirit Realm, but those were all individuals in the mortal level, belonging to mortal dao.

Once it touched upon immortals, even if it was a crippled one, the consequences would be hard to foresee, everything pointing towards disaster.

He felt like this spiritual world might not necessarily be able to restrict an immortal the same way it restricted him.

“Younger generation, you dare point your sword at my Immortal Palace?” A middle-aged man appeared, standing in front of the Bronze Immortal Palace, coldly looking down at Shi Hao.

“Less nonsense. It was you who stood in my way, taking action against me first.” Shi Hao said coldly.

“That is because you acted too viciously, killing too many dao friends. I came to stop you, stop your slaughter.” That middle-aged man shouted coldly.

“You really are merciful! When the great battle of Desolate Border was going on, why didn’t I see you displaying your power? This time, they viciously tried to end my path of life, instead asking your Immortal Palace to take action now. I really want to ask what you all are trying to do!” Shi Hao berated.

“Brazen!” The middle-aged man shouted.

“Get lost. Don’t think that just because you have a true immortal to rely on, that I will be scared of you, that I have to lower my head!” When Shi Hao saw how arrogant he was, he rushed forward murderously, naturally wouldn’t show mercy. He raised the sword core, hacking down in that direction.


After a short clash, following a dozen or so strikes, Immortal Palace’s middle-aged man burst with blood, struck by the sword core. His entire body flew outwards, right arm leaving his body.

So what if it was Immortal Palace? After tearing apart all face, Shi Hao would similarly cut them down without exception!

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